Thursday, January 31, 2013

A crazy few days.

This week has been pretty crazy. I've actually worked out twice this week. Not in just I showed up and rode the bikes for half an hour but really worked out for an hour and half. The first time my partner in crime and I did fifteen minutes on the treadmill than changed into our swimsuits for a water aerobic class. This time there were a few other people less than seventy years old and I wasn't wearing the same bathing suit as one of the little old ladies. It was a lot more fun being in the class with a friend.

On Wednesday, we headed to the Sci-Tech center. The center has been closed for the past month because they were changing out their exhibits. The boys were really excited about getting to go back and seeing all the new stuff. At one point I was talking to the lady in charge of the preschool programs. Ethan came running up to her and said that he couldn't find his mom anywhere. The Sci-Tech center is pretty much one huge room. I my eyes on Ethan and Preston was 99% of the time. The employee asked are you sure you don't know where your mom is? Ethan looked like he was about to have a panic attack. I knelled down and said are you sure. Ethan got the biggest grin on his face and gave me a huge hug. I'm glad that he went up to an employee.
We weren't at the Sci-Tech center with the mom's group. After being there for several hours we decided to head to McDonalds. Where the kids ran around for another hour and half.

Just before dinner my mom called and asked if we could run to Ikea for her. Oh, no! Anything but that! The boys were in the if they stopped moving they would fall asleep mood. Thank goodness Smallville had immediate openings for the boys. It was nice having some Josh time at the store.

On Thursday, it was back to the gym. For another hour and half work out. I used machines that I never knew existed let alone how to use them before today.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Things that mess with my head.

The book that I'm reading about homeschooling is really hitting me at my core. When I first started "homeschooling" I didn't really feel like we are homeschooling. The kids call it mommy school. I'm doing "preschool' at home. Which I didn't really felt like it qualified as homeschooling. I'm just getting my kids ready for school. Then I started doing a lot of preschool activities and things with my mom group. The questions started or the comments. How old is he? Shouldn't he be in school? Well my child is at preschool right now (with their noses in the air). Look my oldest is five, but his birthday is eight days after the cut of to start school. He already did preschool. I couldn't find a preschool that cost less than my house payment that would challenge him. 

To be honest I'm actually using a kindergarten curriculum and some days he finds it boring because he knows most of it already. Yes he is learning cursive otherwise I don't think I could get him to practice his penmanship. I don't think he is mature enough to start first grade in the fall. I think he is going to be over prepared for kindergarten. I don't think he is going to be the only one that is over prepared. I have a feeling that most the kids around here are going to be.

Right now I've been teaching Preston a four year old curriculum and will do Kindergarten with him next year. Thankfully he is so little that most people don't bat an eye when they see him. I don't think that next year I'll get the stares, questions, or comments.

In a lot of ways I don't feel like a homeschooling and that is why I haven't joined any groups. Until I started reading this book. Maybe I'm more of a homeschooling parent than I realized. I think it is a little late in the game this school year to join a group. I think next year I'll look for one.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

It started off better.

Today was so much better than yesterday. We had a relaxing morning. I realized that Ethan is tall enough to get candy out of the candy dish. Today I realized that he has been sneaking candy whenever he wants. I think that might be contributing to his behavior lately. I think the candy is going to be locked up. We are going to keep fresh fruit in his reach and other snack food that isn't just sugar.

Today, Ethan had cirque class. Josh had some things he wanted to do around the house. I took Ethan to class. I had an hour and a half to read. It was bliss. I starting reading a book about the down side of homeschooling. It was a nice to see that I'm not the only one that has struggle staying on task and the days that kids just don't want to do school. Honestly, I couldn't imagine homeschooling the boys through high school. Then again I couldn't imagine ever being a stay at home mom. I'm not going to say that it isn't something that I would never do. I've learned whenever I say I would never do x. Next thing I know that is exactly what I'm doing. Seriously when I first meet Josh I told him, if he is looking for someone to be a stay at home mom than I'm not the girl for you. Look at me now.

Then we had soup. Ethan normally loves soup but tonight the boys started whining and I felt like it was just a continuation of yesterday. I flew off the handle. After dinner Josh let me veg for a little while. Then he tagged me in during bath time. I laid down the law with the boys. Of course, five seconds later Preston threw something at Ethan. Preston had to get out of the bathtub and  go to bed. Ethan then started spelling words on the side of the bathtub with the foam letters we have. Because I felt like he was actually learning and trying to read. I had him take a reading readiness quiz and he aced it. I really think he can read but he likes being read to. I'm starting to wonder if the problem is he is afraid that if he is able to read that we will stop reading to him. We have told him that we would keep reading but I don't think he believes us.

