Thursday, December 30, 2010

On the road again!

Ethan woke up saying that he wanted to play video games. *sigh* I don't know if we are going to keep the Wii hooked up. I made him eat breakfast before he could play. After about an hour he was over playing video games and started playing with his puzzles. Preston had been put in the play yard while Ethan was playing the video games because Preston kept trying to take the game out, or pull the sensor off the TV, and you can't forget the trying to push Ethan off the balance board while he was playing. After Ethan finished playing video games Preston was content with the toys that are in the play yard so I just let him play. I actually got some laundry and dishes done this morning with out a million interruptions.

Ms. Korri called saying that she is having a lazy day. I guess there is just something in the air because we are having a lazy day also.

The kids actually went down fairly easy for their naps today and slept the entire time. I couldn't believe it. Ethan however did have an accident while he was asleep.

The afternoon started off with video games then quickly moved to snack time. Then snack time morphed into play-doh. While the boys were occupied I was running around trying to get everything ready to go over to my parents home.

We were almost to my parents home when Ethan said that he need to use the potty. He was able to hold it till we got him to my parents home and on the toilet. I was pretty excited that he is getting to be so dependable about using the toilet.
My kids are going to be nerds. Last year we got a Wii but we didn't really have any games so it didn't get used much. This year for Christmas we got several games and the boys found the games this morning and wanted to play. So the morning was full of playing video games. I'm the worst mom ever to let my 3 year old and 19 month old to play video games. The main two games they played were about learning and Just Dance Kids.

Sigh. So every mom knows that when you are the only one watching the kids that when you are going to the bathroom is when the kids are going to get into something they shouldn't. While I was busy we had our first Thank goodness it was just a glass ball and not one of our special ornaments.

The boys actually went down for their naps without issue. So I actually got to sit down and eat lunch. It was craziness. While I was eating I planned out what I would do while the boys were sleeping. I had just started on my list then I heard Preston crying.*sigh* so much for my plans, both boys were wide awake and nap time didn't even last an hour.

Back to more video games, the afternoon was mostly Go Diego Go and Nickelodeon Fit. I do have to say that the Nickelodeon games are better done for Ethan's age level then the Disney games that we have.

After dinner we headed over to Ikea. They are having a sale right now. I do have say that I was disappointed in how little they actually had on sale but the stuff that was on sale were really great prices. I haven't been their since they had finished remodeling. The boys had a great time playing in the kids rooms and we got some great ideas about toy storage. Which was the main reason that we went.

After the boys went to bed. Josh went for a run and I thought about my list from earlier but Epic Mickey was calling my name. I'm starting to think that having the Wii set up might not be a good idea.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

boring day!

The boys just played with their new toys. Ethan didn't want to take his nap again today. After we picked Josh up from work we meet up with my mom for dinner and went shopping. We only had enough time to go to one store. Then home and bed.

I do have some updates, Preston is finally having some solid stools. It looks like the removing all dairy is making a difference because the other morning Ethan and Preston swapped drinks and the loose stools returned. Since Preston isn't having the issues that he had he is starting to grow. It is amazing how it seems like everything has milk in it. Then there are times we just forget to check the packaging and that just leads to bad things. I'm glad that he isn't in daycare right now because I don't know how his teachers would make sure that he didn't eat off the other kids plates or having to deal with Preston throwing a fit because he doesn't get to eat what the other children are having. Not to mention the cupcakes for kids birthdays he wouldn't be able to have. I know that when he starts going to school we are going to have issues.

Ethan seems to have the potty figured out now. He is going by himself. We just have to remind him sometimes to put his underwear on or we have to turn his pants and underwear around. I really don't what the magic was to get him to start going but even in the middle of the night he will take himself we just have to leave the bathroom light on.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Very Sleepy Monday.

Josh took the car to work so that the boys and I could sleep in. I went ahead and got the boys up because we need to get them back on schedule as soon as possible. They went straight to playing with the kitchen set and the train table. Eventually I was able to get them in the kitchen to eat breakfast. Post breakfast it was play-doh time then back to playing with the train table and kitchen set. I then got the boys' doll house set up and that got put into the mix.

Ethan didn't fall asleep until after Preston woke up. That was very frustrating. Then I couldn't get Ethan to wake when it was time to pick Josh up from work.

The evening was fairly quite. Ethan was impossible to get to sleep. Josh went for a run tonight came home everything was fine. When we went to put the garbage out one of our lawn decorations was missing. Part of it was found in the road but the lighted part was gone. At least whoever took it left the extension cord. I just makes me so mad that someone would do something like that. I guess I just don't understand what motivates some people.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Post Christmas glow.

I was told that we weren't going shopping the day after Christmas. So I was shocked when my mom woke me up saying hurry up and get dressed. Pattie was on her way over for us to go shopping. Okay. So I got up and headed out. Thank goodness I have a wonderful husband that just took care of the boys so that I could go. We got a text saying that my Grandmother was over. We wrapped up shopping and headed home.

More Turkey, more family, then it was time to pack up and go home. There were three big presents that we couldn't put up on Christmas day because were weren't sure we would be able to get them home after they were assembled. My parents came over so that we could put them together. It was a train table and a kitchen set. The boys heads about exploded again. We let them stay up late playing with the new toys.

Christmas day!

I woke the boys up at 7:30 because my grandmother was suppose to be over at 8:00. The boys went in and woke up my parents. They we already awake just hadn't gotten out of bed yet.

The out to the living room. We normally open our stocking while we are waiting for people to arrive, but this year since the boys got so many big items there were a couple of over flow items in the living room too. The boys first went to the toy my sister and her husband got them. It is a basically a doll house for boys. It is a fire and police station. Then after awhile the boys saw the keyboard and the electronic drum set. Then we opened the stockings. Finally the turkey got in the oven and breakfast was eaten. We started to go to the family room. There was wrapping paper flying everywhere. We had to keep a close eye on the boys to make sure they didn't open other peoples presents.

 A little later  Santa Clause came and gave the boys a couple more presents. Ethan was so excited and climbed right up on St. Nick's lap. Preston wasn't so sure and started crying when we put him on Santa's lap.

The boys heads about exploded with all the new toys. Some how we were able to get Preston to take a nap, however Ethan was not about to fall asleep. At one point Ethan climbed into Preston's play yard and woke him up.

Christmas was a wonderful day that was filled with family and friends.

Christmas Eve

The boys were so excited to wake up at Nana and Papa's home. My dad waits till Christmas Eve to even start shopping for my mom. He loves to get her a gag gift then a really nice gift. This year at Josh's office party we got an electric bug zapper that looks like a small tennis racket. A few years ago at my Aunt's house she had a similar bug zapper. My mom didn't believe that it was powerful enough to really kill a bug so she had to touch it. So she got zapped. It was so funny.

After breakfast my dad and I headed out. Our first stop was at the Honey Baked Ham store. The line was crazy but the craziest part was the strip center it is in was completely without power. The store handled the situation almost like nothing was wrong. The it was on to the rest of the shopping. We got back home at almost 5:00.
I helped finish up the rest of the baking for Christmas morning. We had dinner. The boys played a little bit. We kept checking the Santa Tracker that was on my parents cable, bath time, then the boys went to bed.

We finished up the wrapping early because we had such a head start the night before.

On the eve of Christmas Eve

This morning when we were taking Josh to work we stopped at Einstein Bros. and got the boys some holiday bagel bites. Preston loved them and kept saying "mmmm" while he was eating. Ethan on the other hand liked the way they tasted, he just didn't like the sticky on his hands. It was weird driving Josh to work this morning because there wasn't hardly anyone on the roads. On the way home the boys and I made some stops to do some last minute Christmas shopping. We went to Pet Smart to get a small gift for my brother's cat, which used to be my cat. The boys were so adorable looking at all the fish and other animals. I'm just glad the only animal that Ethan asked to bring home was a goldfish. They loved the birds and Ethan loved looking at the turtle.

