Thursday, February 28, 2013

The boys are going to sleep good tonight.

This morning we rushed out the door just after Josh left for work. First up I was meeting Cherie to workout and gossip. The kids went to the fun club  to play and do crafts.

Normally they don't want to leave but I had told them that right afterwards we are going to gymnastics class. Apparently, gymnastics wins over fun club. Good to know. The boys couldn't wait to leave today.

We came home long enough to change and for me to start a new load of laundry and then we were back out the door. 

The boys were so excited to be at gymnastics. Preston's teacher told me after class that he was one of the best behave kids she had today. Sweet. Ethan was a different story. His teacher had to have a come to Jesus moment and then he was good.

The kids were starting get tired but oh our day isn't over yet. I'm hosting my first event with my mom's group. Nobody actually signed up, but I figured I would show up just in case. The kids were actually playing and behaving. Josh had plans this evening. Okay Dillard's was having a sale so I sent him to check it out. Then we had a Half Price book coupon that expires today so he needed to use it.

We were going to eat dinner there but Ethan decided while I was in line he needed to run off. Thankfully I was able to keep an eye on him but he knows the rules. As soon as he returned we had to leave. Then the boys started to have a melt down. That means that we aren't going to be going back for awhile.

Overall it was a great day. I'm worn out but I think the kids are even more tired. even though they will never admit it. 

An Oldie but Goody.

Today the boys and I went back to Indoor Safari Park. It has been a while since we have been there. I think it is pricey without a Groupon. Regular admission is $10 per child. They changed their pricing and took a round of miniature golf out so it is now extra. The miniature golf is something my kids really love. This is the only place that we go to that has miniature golf, I guess I need to find some more places that have golf. My kids are so strange for their age. They love golf, tennis, art, and symphonies. I just hope that is something that never changes.

We didn't get home until after one. There was a mom that has two boys the same age as my two. The kids invented some game about getting the zombies. The kids were having a great time and getting along. We didn't want to end the game but it was time to go before the melt downs started.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I suck at calendar

This morning I woke up thinking that we had a mom's group meet up at 10:30am. Even contacted the host because her kid is normally in school. I almost had her convinced the meet up was this morning. Sorry. I forgot that I wanted to take the kids to the bounce house place before my Groupon expires. I didn't remember that till we were on the way taking Ethan to Cirque class tonight and Josh asked if a different bounce place was where we had been going.

My mom returned from Chicago today. On her way home she stopped by to see the kids. Between the time she texted me to say she landed. My kids had lunch and Preston had a nap. When Preston woke up he was crying because his ear was hurting. Okay it is time to go to see the doctor. Preston was really clingy when my parents arrived just because he felt so bad.

I don't know why Ethan gets so excited when he goes see the doctor. Turns out Ethan just has a common cold. That is what I figured. Preston on the other hand has an ear infection. He is on antibiotics for the next ten days. I think this is the first time that Preston has ever had an antibiotic actually is the first time we have ever had to fill a prescription for him. Josh, Ethan, and I are all allergic to penicillin. Guess what Preston was prescribed? That is right, penicillin. I'm a little nervous about how Preston's body is going to react.  

Monday, February 25, 2013

A new a adventure.

I think all of us has a touch of the cold that Ethan has had. Thank you so much for sharing Ethan. *sigh* Saturday night both kids tried piling in our bed and nobody could get comfortable. Nobody was getting any sleep. Finally about 2:00am we kicked the kids out so we could get some shut eye. Sunday we just laid around the house. Josh got some work done. The rest of us were really useless.

Today, we had a mom's group and a new mom was going to show up. Ethan was bouncing off the walls. Turns out Cherie and her son also caught Ethan's cold. *sigh* They mentioned they weren't 100%, my kids already have the same cold so I don't have an issue it isn't like we are going to get sicker from it. The new mom declined. I would have cancelled too but the kids were too excited. This morning Ethan said, "I totally want to go bowling" Really kid? totally?? Where does he come up with this stuff?

