A bunch of nothing.

My kids are spoiled.

I'm a little evil.

Internets please work!!!

Another shopping trip with my mom.

Starting to deck the halls.

Why Josh thinks my mom and I should have a reality show

Why do I even try???

More Holiday Cheer.

Worst Puzzle EVER!

I swear everything went wrong.

I'm proud of myself.

Feeling better.

I must be sick.

Trying to get sick.

Getting caught up

Happy Thanksgving!

Good thing I don't put anything off...

Tis the season to be stressed, fa, la, la, la, la

A lazy day.

I'm a proud momma

A little destressing time.

A little bouncing and reading today.

Overall a good day.


I got out of the house today!

A day at home.

This is the day that will never end!

Back to the Dallas Museum of Art

Election Day!

A little science to start our week.

Highlights from last week.

UGH?? are you kidding me?

I'm so proud.

Who is ready for a little candy???

School Update.

Trying to figure it out.

What was I thinking???

It has been awhile.

Apparently Stressed Out for No reason.

Weekend Wrap up.

I need a caffeine IV today