Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A bunch of nothing.

Today my mom came over so we could finish up our Christmas shopping. Ethan and Preston wants to buy a couple of their friends presents. I thought I had found something for all of them. Then when I checked out the total was quite a bit higher than what I was expecting. Turns out one of the toys was over double what I thought the price was. I like the kid the present was for just didn't think it would be fair for him to get something so much more expensive than everyone else. Now I need to find something else. Man I thought I was done. Ugh.

After an exhausting day of shopping, I got home to cook. That is when I realized yesterday Josh put the spinach I had defrosted back into the freezer and not the fridge. *sigh* Darn. Guess I can't cook tonight.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My kids are spoiled.

I have done this for the past few years. I coupon and hunt for sales starting the day after Christmas. I end up just putting everything in my closet. When it is one of the kids birthday, I'll pull some stuff down and call it good. For Christmas, I completely empty it out. This year I didn't feel like I had found that many deals but apparently I did. We have taken over three trips of crap toys over to my parent's home. I also use this time of year to cash in my Disney Movie Rewards for free movies, swagbucks for free gift cards, and my coke rewards for various other stuff.

Today, I spent about eight hours at my parent's home wrapping presents. We still aren't done. I'm just thankful that we are able to provide everything my kids need and several of their wants at a fraction of the MSRP.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm a little evil.

The weekend was crazy busy. We had our annual cookie weekend. This is the first time in a long, long time (like over ten years) we were able to do all but one recipe in one day. The only reason we didn't do the one recipe is because my grandmother likes to help with but she had already left for the day.

Josh and I hadn't planned to attend church because we are normally busy with cookies. While my parents and kids were at church we decided to head to the store and get my parents an early Christmas present.

My parents have had their microwave before I was born (we won't discuss how old I am). The microwave was over thirty years old. It was still "working" and my parents weren't going to replace it. It didn't heat food evenly. Half the time the start button wouldn't work. Every time I got he microwave to turn on on Saturday I did a victory dance.

I'm a little stinker. While everyone was at church, Josh and I replaced the microwave. We found one about the same size as my parents current one. Trust me wasn't an easy feat. When we moved the old one there was a ton of dust on the microwave stand. I grabbed a rag to clean everything off. Then put the rag in the wash machine.

When my parents came home Josh and I were in the kitchen waiting for them to notice. My dad was the first to come in. He commented on the show that was on. The TV sits on top of the microwave. Then my mom comes in and finds a twist tie that had fallen out of the drawer in the microwave stand. Picks it up and puts it away. I was dying because she basically looked straight at the new microwave. Then she continued into the laundry room. My mom noticed the rag in the wash machine and asked what got spilled. Really??? She noticed the stupid rag in the wash machine but not the microwave???

 I told her nothing spilled. That wasn't good enough. Then she wanted to know why the rag was in the wash machine. I told her I found something was dusty in her house and cleaned it for her. If you know my mom, dust in her house is unacceptable. She came out of the laundry room and started really looking around and noticed the microwave. It happen to be the same time my dad looked up from his lunch and noticed the microwave too.

Josh and I were standing back watching all of this unfold. We were both dying trying not to spoil the surprise.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Internets please work!!!

This morning I woke up and tried to check my email. As soon as I logged in the modem reset itself. As soon as the internet came up it went down again. UGH! Fine I guess I just won't check my emails before Josh goes to work.

Then I was trying to talk on the house phone. Our phone is through our internet. The connection was terrible and the call kept dropping every time the modem rebooted. I got so frustrated that I ended up just using my cell phone. Then Ethan wanted to watch Rocky and Bullwinkle. We stream in through our DVD player from Amazon prime. It took two hours to watch a thirty minute show. The boys wanted to do their lessons online and that was a disaster.

I called support and they had someone come out this after noon. It took them over an hour to get the thing working. The technician ended up having to try two different modems before we were up and running again.

Hopefully this time we won't have anymore issues for a while.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Another shopping trip with my mom.

Today's trip was better. I didn't feel like we were going to get kicked out of anywhere.

Preston was cracking me up. I was going through the boys clothing section and all the sudden Preston yells at me to stop.