I talked to Ms. Korri and she was willing to come over and watch the boys so that I could finish up my last minute shopping. I had forgotten how much easier it is to shop without the boys. Didn't have to pull out the stroller or hunt down a shopping cart before I unloaded the boys. It was so nice just to park and jump out and be able to move down an isle without taking up the whole isle.

Once I got home Preston was awake from his nap and in a great mood. Ethan woke up a little later. Picked up Josh, then finished getting packed.

After the boys went to sleep we started wrapping presents so that we won't be up all night on Christmas Eve.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Play date

This morning we went to the paint me a story at Color me mine. The boys made a really cute mug. I was really impressed how well Preston did on his own but I did help him a little.  I didn't hardly help Ethan at all. Ethan's little girl friend was there too. After wards, his girlfriend and her mom came over for a play date. Preston was starting to really get fussy. So I went ahead and put him down for a nap. Our guest left about 2:00 and as soon as I closed the door Preston let me know that he was awake. About an hour later Ethan was just sitting on the couch. I gave him a pillow and a blanket and he laid down and fell asleep a second later. Then Preston realized that Ethan was asleep, so Preston decided to wake him up. At that point I moved Ethan to his room. Ethan was really exhausted because I tried to wake him up several time and just had to carry him to the car to pick up Josh from work. We had on a couple of Christmas movies on last night. Then we heard a loud pop and the light and fan stopped working in the living room. That is when Josh remembered that this morning the fan was smoking. Looks like we are going to be shopping for a new fan but Josh isn't going to be able to install it until after his back starts feeling better.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lessons and wrapping

In the morning we did some lessons. Took Josh to the doctor; he hurt his back over cookie weekend and we didn't want him miserable over Christmas. Then we drove out to my parents. Helped my mom pick out stocking stuffers. Then I started wrapping. Didn't get  a whole lot accomplished.

Monday, December 20, 2010

A day at home really!!

Josh took the car to work. The boys and I did lessons today. A package arrived from the boys Great Aunts. So after dinner we let open the presents. We figured that the boys would appreciate them more then waiting till Christmas to open them when they are going to be receiving a mountain of toys. Ethan got a Mickey Mouse drum filled with other musical instruments. Preston got a Mickey Mouse laptop. The boys went nuts over the new toys. Ethan had Preston do a parade. Then Preston got a hold of the drum and he looked like the little drummer boy.

Getting ready for Christmas

The weekend was spend baking cookies. Officially there were nineteen made. Unofficially we made 22 total. The three that were not counted were the sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies that we made for the boys to decorate so they wouldn't want to help with the real cookies. We also made turtles because we ended up having extra chocolate, caramel, and nuts. On the the official list there was snowball cookies, peanut butter balls, divinity, chew caramel bars, marshmallow chocolate bars, festive fudge cookies, festive fudge (fudge with peanut butter mixed in and a layer of peanut butter fudge), peanut butter fudge, eggnog fudge, normal fudge, peppermint bark, pecan roll, wreaths, and may more.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


During the day we were actually home! I was hoping to get a lot accomplished during nap time. However I only ended up with about 30 minutes to get anything done. We picked Josh up then headed to dinner at Babes to meet up with some of Josh's friends from high school. After dinner we drove through Frisco's Christmas in the Square Holiday Lights. They were beautiful, however the temperature was in the low 40’s so we didn’t stop and do any of the activities. Then we drove to my parent’s home for the weekend to bake our Christmas cookies.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Story time

Korri came over and we headed to the library for story time. Preston is finally starting to dance and sing with the songs and poems they do each week. I've also really noticed over the past week that Preston isn't as painfully shy around people. While we were at the library I noticed a section in the kids area to learn new languages. There is a program that I've been debating about buying that the library has. So I'm super excited about getting to check out the Muzzy language program before I invest money into it.

In the evening, we met up with Josh's dad and Bobby to celebrate Josh's birthday. I guess I'm doing something right because it was the least stressful dinner that we have had in a restaurant. The kids were so well behaved that another table came over and comment how well the boys were.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whirl Wind Wednesday

Today was full of Christmas shopping. Thank goodness the weather was beautiful. It was windy and the high was almost 80F. We checked out several stores and hardly bought anything. However we did check out Christmas Trees Shop. I was expecting a store of all different types of Christmas decorations and gifts. That is not what the store is. It is more like a super sized Big Lots. The boys were troopers during the shopping spree with my mom. The only story that they were a little bit of a handful was in Carters. Ethan was in the stroller but my mom didn't strap him in so at one point he got out and started running around, we quickly buckled him in. I was carrying Preston and he started getting really squirmy. Apparently, all of the kids in the Frisco area are as size 3T because everywhere we went stores were sold out of that size or what they had was completely ugly.

18 Month check up!

This morning started off with all of us in the car. Preston's appointment was at 9:15. We dropped Josh off at 8:30. So I headed straight to the doctor's office after dropping Josh off. We are seeing the same doctor but we are going to a location that is closer to where we live now. So I've only been to this office once before. Good thing we had plenty of time because the office wasn't were I thought it was. I was on the right road just the wrong cross street. We got there still before 9:00 so I drove in a big circle and got back just a few minutes after nine. We went ahead and went in. The visit went well. Preston very rarely has a solid stool. It appears that he is having some sort of food absorption problem. The doctor is having me take Preston off all milk products and all juices. So all he can drink is soy milk, Gatorade, or water. It is going to be fun trying to keep Preston from drinking Ethan's juice or milk. Preston also got three shots today and his hemoglobin checked.
Height: 30in (3%) Weight: 20lb 10oz (1%) Head Circ: 18 1/4 (30%)
Preston is a little guy.

Then we went home for 30 minutes. Headed out to take Josh to swimming. While Josh was swimming we went to the park. Ethan had his first accident in a week. Then back home for a quick changed and clean up. Back to Josh to get him back to work. Ate lunch in the car. Preston laid down as soon as we got in, Ethan finished eating then he laid down for his nap. I don't know why but on Tuesdays the boys just won't go to sleep, however today wasn't nearly as bad as past Tuesdays nap times.

The boys swimming lessons went really well. While they were swimming I ran into Hallmark to buy this year's Christmas ornament. A family tradition that I sarted when Ethan was born is every year I buy and ornament and put their name and year on it. So when they grow up and have their first Christmas tree they are going to have special ornaments from their childhood.

Once we got home the boys were very excited about putting their ornament on the tree.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The morning started off running late. However the boys were in the best mood for a Monday they have been in a long time. We got some of the lessons done.

After nap time we headed to Color Me Mine. We made several Christmas presents for the Grandparents and Great-Grandparents. I signed the boys up for paint me a story. A couple of the other mom's made comments about they wouldn't have been brave enough to try to bring two small ones to try to paint. The kids did great at first, till another child started running around opening all the cupboards. That is when Ethan decided it was time to get out of his chair and Preston decided that it was time to try to pull the paper off the table. This was when I was trying to put the finishing touches on a couple of pieces. So we quickly left then I realized it was time to pick Josh up.

Monday, December 13, 2010

A day of rest!

It was nice to stay home today. I woke up feeling horrible but Josh was great he watched the kids so that I could lay back down. Eventually the sinus medication I took started working. We did an art project with the boys. At night we headed out to Frisco Fire Safety town. They had face painting, the kids could e-mail Santa, story time, other activities, and of course pictures with Santa.