Ethan thought bowling was the greatest thing ever. Preston just wanted to go play in the arcade.When we got back in the van Ethan asked when we are going back to the place with the animals and golf? and Going Bonkers? and the bounce house place? Seriously? You have been sick and we have been running around like crazy people and you want to add more to our schedule? You have to be kidding? Ethan looked at me and assured me that he wasn't kidding and  that he does want to go back to those places.

We really need to return to getting actual school work done. Yes, unlearning is a lot of fun and the kids are learning a lot about but I still feel that actual classroom time is also very valuable. I'm less stressed about how far behind in the curriculum we are; since we decided that Ethan is going to be in Kindergarten next school year. I still think we need to find a balance. I guess that is also going to involve me saying no. It is just so hard when I know that the boys are going to learn so much and have fun.

 Looking at our schedule I'm not sure when we are going to slow down but I'm sure it is going to happen soon. 

Sunday, February 24, 2013

A starry night.

Josh was amazing and let me sleep in. He missed his workout his morning.  He was afraid it would have been a crashed fest this morning. Next week, he is going to do a better job of sticking to his training schedule for his upcoming Tri.

Today Ethan had his cirque class. The teacher commented afterwards how much he has improved. I let him know that Ethan has started taking gymnastics and it seems to help develop his upper body strength.

Then it was off to Rockwall. My mom has been wanted a filing cabinet out of storage and taken over to their office. Josh and my dad kept saying how long it was going to take to make it happen. Turns out it was about an hour. That includes the time it took them to come back to the house and pick up the dolly they had forgotten. It wouldn't have taken that long.

My dad wanted to enter his car into a car show he heard about earlier in the week. On the way to the car show Josh and I stopped to pick up the Girl Scout cookies we ordered. When we arrived at the restaurant that the show was suppose to be at. My dad's car was the only vehicle there. Turns out he was a couple of weeks early. We decided to stay for dinner anyways. After dinner we headed to the star gazing event that is put on by the Texas Astrological Society. Ethan was in heaven seeing the telescopes that are taller than Josh. He was excited to learn about the stars. Some of the questions Ethan was asking I felt like silly that I didn't know the answers. I think next month I'm going to do a lot of research about astronomy so I don't feel so clueless.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Game Night!

I was suppose to go to a mom night, but Josh had other plans. One of his coworkers, friend, and game night partner announced he is retiring and moving to Mexico.  Since the announcement Josh has been acting like someone just kicked his puppy dog. Josh wanted to host another game night before the big move. Sorry mom's but my husband needs me. Originally it was suppose to be just Mark, Jen, Kathy, and Bob (the guy retiring). Okay, no stress they have seen my house mess, they know my kids. I made sure the kids had their toys put away and I did some picking up. Then Josh called on his way home tonight and told me that three more people were coming. WHAT???? I went into mad, crazy woman cleaning mode. I got a lot done but didn't get as much done as I would have liked.

The game that Bob choose was incredibly complicated and I'm not sure I ever understood how to play the game. Some how I helped win I think. Sweet. Yep, we won. Apparently it was everyone played together against the board. The game was incredibly long. We started about at 9:00pm and it didn't end till 2:00am. We only played one game during that time.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Been running to hard.

Today we took a day off. We missed gymnastics and the kids didn't even care. I think they were glad to actually be home. Truthfully I was too. Not to mention I was a little sore from belly dance class last night.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The never ending playdate.

This morning we had a 10:00 play date on the books. The kids were excited because they were going to see their friend that they said with over the weekend. Seriously, it was a whole two days since they had seen each other. Ethan's best friend and little sister were going too. Plus there was another friend. Okay the mom was more there for mom time then kid play time since her daughter just turned one and doesn't really play with the other kids.

While we were talking Cherie offered to let me borrow a coin scarf for my belly dancing class. Nicole and Ethel were curious about the class. Apparently Ethel used to do Hula classes and is looking to get back. Nicole dance till she became pregnant with her son that is the same age as Ethan. Cherie was able to talk Nicole in trying the class with me tonight. Ethel still wants to do Hula.

