Thursday, May 31, 2012

The tree is gone!

This morning, I was woken up by the boys jumping on me saying the van is missing and the yard is full of guys. Talk about getting your fight or flight reflexes a work out. I jumped out of the bed and looked out the window and couldn't really see anything so I moved to a different room. I was able to confirm the van was indeed missing and the front yard was full of guy. The yard wasn't just full of guys but guys with chainsaws!! Josh had left early because he was having to leave work early today because he is once again going out of town. I ran to the phone and called him. Turns out Josh had taken the van to work this morning. The men in the front yard are from the city and they were removing the branches that had fallen.

Josh came home so that I could have the van today, the boys and I had plans this morning. We were going to the library. When it was time to leave, Ethan didn't want to go anywhere today. I made the trip as quick as possible. When we were almost home Ethan wanted to go to the Discovery Sci-tech center. Really?? I reminded him that he didn't want to go anywhere today. He informed me that he had changed his mind and now really wants to go to the sci-tech center. I guess we might try to go tomorrow.

After naps it was time to take Josh to the airport. The boys are getting to be pros at going to the airport. They didn't even get excited about seeing planes today. I'm so glad this is the last trip Josh is taking without us for a while. When we got home Juan was just starting to take down the rest of the tree. The boys were so fascinated about seeing it come down. Once the chainsaw was turned off I let them go out to see the yard for a moment. They wanted to help load up the truck with branches.
Mom, What is going on?

I want to help

The house across the street also lost a tree. We are using the same person to grind the trunk down. I had to have the border stones moved before he comes. The boys and I started to move the stones and then I realized that there were several layers that were completely buried. There is a kid in the neighborhood that is trying to raise money for a mission trip that keeps leaving flyers everywhere asking for work. His advertising worked because I called to see if he wanted to finish the job. He came right over and took care of the job.
This was a lot more stones than I realized it was going to be.
Ethan was funny because he just wanted to watch him work. At one point the kid had disappeared for a few minutes (turned out he went home to get supplies). Ethan kept asking where did he go, when is he coming back. Ethan was suppose to be going to sleep but I couldn't get him to stop looking out the window and watching the kid working.

Added bonus the boys now want to do chores around the house so they can get money. Really?? you are four and three?? Okay whatever gets the job done. Preston had gotten his room completely picked up and was helping Ethan.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A stormy day!

This morning I woke up about 3:00am to pouring rain, lighting, and hail. At one point there was a lighting flash and I heard the thunder while the flash was still going. Man, that had to be close. I didn't realize how close the lighting was till this morning and I saw one of the tress in our front yard was split in two. That is the closest I've ever been to a lighting strike and hopefully never again. When I went outside to see if there was any other damage; I realized how lucky we were. The tree fell away from the house and didn't land on anything but the sidewalk. Some neighbors lost fences, trees, roofs. and siding. I think every house in the subdivision lost at least one major branch. Starting about 9:00am I was getting people coming to my door giving me bid to remove what it left of my tree. By 1:00pm I was tired of hearing my doorbell ring that I put up a snarky sign. I did put up the sign after I starred getting shady people wanting to take care of my tree. No I'm not going to pay you today for you to come back tomorrow. I'm not that trusting. I couldn't believe that people still left me their contact information and bids.

The boys wanted to know what the trampoline did to get sent to the corner.

I didn't realize till tonight that the tree that is left is cracked in half. We are expecting more storms tonight. I hope if the rest of it falls that it doesn't hurt anything.


All he could do was SIT! SIT! SIT! and he didn't like it not one little bit. (Got to love Dr. Seuss)

We were suppose to go to a splash park with the mom's group but the rain just wouldn't stop. The boys were going stir crazy. I was racking my brain for things to do today but I just didn't want to go out in the pouring rain. There were moments that there was a break in the rain but it would start right back up again.

Korri came over to hang out today and celebrate her birthday! And to show off the damage from her car. Not from the storms but from a fire! Her car was parked facing a wooden fence that caught fire. She was able to get the car moved before any serious damage was caused but several plastic pieces to bubble.  I don't have a picture of her driver side mirror, that had the most melting.
Happy Birthday!

I think this picture sums up the day.
Ah, HAIL!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Two science projects today.

We had a low key three day weekend, but we were all had draggy butts this morning.  Yesterday my mom had an avocado and I took the seed for a science project. This morning we got a clear plastic cup and filled it with water. Washed off the seed then added three toothpicks. Put the seed in the cup, the bottom of the seed touching the water. Placed it on the window seal. Then I got out a journal so that the boys could draw that the seed looks likes. Then I made the boys describe what the seed looks like and added that to the journal.

This afternoon the boys were asking for another science project. I pulled out a book that I checked out from my local library. According to the book we made ooze. I found a website that has the same thing and they call it slime. The boys didn't like mixing the glue and the borax with their hands. Once it was mixed and not sticky the boys had a great time playing with the goo.

Happy Memorial Day!

This morning we were planning on taking the boys to watch a half marathon that was suppose to run through my parent's neighborhood. We were also going to have the boys have motivational signs like "run, random person, run". Or Josh's favorite "Worst Memorial Day parade EVER!"

Turns out the half marathon route was changed and it didn't come anywhere near my parent's home.

Instead we put on bathing suites and went swimming. Actually my mom and I never got in the water because it was to cold. Preston got in a little but spent most the time on the side. Josh, Ethan, and my dad all got in and did some major swimming. Ethan was just zooming all over the pool with his noodle. Ethan also was jumping off the diving board. I'm so glad that he is part fish. I do think that we are going to re-enroll the boys into swimming classes again.

