Our schedule has been crazy busy lately. Our small family birthday for Ethan has grown to about 30 people. I have less than two weeks to get the whole thing together. Other than shopping the other day with my mom I haven't really had a chance to do anything for the party. Okay I've been on Pinterest to get some ideas.

This morning, we have plans to meet some friends to go swimming and working out. This evening we are going to The French Room. The weather had us change our swimming plans. I used our extra time to freak out about everything that has to be done before the party. After the freak out, it was time to start hunting dust bunnies.While the kids napped, Josh headed to the hardware store to pick up a few items for the party.

Once he got home it was time to start getting ready for dinner. We went to the French Room last year during restaurant week. Josh also took me to the French Room for Valentines Day this year. When we got there we could tell all of the first timers because they were taking pictures of everything. I decided that we wouldn't take pictures of the food. I started off with the Jumbo Crab cake. Every bite just melted in my mouth. Because I was savoring every bite I took the longest to finish the first course. The next course Jen had ordered the Beef Tenderloin. After she took her first bite, she informed Mark that she was getting a divorce and marrying the meat. I was enjoying my chicken. It was the best chicken that I've had this Restaurant Week. This time Jen was the one savoring every bite. The desserts were all amazing. I can't say enough good things about dinner tonight.

As we walked into the house, Josh and I heard Ethan ask if they were in trouble. Um, it is an hour and half past their bedtime. Someone is in trouble! Okay this might actually be my fault. I did pay tonight's babysitters with pizza. It was expensive pizza! Of course the kids were asking when the babysitters would get to watch them again. I guess we will see them again tomorrow, when we have dinner with Nana and Papa. I guess that it one disadvantage about the grandparents watching the kids they can break the rules.