For example, the other day I told the boys we were going to Chick-fil-a to meet the mom's group and they could play in the playground. When I pulled up Ethan told Preston, "Look Preston mom wasn't joking." Really kid? Where did you think we were going? Of course, right afterwards I told them we were going to the library. I stopped at the bank first. Preston informed me that he didn't see the library anywhere. Ugh. Why am I having Preston's speech tested? Do I really want him to talk, more?

Friday, January 25, 2013

Why am I doing this?

The kids woke up in a mood. They spent a lot of the morning in time out. They were just so loud. It continued the rest of the day.We had an early lunch and the kids had a nap. I figured after a good nap the afternoon would be calmer. Nope. They just as loud and stubborn. We started class at 9:30am and didn't finish till about 8:30pm. Thank goodness Josh let me have a small break. Once the kids and I were able to have some dinner and cool down a little. We were able to quickly finish up. Ethan was excited about doing Spanish lessons. Finally he was excited about something. He was a little disappointed that we didn't have to watch any of the Muzzy video. He did love getting to play with the finger puppets.

I think that we might need to skip ahead in math. Ethan already knows all of his numbers up past 100. The other day he was bored when we were reviewing the numbers to 18 like the lesson had us. I grabbed the cards that go up to 100. They were all out of order and Ethan was able to identify all of them. I'm going to review the lessons to make sure we don't miss anything but I have a feeling that we are going to quickly catch up and pass where we are suppose to be. I think we are going to do the same with our science lessons too. Seriously we have been doing the five sense for weeks now. Even Preston is getting bored with the curriculum.

Right now I'm reading a book about the road bumps in homeschooling. I don't really feel like we are homeschooling but at the same time I do. We are just doing preschool. Okay I'm really using a kindergarten curriculum for Ethan. That is because when he was in his original preschool, they used a three year old curriculum in the two year old class. We just continued with that trend. I'm sure when he is in school that I'll have him doing work books for the year above where he is.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A little mom time. A little less stress??

The boys cracked me up this morning. I kept trying to get the boys to leave so we could meet up with the mom's group. Today we were having morning coffee together. The boys were to busy watching My Little Pony and didn't want to leave. Seriously boys? First you have already seen this episode about a million times. Second it is My Little Ponies. Fine watch the show, but we are leaving the second it is over. Then all the sudden the boys wanted to go before the show was over. Okay? Did I just enter the twilight zone? Or am I already in it?

When I got there I realized my tablet was dead. I knew it was low so I grabbed the charger. However the cord didn't quite reach the table. Preston ended up sitting on the floor against the wall. I was able to keep an eye on him but he looked like he was in time out or something. Thank goodness one of the other moms let Preston use here tablet. I got the boys hot chocolate. Ethan downed his. Preston was so involved playing games that he forgot about his drink. After I reminded him he downed his drink too. They looked like miniature teenagers.

Tonight they were telling Josh about their adventures today. Preston said, "We went to a offie op and they didn't have any toys". Ethan really liked his coffee, it was hot chocolate flavored. 

The weather has been gorgeous the past couple of days. Today's high was in the upper 70's. I told the kids if we got through school early enough we would go on an adventure. Some how that comment got changed to We would go on a Heffalump expedition. Apparently, my boys watch way to much TV.

I guess a new resolution is to cut down the amount of TV the boys watch.

School started off really rough this morning. Once it got started things got better. Ethan is really trying hard. I'm really impressed with how much we are able to cover in a day when. He is so ready to start school. Oh I found out I have a month longer before the informational meeting about the testing to find out if Ethan is going to "skip" kindergarten or if he is going to be in kindergarten in the fall.

Going over the lesson plans between now and then I really think that Ethan is going to be more than prepared for the test. I just don't know if he is going to be socially and emotionally ready. I know how much it SUCKS being the youngest in the class. I imagine it is going to be worst being a boy. It isn't like he is big for his age. This year is the first time that he was average for height and weight. This is something that Josh and I have been on the fence since we realized that he was going to miss the cut off date for school.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Well crap!