We ended up not leaving the play date till 3:00. I felt bad that we over stayed but the kids were having such fun and we were having a great time chatting.

In the evening, the boys thought it was fun that I was going to class. Nichole and I were like why are we going to belly dance? Oh that is right this is suppose to be fun.  I can't believe I forgot how much fun it was just a week ago. I feel silly because my body isn't used to isolating and moving the way you need to. My right side seems to work okay but my left side just doesn't want to move. Not to mention all of the popping my body is doing. One of the other ladies in the class actually commented about how much she is popping. Okay I'm not alone. When did I get old????

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Preston's evaluation

This morning Korri came over to watch Ethan while Preston and I went to his evaluation. I wasn't in the room during the evaluation. I'm glad that I had a book that Josh got me. Then I got called back. It turns out that Preston is leaving off the ends of words and doesn't say consonant blends. That was just naming pictures. She said once he started saying sentences that he dropped even more sounds. He is being accepted into the speech class it meets twice a week for an hour and half. Josh and I have a meeting that we need to attend that his goals for the year will be set. We will also get Preston enrolled. It is kind of funny Preston is going to be enrolled in school before Ethan. It looks like the only opening is in the afternoon. I guess it is good that he is starting to phase out of afternoon naps.

Then when we got home, Korri and I got to hang out while the kids played. It was nice to not rush around all day like yesterday.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Doubled booked.

My kids are troupers. Today we have a full schedule. First up was going to preschool at the sci-tech center. Ethan decided when we pulled up that he didn't want to go. Really we are running late and now you are having a tantrum. Just because he has been going hard for the past week and was up late last night. We don't have time for this. Even when we were walking into the building he wasn't happy. Until they did their first science experiment. Then Ethan was glad and stopped whining and started participating. Preston was excited the entire time. It is great they did chemical reactions, learned about smell, and that a heart is a muscle and how it keeps the blood moving in your body.

Then we were off to gymnastics. When we got there I realized that I had forgotten to bring work out clothes for the boys. Oops. The boys were to excited about gymnastics for me to say sorry guys you can't do it because I suck. I sent them in with their jeans and long sleeve shirts on. Thank goodness they haven't been the only ones to show up in jeans. I hope that I don't make this mistake again.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Date NIGHT!!

This morning Josh had his bike ride with his tri-team. I started my morning off with three boys. Thank goodness my boys were so worn out they barely wiggled. When the other boy's parents came to pick him up they asked if he actually slept or kept my kids up. He was to excited watching the fish light that Ethan has. I told him that if he didn't lay down the fishes would have to go to sleep. I think he was to afraid to move or make noise. Every time I checked on him he was just laying there watching the fish. Josh had crash on the couch. I sent him up to sleep on the floor in the boys room. I don't know what it is but Josh's snoring can knock anyone out. Less than five minutes later our guest was sound a sleep.

I hope my boys behave tonight while they are at Cherie's house.

I'm excited about not having to rush our Valentine's date tonight. We belong to a wine club and silly me keep forgetting to have them deliver the wine. We figured tonight would be a great night to pick it up. Then we had dinner in downtown McKinney. It was really yummy. Then we figured we would go to a R rated movie. It didn't matter if it was good or not. We knew that kids wouldn't be there and that is all that mattered. However, the next round of movies didn't start for another hour and half or later. Ugh. Okay Redbox here we come. Ugh. We didn't find anything in three different Redboxes. Okay On Demand please don't fail me. It sucked that we were home by 8:00. Really?? So much for our big exciting date night.

Friday, February 15, 2013

I'm tired.

I really need to rethink our schedule. Lately I'm lucky if we do a day of formal lessons a week. Today was another unschooling day. I actual feel okay about this one because we meet up with Cherie and her son and listened to story time at the Sci-Tech center. Their story time has really exploded over that last month. It wasn't even a year ago that there were many times that my boys would be the only ones there for story time. Today they had standing room only. After the story and project we hung out for a couple of hours. The employees were nice enough to let us know that about 90 fourth graders were going to show up at noon. We left just as the buses were pulling up.