Preston: "Momma, STOP!! I just found something!"

Me: What are you doing? (looking to see what is going on)

Preston was going through a clothing rack and pulls out a pair of red pants that are in his size.

Preston: Look mom, they are perfect.

At least I'm doing something right because it was off of the clearance rack.

Then he saw some toys on the clearance rack that one of his friends would love and we couldn't leave the store without a Christmas present for his friend.

Then we continued on to some other stores. Then at one point I locked my keys in my car. Yes again. Thank goodness it was right by where Josh works. It wasn't nearly as inconvenient as last time. Now my mom has a spare key in her purse now.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Starting to deck the halls.

Today was all about getting things done around the house. First up was doing school with the kids. We have fallen so far behind, after Christmas we are going to have school on Saturday morning. After the lessons were done I wanted the kids to really help with decoration this year. I figured they would love making popcorn and chain garlands.

I don't know what I was thinking, with the popcorn garland because I don't trust my boys with regular sewing needles. I tried using the plastic needles. That was bad because it kept breaking the popcorn in half. At least I had the paper cut for the chain garland. The kids had a great time. Thank goodness for glue sticks. I'm also very thankful that I have two boys. I could just imagine if I had girls they would have to have glitter and gem stones on the chain. I can also imagine the mess.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Why Josh thinks my mom and I should have a reality show

I think, this post should be called I'm surprised that we don't get kicked out of places.

My mom came over so we could get some Christmas shopping done. Our first stop was at the high class store, Target. Overall the trip was uneventful but my mom was having issues with one of her apps. She gets points for shopping and earns gift cards. However she opened the app to far away from the door so it wouldn't give her the points. She kept walking around the entrance. That wasn't working so we headed to the other entrance where my phone had worked just a few minutes earlier. Still no dice for my mom. Eventually I took the phone, closed her app, then reopened and it worked in just a few seconds.

We continued with our shopping. Then it came time to check out. The express line was long. We decided to checkout the other lines. We decided the express line didn't look so bad after all. As we were getting in line another lady beat us there. *sigh* Of course she had way more than ten items in her cart. I don't know what she was doing but a bottle of wine fell out of her cart. She did the amazing maneuver and caught it with her feet. She was afraid to move and asked if I could pick the bottle up for her. That is when I noticed that she had a bunch of items in the area where kids normally sit and didn't have the flap up to keep them from falling out. She was looking for something and bumped her eggs. The carton tiled and opened so eggs fell out one at a time. I felt sorry for her but it was so comical at the same time. My mom and I decided those other lines were looking really good right now. If I was watching a reality show I would have thought the lady was staged.

Next we moved on to Grapevine Mills Mall. My kids are very familiar with Grapevine Mills because that is where Legoland Discover Center is. I know that if they realized that we were in the same place they would insist on going and we didn't have time for that. I just didn't want to listen while to the whining while we were trying to shop. I made sure we used a different mall entrance. The boys didn't realize where we were. Sweet. The bottom of my stroller has seen better days. Apparently, I was leaving a trail of plastic in the mall. Yep, I was feeling really classy. We used the restroom, Preston dribbled a little on his pants. I didn't have a change of clothes. I was going to get him a new pair of pants. While we were in the kids clothing store he started having a protein spill all over himself. My mom took him back to the restroom to make sure it was all out and left me in the store to clean up the mess. Ethan was in his stroller playing on his leappad and ignoring the world. Until a little girl came up and wanted to see what he was doing. This apparently freaked Ethan out. He started calling me saying, "Mom, there is a girl. Right here. I found her. Could you make her go?"  
Then the girl's mom wanted to talk to me about the leappad. Seriously? I'm a little busy here and very oogied out.

Then we moved on to another store. Of course my mom got distracted at a jewelry store. Ethan decided he needed to climb out of his stroller. I told him to get back in. My mom was helping him and they some how knocked his cup of water over. Great another mess for me to clean up. *sigh* I'm thinking at this time that the custodial staff is about to put me on their payroll.