I guess I need to clarify. Ethan loves his cirque class he just doesn't like that his arms get tired. He is doing amazing during the class. He listens and is trying his hardest. This week he didn't even play around with his "girlfriend".

Today, We didn't have a chance to do school. Okay if I had my act together we could have done a couple of hours worth but I didn't. Then it was time to meet up with the mom's group. Some of the mom's brought their kids others didn't it was a nice blend. We have another meet up tomorrow. At least this one is early and coffee is involved.

When we got home I realized that I needed to drop off the water bill. Where the water bill goes is the same building as the library. We might as well check out some books while we are there.

Once we got home Korri came over. Korri brought over some goodies. She has been working part time at Cinnabon. The location she has been at just closed today. She had been there helping with closing out the store. Ended up with some products they were just going to take to the dumpster. Like a gallon of vanilla and baking sheets. She decided that I would be a great person to pass them on to.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Getting things to work out!

The kids seem to be able to keep up with the faster pace of the lessons. This morning I meet up with a friend and we worked out for an hour. I figured the first couple of weeks after the New Year the gym would be crazy busy. It was busier than what I was expecting but it wasn't bad. I've been able to get the kids in the fun club without a problem. My friend introduced me to the yoga ball. My core is already a little sore. I'm worried about how sore I'm going to be tomorrow. The boys were excited about getting to be back in the fun club.

Once we got home the boys were wired. Seriously??? I made Ethan move from the table and use the toy box as his desk. That seemed to really help calm the boys down. Then after lunch Preston just didn't want to do his work and started to whine. Okay, I guess it is time for a nap. Instead of waiting for Preston to wake up to finish the lessons, Ethan and I continued on. I think I'm going to have to start doubling up on the science and social studies lessons too. We have been doing the five senses for two weeks so far and there is another week of it. Ethan and Preston seem to have the concept down.

Tonight Ethan had cirque class. He told me he doesn't like the class because he arms get tired. I'm glad he finally told me what he doesn't like about the class. Josh and I talked and figured out ways for Ethan to work his arms out that he doesn't notice that he is working them out. I guess we are going to be visiting parks that have a lot of climbing structures. We are going to also take Ethan swimming more. We are such mean parents.

Parents: Okay kids we are going to the park again. 
Kids: Oh, no!! Not the park.

Weekend Wrap up

The weekend was crazy busy like normal. Josh and I actually came up with a to do list that we are really working on. With cooking three times a day and the kids not a whole lot got crossed off yet. Not to mention we spent Saturday night over at my parent's home.

This week we cooked short ribs for my parents. I don't think they turned out exactly correct. The sauce was more like a soup than a sauce. Hey we are trying. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to FREAK OUT!

I realized the parent's meeting about skipping Kindergarten is coming up in a couple of months. I'm sure the testing is soon after. Crap we are two months behind in school and I just found a review for the testing they do and I've been focusing on writing, reading, and math. We have been covering science and social studies if we had time. I haven't even bothered with history. Turns out all of that is going to be on the test. UGH. What was I thinking. Of course those subjects are going to be on the test. Now I have to figure out how to get caught up and a head in all of these subjects. Today was the first day that I've been doubling up on lessons. I don't want to go to fast and the kids don't understand what I'm trying to teach them.

Of course the kids were in rear form because they were over tired. They went to bed late the last couple of nights and got up at their normal times. Talk about two cranky boys. Finally I had enough and made the boys take naps. They were out really quick. I knew they were tired I just didn't realize how tired they were. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, then again they were up late again tonight.

Maybe freaking out about this isn't really worth it and Ethan should just enroll in Kindergarten and we just see what happens.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

A nice day.

I got a text from one of my friends seeing what the boys and I were up today. I told her to bring her kids over. I was running around like a mad woman trying to get everything picked up and put a way. Sometimes having company is the swift kick that I need to get things accomplished.

All the kids were excited to get to play together. The kids hadn't gotten to play together since before Christmas. Thank goodness it was a beautiful afternoon and the kids wanted to play outside. I absolutely adore their mother. It was nice to have so adult conversation.

After they left it was time to start getting ready for dinner. Tonight we had pork tenderloin on a bed of wilted spinach. I think this was the prettiest meal that I have made so far. The kids and I weren't that fond of the spinach but Josh loved it. The pork tenderloin turned out really yummy! The kids even ate it without fussing.

After the kids went to sleep, I headed out to mom's night out. It was a small group but it was nice.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

It has been a week.