It is such a shame that we don't get an use of our membership. We are going to be their on Monday for their science preschool program.

I think the boys were a little disappointed that we didn't have lunch with Cherie's son but they are about to spend a LOT of time with him. Last year Josh and I learned that we like going out right after Valentine's day. Cherie and her husband feel the same way. They had dinner reservations for tonight. Their son is spending the night tonight and tomorrow my boys are going to spend the night with them.

The boys seemed to have a lot of fun. Ethan wanted to take his friend room by room and show off his toys. I think their friend was a little over whelmed. Then he saw the monster trucks and life was good. After dinner we watched cars and played with the cars. Till it was time for bed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Can Summer please wait till after Easter???

I've heard people complain about Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year but it doesn't have anything on Summer.

This weekend is the Summer Camp Fair for Dallas/ Fort Worth area. I have a love hate relationship with this fair because I'm always over whelmed with the different types of camps that are offered. We have a lot planned this weekend. I know shocking for this family on the go. I figured I would go ahead and just start to look at the different camps. I can't believe some of them are already sold out!! Are you kidding me???? Crap on a stick!

Then my mom calls and stresses me out about family that is coming down in June. Originally everyone was coming down the same week. Now because of graduation ceremonies they are coming a week apart from each other. Actually they have one night that over laps. Great. I can't believe that feel like the entire summer needs to be planned and it is only February.

Then a package from Amazon arrived! The kids new books arrived. Seriously my kids just don't have enough books. These are actually pretty special ones. They are written by Julia Cook. They teach kids how to deal with different things. The three books I bought were "My Mouth is a Volcano", "Soda Pop Head", and "Scooper". "My Mouth is a Volcano" teaches kids not to interrupt. "Soda Pop" head is about controlling anger. "Scooper" is about teaching kids about being smarter than a kidnapper. It isn't just about stranger danger because sometimes kidnappers can be people they know. The boys loved the books and kept having me read and reread them. Ethan said that he would try not to interrupt anymore. I think these books are a winner.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A lot of change is coming.

Today was Preston's speech evaluation. The ladies that were testing Preston just thought he was the cutest thing. They asked him how old he is and he said eight. He just stuck with being eight. I tired to correct him and he wasn't having it. He passed he vision and hearing test with flying colors. His speech was very muddled. They asked for him to come back and do a full speech evaluation. Knock me over with a feather. We are going to go back next week. It is going to be nice to finally be able to find out if/ when he is going to start speech.

Tonight while Ethan was in cirque class. Josh and Preston went to the mall to play. I headed out with Cherie to try a belly dancing class. It was so much fun! It was way over my head especially when they moved to the intermediate class work. I'm really excited about starting these classes. I have a feeling that I'm going to be sore in the morning. I already have several muscles in my back saying what did you do to us???

Another relaxing day.

Today I tried out a homeschooling group. The activity was gymnastics. This morning I busted butt trying to get school down before it was time to leave. The kids had other plans. When it was time to stop school and get ready to head out the only things we had covered was phonics and handwriting. I was about to head out the door when I couldn't find my keys. Oh, crap. I forgot that last night I had left them in the car. Josh had to come home from work  to unlock it. Great now I'm running late, talk about making a great first impression. Then I got a text saying that the other members were going to be late too.

Apparently, the owners of this gym home schooled their kids. That is why they have home school gymnastics twice a week. It was completely crazy when we first go there. The boys were excited about this new class. The first thirty minutes was stretching and group activities. Then they broke the kids out into smaller groups. Where they did an hour of gymnastics. The last thirty minutes was open gym. The kids loved every minute of it. They are asking to start going twice a week. I love that it is a drop in class and that we don't have to pay unless we go.

 Then I was thinking, with Ethan doing cirque class three hours a week and gymnastics for four hours, he really should be really amazing when he has his first performance.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nothing really.

