Preston's 2nd Birthday Party!

Another performance!


Oops, how could I forget????!!

Another soccer day!

A very busy day.

Easter Sunday!

Legoland Discovery Center!

The rest of Saturday 4/23

Good Friday!

Coupon Groups!

A Restful Day?

Soccer day 3!

Ethan's first soccer game!!

A new schedule!

Sale + Coupons does not = Great Deal!!


Egg hunt and shopping.

Couponing tips -- Sockpile and meal planners!

Couponing 102

It is Friday!!!

Couponing 101

Where are the shopping deals???

Shopping and Swimming.


Last day of soccer!

Sunday at the parents!

Eh it Saturday.

Fail, Story time, flowers, and water!

Hello Extreme Couponing!!

Swimming and allergies!

This post is all over the place!

Another Monday

A day in the kitchen.

A Toy Story day.

Teachers, Doctors, and some bouncing. Oh my.