Normally it takes us two weeks to finish a week's worth of recipes from Emeals. This time we actually finished in a week. I'm not really sure how we accomplished this but we did. We even ate all but one lunch. This week we are going to start making breakfast each morning too. UGH!! I think I'm going to officially just move into the kitchen.

The best part of all the cooking that I've been doing is I've actually lost five pounds!! Three more pounds and I'll be back to my Weight Watcher's goal weight. Ten more pounds and I'll be back to pre-Ethan weight. Fifteen pounds and I'll be back to my ideal weight. That is depressing that I'm that much over my ideal weight but it is my own fault.

The boys are starting to get more adventurous. They are starting to really give all the new food a try before they won't eat it. I think Ethan really did like tonight's meal but just wouldn't admit it.

Josh doesn't think he has actually lost any weight yet. I'm sure it is going to start falling off him soon.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things are progressing... just slowly

I finally got a hold of the lady at the Early Childhood School. I'm so excited that I have a date for Preston's speech screening. However it isn't till next month. Ugh! I just want to be able to get our schedule nailed down. Right now I don't feel like anything is working in our favor. Than again most the classes that I want to get the boys into will accept them whenever things actually calm down.

 Today is our grocery shopping day. Tonight we decided that Josh would tackle this on his own. I don't know if this was a good thing or not. It took him over two hours tonight. I'm not even sure what all he bought.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Sticking with it.

I've been busy trying to fulfill my New Year resolutions. Sorry that I haven't been posting lately. Cooking at least twice a day and of course the clean up. Then I have days like today. I can't get my boys to stop eating, and spent the entire day in the kitchen. I think the only time we weren't in the kitchen was when we played in snow that fell this morning for thirty minutes.

I've also been busy getting organized. It is more than just finding home for stuff, but also better time management, stuff organized, and out home organized. Looking at our living room today, it is hard to tell all the work Josh and I have been doing. We have been decluttering and talking about what we want our lives to look like.

As far as cooking, I'm getting a lot faster at preparing the meals. I do have to say that I have a lot more energy. I'm really excited about that.

The boys are as ornery as ever. Ethan has been asked to join the Dallas Kids Cirque Troupe. Now he has practice twice a week. He will have a couple of performances this year. We also tired to sign Ethan up for swimming but we are wait listed. UGH!!!

I've been playing phone tag with the person to get Preston tested for speech. I really want the testing done so I know what his schedule is going to look like.

I think the remodeling bug just hit Josh. He found a website with a remodeling ideas. Tonight, Josh has been going to around the house measuring things. Watch out walls, I think we have some about to come down!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Clean eating day 2

Today went so much better. Then again tonight's meal was chicken, apple, and caramelized onion Sandwiches with parsnip fries. I wasn't so sure how that was going to taste but it was really good. Ethan even ate without complaining. The prep and clean up wasn't a big deal. Of course I remember tonight that I have a really nice slicer that would have made last night's cooking endeavor a lot easier and faster.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Clean eating day 1

I started prepping the food about 5:00pm. At first I felt like a competitor on some cooking show. Step 1 peel and cube 2 sweet potatoes. Okay. I love sweet potatoes! I'm used to them being baked and cover in butter and brown sugar and maybe some marshmallows. I grabbed the first one, and noticed immediately that the sweet potato was hard.  Well this butter knife isn't going to work. I was worried about having a hard time cubing because of it being squishy. Now reality is starting to set in. I thought I was doing really well till Josh came walking in the door. All I had chopped was the two sweet potatoes and two red peppers and it is an hour later. Josh jumped in and took over. I was heading out the door to a book signing.

I was gone for over an hour. I figured that dinner would be waiting for me when I got home. Nope. Josh was still working on it when I got back home. Really? I washed up and jumped back in. In total almost three hours later Josh and I sat down for dinner. Josh fed the kids while I was gone. The food was really good. Not three hours of work good but good.

After we finished eating I looked at the kitchen and it looked like a tornado hit the place. As I was picking up, it felt like the entire place just need a serious bath.

Um, I need to get faster a chopping. I guess practice makes perfect.

Josh and I are thinking about taking some cooking classes.

I think Josh is going to take over grocery shopping.

