Sunday, September 14, 2014

Ugh, my boys need to stop!

I can't believe my little baby is growing up! My oldest son just turned 7! Where did the time go? I swear it was just yesterday that I was in labor. In the last few weeks, Ethan has just seemed more mature. Where has my baby gone?

Friday, September 5, 2014

Running in circles

I really thought when the boys started school, I would have more time. This is week two of school and I still don't seem to have anytime. Okay that isn't entirely true. I did go to the Sixth Floor Museum with a friend. It was nice to go to a museum without the kids. I actually got to see a museum! I know over the years I have taken the boys to several museums, but most the time I'm wrangling the boys. If it is a hands on museum, I read the directions enough to get the kids started on the activity. Most the time one sentence in to the directions some thing across the room has caught their attention and they have moved on. This time I got to read every little placard and listen to every video. I got to really look at the exhibits. The other mom and I were almost giddy about not being rushed and actually getting to see what we thought was interesting.
Granted Monday was a holiday and everyone was at home.  I guess I just spent the rest of the week trying to get caught up. I know as the school year goes, I'll have a daily routine. Things will get easier. I know that once I'm more confident selling Avon that will also get better.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Getting used to the new school year.

While I was gone from my blog, one thing I failed to mention yesterday was that I started selling Avon. I wasn't going to really try to push this campaign. Last week was all about the last week of summer before school started this week. This week was all about adjusting to the new schedule. Then I asked a couple of people if they wanted anything and they did. This morning was all about getting my order ready to submit.

Then I had lunch with Josh. I feel so blessed that Josh and I can have these lunch dates. Yes we have our baby with us. He is normally asleep or just being adorable. It is nice to be able to have uninterrupted adult conversations.

In the afternoon, I volunteered at my kids' school. My youngest son saw me. While I was talking to his teacher in the hallway. He walked out of the class and was packing up his stuff to go. It took  his teacher and I asked him what he was doing. Preston responded that his mom was here. His teacher told him that I wasn't there to pick him up yet, but I was helping her. He just shrugged his shoulders and went back into the classroom. Three seconds it was like I had never showed up.

Then after school we headed to martial arts. Yes, a year later we are still doing martial arts three times a week. Actually Josh has joined too. Josh just started two months ago and only does class once a week. Preston has moved up to the same class as Ethan. Preston is a orange belt. Ethan is a blue belt and is scheduled to belt test for his purple belt tomorrow.

I'm really surprised how well the boys have been handling the new schedule. I figured Preston would be falling asleep on the couch every afternoon, so far he hasn't. The boys have been doing well in school. Ethan brought home a bunch of papers already. Wow they don't mess around about getting the kids into the swing of things around here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Hello World!

So it has been over a year since my last post. A couple things have happened. Ethan survived kindergarten last year and has just started first grade. Preston just started kindergarten. Oh and I had a baby. Little blue was totaled out because of a storm. Our air conditioner broke this summer, and our hot water heater broke. Josh remodeled the bathroom. Yep pretty boring stuff.

Our newest addition

My boys