Friday, June 28, 2013

Making the most of my day.

Because I didn't have to rush the boys in two different directions this morning. We didn't have to wake up early. Okay the boys and Josh got up at the same time but I slept in about thirty minutes.

It was nice not having the pressure to rush out the door. I don't know how I'm going to wake up and get Ethan to school before 8:00 am every day for school. Man, we only have seven weeks of summer left.

Preston was excited that he got to go to camp again today. We arrived a few minutes late and I have no idea what was going on before we arrived. The first forty five minutes the instructor was trying to get the kids to meditate. He put on lullabies and had the kids lay on their back, close their eyes, turned off the light. Um, one of the other parents that came in before I left asked if he was trying to get them to fall asleep. He gave a sheepish grin and nodded yes. The parent said what I was thinking, "Good luck with that."

After about thirty minutes he realized that his "meditation" wasn't going to work. He and his assistant were going to take the kids outside to play with water guns. Crap on a stick, I forgot to bring Preston's change of clothes. A quick trip home and back. I returned just as they were coming back inside. Sweet perfect timing.

Then it was off to get Ethan's haircut. When I arrived the hairdresser looked a little frazzled. Turns out they got a new computer system that morning. Ethan was the first one he had to enter in. Because we were the first customers today we got a five dollar gift card for when we come back. Sweet because Preston is going to need a haircut soon too.

When I say that Ethan got a haircut I really mean he got his head shaved. I think I was more nervous about going that short than Ethan. The stylist didn't completely shave his head but just really short. I love the new cut.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wait!!! I have one more day, right???

 I got to do two amazing things. I went to the grocery store completely by myself. I was going slowly and taking my sweet time. Then my body decided that it wanted to reenact a chapter out of Let's Pretend this Never Happened by Jenny Lawson. The beginning of the chapter entitled The Psychopath on the Other Side of the Bathroom Door. My shopping trip went from leisure time to I've got to hurry and get home. I was back in the car eighteen minutes after I had gotten out with everything that was on my list and a few extras. Once I got home, It was all about quality time in the restroom. For the sake of my family it was a good thing they weren't home when I was going. However, I think this was the first time in about eight years that I've gotten go use the restroom by myself. Before I had kids I had a very needy cat that would climb in my lap while I would go. I almost didn't know how to act getting to be in the restroom by myself.

Once I was able to compose myself it was time to pick Ethan up from VBS. When I was waiting in the insane long line of parents watching the closing sermon I realized today was the last day. What!! I thought I had one more day of both the kids in camp. Well crap on a stick. I wouldn't have watched Preston for an hour this morning if I had realized this was going to be my only day to get things done kid free.

Man once we got home from the camps the kids needed naps. Heck I needed a nap. Little Preston was getting so used to fighting staying awake that he wouldn't nap. The poor boy was so tired I don't think he was seeing straight. Thank goodness we didn't have any plans for the rest of the day. It just wouldn't of happened.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer camp time!!

I had Ethan signed up for VBS for a couple of weeks now. On Monday evening, I found a super hero camp that was also this week. My mind raced about all the things I can accomplish having four hours to myself for an entire week. Then Murphy's law took over. I should pause and mention that my sister is in town. Monday afternoon the boys and I meet up with my mom and sister to shop. My mom and sister had been already shopping for hours at this point. They had clothing items on hold at two different malls and wanted me to drive them. From four to six it was just clothing pick up. Then we dropped the boys off with Josh and started some serious shopping. We headed to Allen Premium outlets. Thank goodness we took two cars because as soon as we turned into the parking lot my mom's tire went flat. While we waited for roadside assistance to arrive we shopped. Once roadside assistance put the spare on I realized that my mom didn't need to be driving highways at night on a donut. After we got some dinner and thought about the situation the Varners of Frisco had a couple of unexpected overnight guest. Once we hit Walmart for some basic necessities like toothbrushes and I got a shower it was 1:00am.

We had to get back up at 6:00am. To get my mom's car to the tire shop, Ethan to his camp, and Preston to his camp on time it was an early wake up time. One the way to drop Preston off we got a call that my mom's car was ready. Then it was back to the tire shop. When we arrived my mom pointed out that a couple of my tires were low. Thank goodness the boys were at camp because we had to ride in my mom's car and there wouldn't have been enough room for everyone. We ran a couple of errands then it was back to shopping. We only had enough time to go to one store before it was time to head back and pick up my car then my boys. My mom and sister headed back to my parent's home. After the boys were picked up we headed over there too.