I suck at trying to come up with balanced meals on my own. Thank goodness for because it really takes the thinking out of dinner. Last month, Josh and I decided to change our plan from Aldi classic meals to the any store clean eating plan. We haven't started using the new meal plan because we had meals from the last plan. Then we stayed at my parent's home for ten days; I didn't see a reason to shop before we left. The past week we have been living out of our freezer. We also started doing the lunch menu also.

The clean eating menu and the lunch menu have a lot of fruit and vegetables in their recipes. We figured that we would start shopping at Sprouts. On Wednesday, Sprout has double ad day, basically their weekly ads overlap. They also have store coupons and of course the accept manufacturer coupons. My only complaint is they close at 10:00pm. That is when I normally head out for grocery shopping. We decided the whole family was going shopping. I don't know what I was thinking. It is a store that we have shopped at before but not very often. Josh and I didn't have a clue where anything is. Ethan and Preston wanted to help. I had the bright idea to divide and conquer. Josh and Ethan headed off to their section and Preston and I headed to ours. Preston was trying to help but all he could reach were the fruit and the vegetables at the bottom. I kept trying to explain that if he actually pulled one of those off, the whole pile of whatever would fall right on his head. I didn't realized but we ended up having fewer items on our side of the store. Which turned out to be a good thing. I don't think the shopping trip would have ever ended if we had the long list. At one point, I ended up with both kids. Ethan was walking and Preston was in the cart. Ethan kept trying to mess with Preston or he was trying to lay in the middle of the isle. Just because the trip ended up taking way longer and the kids are up way past their bedtime.

What really sucked was that we only got fruit, vegetables, and grains. We still needed to hit another store. Thank goodness Josh is awesome and went to the other store.

This week is going to be interesting. I'm going to be cooking with food I have never even hear of before today.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I think I'm excited!

When we bought our house, we had visions of sweet equity dancing in our heads. It looks like we are really going to start remodeling next month. I didn't realize how ready I am to start. I've been having dreams about the remodel.

I think I've mentioned before that we are going to start in the half bath. When we bought the house it had wallpaper in it that looked like a pair of blue jeans with a red bandana belt, complete with the stitching in the corners. It was something. Our original plan was to scrape the wallpaper off and paint till we could remodel. A couple of things happened. We realized the builder brought the walls in around the vanity so the builder grade would fit. Whoever put up the wallpaper did a terrible job. They didn't sand the walls completely flat. There are several indents where we couldn't get the wallpaper out. We did a terrible job scraping the wallpaper off and damaged the walls even more. That is how the half bath has sat for almost three years. We did finally put the covers back over the light switch and electrical outlets. My sister got a big kick out of the fact we had child safety covers over the exposed outlet.

Josh used to work on a remodeling crew over the summers during college. He has done a lot of the work before that we are thinking about doing. I on the other hand am completely clueless.

Our current plan is over a weekend (hopefully have my parents watch the boys) take the half bath all the way down to the studs and build it back. I have a feeling it is going to take more than just one weekend but we will see. Phase one has only taken a couple of years and that was suppose to be a quick fix.

At one point I had a contractor look at it and he wanted $10,000 to the renovations. Um, I don't think he really wanted the job. Seriously it is a half bath. We want to replace the sink, mirror, lights, fan, and toilet, and move the walls out that have nothing behind them.

We do have a new vanity and mirror that we bought on clearance back in September. We still need a toilet, faucet, fan, and a paint color. I'm thinking about tile half way up the walls but that just depends on the budget.

I would love to do the project for less than $500 but I don't think that is realistic. So far we have spent less than $200. On rough estimates the toilet, faucet, lights, and fan are going to be $370. Then there is going to be the drywall that Josh assures me is very cheep, paint, and tile (maybe).

Nope we aren't touching the floor right now. We might try to take up the floor that is in there right now and just seal the concrete. Until we decide what kind of flooring we want to do in the main area of the house.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Back to school.

When I was preparing the lessons last night for today; I realized that we haven't done school for a month. This morning the boys were saying they didn't want to do school. Sigh. I was really worried that today would be a nightmare.

The boys surprised me. Once we actually started they were all about school. Things they were struggling with before our break, they just breezed through today. It was nice how quickly they were going through the lessons. I guess the break was a good thing.

I'm super excited that the Spanish curriculum that I ordered way back when just shipped. I can't wait for it to arrived.