This morning, I rolled over and Preston popped up at the side of my bed and started talking to me. For a second I had a who, what, when, where moment. Apparently, Preston had been sitting on the floor next to our bed waiting for someone to wake up. Really?? You were up late yesterday and was busy all day how come you are this wake already? Then Ethan comes running in. Great. I guess my hopes for sleep in a little bit today is out the window.

The kids were pertty chill the rest of the morning. While Josh and I were busy cooking they kept themselves entertained without fighting. I was awesome. Then after lunch the kids were back to their hyper selves. My mom and I left to go shopping leaving the men to take care of the kids. We were just going to do a quick run into Bed, Bath, and Beyond. My mom needed to pick up two things. Right when we walked in they had a huge clearance section. I'm excited, because I have a nice start on my Christmas shopping for this year. We got $140 worth of toys for about $50.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Another jammed packed Saturday.

Do I really have to get up? It is Saturday!! I want to sleep in. The kids were ready to go. They wanted to go back to the pajama party. Sorry kids that party is over. *sigh* Now we are going fishing. I dragged my tired bones out of bed. Okay, Josh's threatening to pour a glass of water on my head gentle reminders to wake up might of helped my motivation to finally start moving. Thank goodness Josh had to make a million trips to the car to get it loaded up. Otherwise, I wouldn't have realized how cold and windy it was this morning. I think there was a forty degree changed from yesterday afternoon to this morning.

The Parks and Rec department released over 2,000 trout in a large pond. I figured it would be a great way to introduce the kids to fishing. You would pretty much trip over the fish. What could possibly go wrong?? Now this is my life you are talking about. Of course things were way different than what I had pictured in my head. Because of the drastic drop in temperature and the fact Josh and I didn't have a clue what we were doing the kids didn't get any fish. Than again nobody was getting any fish. There was one family that got a small one. Everyone kept coming over to look at it because they were starting to believe there weren't any fish in the pond. Thank goodness we went with another family that the couple grew up fishing. They were able to help when we had problems like the reel was just spinning and not actually coming back in. Or the lines got tangled and the reel wouldn't turn anymore. Or teaching us how to cast the line. Ethan was actually casting better than I was. Poor Preston just wanted to sit in my lap and curl up in the blanket and eating donuts. I have a feeling if we going fishing again that Preston is going to think Cherie is going to show up with more donuts.

After a couple of hours in the cold the kids wanted to go play in the playground. The only thing they had caught were what Ethan referred to as swamp monsters. Basically it was the weeds from the bottom of the pond. I do have to say there was on really impressive on that was taller than Ethan.

We headed home for lunch and to warm up a little bit before Ethan needed to go to Cirque class. We hoped that Preston would nap while Ethan was in class but that didn't happen. Josh and I needed caffeine and headed to Starbucks. The lady behind the counter asked me several times if I was sure all I needed was one shot of espresso in my drink. Thanks lady I'm sure the bags under my eyes aren't that bad. Okay maybe they are.

Then it was time for a house warming party. I wish that we could have stayed longer but I was afraid the boys were going to tear the place apart just to stay awake. Maybe tomorrow will be restful? I have a feeling it isn't going to be. Sundays never are.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Who has time for school?

Yesterday I was left to my own devices working out. I figured it would be a perfect time to really do some work on the treadmill. I know a couple lot of people that do marathons and love to run. My sister has done a couple of marathons. My husband had done one marathon, a couple of halves, and a sprint triathlon. Not to mention all of his teammates from Team in Training. Apparently, my former coworkers have all seemed to take up running too. If all of these people could do it, surely I can. Today my body told me, running isn't going to be your thing. I'm going to stick to yoga, and water aerobics!

This morning I woke up sore. Just walking around the house was killing me. I wasn't going to let a lot little soreness get me down. The sci-tech center put on Facebook that they didn't have any field trips planned this morning and they were having story time. Sweet. It is right by the library so I can swing by and drop off all of my over do books and videos. I started collecting the books and movies. The kids wanted to watch them one last time before they had to go back. Fine. Force me not to chase you guys around for an hour when I can barely move.