We spent the afternoon in the pool. When we were about to leave my grandmother came over. I didn't feel like the boys and I could just leave. We ended up staying two and half hours later than we should have. The boys ended up getting to bed late. Thank goodness the boys were able to sleep in a little bit.

Preston woke up at 6:30am asking if it was time to leave for super hero camp. No we have a little time before we need to get up. I tried to get him to lay back down but he was to excited about camp to sleep. Ethan was a different tale. I had to wake him up at 8:00 and the only way I got him out of bed was asking if he didn't want to go to VBS. As soon as I mentioned VBS he jumped out of bed and ran to the kitchen for breakfast. I'm glad the boys love their camps this week.

Once the boys were at their camps I was off to my parent's home for one last visit with my sister before she heads back home and a pedicure. Then it was time to rush back and pick up the boys. Thank goodness there are so many kids at VBS because I was a few minutes late but there were still plenty of kids to be picked up when I arrived. Added bonus was I didn't have to stand in line for twenty minutes to pick Ethan up. Then we got to Preston's camp and they were in the middle of watching a movie. They actually ran later than expected but that was fine. Once we got home Ethan was dying of hunger (Preston at lunch at camp) and so was I. There wasn't really enough time for the kids to take a nap today before we had to leave for martial arts. I was worried how they were going to be in class. I think they were so tired they were actually calm.

So I've decided my boys have for different stages.
Well rested and feed -- they behave
Off schedule, they are tired and/or hungry -- bad
So tired they are trying to keep themselves awake -- even worst
So tired they have given up the will to live -- they behave.

Really tomorrow is Thursday and I still haven't been able to enjoy the kids being at camp this week and having time to myself. I'm ready for the dog days of summer to start happening. We only have seven weeks before school starts. Yikes!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Birthday, Anniversary, and Father's Day!!

Wholly crap we have wrapped up a lot of celebrations into this one weekend. Our anniversary is really June 7th. We had a lot of family in from out of town. Plan A was that everyone was going to go to the rodeo. My parents would take the boys and Josh and I would go to Spa Castle. Well. It is my life and plan A rarely ever happens. This time was part of the rule. All of my family left early for different reasons, basically there were issues back home that needed to be dealt with. So no rodeo and my parents were too tired to watch the kids. *sigh* So Josh brought me home some flowers and that was pretty much our anniversary.

My birthday, is June 11th. We were still worn out from the company and feeling a little broke (thanks to the little critters eating wires and braking our cars). Josh brought home fast food and we looked at each other. That was my birthday.

I was feeling a little down needless to say. We decided that we would wait till after payday to celebrate everything. Which happened to fall on Father's day weekend.

Friday night we went to the Rough Rider's baseball game. Josh had them put my name on the board with all the special announcements wishing me a Happy Birthday. The game was really good. Even though it went into overtime and the Rough Riders lost. Poor Preston after the game said that it was dark which meant it was time for bed. When we got home he told me he was tired and wanted to get in bed.

Saturday, Josh let me sleep in and took the boys to get donuts. Then I let Josh take a nap. And got the boys ready to spend the night at Nana and Papa's house. They were excited because they would get to go swimming. Josh and I were excited because we were finally going to go to Spa Castle.

After we dropped the boys off, Josh and I couldn't decide what to do for dinner. We just headed to Spa Castle. It was just what we needed for our anniversary. We didn't leave till after midnight. Thank goodness the kids were at my parents so Josh and I both got to sleep in.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I'm back!!-ish

I know it has been a while since I've read other people's blogs, or even thought about writing on my own blog. Life has been crazy busy lately.

Last week we had family from Indiana and North Dakota. There was like twenty of us. At times it was like herding cats. The week before that my father-in-law turned 60. We headed to Santa Fe to celebrate with relatives on that side of the family. During all of the family togetherness Josh and I had to replace radiators in both vehicles and other repairs. School ended and summer began.

Ethan has been asking to go to summer camp this year. During gymnastics during the spring they mention they had summer camps. Josh and I have had conversation about what camps we could enroll the boys into. We told the boys that they could only do three camps. When I finally got around to looking at camps this week. Oops all of the June camps are pretty much filled. Thank goodness I'm on the Micheal's email list. They announced this week that they are doing three day camps starting next week for $2 a day. What?? So you better believe I jumped all over that. Then the week after that Ethan is going to VBS. Now I just need to find camps for Preston. I'm thinking I love summer camps.

Not to mention that I'm already stressing about when school starts in Aug. What is wrong with me??? I'm not stressing about school. I'm just trying to wrap my head around what our days are going to look like. Okay I'm worried about how early I'm going to have to wake up every day.