During our social science class we discussed responsibilities and chores. The boys were excited about taking on chores and helping around the house. Sweet. You don't have to ask me twice. Starting tomorrow morning the boys have a list of thing they have to take care of. I didn't just pull out the task list out of my butt. I actually did an internet search last night for age appropriate chores.  We will see how long it will last. Tonight they helped set and clear the table. They are excited about making their beds by themselves and folding laundry in the morning.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Doing a little better.

Ethan and I are feeling better today. We still aren't great but much better. I'm just glad that we aren't fighting for the restroom today.

Today I realized that Ethan is the messy one of the two boys. Yesterday before the kids went to bed there was hardly anything out. Ethan didn't move off the couch yesterday. Today Ethan was still lethargic in the morning. This afternoon, while Preston was napping, Ethan really perked up. In a flash the living room looked like a tornado hit. I guess he is all better.

After dinner, I've started to perk up too. My energy level still isn't where it needs to be for school tomorrow, hopefully after a good nights rest I'll be back to 100%.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Now we are dying.

About 3:00 in the morning Ethan woke up and started tossing his cookies. After he got settled down, I started tossing my cookies. Thank goodness Josh and Preston are fine. I'm thinking that Ethan and I have a touch of food poising. Ethan and I laid around most of the day. Josh took excellent care of us.

I don't think that I've ever seen Ethan so still.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Wow we live exciting lives.

Today Korri came over and picked up her Christmas presents. She was unable to make it to my parent's home on Christmas do to car problems and weather. Then we played Fluxx. I guess I should explain what Fluxx is because it isn't that popular of a card game. Basically, the rules start off as draw one card then you play one card. Sounds simple enough. While you play the rules, and ending goal keep changing.

After dinner, we headed out for an exciting Friday night. Okay it was really lame. We were out of milk, soy milk, and frozen waffles. First we headed to Braums and got shakes and milk. On the way to Braums we saw the lights in Frisco Square are still up. We decided to drive through one last time this season. Then we headed to Aldi for the rest of shopping.

As soon as I'm done blogging Josh and I are going to play a game I've never heard of before.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Oh what to do??

The boys want to do everything. They are asking to play baseball, soccer, and ice skating. Josh and I are going to have the kids take swimming. Of course there is Cirque class.

I thought that I had a perfect balance where we could fit everything in and nothing would over lap. Then I got an email and my perfect schedule went out the window. First Cirque class changed what evening that class is. That made swimming change. Then Ethan won't be able to take the soccer class that I was looking at. Then I got another email. UGH!! Now baseball is out the window. I'm nervous how Ethan is going to react to the news but I just don't want him to be over schedule and I'm trying to avoid scheduling conflicts.

All of the classes that I'm looking at for Preston seem to be during the day. I guess that is going to me an hour with Ethan do work on school. I don't know how distracting having soccer going on in the background is going to be. Then again I'm going to have Preston's speech evaluated again. His perfect little schedule could be thrown out the window too. I'm going to wait till after the evaluation before I actually sign Preston up for anything.

Not to mention trying to be active in the moms group that I'm a part of. My head is already spinning. Knowing me I'll just stress myself out and miss the deadlines for the sign ups and the kids won't be in anything.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ten day wrap up.

Today was a wind down day. Getting our life back. The last ten days, we have been living out of suit cases. It sounds like we have done a lot of traveling. Actually we have just been over at my parent's home. There were a few hours (I would say two days but it wasn't that long) we came home to check the mail and make sure our pipes didn't freeze.

I'm not sure what all happened in the past ten days. I think there were a couple of holidays.

Oh it snowed on Christmas day. Most of the people didn't show up. It was a really low key Christmas day. I think it took us an hour to dig the boys out of their new toys. I know all year I've complained that I wasn't finding the bargains on toys like I have in the past. Some where along the way my closet ended up being jam packed with stuff.

The day after Christmas I started my birthday and Christmas shopping for 2013.

New Years Eve was even more low key than Christmas. My grandmother, my parents, Josh, the boys, and me all went to Red Lobster for dinner. The kids went to bed at their normal time. My grandmother left at 10:00. The rest of us just played card games till midnight. I know the night was so scandalous.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!

One of the best things about my blog is that I can actually remember what my last year resolutions were.

I never did find a preschool for Ethan but I'm really happy with our decision to teach Ethan at home.  I am also glad that we did get to see more of our extended family last year. We want to continue spending time with our extended family. We also want to do more traveling with and without the kids.

This year I want to really get more involved in our community. I found that Frisco has a community garden. Maybe even active in the library and Sci-tech center.