After we drove around and looked at lights.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Skating with Santa and Celebrating Josh's Birthday

Josh let me sleep in. Once I got up it was time to work on the outside Christmas decorations. We only got part of them up before it was time for us to pick up the boys.

We got the boys and headed to ice skating with Santa at the Dr. Pepper Stars center in Frisco. Ethan fell asleep on the way. Ethan was a little groggy once he first woke up. He had no interest in skating with Santa. So we checked out the food they had. The boys just wanted a bag of chips. We kept trying but we couldn't even get Ethan into the skates. So we gave up and left to pick up the birthday cake for Josh's and Mike's birthday celebration. The cake place is inside Stonebriar center just outside the skating rink there. This is where Ethan took his lessons. Josh jumped out of the car to run in. Ethan was saying now he wants to go ice skating. *sigh* to late we are on our way. 

After sitting in traffic for over an hour we finally got to David & Busters. The boys were over sitting still since they have been strapped to their seats since 1:00. Preston kept going back and forth between my dad and myself. Once the food got to the table I held on to Preston till someone else was done eating. We tried to play games but it turned into chase the boys around.

Once we were able to get everyone together, we headed over to my brother's home to open presents. The boys just wanted to play with all the electronics. So we ended up leaving shortly after Mike and Josh opened their birthday presents.

Date Night??!!

Today is Josh's birthday. 

We got to spend the morning at home. Ethan once again wanted to do his skating. Preston was on his scooter. The boys raced around till it was time for Preston to take his nap.

After naps we loaded up and headed to meet up with Nana and Papa. My parents are watching the boys overnight so that Josh and I can attend Josh's company's Christmas party.

There was talk that after wards we would see a movie. We decided that are old and went home and went  to bed. Boy we live and exciting life.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Story time

Korri let me know last night that she wasn't going to be able to join us today. So that means I'm taking the boys to story time on my own.

We got to the library a couple of minutes late but we were still able to get in while they were singing the shake the wiggles out song. The boys did great during story time they were both participating. Ethan did get a little loud but he was saying the answers to the questions. After wards we were able to pick out books for both the boys and return what we checked out last time. Ethan even got a few minutes on the computer. It was time to go so that the boys could have their normal lunch time and nap times.

It is nice not having to run around anymore today. I just feel like we are never home.

The boys spent the afternoon painting.

Then it was time to pick up Josh and do a quick run to the store. Yesterday my mom and I saw some 5lb bags of potatoes for .79. My mom asked if I could go back and pick some up for her and my grandmother. I needed a couple of other things. While we were walking the boys saw the fresh fruit and vegetables and their heads about exploded. They both were yelling apples. So we told them that if they would quite down we would go back and they could each pick out some fruit. *sigh* most parents have to bribe their kids to be good with toys we just have to use fruit. We ended up with some apples, bananas, oranges, and broccoli.

At dinner Ethan only wanted the fruit and broccoli. Preston ate a little of everything. Then we had dinner cleaned up and we still had an hour before bed time. The boys were bouncing off the walls. I figured that Ethan hasn't had skates on for a while and we had skating with Santa on Saturday that tonight would be a perfect night for him to practice. Preston wanted to skate too. So he kept trying to push Ethan down and take his skates. We eventually got Preston interested in playing with something else.

Bath time then off to bed.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

I was up way to late last night

Josh has some side projects and he told me that he had a deadline this morning. Last night he put the boys down for bed and fell asleep on the floor between their beds. I woke him up then got myself ready for bed. When I laid down there was Josh asleep again. So I kicked him out of bed to work on his projects. I was just about to drift off and heard Josh snoring. *sigh* Then I went to the family room and woke him up again. Then I ended up staying up till 4:30am while he worked. Around midnight Preston woke up crying and needed a new diaper. Then Ethan woke up and had an accident. I guess I bragged a little to early about Ethan finally being potty trained. At least we got a lot of shows cleaned off the DVR.

Shocking we over slept this morning. We rushed around to get Josh to work. On the way home Ethan asked if they could go to the park. Since we were all bundled up and they only got ten minutes yesterday I figured it wouldn't hurt. At one point Ethan need to go potty and he dribbled a little on this underwear and pants so we came home to put him in drier clothes.

My mom came over while the boys were napping so that we could do some shopping. Ethan was so adorable when he woke up because he wasn't waking up till I said that Nana is here. Ethan shot out of bed and said, "I got to go" then while he was going down the stairs he was saying, "Nana up here, come look over here"

We hit a couple of stores then picked up Josh. Hit another store then home for dinner.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Another swimming day

The boys are full of energy this morning. Then Ethan found his new hidden puzzle books from Highlights and wanted to do the puzzles. Preston just wanted to color. Then Ethan's favorite TV show came on Super Why which is all about building reading skills. While the boys were watching I got our picnic ready.

We ran to take Josh to his swimming lesson. Then Josh requested that I go to the library and drop of some over due material. I wasn't thinking and after Josh got to swimming we headed to the library. The boys had fallen asleep by the time we got to the playground and we only had ten minutes before we had to pick Josh back up. So the boys just played till it was time to go. After we dropped Josh off I decided that an indoor picnic would be best so we spread the blanket out and ate in the family room. The boys had a lot of fun and apparently got to wired because it was impossible to get them to take their naps today.

Next thing I know it is time to head out again to get Josh and take the boys to swimming. I'm starting to think that Ethan really is fully potty trained because he isn't needing assistance going and hasn't had any accidents for about a week. At swimming Ethan was in the pool for about three minutes before he needed to go potty. After Ethan went he didn't want to get back into the pool. First he didn't want to put his bathing suit back on because it was to wet. I just happened to put a spare suit in the swim bag so I put him into a dry suit. Eventually he got into the pool and had a great time. I really don't know why he was in such a mood when we first got to swimming. Preston had a great lesson.

After swimming we headed to REI for some birthday gifts for Josh. Ethan had an accident on the way to the store so he ended up having to wear a pair of Preston's pants. At the store Ethan was great, Preston on the other hand started off just pointing to different things and saying what they were loudly like bike, shoe, hats, etc. Then Preston started trying to grab everything and started screaming when I wouldn't let him have it. So Preston and I headed back to the van while Josh and Ethan finished shopping. Of course once we got in the van he calmed down and just sat in his chair calmly till everyone else got into the van.

Monday, December 6, 2010

It Monday, already??

Today we spent the day recovering from the weekend.

White Rock Marathon!!

The morning started off with us over sleeping. So when I rolled over and saw that it was 5:30 Josh and I shot out of bed and started getting getting ready for the day. Thank goodness I had stayed up till 1:00 getting all the clothes laid out and everything together for the day. So we were able to get going at 6:15 because Josh is suppose to be at Fair Park in Dallas at 7:00 and with 22,000 people participating I figured there was going to be some traffic. However I was not prepared for the amount of traffic we did encounter. We got near fair park so Josh ended up just jumping out of the car and walking the rest of the way to the fair grounds so he was only 30 minutes late. I'm sure there were several people who missed their start time because of how bad the traffic was. Then I headed to my parents home. I arrived by 8:00 and was able to watch the beginning of the race. My parents were wonderful enough to take both boys to church with them. Then I headed back to see Josh run. I ended up finding a spot between mile 6 and 7. Josh was really nervous about even doing the run because a few weeks ago he had injured himself during a training run and hadn't been able to work out like he should have. He wasn't sure that he would be able to walk the half marathon and realized yesterday that the track that was just for the half marathon would start reopening at noon. When I saw him he was looking really strong his foot was bothering him. Then I started to head back to the finish line. I took another look at the half marathon route and thought that I could do one more stop to see Josh run. So I decided to head to Baylor. However I failed to look at the full marathon path so road that I tried to turn onto was blocked. *sigh* so I ended up driving around the entire marathon in the marathon traffic so by the time I got back to Fair Park, park, and find a place near the finish line I missed Josh running past. The good news is Josh finished the race running and finished in less time then he estimated that it was going to take him. Words can not describe how proud I am that he was able to do the half marathon. His next goal is to do a full marathon.

