Monday, February 28, 2011

Soccer day!!

This morning we started off by going to soccer. Preston was so adorable. Every week he is doing more and more by himself. I just crack up at the beginning of class when Preston and all the little kids are doing their stretches. Ethan actually did a decent job of waiting for his class. Just towards the end him and his little friend decided that they both needed to use the restroom every five minutes. After Ethan would get off the toilet he would ask if he could play soccer.

When it was time for Ethan's class, he decided that he didn't want to play soccer. I was finally able to get him in to class but he just wasn't listening. After about thirty minutes and a million warnings, I pulled Ethan out of class. I think I shocked all the other kids and parents.

A day of rest.

Josh let me sleep in this morning. After hanging out this morning at home we headed out to my parents home. My grandmother's eye look so much better.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Strange Day

This morning I got a phone call from a dear friend informing me her father unexpectedly passed away this morning. My heart goes out to her. It just highlights how fortunate I am that my dad is still here. I know when I got the call about my dad was going to the hospital it just knocked the wind out of me.

We had already promised the boys a special day. So we headed out  to Target where they were doing a special Dr. Seuss reading across America. We ended getting there only for a couple of stories but the store gave the boys each a nice bag full of snacks, colors, and coupons. You know me I can't resist a good coupon.

Then we headed to Borders in Plano. It is going out of business like several of the area Borders in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Then entire store is 20% - 40% off.

After nap time, I headed over to spend sometime with my friend. Josh did an amazing job taking care of the  boys tonight.

Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm sorry that I haven't been that great about posting this week. I think I got everything caught up now. I even posted some new videos in older post. This week has been crazy and I've not had a chance to post anything. 

Thank goodness it is Friday!

I was going to take the boys to story time today. Actually one of Ethan's friends from soccer was suppose to be there. I think the boys are fighting something they picked up from the doctor's office on Monday. Poor Preston has been falling asleep on the way home from dropping Ethan to school. This morning they seemed especially tired. So I opted to stay home and just let them rest. My goodness the boys have been going full steam all week. Preston did his happy dance and started giggling when I told him it was nap time.

It was really nice not to have run to a million different places today.

While the boys were napping I got a phone call from Dallas Child magazine. They thanked me for attending the summer camp expo and then informed me that I won a family four pack to Toy Story 3 on Ice. I'm super excited because I didn't think that we would be able to go this year.

Since the boys were so good today and to bribe them to be great during dinner, I told them after dinner we would get cupcakes. Because during the day my favorite cupcake place posted on Facebook that they now have mobile vehicles and where they were. What can I say it made want one.

After having an amazing chicken chimichaga at Casa Rita's . (For my Fort Worth friends there is one over on that side of the world). We headed to Dimples for the best tasting cupcakes ever. All we found out was the Frisco location was CLOSED!!!! We were shocked. Then Josh used to phone to try to find another cupcake place. The first location was a cute little dinner but he didn't want to go in and ask for cupcakes. Then he found another place that had cupcake in it's name. However we couldn't find that place. Then we decided to go to a bakery but once we got there it had been closed for an hour. *sigh* We decided to just stop by a grocery store and pick some up. What a huge disappointment.

We were able to get Preston asleep before his sugar high hit. Unfortunately Ethan's sugar high was in full swing when it was time for him to lay down. I let him stay up about thirty minutes late. Ethan just wanted to run around and clean up the messy-mess.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Running in circles!!

This morning was drop Josh off at work, Ethan at school. I was prepping the house for the bug guy to come spray. Korri came over and hung out. We were comparing stories of our trials lately. She managed to cut her foot opened and needed stitches among other happenings. Next thing I knew it was time to pick Josh up and take him to swimming. Pick Ethan up from school. I dropped Ethan off at home got him eating lunch. Went running to pick up Josh from swimming and to get him back to work.

Thank goodness Korri was round so the boys could stay at home and eat and nap like normal. Okay I didn't make Ethan take a nap because I didn't know if I would have to wake him up when the bug guy got here. Turns out that we were able to stay in the house during and after the treatment. The only reason we would have had to leave was if the smell bothered us. Honestly I didn't notice any odors.

I got a call from the mechanic and it turns out the damage to the back wheels is going to cost over $300 and he hasn't even started looking at the front wheels. Once we get the finally total in I'm going to call the place that Josh got the tires rotated the last time and give them a piece of my mind and hope they pay for it.

The evening was nice. We didn't have to rush to be anywhere. It was just a relaxing-ish time playing with the boys.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to "normal"?

Today was the first "normal" day that we have had in a long time. Including Ethan refusing to take a nap.

I'm laughing so I don't cry!!

