I cried a little.

As part of getting on the band wagon, I'm starting to really coupon again. The past several months I would just check Terri's coupon tracker for the items I was going to buy. I have stacks and stacks of coupons that have expired. It is time to trash hundreds of coupons I was surprised how sad it was, I felt like I was actually trashing money. I know it isn't.

Then Josh and I were having a budget meeting. We signed up for Mint.com and were looking at uncategorized expenses and noticed several entries that said HW AHA. What??? Then there were a couple of other charges that looked strange to me. My card number was stolen a couple of months ago. I immediately flipped out. Josh asked me to give him my phone. I was in complete freak out mode I couldn't find it. Then I tried giving Josh the house phone. In my head he was going to call the debit card customer service people. No he wanted my phone to use the bank app to check the account. I wasn't thinking straight otherwise, I would have pointed out that he had a computer on his lap and he could just go to the website. Instead I grabbed the phone out of his hand and tried to dial my cell number, after about the tenth attempt I was finally able to get my fingers to hit the right number. I didn't hear anything. I know that I just had my phone because just before Ethan went to bed he was playing games on the phone. I'm running around the house while Josh is calmly playing around on the computer.

Me: What are you doing??? You need my phone and I can't find it. I'm near hyperventilating!!!!
Josh: If you are talking you are breathing.
Me: Fine I might be breathing at that precise second but it might not last for much longer.

Josh then pointed pointed out that one of the charges was for the refrigerator repairman. Oh, that is right. The other strange charge was for Preston's new blanket. Oh that is right I did get that at a stor I don't normally shop at. As for the HW AHA charge, it was American Heart Association Heart Walk in Dallas. Oh that was me too.

Okay so my card information wasn't stolen. I'm starting to see straight again. My phone is still missing. Oh thank you Josh for pointing out that it is in my purse. Yep I'm the one that you want if there is a medical emergency. I stay so calm and collected.