We went back to my parents house to get the boys and to visit with my parents and grandmother. Once we got there Ethan was watching his new favorite movie at my parent's home Robots. Now he is running around saying "Great Gigabites" Ethan is defiantly related to us. Preston was put down for a nap. After Ethan's movie finished he laid down too. Then my dad put on a movie that wasn't rated G. I believe it was the Soloist. We only got to see about an hour of it but it looks like it is something that we are going to have to get. Then we went to dinner with my parents and Patti and Sam.

Overall it was a good weekend just very tired now.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday Update!

This weekend is so jammed full of stuff that each day is getting it own post!

Preston woke up at I don't even know when and it took I'm guessing about thirty minutes to get him to fall back asleep. Then I was wide awake and had a hard time going back to sleep.

The next morning I woke up in a delightful mood. Josh went and got donuts for us. We let the boys watch some Super Why while we picked up around the house and got ourselves ready for the day. We left the house at 10:00am for some errands and to meet Josh's dad for Bobby's 60th birthday party at 12:30 in Dallas. After lunch we then headed over to Fair Park so that Josh could pick up his registration packet for the White Rock Marathon on Sunday. I couldn't believe how busy the fair grounds were. Traffic and parking was as bad as when the fair is going on. Then I remembered that the Children's Aquarium opening weekend was this weekend. We finally got into the parking lot and found a place were three spot opened up. So we were the first in the line of cars so we got our spot and apparently there was some drama over the other spots because when we were getting out of the vehicle a lady came running up to the car that parked next to us and started scream that they took her spot and to back the car out now. Then the people in the car that was parked started screaming back and getting out of their car. Josh and I were rushing as fast as we could to get the boys out of there because weren't sure how ugly it was going to get. Turns out the situation died down as quickly as it started. Once we got near the buildings we found out that all of the museums are free this weekend. Josh got his packet and of course the t-shirts were at the other end of the automotive building so we had to walk through all of the exhibits that were there. Which was a piece of cake with two strollers. After Josh got his t-shirt he wanted to get some supplies for his run tomorrow. So I tried to get out of the way as much as possible and keep the boys entertained till he was done. That is when it hit me that I'm going to be with the boys alone with only one stroller trying to take the boys to the museums while Josh is running for four hours. We have several single strollers but we don't have a double stroller and the memory of the not so long ago past where I didn't take a stroller to the mall came to me. So I started calling people for other options. I don't really have a full plan nailed down right now so tomorrow is going to be interesting.

Another story time

This morning the boys just wanted to play with play-doh. Then they moved on to wanting to do the lessons.

Korri came over again today so that the boys could go to story time with Ms. Clause at Stonebriar Mall. However today's story time started at 1:00pm right at the beginning of the boys nap time. I hoped that Preston would nap in the stroller while Ethan enjoyed a story and that it wouldn't last long. What happened was Preston fell asleep on the way, but once I got him out of the car seat and in the stroller he was wide awake and cranky. Ethan was doing okay still at this point. So we got there after it started but I'm not sure how but Ethan still ended up right in front. I was in the back trying to keep the stroller moving so that Preston would fall asleep and Korri kept an eye on Ethan. Preston wasn't having anything to do with nap time so I took him to the playground that was near by. Normally he doesn't last long especially when he is tried. Next thing I know Korri comes running over to the playground chasing after Ethan. Apparently, he laid down and was starting to fall asleep right at Ms. Clause's feet. So Korri took him out of there. Once Ethan saw that I was already in the playground he got his second wind and was ready to play. There were some older kids in the playground area that were jumping from the different structures and of course Ethan had to try too. In his first attempt I saw him climb up and I got to him and took him down and told him not to do that again he could get hurt. Then Preston was over the playground and just wanted to ride around in the stroller. While I was walking around the exterior of the playground Ethan made a second attempt to jump and Korri wasn't able to stop him fast enough. Of course Ethan fell down and bumped his knee. So we loaded him in his stroller. I took him to the bathroom to check out how seriously he was injured. There wasn't any broken skin or swelling, and he was able to fully move his leg. So I didn't see any reason to rush to the nearest ER. As we were walking back Ethan saw the Lego store and wanted to go in. We walked in and he demanded to get out of the stroller and started screaming at me to do so. I told him to stop or we would leave. He proceeded to get louder so we left. We tried to go to a couple other places but it was apparent that the boys just needed to take their nap. As we headed home both boys fell asleep, but woke up once we got home. That is when the real fun began. Neither boy was going down easily so I had to separate them. Preston was out shortly after he was left alone. Ethan however but up the biggest fight to date eventually he fell asleep unfortunately it was at 4:00. So I woke the boys up at 5:00 to get them ready to leave to pick up Josh and let me tell you it was all sorts of fun dealing with two cranky boys. Got home fixed dinner and when we were finishing up my parents arrived to help finish the tree. The boys had just settled down and was watching Beauty and the Beast very quietly. Just seeing my parents the boys were full of energy again. *sigh*

Once again the boys didn't want to go to bed. Ethan thought it was fun to play the lets keep Preston awake game by talking to him. So I let Ethan get up and help decorate the tree. Once again Preston was able to go to sleep after being left alone. Then I had Ethan lay back down. It still wasn't easy to get him to fall asleep but at least he was out by 10:00. Which was when Josh had to get to bed because he has a seriously busy weekend ahead.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Where is the "at-home" part of stay-at-home-mom?

The boys and I dropped Josh of at work. Then we finished up the theme from yesterday. We were feeding the snowman special snowman food aka marshmallows. Ethan would throw a couple in the bucket that had the snowman on it then he would eat a couple. Preston was doing great feeding the snowman. Once I got tired of the game and had put the marshmallows up. I had Preston eat one. He still had a hand full and crammed them into his mouth. He looked like he was playing chubby bunny.
Then Korri come over and we loaded back up and went to the library for story time. The boys were very well behaved at the library. Then we ran around doing errands. First we went to Color Me Mine where I picked up Ethan's art project.
Not bad for a three year old
Next was the Frisco Athletic Center to see if there were tickets left for the breakfast with Santa. Sadly there wasn't. However there were still tickets for skating with Santa so I went ahead and got them. The boys had fallen asleep in the van so instead of waking them up I decided to drop Korri off and head out to where my parents live.

Preston is going to have his first hair cut. There is only one person who I trust to do that and it is my hair dresser I used all through high school and college. While we were there Ethan got his hair cut too.
After - No more mad scientist hair

Look I have eyes again

Then we went to my parent home for a few minutes then it was time to go pick Josh up from work.

Dinner then we took the boys for a walk. We bundled them up and headed out for an hour. Josh is planning on walking a half marathon this weekend so he needed to do some training for it. We managed to do three miles. I realized how out of shape I am.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

More Decorating

Ethan came down stairs then came running back upstairs saying the ball pit, the ball pit. I asked him what was going on and he was going 90 to nothing about the ball pit is in the middle of the room and there is a Christmas tree. Then he asked if Santa was coming today.

Since today is Dec 1 we started a new theme. The boys were super excited.

They tested the weather sirens today and when they first started going off it scared the boys and I for a second. I so love the announcement sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher when all the windows and doors are closed. I can understand them once a door is open but there is nothing more fun then having your kids in the bathroom while you are hanging out the door trying to hear the directions during a storm.