After they were done with the movies, I decided that we needed to read the books that I had picked up about gardening. Also the night before we went to Lowes and bought stuff to start a garden. The boys wanted to go out and start planting. I'm thinking it is still a little to early to start planting but I figured it was perfect to start getting the ground ready.

After a couple hours outside we cleaned up and had lunch. Then the boys went down for a much needed nap. I dreaded waking them up but we had things to do. First we stopped by the library to drop everything off. The boys wouldn't keep their hands to themselves so they didn't get to pick out any new movies or books. Besides we were running late. The boys had a pajama party to get to. Getting my boys to go from one location to the next is like pulling teeth. They just want to stay were they are at. Every once in a while they get excited about going somewhere but not very often. Once we get there they don't want to leave.

The boys were so excited about the pajama party. Especially that the host family had cats and dogs. The could care less about decorating the cookies or playing with their friends it was all about the animals. Till they hid finally the boys started to play with the other kids. I don't know how much long Josh and I can keep putting off getting animals.

The boys had such a great time at the party they didn't want to leave. We finally got home about 9:00pm. I was exhausted. The boys were wired. Thank goodness Josh put the kids to bed for me. Good thing they can sleep in tomorrow morning. Just joking we have a very full day and we have to get up early. Yea! They aren't going to be cranky at all.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tears were shead today.

Today started off with some hard news. One of my friends from middle school funeral was today. We did go to high school together but we just hung out with different people. My mom and her mom would talk while we played softball. You would think that I would get used to people that I went to school with dying. The hardest one was my friend that died just days after turning 16. She was on her way to her grandparent's home and was turning, hit a pot hole, and hit the gas instead of the brakes. The car flipped. She was already brain dead when care flight arrived and didn't make it to the hospital. The two other girls in the car just had a few bruises and scratches. Since then I've been to two funerals and missed the one today. I really suck at keeping in contact with people that I went to school with. I wouldn't be shocked at this point to find out more people have passed. I'm not old enough to have been to this many funeral for friends. These are just the ones off the top of my head.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Why do I do this??

Today is first Tuesday at the Dallas Museum of Art. I had already turned down my mom's group for lunch. Before I went to bed I noticed that Ethan's best friend's mom said that she was going to be at the lunch. *sigh* Fine I'll ask the boys and let them decide. When I had just said the locations the boys were saying the museum but when I said their friends were going to lunch they wanted to go to the lunch. Okay. I guess I'll take the boys to the museum another day.

I'm actually kind of glad that we aren't going into Dallas today because the weather wasn't that great today. It was foggy and lightly sprinkling. Before we got to lunch I had to meet my friend for our bi-weekly workout. Today's adventure we headed back to the water aerobic class. I think the teacher was a little shocked to see us again. After class a couple of the other ladies were talking to us and said that the Thursday class is actually more intense. Now we are thinking about giving the Thursday class a try. However I have an appointment this week and won't be able to go.

After a quick change it was off to lunch. We ended up eating across the highway from where Josh works. Josh ended up meeting up with us. However he was late. When he finally arrived the kids were driving us nuts about going to the play center. We ran the kids downstairs. However the play center was full and we had to wait a few minutes till they could all go in together.

When got back to the table. Josh was going to jump up and say that he had to go. But one of the mom's received a phone call from her husband while we were down stairs. Josh thought about answering the phone but decided that we haven't reached that point in our friendship. Especially when the was going to say, "Sorry your wife can't come to the phone right now but she is downstairs with the kids but will be right back." Good call Josh, Good call.

We came home and the boys took naps. Then it was off to take Ethan to Cirque class. I'm actually looking forward to being home tomorrow and doing our curriculum.

Monday, February 4, 2013

A rest day!

The weekend was crazy busy. Tomorrow is going to be crazy too. I figured the boys and I could use a pajama day. The kids loved getting to play on the computer and mommy's phone. They actually did a great job of sharing.

Poor Josh I think he sprang both of his ankles during is run through the woods. Apparently the tree roots were attacking. My favorite quote from the weekend was the trees are nocturnal! During the day you could easily see the roots and other hazards but at night the runners only had their headlamps.