While the boys were napping my grandmother came over and we played cards till the boys woke up.

Then it was off to Cirque Fit classes. I was so excited that Josh was able to join me in Arial yoga. My parents came to watch the boys. The boys did a great job during class we decided to do something special with them. A new snow cone place opened near by. Josh got cookie dough, Preston had cinnamon, Ethan wanted blue coconut, and I had New Orleans king cake.

They were all very tasty and will be nice that there is a place so close but it still isn't as good as the place that closed. There is a place that is always packed on Main street that sales snow cones. I think we are going to be checking them out sooner than later. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

My day in an alternate universe!

This morning I was the first person to wake up in the house. I figured, that during the night I had to be sucked into a weird parallel universe. I figured if I went back to sleep that I could return to my actual universe. At this point my mind was racing with all sorts of random thoughts so I couldn't fall back asleep. Then Josh and Preston both woke up, at this point I figured that I'm trapped in this alternate universe.

I think I've been watching to much sci-fi with Josh lately or I'm deliriously tired.

 We headed over to my parent's home for the afternoon. After the kids fell asleep for their naps my mom and I headed out to check out some Memorial day sales. We were suppose to go yesterday but Josh had some family come in town for the weekend (I found out yesterday as they were headed over to our house). Josh had forgotten to let me know. I wasn't a happy camper about having a house full of people and less than an hour to prepare!

We didn't get home from shopping today till after the kids were asleep for the night. Does it make me a terrible mom that I enjoyed having a break from the kids?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Every one needs a little goo.

The hyper children were still in full force this morning. We had some books that were due today at the library and I wanted to get the boys to story time as the Discovery Sci-tech center in Frisco. Most the time my boys are much better in public than they are at home but not today. The cashier at the Sci-tech was like wow you look like you could use more coffee. Thanks for noticing. Then again I didn't get coffee this morning because everything I would think about it the boys would start fighting.

Even in public the boys didn't want to listen. Preston kept running off at the sci-tech center. Ethan kept yelling in the library. Once we got home they were back to being angles again. Seriously??

After naps, Ethan wanted to do a science experiment. I found how to make goo. I figured that Ethan might enjoy actually getting to mix the water and cornstarch together. Seriously what could go wrong?? First when I went to measure out the cornstarch there was an air pocket. I apparently hit just right that it was like a mini explosion and cornstarch was all over the table. Then Ethan poured the water in to quickly and put to much water in. I finally got enough cornstarch. Then Ethan had a great time playing in the goo. He kept drizzling the goo onto the table. I have to say that that trying to get the goo off the table was very frustrating. I would try to wipe it onto my hand but it would turn solid. Then I would try to pick it up and it would turn back to a liquid. Thank goodness there was all the spilled cornstarch on the table because I could roll it into the starch and make it solid enough that I could finally pick it up.

 We were picking Josh up from work then taking him straight to the airport. He is going to be out of town for a couple of days. The boys seem to be handing this trip better than the last one. I think because they were awake when he left and we can say when he is coming home.

This is a science place why are we doing an art project?

Look I'm turning into a smurf!

I'm not sure what animal Ethan made.

Preston made a giraffe.

What happened to the solid?

Seriously? It was solid when I picked it up

Here is a video of a couple of crazy guys who mixed this up in a cement mixer and put it into a pool

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Has summer already started?

This morning we went to our first Summer Movie Club movie. I'm still nervous about taking the boys to the movies by myself. The main reason is f the boys get scared they like to sit in someone's lap and they don't want to share a lap. I convinced Korri to come join us. Okay there wasn't much convincing, more just asking. We saw "Shrek Forever After". This was the first time the boys saw a Shrek movie. The boys had such a great time. I think we are going to get the movie pass for the rest of the summer.

In the afternoon, my angles were replaced with hyper active kids. I figured putting on some bathing suits and playing outside in our little play pool and slip and slide. They kept fighting over everything. As soon as Josh walked in he realized the boys have been a handful and told me to go take a break.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

We got us some culture!

My mom and her friend were planning on going to the Dallas Arboretum. I didn't have anything going on today so I invited myself along. Then I invited Korri to come too.

Right now, the Arboretum is having a sculpture exhibit with works from Chihuly. They were amazing pieces that took my breath away. I wish that I had a better camera and was a better photographer because I don't think my pictures really do justice to the work.

Cindy and my mom in front of Yellow Icicle Tower

I'm not sure what this one is actually named. My name for it is the attack of the lily pad monsters.

Once again I don't know the name. I refer to this one as the dance of the octopus.

Carnival Boat (real name)

Ciltron Green and Red Tower.

A close up of The Sun

This picture doesn't do this view justice.
Preston was loving looking at the plants and the art. Ethan could have cared less. He was happy getting pushed around in the stroller and playing his games. He did put the games down when we checked out Texas Town. I was a little bummed that Texas Pioneer Adventure was closed today.

After a couple of hours it was starting to get really hot and everyone was getting hungry. We decided it was time to move on.

When the we finally got home the sprinklers were running. The boys wanted to come in and put on their swim suits and go play in the water. I knew the sprinklers were only going to be on for a few more minutes. Because where I live we are on water restrictions and we can only water once a week between certain hours. My sprinklers weren't actually suppose to be running when they were but I haven't figured out how to over ride the automatic timing on my system. We had to wait till after 6:00 to pull out the sprinkler that the boys could play in.

While the boys were all having a good time, it made me a little sad that we can only do this once a week.