A couple of months ago one of the lessons we had was about hand washing. I used glitter to show how germs spread. Ethan was going threw the boxes of decorations so he had gotten glitter on his hands. Ethan freaked out and was saying he needs to wash his hands because there are germs on it.

While the boys were napping my mom came over. That is when the fun really began. My pre-lit tree has been in storage for a few years. This is the first time that we have put up a Christmas tree in three years. We had added lights to the tree before it went into storage. So when we first plugged it in we noticed there were a few strands out and a few of the added strands that were hanging down but overall it wasn't bad. My mom brought over my parents light repair kit. I started trying to get the lights working and was able to get some of the light working relatively quickly.  Then I couldn't get anymore of the lights working because the lights were failing where a couple of the wires had been spliced together. The lights that had been added were in the way and weren't on very well so I had to remove most of them. Then the other section of pre-lit lights were not working at all so I ended up pulling them off as well. So after the kids went to bed Josh went and bought more lights.

Nana reading a bed time story

Swiming Tuesday

The boys woke up in a worst mood then when they went to bed. So I don't know how we were able to get them dressed and out the door so that I could drop Josh off at work. At least the boys calmed down while I was driving.

The boys just wanted to lay around this morning.

So we did quite activities this morning. It was nice and calming. Then we picked Josh up to take him to swimming. Today I decided that we would come back home then go pick him up again. The boys fell asleep during all the running around. Of course they woke up when I brought them in. I don't understand why they haven't napped yesterday and today. They are so  tired but that is when they fight it the most. They finally took their naps at 3:30.

Then it was time to wake up and head out to swimming. Ethan was the only kid in his class so he got lots of swimming time. Apparently he got a little to much time because he needed to go potty but then didn't want to get back in the pool.

After dinner we were playing a modified red light green light game. Then I got tired of running so I became the tickle monster. Ethan was running away from me and was trying to squeeze between Josh and the couch and I'm not sure what happened next but Ethan ended up with a fat lip. So he got a freezer pop and we sat down and found some Christmas specials on TV.

After the boys went to sleep then I got the playroom ready for the Christmas tree. So we started putting that up last night. I'm going to take a moment to say that I'm starting to not hate our hardwood floors. The previous owners thought the floors were really hardwood floors so they would spray a hardwood floor cleaner on it (we have a 200oz refill if any one wants it) but since they aren't real hardwood floors it just made the floors really dull and would attract dirt. I was having to sweep twice a day and they were still looking dirty. Not to mention when I tried to clean them it just made the floors streak and you could see foot prints on it. Since I've been steaming the floors the residue is coming up so they don't streak anymore or seem to attract the dirt like it has been.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sleepy Monday

I really don't know how daycare workers survive after a long weekend. I know my boys are creatures of another planet today. They started off really sleepy and just wanted to be held to bouncing off the walls.

Nap time was a joke and a half.

So the kids were in a mood all afternoon.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekend update

Saturday was a pretty lazy day. However I was going over the receipt for Toys R Us and discovered that some of the toys that I had gotten at Midnight didn't go on sale till 5:00am so I was charged full price. So Josh and I headed back to a third Toys R Us in two days. They wouldn't give us the sale price so we just returned the items. Then we headed to Northern Tool and ended up spending a ton of money. They had everything at least 10% off.
Sunday we finished the last of the decorating at my parent's home. Returned the last bit of boxes back to storage and got the house organized. My grandmother stopped by for lunch and brought the sale ads. So we ended up going to Old Navy. Then Grandma Jennie went home. That is when I realized that Ethan hasn't had any accidents since Wednesday. That gave him three more days which earned him a trip to Chuck E. Cheese. The boys had a great time and we earned over 500 tickets. Ethan was so upset that we had to leave. We tried to explain to him that if he doesn't have an accident all week then next Sunday we can go back to Chuck E. Cheese and probably spend more time there.

Black Friday.

We dropped Josh off at Best Buy at midnight. It didn't open till 5:00 at this point we were about two hours ahead of schedule. So we drove past another Toys R Us so we decided to stop and see if they had one thing that we didn't see at the first one. Once again my mom jumped into line and my sister and I gathered. This time it took us three hours to get out of the store but it gave us time to find more deals that we missed the first time. So now we are an hour behind schedule. Josh was freezing and wanted something hot to drink. So I dropped my mom and sister off at the Allen Outlet Center then hunted down some hot chocolate for Josh then headed back to the outlet center. My sister found some clothes at Ann Taylor where everything in the store was 50% off. Then we went to the Coach store they had 20% off. So I found a purse that was already marked 1/2 off plus I got the extra 20%. We were going to JC Penneys but then realized that it was time to meet up with Josh at Best Buy. This time I jumped in line and messed up so I had to go back through the line again. We were still able to get out in less than an hour. If I hadn't of messed up we would have been less then 30 minutes. Then we headed over to JC Penneys. Josh and I feel asleep while my mom was buying something. Then we headed back to pick up my sister from the outlet stores. Then to Lowes and Dillards. Then we made it home. I took a nap because I was told that I was going to drive to North Park. However my mom and sister continued shopping around Rockwall. Then I woke up and called my mom to find out that they drove to North Park with out me. Once they got  back my mom and I headed out to Kirklands and Half Price Books. I think there were some other stops but I'm not really sure at this point. Then my sister and brother in law packed up and had to be taken to the airport to return to Chicago. When we left the airport their flight was only 30 minutes delayed but when we got to my Grandmother's house we found out it had been postponed for two hours. They eventually where able to make it home and we eventually made it to bed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

So we started the day off by getting up and watching the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. We then started to get things ready to head over to my Grandmother's house. My mom made a pumpkin pie before we left. Josh and I stayed back because the boys were having their nap time. Then we headed over and helped with the last minute details. Had a wonderful meal. Then it was time to pull out the papers and start planning our shopping strategy. That is when we discovered that Toys R Us was opening at 10:00pm. So we had our desserts and packed everything back up. Went to my parents house. Got the kids ready for bed. Finished up some planning. Then bundled up and headed out for shopping. Everyone had their list and my mom got a cart and got into the checkout line. Once she got near the front of the line she started letting other people in front of her till we were ready to checkout. We were in and out in less than an hour. We had planned on being their for two hours so we were ahead of schedule. So we ran by my house so that we could bundle up some more and make a pit stop. Then off to Wal-Mart but turns out the one thing that we though we might be interested in wasn't that great of a deal after all. So we moved on.

Starting to rev up for the long weekend.

We all seemed to wake up at 6:30 this morning. Yes I wanted to wake up early but that was too early. Dropped Josh off at work. Then came home and got things ready for the upcoming crazy weekend.

I let the boys play and watch Curious George till it was time for Ethan's art class. We arrived just a couple of minutes after 10:00. I thought the class was for pre-school aged kids but apparently it was just a mom and me art class. So next time Preston can do a project too. Ethan's girl friend was their too. It was great seeing her and her mother. After the class we all decided to have lunch together. The kids seem to have a lot of energy so we decided to head to Willow Bend Mall for the food court and the indoor play ground. That is when I made the biggest mistake ever. We had taken out the strollers last night so that we could fit Mark and Jen's luggage in the van. I didn't take the time to put them back in. So I was at the mall with two boys without a stroller. That will never happen again.

Ethan was so over stimulated from the morning that he didn't want to take his nap this afternoon. For some reason his favorite thing to do when he doesn't want to sleep is to have an accident in his bed. Today he decided that he needed to take a dump then try to clean it up with his blanket. So after I got the bedroom cleaned up the bedding went into the wash.

