Sunday, September 23, 2012

I wonder who I act like when I'm stressed?

My friend, who had the baby shower a few weeks ago, came home yesterday with her brand new baby boy. Today my mom and I got together to make dinner to take over. Her mom and my friend made dinner when I came home with Ethan. I remember how wonderful it was not having to worry about dinner.

We figured that it would be good to keep things simple. We did a salad, a casserole that my mom has made a million times, and tapioca pudding that she has also made a million times. I found a recipe on Betty Crocker's website that made my mouth water. Cheddar Bacon Ranch Crack bread.

We figured we would make a second casserole to feed us. We did a Wal-Mart run to get everything that we needed. They didn't have the bread that I needed. Then it was off to Tom-Thumb for the bread. Got back to my parent's home and we made everything to take over to my friend's house. Then we realized that we wanted to make the bread for us and we didn't have all of the ingredients for our casserole. Then we did a quick trip to Brookshires.

My mom was completely stressed from going to three different grocery stores and cooking. There was a point on the way over to my friend's house that I thought her head was going to explode.

Once we got there and she held the baby, my mom calmed down.

Note to self: NEVER, NEVER. NEVER have my mom cook unless it is a holiday or someone's birthday.