Friday, March 22, 2013

Everyone is cranky!

Yesterday, I felt like I was dying. Once Josh got home from work I went to bed. When the boys went to bed they woke me up. Ugh. Then I realized that I needed food because I've been sick and only had crackers and cookies so far. Then Josh and I needed to get the fliers ready for our HOA. I ended up staying up till after midnight.

Today, I had to be up by 6:00 to make sure Preston was ready to get on the bus when it showed up at 6:55. Apparently I was freaked out that I would over sleep so every thirty minutes or so I would freak out and wake up to look at the clock. When it was time to get up I was already beat.

Preston was excited to be riding a school bus today. He was easy to get out of bed. When it was time we were at the front door waiting. The school bus drove right past our house without stopping. Preston was all sorts of upset. I heard the bus coming back. I took him outside. He thought I was going to but him in the car. He was about to work himself into a fit when the school bus came back. He was so excited when it stopped right in front of him and the door opened.

Ethan came down while we were waiting for the bus but he wasn't really awake and was laying on the couch like a teenager. After Preston left we spent the next few hours have the TV watch us sleep. Then it was time for Preston to come home. When he arrived he latched on to me and was all sorts of upset.
Then he started to tell me how there was a girl that was mean to him. Nobody in class understood him. How boring school was. Wow, what is going on here? Then I tried to get him to tell me how the girl was being mean. Apparently she called Preston a name that Ethan and Preston had made up. Really? How in the world would this girl know that word? Okay Preston are you telling stories? Yes. It isn't normal for Preston to act like this. I'm not sure that something didn't happen, I'm starting to think that he was just really tired. He did wake up almost two hours early. After a nap and some food Preston was back to his normal happy self.

I might have posted a couple of comments and that ended up in a firestorm in my family. Oops. My mom was getting calls from her friends. Really? I personally thought it was funny to poke the bear.

Then this evening was all about going round and round. Sort of. Frisco is talking about installing three roundabouts. It would be one thing if the roundabouts were in different parts of the city. Instead they are all on the same road one right after the other. The original plan was for all of the intersections to be under construction at the same time. The project is suppose to take 24 months. Seriously two years construction?? For a cluster of accidents??? I'm out.

Tonight the city had a roundabout discussion. The past few weeks I've been reading everything I can get my hands on about roundabout. I've been watching all sorts of videos about roundabouts. I don't know what I was expecting but it was what I walked into. It a very informal come and go meeting. They had stations set up and several people to answer any questions you might have. What I came away from the meeting is the initial study was for all three intersections. They are going to only start with one and see how that goes before they even consider the other two intersections. I don't feel that any of my concerns were addressed. I still haven't seen any information about accidents for roundabouts that have the amount of volume the intersections currently have, let alone what the projected volume is going to be. I also feel that the project volume is very low considering all of the residential zoned area that hasn't been built up in that area.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Frisco Easter hunt

This morning started off like a normal Saturday. Josh had his bike ride. That was the only thing that was normal today.

My parents came over to join us at an Easter egg hunt. We headed to Frisco's egg hunt at the FC Dallas Stadium. We arrived about an hour before the hunt began. The boys wanted to go in different directions. My mom took Ethan, Josh and my dad took Preston. I got inline for the bounce house obstacle course. After awhile mom and Ethan joined me. Ten minutes before the egg hunt Ethan was two kids away from entering. He started freaking out and wanted to get to the field. Once it started, Ethan was going so fast that his eggs kept bouncing out of the basket. Apparently, Preston was doing the same thing on his field. After the egg hunt Ethan ran as fast as he could back to the bounce house line.
Then we meet up with the other mom's from the group. The boys just ran around in circles. Then it was time to go shopping for Easter outfits for the boys. I had already scooped out the stores and I knew what I liked but I needed to get my mom's blessing before I bought them. She thought they were cute, not it was time to get the outfits. We went ahead and had the boys wear the outfits out and went straight to the Easter bunny.

At this point my dad and Josh were over the mall and it was time to go. My dad had a car show he wanted to attend. Josh was over trying to wrangle the boys in public.

Friday, March 15, 2013

I just want to curlup in a hole.

My body didn't like being up so late last night. It also was dehydrated from hanging out in the saunas. However the boys wouldn't let me just crawl into a hole. We were going to have people over and I need to get the toys cleaned up. The kids seemed tired too.

Tonight, Josh invited some of his friends over for a game night. I normally play but tonight I wasn't up for games. I ended up going to bed.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What was I thinking?