We couldn't leave to go to my parent's home till after Ethan's blanket got out of the dryer. So we left late and had to meet my family at Southern Junction. I take my kids to the classiest of places. Ethan loved dancing and the mechanical bull. It turns out that it was good that we had our own vehicle because my sister need to get home and my boys were tired and need to get to bed. My grandmother surprised everyone by wanting to stay and listen to the band. 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hanging in the car today.

We are still in one vehicle right now. Today we have a lot of running around to do. So we started the morning off by taking Josh to work then we came home did the breakfast thing and some coloring. Then we started doing our lessons for the day.

We then had to load back up in the van to pick up Josh and take him to his swim class. I didn't bring any snacks or enough toys to keep the boys occupied for thirty minutes. So it felt like the longest thirty minutes of my life. Returned Josh to work then got home in time for nap time.

We finished up the lessons. Okay there was one that I was suppose to let the kids glue flour and as I was reading the directions I was just thinking messy. So that got skipped.

Then it was off to swimming, dinner, then we headed to the airport to pick up the newlyweds Mark and Jen.

I can't believe how much traffic there was at the airport at night. I'm glad that I'm not trying to fly anywhere.

Ethan entertained us till he fell asleep by singing the Black Eye Peas song "I've gotta feeling". My parents teach Ethan such great things.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sleepy Monday

Josh took the van to work today so the boys and I are going to have to stay home today. That is okay because the boys are tired and cranky so I wouldn't want to take them out anyways.

In the afternoon we covered some over our lessons. Then I made up some counting songs Ethan wouldn't let me stop singing it. I'm feeling a lot more confident in working with the boys that I don't need the daily lesson plans as much as when I first was at home. I'm going to continue to use Mother Goose Time just I'm not as clueless about what I need to be working on with the boys.

I do need to work on getting the boys to bed earlier on Sunday nights so that Monday mornings aren't so rough.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Weekend update

This was a busy weekend of getting ready for the up coming holidays. Saturday we started off by going to Toys R Us and buying a drum set for Ethan. Then we went to our storage unit and got our Christmas decorations out of storage. Then we headed over to my parent's home to help them decorate for Christmas. My dad entertained the boys while my mom and I put up the decorations. Then Ethan and Preston wanted to help decorate the small tree that my parents have. We wrapped up decorating everything except the trees because my sister is coming in on Monday night and is going to decorated the trees on Tuesday. Right when Josh was pulling into the drive way at home the clutch went out on the car. At least he was able to pull it into the drive way and well will deal with it later.

Friday, November 19, 2010


The Dance Star Mickey is going to be the death of me this year. I've been to four stores and only found one! I've seen lots of displays for the Mickey and lots of commercials for it. I've read reviews on it and the people who gave it to a one-year-old it broke in just a few weeks. I'm sorry it is over $60 and that is just to expensive for what it is. This Mikey is really looking creepy too. Every time the commercial for this toy comes on Preston gets really excited and starts trying to say Mickey and pointing to the TV. *sigh* Believe it or not being a former Disney employee and my mother-in-law is currently an employee we do have other Mickey plush. So I'm hoping that is all Preston really wanted. So this morning we went on a Mickey hunt, apparently to Ethan that meant pulling out all of his toys and putting them in the middle of the floor. So we were able to locate five different Mickey plush toys. One was the baby Mickey and Preston had zero interest in that one. So now he is trying to carry around four different Mickeys at the same time. Yaay I'm not going to have to fight the crowds trying to find the creepy dancing Mickey. I'm really shocked about the lack of quality in the Dance Star Mickey, in my opinion it looks like a cheap knock off toy. Now it is time to pick up all of the toys in the middle of the floor.

Ethan and Preston did a great job really helping put things away. The clean up went almost as fast as Hurricane Ethan took to make the mess.

After everything was picked up Ethan's teddy had disappeared and it was nap time when Ethan informed me that he didn't know where Teddy is. *sigh* I did get him to take his nap without Teddy but he kept asking for it all afternoon.

As soon as Josh got home I did a mad search and found Teddy and another Mickey. So the boys were super excited with their plush animals.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


So the daily theme is sheep, but first a run to story time at the mall.

I don't know if Ethan just not interested with the story time at the mall or if he was just having an off day but he just wasn't interested in listening to the stories, or coloring. He did want to play at the train table but he didn't want to share. So we left before they handed out the cookies. Then Ethan was behaving during lunch till he decided that he was done and wanted to run around. Then we went to the play area in the mall. On the way there was Santa looking really bored. The boys were dress cute. and there wasn't a line and Ethan was all about seeing Santa.
I'm thinking that we are going to have to visit Santa again. Then the boys went and played in the play area. Preston was running around and then he saw me and came over and just wanted to be held. He was very happy when I put him in the stroller so he could just chill. Ethan ran by and I got a whiff of something. That was when I discovered that Ethan had an accident. So we all headed home. The boys took naps while Korri and I visited. The afternoon was spent doing lessons. The boys weren't interested doing the art project today so I'll just save it for another time.

I don't know why but when 7:00 came it felt like it should have been 8:00 but we still had an hour before the boys went to bed. That last hour it was like they were super hyper boys. 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


So I was up till midnight trying to come up with Christmas list for the boys. When I got up stair Preston woke up. So I went to check on him and Ethan woke up too. So by the time I got them calmed down and actually got into bed it was 2:00am and he boys still woke up at 7:00. *sigh* So I'm drinking coffee and sodas to keep me going.

I still was able to do the lessons this morning. Okay I skipped the one that involved baking because I just didn't have it in me to cook with the boys this morning.

My mom came over and we spent the afternoon shopping. Still haven't found any super great deals but Toys R Us does have their video games on sale for buy one get one 40% off. They did have a few other items on sale too.

Then we ran to several other stores. Dropped the boys off with Josh then headed out for a couple more. I did got to a party place that has their Halloween costumes 75%. I picked up some hats and a couple other parts and pieces of costumes to help build up the boys pretend play chest. The boys won't see the costumes parts till Christmas.

Tomorrow, Korri is coming over and we are going to a different story time.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Barn day!

I've decided that we need more adventures every week. So I figured that I would try to do story time at the library on Tuesdays by myself. Today was my first attempt and it went great. We got there a little later then I would have liked so we had to park pretty far away from the door but other than that everything went really smoothly.
After story time I did a couple of the lessons then we had lunch. The boys were in such a great mood today. Then it was nap time.

We finished up the daily lessons then it was time for swimming.

Toys R Us had a coupon for inflatable bouncers for 25% off for today only and it had to be purchased in store. There is one that I've been eying that was already marked $50 off. So we decided to go ahead and get it for the boys. We ended up paying 187.00 + tax for the Little Tikes Jr. Sports N Slide Bouncer. I'm really excited about what a great price we were able to get it for. So far that has been my big Christmas bargain. I've been really disappointed with the sales so far because this time for the last two years toys had been on sale since September for really great price that were cheaper then Black Friday deals. I just haven't seen them so far this year. Then again there were a few weeks last month that I wasn't really watching the ads. Then again I haven't been watch Wal-Mart's or Sears weekend ads but they have been advertising Black Friday deals before Black Friday. I really don't remember how I kept up with all of this while I was working.

24 hours and no accidents!

Ethan hasn't gone a full day without an accident since September. We gave him his goal star and his computer time. Then it was time for bedtime and I had put in pajamas that zipped and had feet in them so he wasn't able to get out in time to use the toilet. I was going to let that one slide because I didn't put Ethan in pajamas that he could just pull off. Then he wanted to sleep in Josh's and mine bed of course we told him no and put him down in his own bed. Thirty minutes later we heard a lot of commotion from his room, Josh went to check on him and discovered that Ethan had an accident in his bed. *sigh* At this point I'm so frustrated. He can use the toilet when he wants to and have an accident

Monday, November 15, 2010

It Monday.

