A lazy weekend.

I hate murphy's law!

The tail of two Ethans

I found a preschool program!

I need to get my head examined!

Who am I, Where am I??? Can I go back to sleep?

I wonder who I act like when I'm stressed?

Plano Balloon Festival

All about the Mommy Group!

Back to class.

Ethan's check up

My house is fixed!!!

Family Fun Day

Didn't do a lot but man I'm tired.

I cried a little.

Up and running.

Getting back on the band wagon!

Not much going on.

A boring day, but the boys are happy.

Happy Birthday Ethan!

I had big plans!

I think they are going to be artist.

Bring on the repair men!

Happy Dance Time.

Happy Labor Day!

The party is here!