Race wrap up.

The day was crazy. I'm not sure where Saturday ended and Sunday began. At 12:30 am Chris and I headed back to the woods to cheer and wait for Josh and Roy to return from the twenty mile lap. Our boys came in at 1:00am. Roy was still looking strong but his running watch and phone had died after 19 hours. It was sweet seeing Chris and Roy take off for the last lap together. It was so sweet that husband and wife wanted to finish the race together.

Josh went back to Chris and Roy's hotel room and tried to sleep on the pull out couch.  I laid down on the couch, Josh took a nap in the shower for a while. All of the springs at the end off the bed were missing. I kept sliding down to the foot of the bed. When Josh finally joined me on the bed it was even worst. Neither one of us got much sleep. Josh decided to sleep in the chair and we put the couch back and I slept on it. I think I got a couple of hours of sleep. Then it was back to the woods. At least now the sun was coming up. It was a lot colder than what I was expecting. I wasn't going to miss Roy finishing his first 100 mile run. While we were waiting we were hearing the stories of the other runners. There was one guy this was the third time to run this 100 mile race but it was the first time he finished. There was a mom there with a four month old, she ran the 50 mile race. While she was running she pumped while she was running. Gee, those times I had to pump or feed in a bathroom stall don't seem so bad after all.

I wasn't sure Josh pacing Roy would make him want to do an ultra marathon or just shove it to the back burner. Josh decided that he does want to do at least the fifty mile run but he wants to do a full Iron Man first. We apparently just don't do normal.

Roy was a beast on his run. He finished his 100 miles in 26 hours and five minutes. He was hoping to finish with in 25 hours and for a while it looked like he was going to finish with in 24 hours. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

We have lost our minds.

Okay, Josh and I lost our minds a few years ago. Some might even argue that we never really had one. That isn't really up for discussion right now.

Today we ventured into a world that makes Josh's marathon's and triathlons look like child's play. Josh was actually ashamed to put on his marathon finisher's shirt. We ventured into the world of ultra-marathons. Josh had one friend run fifty miles in twelve hours. Okay it was twelve hours and four minutes and his friend is ticked about the four minutes. Seriously?? I don't think I could walk for twelve hours let alone travel fifty miles. His friend that did the fifty miles wasn't the reason we ventured in to this strange world. Josh has another friend that is doing 100 miles. Yes folk you did not miss read one hundred miles. Basically they run a twenty mile loop five times. The first three loops they have to do alone but the last forty miles they can have someone pace with them. Josh thought he would like to run twenty miles in the middle of the night. He is currently out in the middle of the woods somewhere running; while I'm in the nice hotel room blogging. Time estimations are that Josh's twenty miles will be over some time between 12:30 and 1:00am. Roy and his wife will still have another twenty miles to go. Roy's hope is to finish within twenty four hours.

Yes, Josh is going to run one lap. It is the hardest lap that I think Josh has ever had. Josh is used to running on pavement and tonight he is running on trails in the woods. It kind of cracks me up that Mr. I hate the outdoors is spending so much time outside lately.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Sick day.

Just after Josh left for his swimming workout. Ethan crawled into bed with me and told me that he wasn't feeling well. Okay, I guess we are going to see the doctor today. Ethan freaked out and said no he just wanted to stay home today. Then he fell asleep. Okay that is the plan for today. I was thinking about getting the boy's hair cut but I guess that can wait for another day. I thought it was funny Ethan is playing sick so we will stay home. Then I rolled over and went back to sleep.

In the morning, the boys did their online lessons and were just lounging around. I guess we have been doing a lot this week. Apparently, Ethan isn't playing sick. He just is a little plugged up. I didn't see any reason to take Ethan to the doctor but do whatever I could do make him as comfortable as possible till he was able to go. Ethan wouldn't take his medicine, or sit on the toilet. All he wanted to do was whine. Then Preston started whining. By the time Josh got home I was about ready to climb the walls.

Thank goodness Josh is amazing and let me go take a hot shower and just chill out. Most of all get a way from the whining for a little bit.