Today theme is potato but I'm not really seeing how the theme works with the actual lessons for the day. So I glossed over the theme with the boys. Today is about the number 13, the letter X, and sight words we, go, my, and stop.

The boys were still really tired today because they stayed up late again last night. So Ethan didn't get up til 8:30 and that was when Josh got him up and put him on the toilet. Otherwise he would have kept on sleeping. I'm so glad that we are going to be able to get back on schedule this week. I feel like it is the calm before the Christmas storm.

As for the educational front Ethan recognizes his name in print. I'm pretty excited about that.

Weekend update

Saturday was crazy busy. My hair appointment was at noon. We had some errands to do in the morning. Luckily Ms. Najmeh was on time like always and Josh and I were off to help with Mark and Jen's wedding. My parents picked up the boys and brought them to the church. The boys were so adorable in their tuxedos. Can I just take a moment to say how wonderful the crayola color wonder markers and crayons are. At first the flower girl's mom wasn't going to let her daughter color but when she saw they were the color wonders she let the flower girl color with Ethan and it kept them busy until it was time to go down the isle. Mark and Jen actually trusted Ethan to carry their rings one the pillow. Ethan did great until he got almost to the front and started shaking the pillow and one of the rings fell off. So Ethan and Josh started to run after the ring and Josh was able to get it. Then Josh dropped the ring as he picked Ethan up. I know it sounds like chaos but it all happened so fast that most people didn't even notice anything happened. The wedding was absolutely beautiful.

Ethan did great during the pictures. Then again the flower girl's mom brought white M&M for the kids to bribe them with great smiles. It did work the kids did a great job.

Then it was party time!! Ethan and Preston were getting antsy during the dinner and speeches. Then it was time for the bridal party dance I asked the flower girl's mom if she was going to see if the kids would dance together and we figured we would try it. They were so cute dancing together. Ethan pretty much stayed on the dance floor the entire night until he discovered the photo booth. Several people came up and asked how old Ethan is and where did he learn all of his dance moves. Honestly I have no idea where he picked them up from but then again his favorite shows and movies are musicals so there are a lot of singing and dancing in them. Also the only prime time TV show that we allow are kids to see is So You Think You Can Dance. While Ethan was tearing up the dance floor Preston was in the stroller sleeping.

I got my first experience of trying to take off their tux while they were passed out and put them in their pjs. The tie was the hardest part because it was on a elastic band that had to be taken off over their heads. They were so tired that it didn't wake them up that much.

Sunday we went over to my parents house and we were very draggy. I couldn't believe how swollen my feet were after wearing heels for two days. I used to live in heels, I would wear heels while I was working a double shift waiting tables. I guess I'm going to have to start wearing heels again. We did get the last load of Christmas decorations out of storage but that was about all we did. The boys were tired and cranky. We did watch Toys Story 3 for the first time. Ethan got really scared during part of the movie so he cuddled up on my lap for me to protect him. Then in the middle of the night Ethan woke me up and asked if he could get in bed we us because he was scared of the monkey.

kids playing during the rehearsal
Josh's new hair

On the dance floor

Friday, November 12, 2010


Only one day till Mark and Jen's wedding!! This morning the boys were still sleepy so I just let them lounge around and got caught up on chores and got myself ready for the bridal luncheon. My mom came over to watch the boys while I was out.

The boys woke up from their naps H-Y-P-E-R. So I encouraged them to run around to get out their excess energy before the rehearsal. I also packed up a tote of toys for my boys and the other two kids that were going to be there. Preston was great at the rehearsal. He shared all of his brother's special toys like Ethan's blanket and teddy bear, at least Preston was sharing. Preston also helped pick up all the toys before we left to go to the restaurant. Ethan the ring bearer was another story. He kept trying to run around and wouldn't listen. When he was suppose to walk down the isle he ran, stop went back up the isle, ran back down then did a couple of poses, then finally stood by his dad. I'm really worried that Ethan is going to do something like that at the real wedding.

At dinner the boys were fairly we behaved before and during dinner. Preston started fussing because he was tired and wanted to sleep but just couldn't get comfy. Ethan was just done being around people. So I took him on a walk to the restroom just so that he could have a moment. I found some wiggle videos on Josh phone. So he was doing much better. When we got back to the table Mark gave Ethan his gift. Ethan was super excited to open a present. He got an official ring bearer shirt and badge. Ethan also received a piggy bank that was engraved with his name. Ethan didn't know what it was so I told him to get some change from Josh and I would show him. Ethan was having a great time putting coins into the pig that kept him occupied till it was time to leave.

We headed home for a good nights sleep because tomorrow is going to be a long day.

Jen at the bridal luncheon

Terrible Thursday

I woke up feeling even worst then when I fell asleep. Before it was time for Josh to leave for work I started feeling better and I thought I could handle the boys. Since I had gone to bed early I didn't have a chance to prepare the lessons for the day. I still wasn't feeling that great so I just let the boys run around and play. Korri came over and we visited over lunch. Then she helped me load the boys up and Korri headed home and I went to my parent's home. My mom watched the boys while I ran some errands for Mark and Jen's wedding this weekend. I finally started feeling better. Which is good because I just don't have time right now to be sick and it isn't like I get any sick days.

We headed back home after dinner. Once we got home the boys were asleep.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hump day!

Man this morning started off rough. Ethan woke us up to let us know that he had an accident. *sigh* Then when Josh told him to put on his underwear Ethan had a complete melt down. Things just went down hill from there. Basically Ethan was tired so I made him sit on the couch not as a punishment but just for him to calm down and regroup. After Ethan calmed down we were able to proceed with today's lesson and worked on making butter. The first container that I tried wasn't air tight so cream started going everywhere. Then I change containers and realized that I hadn't let the cream warm up to room temperature yet. So that had to be put on hold for a little while. We tried it again and it worked. I've never actually made butter before. My arms got tired with the first container because I was having to hold the lid on and shake. Once I changed containers the boys were able to shake too.
This is going to be yummy

What am I doing again?
Finished product
Story time
After we finished the daily lesson I let the boys just play so that I could start working on dinner. While we were eating I started to not feel well so I went to bed super early. Josh was amazing and gave the boys baths and put them down for the night.

Today is really tractor day!

I'm starting to think that Monday was a fluke. This morning the boys were really hyper but they were excited when I started to play the school time music. They were all about story time we read Tractors. It was a book that we already owned but it worked with today's theme so I added it in. Then we did a tractor art project. After the project the boys needed a little free time. So I brought down the little people barn that Isaac and Cherie got Preston for his first birthday and another tractor book that we have that has wheels on it. The boys enjoyed free play till it was lunch time. Preston woke up early from his nap. So I got one of his favorite toys to play with while I finished up my chores for the day. Of course I didn't get everything that I wanted to get done while they were sleeping. After the boys woke up we finished up doing their lessons. I was planning on letting them play outside but we ran out of time before we had to leave for swimming.

The boys were super excited to get to swimming today. There is a girl in Preston's class and she just thinks the world of Preston. She tried to follow us into the changing room and then once we were changed she sat right next to Preston. Poor Preston is so shy he climbed into my lap and buried his head in my shoulder and was being very coy. Ethan was being Ethan. During Ethan's lesson, he had to use the restroom so he was trying to run with his flippers on.  I'm starting to think that our routine is getting really predictable because on the way home Ethan kept asking for pizza.

