Sunday, September 9, 2012

A boring day, but the boys are happy.

Last night before bed Ethan asked if he could go to church in the morning. Okay you win. This morning we got up and headed to church. Ethan was so excited when we got there. I think we are going to start attending again.

Then it was off to my parent's home. The boys were sad that the water had cooled off to much for us to go swimming. After naps,we took the boys shopping. Ethan ended some new shoes and Preston needs wants a new blanket. (in case you missed it check out the bedtime drama from the other night). Our fist stop was at Target. They had Ethan's shoes but Preston didn't like any of their blankets. We then headed to Ross. Preston was saying yes to every blanket we showed him. I handed him a pink one just to see if he was really paying attention or not. Preston started to put into the cart then said, "Moooom, this is for girls, not me." Okay so he really was looking. When we first started looking he only wanted to look at blue blankets. He had five blue blankets in the cart. Then my mom found a really soft striped blanket. That was it. The stripped blanket won.

After dinner we took the boys outside to play with one of toys Ethan got yesterday for his birthday. (My mom picked out the toys and showed it to him) it is a messy toy so I figured we could play with it at her house. Oh we also have huge holes in our yard because of the foundation repair that is going on.
watch out evil tree!

I told you. Feel my wrath.

Evil tree it is time to meet spider-man Preston.

Daddy I need help

I think this tree has learned it lesson.

Checking out my new blanket's super hero cape abilities. Test passed.
I figured when we got home and his old blankie was waiting for him that he would still want it. Nope he tossed the old one on the floor and said that he wanted his new blanket.