Today was another busy day. Ethan had preschool this morning. After naps I took the boys to get their hair cut. I heard a strange noise from the rear of the car but when I got out everything looked okay. Preston really looks like Ethan now. When I was getting the videos put together there was a couple of times that I wasn't sure which one was which.

Thank goodness I thought to grab the stuff for swimming lessons because after the hair cuts it was time to pick Josh up. On the way to get Josh the noise came back. I made Josh drive and he saw the back tire wiggling. So we pulled over and he was going to change the tire but realized after he got the tire off the tire is fine. It was just coming loose. So he but the tire back on but when he brought the van down I heard another strange sound but Josh didn't hear anything. It was still making noise but not nearly as bad. We continued to swimming and called my parents to see if we could borrow one of their vehicles.

After swimming we headed over to my parents home, the noise was just getting worst. Josh pulled over again and we realized that the bolts were so loose that I could turn them with my hand. We tightened everything back up and didn't hear anything else. We still took it to the shop to see why the tire came loose and to see if there is anything else wrong with it. Yes my parents did loan us their vehicle.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can I please get a break???!!!

This morning was soccer. During Preston's class Ethan fell of the bleachers on to a concrete floor. At first Ethan seemed fine. He even participated in his own soccer class. Ethan did sit down for a little while but then returned to class. On the way home Ethan started crying about his head hurting. At that point I called the doctor and made an appointment. As soon as I got of the phone he started getting sick. At that point I called the doctor's office back to cancel the appointment and was headed to the nearest hospital. When I told the receptionist what was going on she immediately had me speak to a nurse and she had me come in to the office. I picked Josh up on the way. He help keep Ethan away on the way to the doctor's office and to keep Ethan talking. Once we got to the office, Josh changed Ethan's clothing and we cleaned him up the best we could. While we were in the waiting room Ethan started running around and playing. They did get Ethan in to see the doctor very quickly. Once the doctor was in the room Ethan was acting like nothing was wrong at all. The doctor checked him out and said that he didn't see anything to be concerned about. Just monitor him if anything changes let his office know.

Ethan was acting fine in the afternoon so we took him to the make up swimming lesson. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

There is a camp for that!

Today we did our weekly visit to my parents'. This week Josh and I left the boys with my mom again so that we could go to Dallas Child's Project: Summer Fun.
It was an expo about summer camps that are offered, locally and out of state: like the one to Disney World. Some are local like the camps at Pump it Up. Pretty much you could find a camp for everything. There are several that Josh and I are interested in for Ethan. The only one that Preston could attend is a swimming camp where he already takes his swimming classes. Ethan's fine arts preschool also offers camps but we want to expose the boys to as many different things as possible. We found a camp to introduce Ethan to the world of paleontology, and another that teaches about the oceans. There is another place that offers a pirate camp complete with treasure hunts and a hero's camp, which are both right up Ethan's alley.

There are also some really awesome camps for when the boys get older. Did I mention the Disney camp? There are also camps dedicated to robot, Legos, etiquette, social skills, CSI (taught by a Deputy Chief from the Dallas Police Department), cooking, of course sports, and music camps.

I also discovered today there are two daily spring break camps that Ethan can attend. One is at the Dallas Zoo and the other is at Texas Discovery Gardens.

On the way back to my parents', Josh and I discussed how camps were never this awesome when we were kids. Once we got back to my parents' home, my mom was shocked to learn about camps for kids Ethan's age. The craziest part is that enrollment for the camps are all opened and filling up fast. I'm already having to plan Ethan's summer and our vacation.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Lazy Saturday!!

We had several things planned for today. What we ended up doing staying home and having a pajama day.

That isn't entirely true. Josh did get the car inspected so now I shouldn't get pulled over anymore. Josh was going to donate blood today at a special patient drive but I guess we will do that another day. For my friends at the blood bank yes we have the sponsor number! One of the teachers at Emler swim school has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. So we will donate just didn't happen today. For those who don't know my experience with donating, I didn't handle it well in the past. Okay I've only done it once and I was going to donate again but I basically had a panic attack about doing it again. I do weigh more then I did the first time around so hopefully that will make a big difference. Who knows I might go crazy and actually schedule the appointment in iWeBB.

Can the police please leave me alone?????