Thank goodness it is Josh's birthday today and I needed to get home. Even with everything that happened my mom would have kept shopping.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Why do I even try???

Or, the worst first world trip to see Santa.

Yes, I know I already blogged about taking the boys to see Santa. This was take two. We were able to get a picture of the boys with Santa but I wanted a family picture. The group pictures the first time were really bad that we decided that we had to do a second trip.

Josh took the afternoon off. We figured that the evenings and weekends were going to be a nightmare. We decided to go to another mall. Normally the mall is only fifteen minutes away. We headed out a quarter to four. We didn't arrive to the mall until after 5:00. Really???? It took over an hour to travel 1/2 a mile. The line moved at a snail pace. Of course, the line stopped at us for Santa's 5:30 to 6:00 break. I ran to the food court for dinner before melt downs started.

Of course, Santa was late returning. I looked at Josh and said I guess this is the last time we are getting family photos with Santa. He actually looked at me and asked could it get worst than this. Yes, yes it can because I'm not sure this is worst than the time I was pregnant with Preston and took Ethan without a stroller. Then again that was my bad because it was Christmas Eve and I got there after 6:00.

This time was all issues that I couldn't control.

I figured that we needed some fun after a terrible afternoon/ early evening.  Then we headed to Frisco Fire Safety Town. Right now they have Christmas lights and tons of activities.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

More Holiday Cheer.

Every night apparently we have been doing some sort of family holiday something. Tonight was no different. After running all over town and driving past Frisco Square three times we finally stopped and to watch the lights. The kids loved watching the dancing lights. Then we came home and the boys wanted to read Brave.

Brave was a great story the first time we saw it. Reading the book twice a day and watching the movie at least once a day, the story is starting to make my eye twitch a little. Thank goodness Josh offered to read the book tonight.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Worst Puzzle EVER!

Yesterday we ordered a Rudolph puzzle from Amazon. Today it arrived. When we ordered the puzzle I thought it was a little kids floor puzzle. When it arrived it was a 200 piece puzzle. It has an irregular border. Most of the pieces were the same color.

The kids were beyond excited when we started to put the puzzle together. Josh and I quickly took over. We did let the kids try to help but they weren't really helping.

When we finally got it together there was on piece missing. Are you kidding???? We let the kids stay up for this? Finally we found the missing piece. Still the sweet innocent looking puzzle is really an evil nightmare.

Right now I'm having issue uploading pictures. UGH!! I guess you can check out my facebook page to see the evil puzzle.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

I swear everything went wrong.

Sorry that I haven't been posting. I might go back and post later. I'm not able to post any pictures right now. Not really sure what is going on. I'm going to have to delete older pictures.

Over the weekend, our Elf on the Shelf appeared. Basically I finally remember where I stashed him after Christmas last year. It is pretty sad the kid were asking why he hadn't shown up yet. The cat that we were suppose to watch isn't coming. The kids were pretty upset that Stinky Pete isn't going to smell up their rooms. Then again I'm glad that Preston and Stinky Pete aren't going to be getting into farting wars. I'm not really sure there is enough air freshener in the world.

Today my mom and I were suppose to go shopping. My mom didn't arrive till almost noon and informed me my tire was going flat. We decided to have lunch before we left. Ethan didn't like what I made so he made himself get sick. Really? We got him all cleaned up and changed.Then it was an hour of waiting to get a new tire. Then we finally got to shop. An hour later we had to leave to pick up a friend and take them to the airport. We arrived back to my house just before Josh arrived. I started dinner. Once Josh got home he took over dinner and my mom and I headed out again.

First we headed to the mall. I decided to pick up some cheese from the Hickory Farms. Then we did some more shopping. Then we headed to Toys R Us. My mom wanted to use my reward card. I realized I didn't have my wallet. Okay, I know I didn't leave it at home because I bought the cheese. Crap did I leave it at the mall?? Wait maybe it is in the bag with the cheese. While my mom was finishing up at the check out I ran to the car. When I got there my wallet was sitting on top of the bag of cheese. I think part of the reason I was so panicky, my mom told me she had a dream that someone stole her purse just before I realized my wallet was missing.