After the boys fell asleep, I went to the grocery store. It was really nice to go without the boys. I can't believe that was a month ago the last time we have been to the grocery store. So I was expecting a pretty pricey trip. However, thanks to and that my bill was only 65.68 my savings were 57.41. I'm extremely jazzed over the 47% I saved. But I was just taking a closer look at my receipt and realized that none of my digital coupons were on it. So I checked my online accounts and discovered that the old number was still what I was loading the digital coupons to. *sigh* I could have saved more. It is corrected so next time I'll save more with and digital coupons.
Finished tractors
Diving in
I can't wait till tomorrow's lesson because we are going to make our own butter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preston is official starting to potty train!

Okay while I was doing my research for Ethan I realized there are really three different parts to potty training. There is the ability for the child to wash their own hands, the ability for the child to dress and undress themselves, and the ability to use the toilet. Another thing that I noticed about my research was that a lot of website dismiss how pull-ups help in potty training. They do not help the child to recognize they need to go potty but they help the child in the dressing and undressing on their own. They are also a lot easier to change an older child. After we use our supply of diapers for Preston we are going to be switching to pull-ups. We will use pull-ups till Preston has better bladder control.

This morning Preston did tell say poop-poo and was pointing to the bathroom door. So I did let him sit on the toilet. He was dry when I took of his diaper and did pee on the toilet. So hopefully his potty training will be a lot easier because he is seeing his brother go. Preston did crawl, and walk a lot faster the Ethan did. We were actually starting to worry that Ethan was going to walk before he crawled. That thought didn't even cross our mind with Preston. Then again Preston was crawling at 5 months. Another advantage that I have with Preston is that I'm not relying on someone else to help me in the training process. Kids need the consistency and with Ethan the daycare did things one way and we were doing it another. Ethan was just getting confused. Also Ethan was really interested in using the toilet at this point and would got at home successfully but they didn't have the means at the daycare for him to use the toilet at will at the daycare. If he let the teachers know they would have to call for someone to come to the room and take him to the restroom by the time he got to the toilet it was to late. So then Ethan realized that he could just go in his pull up and keep playing. That has been our hurdle with Ethan is getting him to stop playing and go to the restroom. Bed wetting happens but generally he will make it through the night and pee in the morning if we don't realize he is up and make him go to the potty. If we are at a restaurant he is very good about letting us know when he needs to go.

Sorry I went off on a tangent. What we are actually doing with Preston is getting him to start trying to dress and undress himself. As you have seen in earlier post he is great at the undressing part, I'm working on trying to get him to dress himself. We have been having him wash his hands in the sink for a while. He has used the toilet a couple of times with help. So at this point I'm starting to believe that Preston is going to be potty trained before Ethan.

Monday, November 8, 2010

More potty fun

Ethan had been doing well this morning then he had another accident. I made him help clean up the mess. I feel a little guilty but I told him that he is acting like a baby. That really got his attention because he started crying and saying he is a big boy not a baby. I told him only babies pee in their underwear. I also told him that if he didn't have any more accidents this week that he would go to Chuck E. Cheese.

The next time he had to go potty he went completely by himself, like a child that is 100% potty trained. Then when he was done he asked for his TV back and if he gets to go to Chuck E. Cheese. I told him that he got the TV back then I showed him a calendar and how many days he had to go without an accident.

And then came nap time. I always make him sit on the toilet before he lays down. Straight from the toilet to bed. He got into bed and was complaining that one of his toys was missing a piece. He left it my room this morning, so I went to retrieve it. By the time I got back he and peed in his bed. Granted it wasn't very much but still need to change the sheet and clothing. I ran him back to the toilet and went to cleaning the mess up. Ethan came back in and I was trying to get him to put his clean underwear on. He started walking out the room, I asked if he needed to go potty again and Ethan shook his he yes. I told him to run to the bathroom luckily Ethan made it because it was number 2. I really believe that his accidents aren't.

Ethan woke up from his nap dry and successfully used the toilet.

Later he was playing with play-doh at the kitchen table and says I'm going to go to Chuck E. Cheese and ran to the bathroom.

He ran to the restroom again but struggled with getting his pants down so he started going. I stepped in and pulled everything down and put him on the toilet. At least he did try.

Then Korri came over so that we could go shopping but before we left Ethan went to the bathroom himself. I was so proud at first but he had gotten under the cabinet and gotten the cleaning supplies and was cleaning the floor. Turns out he got to the bathroom and went on the floor and was cleaning it up. He got really excited when I got the paper towels and he started wiping the floor up. 

My thoughts on potty training

Okay now I've done a lot research about potty training. I've read books, checked out different resources online, and have talked to anyone that has gone threw it.
The books have given me some great ideas like at night you double make your child. What that means is have a water proof mattress pad then a fitted sheet then another water proof mattress pad and another fitted sheet. So if you child does have an accident at night you don't have to look for clean sheets and mattress pad. You just pull off the solid sheet and pad. For the most part Ethan doesn't have accidents at night. I'm sorry if you are able to fully potty train your child in a day that means they were ready a long time ago.

Ethan is so stubborn about using the toilet. He know what he needs to do and how to do it. He just doesn't want to. I've talked to parent's of boys and they were all about letting the boys pee outside or on targets in the toilet. Ethan was very disturbed by me even having him try to pee on the tree. He didn't want to go outside for two days after that experience. At first he liked the targets but then he realized that if he used the targets that he couldn't see the TV. That didn't last long.

Another thing that I've noticed is that parents who kids are fully potty trained are very oh it wasn't that big of a deal, parents that are trying to get their kids potty trained for the first time are all about to pull out their hair.

All of the websites that I have found seem to just want to sell you something. I do have to say that the advice I love the most is "just ignore the bad behavior and only reward the good" I have discussed that with other moms who are potty training right now and we agree that is a load of well what should be in the toilet.

What is killing me is the first week that we switched him to big boy underwear we told him if he went two days without any accidents we would take him to Chuck-e-cheese. It took him a few days but with in that first week he went 48 hours without an accident. After we went to play he has had at least one accident every day. So I know he can do it but he just doesn't like the toilet.
I'm also amazed that if Ethan gets into trouble and is sent to time out he has an accident. I can make him go potty then put him in the corner he still has accidents. Or if we are doing something that he doesn't like he will have an accident. I think that is because if we are doing something that he loves, for example if we are at the park, and he has an accident we leave.

I guess I just want to know what will help he understand that he has no option but to use the toilet?

Tractor day!

I was right Friday was just a fluke. This morning the boys were very cranky and just not interested in learning about tractors. Last week Preston went down to one nap time but I think today he is going to have two again. He keeps laying on the floor and just looks miserable. I got Ethan to do one of the activities but that was it.

The boys were in a much better mood this afternoon. I still couldn't get them interested in the lessons today. So we did other activities like sorting, playing with play-doh, coloring, and playing games.

I did realize that Preston turned eighteen months yesterday. So it is time to start really working with him on the toilet now too. Hopefully it will go a lot easier then it is going with Ethan. 

Another adventure in potty training.

Ethan woke up in the middle of the night and I believe that he actually used the toilet and then got into bed with Josh and I. He got up in the morning and went. He was doing great till we got to my parent's home. Ethan was asleep and when he woke up he was a little damp. Then later in the day he told me that he needed to go and went number 1 but was needing to go number 2. I needed to go myself so I was trying to get another adult in the bathroom. I didn't get but just a couple of feet out of the bathroom door and Ethan closed it. I was able to rush back in before he locked. He got back on the toilet and finished his business. When I was walking out of the bathroom was when I noticed he peed on the bathroom door during those two seconds that I was out of the bathroom. Then later in the day my mom and Ethan was playing then he laid down and said he need to go. She rushed him to the restroom and he peed on her leg as she was carrying him. While she was dealing with Ethan I was changing Preston near where Ethan had laid down and discovered a wet spot on the floor. *sigh*