This morning I made Josh drive to work, then I drove Ethan to daycare. Preston and I went to the bank for a new debit card and cash to cover all of the government agencies we were going to visit. Yesterday I tried to update my license online but the router died in the middle of the process. When I tried to get back in to try again, the website wouldn't let me. So Preston and I headed out for a new license. I finally finished everything in two hours. But before I could take care of the car registration, I had to pick up Ethan. On the way back to the tax office I got pulled over. I explained to the officer that I got pulled over yesterday and got a ticket and I was on the way to fix it. I showed him my paper license and told him that I was working on that this morning. He let me go with a warning. At the tax office it only took a few minutes. On my way back home I got pulled over again!!! Seriously, I thought PD in my hometown were bad but they got nothing on Frisco PD.

The afternoon the boys and I spent getting house picked up because we are having friends over tonight.

We hosted a poker party. It was so much fun to everyone over. I think it is something that we are going to do at least once a month again.

Friday, February 18, 2011

We started the morning, running late. Shocking I know. Yet some how we managed to leave only a couple of minutes behind schedule, until I got pulled over driving Josh to work. Ugh. To make matters worse, Preston pulled all of my cards out of my wallet, yesterday, right before we picked up Josh. I just quickly threw all the cards in my purse. This made finding my drivers license and my insurance card quite challenging. I never did find my current insurance card. I was pulled over because my inspection sticker and registration had expired. Did I also mention that I haven't changed my address yet on my drivers license? Needless to say Josh was late to work and Ethan was late for school. I spent the morning trying to take care of things, when I realized I couldn't find my debit card.
At this point, I figured the best use of my time was banging my head against the wall. Okay not really, but that's how I felt as I was trying to locate my debit card and the current insurance cards.

I really don't know what I can do to make the afternoon go a little smoother. Today I fed Preston his lunch, then left to pick up Ethan from school. Preston then fell asleep in the car. Once I woke him up to pick up Ethan, he was wide awake. Once we got home, I finally put Preston in the play yard so I could feed Ethan. Eventually Preston fell asleep but Ethan didn't fall asleep until 2:00. When Ethan got to bed he was super defiant and super cranky. After alot of work, Ethan finally fell sleep.

In the afternoon we played outside.

We had a pretty quiet evening.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Surgery and Swimming

Today my grandmother went to her dermatologist to have Basal cell cancer removed from her lower eyelid. We were surprised when all of her lower eyelid was removed. The doctor had to re-enter a second time to remove a little cancer that he missed the first time. After he confirmed that all the cancer had been removed, we took Grandma to the hospital for a plastic surgeon to close up the wound. The plastic surgeon used part of her upper eyelid to replace the skin for the lower eyelid. Basically my grandmother got eye lifts done to provide enough skin to replace the removed skin. She was doing great when she left the hospital this afternoon. I had to leave to pick Ethan up from school.

The boys were beyond bouncing off the walls this afternoon. On the way to pick Josh up, I realized this additional energy was from the boys falling asleep and sleeping until it just before swimming class.

Ethan didn't want to go swimming today. Once he actually got into the class he had a great time, and did really well. Preston was all smiles during his class too.

We are trying to reschedule the two classes that we missed during the bad weather from the past few weeks. This is really becoming a huge pain. Josh will be making up his class this Saturday, and Monday the boys will make up one of their classes. I just don't know when they will make up the other one. I really think that by the time we have a "normal" week; our schedules will change again.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Preschool again!!

Ethan got to go to preschool again today. I'm working on getting a new routine down. So far it is a big bust. I should have feed Preston before I picked Ethan up. That way when we get home from picking up Ethan, Preston can go straight to bed for his nap. This week I'm still not going to be able to get the schedule nailed down because tomorrow my Grandmother is having surgury and Ethan is going to be at preschool till 3:00. On Friday, Ethan is doing a make up day at the preschool but it is a lot closer then what the last two weeks have been.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine’s Day

The boys woke up in a mood today. Getting them out of the door and in the van was brutal this morning. Once we got to soccer things didn't improve much. Preston didn't want to listen to the coach. Ethan didn't want to wait for his class. Then when Ethan's class finally started he wanted to go to the mall instead of playing soccer.


Josh had some gorgeous flowers delivered while he was at work.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our Valentine’s Date!!

I'm so excited my mom is watching the boys tonight so that Josh and I can go out on a date. The boys are excited to be going over to Nana and Papa's home this afternoon. It was great to have lunch with my parents and grandmother.

Josh and I went to the movies then ate at Ruby Tuesday. It was so nice to for Josh and I to really talk and spend time together.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Boys first trip to the movies

We have been planning all week to take the boys to see Gnomeo & Juliet. I think Josh was extremely nervous about taking the boys to the theater. We went to an early show and the theater was full of kids. The boys did great. Everyone enjoyed the movie. I have a feeling there are going to be more movies at the theater in our future. After the movie we let the boys play in the playground. Then we started to leave the mall and the boys saw the Lego store and Ethan even said please to go in. I couldn't have asked for better behavior from them today so we ventured in. Once again the boys were on their best behavior and just played at the Duplo table even shared with the other kids that came up. As a reward we got he boys some new Legos.