This week I've been avoiding places that we normally go to because of Spring Break. I had scheduled gymnastics for my mommy group but it was canceled this week. I figured that it needed to be replaced with something else. When I was scheduling things I got a notifications that Legoland was having a sale on their annual passes. Sure Legoland sound like the perfect replacement. Even my mom questioned my sanity about going to Legoland today. We I pulled up I questioned my sanity too. I'm so glad that we already had our annual passes because we were able to go in through the exit. The guy running the register apparently didn't want to scan our passes. He was asking to make sure we didn't want to stand in the long line to get it. I'm sure we are going skipping the "factory" tour and even the ride it dumps into.

Our friend arrived before us and wasn't able to get to the play area until almost an hour later. The place was busy but I've seen it much busier. The kids had a great time. The only time I saw Ethan was when he got hungry and come out of the play structure for lunch. After lunch he was back in the play structure and I had to pull him out to go home.

After dinner, Josh was on his own with the boys. This evening the mom's headed to the spa. A few weeks ago there was a living social deal for King Spa in Dallas. If it hadn't been for the deal we wouldn't have gone. I don't think we would go back. It was okay but there is a closer spa that apparently is much better. I haven't been to Spa Castle but the other mom that I went with had and kept apologizing about this spa. I guess I need to check out Spa Castle. We ended up not getting home till after midnight.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Something is in the air.

I don't know what was going on with the boys today.  All they wanted to do was fight. I took me three hours to get a load out of the dryer, move what was in the washer to the dryer, and get a new load started. Every three seconds they were having a melt down.

I tried reasoning, bribing, and anything else I could think of to try get them to leave each other alone. Everything failed.

It took the boys over half an hour just to put their shoes and a jacket on. I was really debating about even going to the park today with our friends. One of the other mom's canceled because her kids were misbehaving and having melt downs. Okay so it isn't just my boys today.

While we were at the park the boys were mostly okay. There were a couple of times that the boys had to spend in time out.

Today turned out to be gorgeous. When we got home I wasn't ready to just be inside. It was the perfect time to get some work done in our garden.

Then I realized that it was time to start getting ready for belly dancing class. I don't know how I was able to pull it together but I opened the door at the same time that my ride showed up.

I really kind of suck at belly dancing but I have a lot of fun doing it. I guess that is all that matters.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Break Day 2

I was going to do lessons this morning but by the time the boys finished their online work it was time to run out the door. We were meeting some friends at the movies. I wasn't even sure what movie we were going to see.

Turns out we went to Escape from Planet Earth. I know that I had seen previews for it but not that they stuck with me. I was a little worried if the boys would actually watch or just mess around. Turns out they loved the movie. It was really funny. There was a lot of humor that t he kids didn't get. I was shocked that we almost weren't able to find a set. We ended up being down in front.

Afterwards, all the kids wanted to play with each other. We were letting them run around but decided that we needed to go somewhere. I volunteered our home. Since all we have had was popcorn, I had a feeling that everyone would be hungry sooner than later. On the way I picked up some pizza. I figured a couple hot and ready pizzas from Little Ceaser's would be perfect. Turns out everyone in Frisco had the same idea because they were out and there was a line when we arrived. I'm starting to think I'm ready for everyone else to return to school. I'm not used to dealing with people being out when I am. When I got home the front yard was full of kids waiting for me to arrive. I felt bad that I didn't have a chance to pick up the house. Then again it didn't really matter because toys ended up everywhere.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Break!!

Today we stayed home. The boys were excited that we had a day at home. I figured our regular haunts were going to be crazy busy today. We started the day off with making Alien Slime. It was a kit that I got at Micheals. It was actually a drink but the boys were too grossed out to drink it. Then we played a science game. Ethan surprised me with knowing several of the answers. Then it was on to normal mommy school. I think it is funny we have been too busy running around to have school and we spent the first day of spring break doing school.

Apparently the kids really missed doing lessons. I really need to start doing school more regularly. Ethan has been acting out lately and I think not doing school might be the reason why.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Darn you time change!!

All week we have been trying to get the kids adjusted for the time change. Maybe I should have used some of my own advice for myself. Oh well.

This morning Josh and I kept confusing ourselves about what time it was. We ended up just messing up and ended up getting to my parent's home late. I think all of our clocks are correct now.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Ready for the time change.

Ugh!  I can't believe that tonight we are losing an hour. At least I realized it before tonight. We were able to step the kids bedtime earlier fifteen minutes at a time. Today they actually were in bed an hour before their "normal" bedtime. If I'm smart enough to go to bed and hour early myself things might be okay in the morning. Now I have to spend next week getting Preston to go to be at least thirty minutes earlier.