The entire afternoon the boys spent playing with Legos.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

We are still trying to get Preston to sleep in his new bed. I think I finally figured out why he his having problems. Preston will fall asleep on the new bed but he won't stay asleep. We can move him to the play yard and he goes to sleep and stays asleep without a problem. I'm starting to think that the mattress is just to soft for him. We are going to try putting him back on his old mattress to see if that makes a difference.

I wasn't able to really try during nap time because I couldn't keep an eye on Ethan while I was trying to get Preston to go to sleep.

This evening after a busy day I was eventually able to get Ethan and Preston to sleep in their own beds. Josh and I were super excited and celebrated by playing Wii Fit.

I messed up on the video so it is a day in review just the sequence is backwards.

The art project the boys worked on today.

I've had request for more images of the boys bed.

Friday, February 11, 2011

This morning we woke up a couple of minutes late, thank goodness I had everything laid out and ready to go. We were able to get to the door a little early, but I had nagging feeling that I needed to check my email before we headed out. Ethan's preschool follows Frisco ISD weather cues; this morning Frisco is opening two hours late, the preschool decided that it isn't worth having everyone come in for two hours.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day??!!!

This morning we woke up to a thin layer of ice over the roads and it was sleeting and snowing. Ethan's preschool was closed today and Josh stayed home from work.

I do have to say that I'm underwhelmed by the amount of snow and ice we got today.  

The roads in our neighborhood were almost completely dry by 4:00pm. At least we won't be snowed in tomorrow. However swimming class was canceled again this week. 

I'm getting spoiled by having Josh around so much. This is the third week in a row that he has been home at least one day during the week.

Finally Ethan's first day of preschool

I'm so excited that Ethan is getting to start his new preschool today. He was actually suppose to start last week but do to the terrible weather his school was closed last week. I took him to the class that I was told to take him to for his trial day. From there I got redirected to take him to the theater class. Okay I guess every day the kids start in a different room but I was under the impression that they start in the same location everyday. Preston was upset to be leaving Ethan but once we got home and he got to play with just me, Preston didn't want to pick Ethan back up.
Preston actually did great helping pick up all the toys up. We were able to get the playroom, living room, and the boys bedroom all picked up while Ethan was at school.

When I picked Ethan up I was informed that Ethan had actually spent the day in the wrong class room. Apparently, there was another Ethan that was suppose to do a trial day today. I don't know why they didn't have my Ethan go into the correct classroom when they discovered that he was in the wrong class. When I got home I realized that I had two missed calls from the preschool. The first one was left at 10:30 asking when we were going to have Ethan start. Then second one was at 10:40 saying never mind they realized that Ethan was actually there and that his paper work was incomplete. I called and informed them that we had included all the correct paper work. So a little later the school called back saying they found the missing paper work. *sigh* I'm starting to have second thoughts about this preschool and how it is run but there is only a few months left in this school year so we will see. Side note: During pick up I saw one of the kids in Ethan's soccer class also attends this preschool. I didn't have a chance to speak to the other child's mom but I'm sure I'll be see a lot of them.

Ethan was so excited from school that getting him to take a nap was challenging but finally he fell asleep.

The evening was fairly quite and just flew by.


Last week I figured was going to be a crazy week, I figured getting our schedule down was going to make it crazy not the weather. So this week is going to be another crazy week.

We got to soccer a couple of minutes late but they hadn't  started doing the warm ups yet. I felt so bad for Preston because during his mom and me class I was so worried about what Ethan was getting into. At one point Ethan vanished completely, He was found in the bathroom. I was super excited that Ethan went all on his own, but Preston missed a bit of his class while I was dealing with Ethan. It just made me realize how much Ethan keeps me from focusing on Preston. Now that I'm aware of the situation I can do more to make sure that I give my kids more quality time.

Ethan did great during class, he paid the most attention out of everyone.

On the way home I stopped to pick up Josh and take him to get lunch. However, I got lost on the way and ended up in The Colony. Oops. Anyways by the time I got the kids home the boys were ready for nap time. I don't know if I feel asleep or what but the next thing I know it is time for them to wake up. The afternoon was fairly quite.

After we picked Josh up from work we ran some errands.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday!!

This morning the boys woke up excited to see their new bed. Preston even climbed out of the play yard by himself.