Today was crazy busy. Josh had his morning bike ride but he decided it was to cold and decided to do the stationary bike in the warm house. Then it was off to a birthday party. I felt bad we could only stay for an hour. The kids were having a great time. I really hated making them leave but Ethan had Cirque class today. I would have him skip but he is going to miss next week.

Then it was off to pick Korri up from the airport. I blanked and was taking her to our house. I didn't even realize till I was almost home. There was some back tracking we ended up not getting home till almost 5:00. It was a long day everyone seemed to have fun and a great time.

Friday, March 8, 2013

A Relatively Quite Day

Oh my goodness the boys have been so cranky lately. When they were sick I could justify it but there isn't anything wrong and they are still being whinny and cranky. We have been having them go to bed a few minutes earlier each night and making sure they are up a little earlier each morning. Hopefully once the time change happens their bodies will be adjusted.

Today's adventure was we headed to the Sci-tech center. We arrived after story time had already started. The kids said they weren't interested in going to hear the story or doing the project. Okay that is fine. There are a million other things to do. Once story time was over and everyone was walking out Ethan kept trying to go in and was asking about story time. Really??? Five minutes ago wild horse couldn't drag you in there. He was so sweet when he told the teacher that he was sorry he missed story time.

We were suppose to go to another meet up but everyone else had already canceled and the boys were just over the day.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

A lovely day.

Just joking about slowing down. I would love to slow down but there are so many great opportunities. My boys are so interested in so many different things. Then again it doesn't help when I forget to put things on my calendar and get a friendly text message reminder from a family member. Oh well best laid plans right?

Most of all lately my boys have been cracking me up. Preston doesn't speak much but when he does he has great comic timing. To bad it takes him about ten times of repeating it before we understand what he is saying. Ethan  will do things like bug me for things like the new fish nuggets happy meal at McDonalds. Then won't eat it. Finally he will take a bite and say "Huh, it doesn't taste as bad as it looks." Then just a minute later he announces that maybe they are as bad as they look.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Slowing things down.

This morning we headed to story time and on of the mom's house's that is in our group. It was the first time for me to meet this mom. She was really sweet and has an adorable little girl.

The rest of the day we were at home. It was nice not to be running ragged. I think our super busy schedule is really getting to the boys, especially Ethan. I think I'm going to start saying no to things. We really do need to get some school in and just some fun with the boys toys.

I think the boys really love Wednesday nights. Because they get dad's attention. I go to belly dance class. Oh my goodness it really has been kicking my butt. When I get home I'm sore. My friend was saying she was having problems getting this one move down. I told her she had it. Her response was that it just didn't feel natural. My response was nothing we do in this class is natural. I think if we had grown up doing this type of dance it wouldn't be a big deal. However, in our thirties just starting out. Our bodies are popping and cracking in ways that just aren't right.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

It's official!!

Preston is starting school! Yes my three year old is officially enrolled into public school. He is going to start being picked up by a school bus and everything. I was having a problem during the meeting when we were discussing everything. He is only going to class a couple of days a week for less than two hours.

While Josh and I were getting Preston enrolled, my mom was watching the boys. Our original plan was to spend the rest of the day playing. My mom ended up having a play date yesterday and she is going to take a couple of people to the doctors this week. She decided that she might need to make an appearance at work a little bit this week.

I here I was without anything planned. Then I started texting to see if any of the moms were free. Turns out Ethan's best friend and little sister were. I wouldn't tell the boys what we were going to do. They kept trying to guess all the way to the playground. They didn't figure it out till they saw Ms. Nicole. They were excited. Ethan's best friend was at the car door as soon as I got out. He was so cute because, He was saying, "Ethan, Preston give me a hug it has been so long since we've seen each other." Of course my boys were just as dramatic. It was just a moment of uber cuteness. Then Preston had to run over and give his girlfriend a hug too.

One thing that the other kid's mom and I weren't expecting was how COLD it was today. Seriously, it was eighty degrees yesterday. The play date didn't last too long but it was long enough for my boys.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Who am I???

I'm turning into one of "those" people. You know the hippie, dirty, living off the grid people. Okay not really. Just we are homeschooling, starting a garden, and today Josh and I were discussing starting to compose.

What is wrong with me???

Josh reminded me that most of this is because of how cheap I am. Okay, I can live with that! Woo hoo, I'm not turning into a hippie.

Friday, March 1, 2013

We are lame

Today was actually a pretty calm day for us. We went to Sci-Tech center for a couple of hours. Then came home for lunch and naps.

Tonight after dinner, we decided to have a big date night. We went to Lowes. I never realized that Lowes is a happening place on a Friday night. We needed more soil for our garden that we are starting.