The boys played in their room till we made them go eat breakfast. Then it was straight back into the bedroom. Came out for lunch then tried to get the boys down. It took Preston his normal amount of time to fall asleep. Then Ethan was just about out and Preston rolled over into the wall and woke up. Josh was able to get the boys asleep for a few minutes but that was about it.

Watched Toy Story and Toy Story Two. Went to Target just after kick off for new sheets for the boys. We found the boys sheets and Ethan picked out Spider-man and Preston wanted Thomas the Train. I was like seriously Ethan has only seen Spider-man once and Preston has never seen Thomas the Train. I have no idea where their love for those characters came from.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

We are getting out of this place!!!

The temperature had finally gotten above freezing and the white stuff is starting to melt!!

After the kids naps we headed out to Ikea. To get the boys their first bunk beds. We were letting the boys play around in the kids section when Ethan need to use the restroom and didn't quite make it to the potty. We wrapped up our trip.

Then picked up some yummy, yummy Casa Ritas for dinner. Then a quick stop at Tom Thumb to pick up milk, bread, sodas, and Gatorade. Tom Thumb had a great sale on all their twelve pack of sodas. Any brand of soda 4 twelve packs for $9.00. Needless to say their soda isle was pretty picked over.

We put the boys to bed in our bed room then Josh worked on putting the new bed together.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

More white stuff!!!!!

Ugh!!! It snowed/ sleeted some more last night!

I got woken up by Josh and Ethan looking for Preston.  I found in the guest room with the door closed. He had gotten into the art supply closet and had pulled out markers and finger paint, at least he hadn't gotten anything opened yet. 

The boys and I made cookies while Josh was upstairs working.

Okay Ethan helped, Preston got a bowl of marshmallows to stir/ eat.

Then later in the day we had a dance party with the boys.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Iced in Day 3!! Cabin Fever!

This morning we tried to venture out. The ice on the road in front of our house melted. From what we were hearing the main roads were clear. Josh and I loaded the boys up. Preston started crying as soon as we pulled out of the drive way. At the end of our street my wheels spun a couple of times before we made the turn on to a main road. There was just a couple of tire tracks that you could follow down the street with lots of ice patches in the trail. We drove to the light and the road that we could have turned on was just a solid sheet of ice so we continued on the street that we were on. The next light wasn't any better. That is when I had enough and turned around.

Josh and I had a fight I think it was really because of how frustrated that we are still stuck at home.

The afternoon was all about Play-Doh. Then we had a "picnic". Josh went outside for a second, Preston had a melt down because he wanted to go play outside. We have been keeping the boys inside because the back porch is just a solid sheet of ice.

Last night after Preston's bath I put Preston to bed. Then I went to the living room, a few minutes later I heard Josh calling for me. Preston had just walked by him. I located Preston and returned him to his crib. As soon as I put him in he climbed over the side again and dropped to the ground. Josh returned him to bed and the same thing happened. We were afraid the way that he was climbing out he was going to get hurt. We dismantled the crib and put his mattress on the floor. finally after two hours of trying to get him to stay in bed he finally went to sleep.

At midnight I was woken up to Preston handing me my glasses. This time it only took thirty minutes to get him to fall asleep but he woke up an hour later.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Iced in day 2 with rolling black outs!

This morning Josh and I woke up at 4:00. I was freezing! Our heater isn't able to keep the house warm so when we woke up it was 63 degrees inside our home. Then at 7:00ish the power went out for about 15 minutes. Once the power came back on I turned the news on to find out there are rolling blackouts. So every two hours we lost power for about fifteen minutes. The morning we spent taping around windows, doors, and the fire place to try to cut down on the cold drafts that we were having. Our house looked so classy with blue painters tape everywhere and sheets covering the windows.

Our fireplace

Leaking doors
The boys snuggling together to stay warm.

I guess we found a lot of little projects that we are going to have to do after the weather gets warmer.

While we were having lunch the swim school called and said that classes were canceled and they would email us times for the boys to be able to make up the classed they missed today.

The rolling blackouts stopped about lunch time today. This evening after dinner we had a pretend blackout. The boys had such a good time with the flash lights this morning that they wanted to play with them again tonight. So we played flashlight hide and seek.

We were able to get the inside temperature up to 70 degrees, if it drops another ten degrees tonight inside we are at least going to stay in the 60s.

Snow Day? Not really more of an Ice Day!

A storm came through Dallas/ Fort Worth last night, we woke up to what looked like a blanket of snow but on closer inspection, turns out there is a layer of ice under the snow. Ethan wasn't able to start his new daycare today. I guess we will try again tomorrow. It seems that our heater isn't able to the house as warm and toasty as we would like but it is maintaining 72 degrees that is much better than if it was completely out. Josh worked from home today.