Monday, August 30, 2010

Its Monday!!

I didn't prepare a lesson plan for today for a couple of reasons. We were going to learn about bees this week because the farm that we went to a couple of weeks ago is having a bee thing this weekend. The new curriculum actually starts on Wednesday so I was so busy reading and getting familiar with the new material. When I looked at the bee stuff I really didn't like the lessons because  they didn't really have anything to do with bees. I also didn't want to print of 26 bees to put the alphabet on them. To be used for one day. We have several alphabet flash cards already. I was still tried from the weekend. I tried to get the boys to play outside as much as possible today since the weather was cloudy but nice. It also gave  me a chance to pull weeds, the trash comes tomorrow and my flower bed trash bag was almost full. Once thing that I love about the Frisco trash is that you get one container for trash and the same size container for recycling. Then if you have lawn clippings or any plant stuff that you are throwing out you can get these lawn bags that are basically huge doubled paper bags. That they pick up at the same time but don't have to be in the containers. Last week we didn't get our recycling bin out before the truck came. So this week our recycling is completely full.

Sunday the day of rest?

Lesson learned: The boys can sit through church!

Josh's dad has a program that he wrote and directed. So he asked us to come see it. So we got up and got ready for church. I packed a few toys that I thought would keep the boys entertained. We got there just after service started we were informed that because of the special performance that all the kids were in the sanctuary. We have attended several different churches and have never made it through a service without having to take out at least one of the boys. I don't know if I was able to pick out better toys to entertain them because I know them better now. Then again there was a lot of singing and the boys do love singing. At one point Ethan was trying to sing along. At any rate the boys were both very well behaved and we made it without having to take either boy out. After the service Josh's dad and Bobby wanted to have lunch. I requested that we go somewhere that had a playground because I didn't want to press my luck with the boys.

We ended up at McDonald's. After the boys ate we let them play in the playground. Josh took Ethan and Josh's dad took Preston up into the tunnels. It was hilarious watching them get out of the slides.

Once we got home the boys and Josh all laid down. Josh fell right asleep, the boys however woke up then kept each other awake. So I moved Ethan into bed with Josh and then all were out in a matter of minutes. Josh woke up after 5:00 and we woke the boys up at 6:00. They still went to bed at 8:00.

When is the weekend?

Lesson learned: By keeping the boys running, they sleep a lot better.

We were letting the boys run around outside. Ethan sat down and said this tummy hurt. Josh was completely freaked out. So we took him to the doctor just to be sure that he didn't really get hurt from the fall the night be before. The doctor was great and Ethan is fine. So we headed back home and the boys had lunch. Then nap time.

Ethan had a play date for 2:30 so Josh helped me load the boys into the van. They were both still out. We went to the Heard Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary for the play date with Ethan's girlfriend from swimming. They had such a great time looking at the butterflies, animals, and robotic pre-historic animals. Then they dug for fossils. Oh I almost for got about the impromptu concert they put on. The best part for me was hanging out with the other mom. To have someone to talk to that is dealing with the same issues that you are dealing with is such a comfort. I know that I'm not the only mom trying to deal with potty training, but it is nice to hear that someone else is having the exact same problems is nice. She was talking about now that her daughter is going to preschool how hectic the mornings are now. I remember those days, then again it was only a few a weeks ago. All the advice I could get was to prepare everything the night before blah, blah.. I would try that but then something else would go wrong in the morning. There were sometimes we would even forget the bags. It was insane the more we would try to have a smooth morning the more the mornings would go terrible wrong.

Then after dinner we were playing outside till Ethan had an accident. Then it was bath time, but it was still to early for the boys to go to sleep. So we let them run around in the play room.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Lesson learned: Not everyone should sing Take Me Out to the Ball Game!

We wrapped up the family week. We still have some coloring and have to put together the grandparents day presents but we still have a little time. The day its self was tame. After the boys went down for their nap I stepped outside to check the mail. The Schwan guy was there talking to one of my neighbors. We really need to get our door bell fixed but then again I'm glad that it didn't work because it would have woken up the boys. He came back over after the talk to the neighbor. Then there was a package at the door. My new curriculum arrived!! It looks like it is going to be a lot better for us then what I've been using. Everyday has it own package. I also got the toddler extension lesson plan too. The only thing that I don't like is that this month's theme is family. They also have field trip ideas. This month they recommend going to a shelter and to learn about pets. I love the idea just I hope that I don't come home with an animal.

This was the last week rough riders regular season. Tonight is the last night that they have fireworks. So it sounds like the perfect night to go. So Josh got home and we headed out to the game. There aren't words to describe Ethan's excitement as he walked through the ballpark. At first Ethan thought he was going to play baseball. We went to the playground but it closed for a birthday party but would open during the first inning. So we started to go back to our seat when they announced that some of the baseball players were out signing autographs. Then we got dinner hot dogs and nachos of course. Our seats were in the shade and there was a slight breeze it was really comfortable. After we finished eating the game was on its way. During the third inning I took Ethan back to the playground. It was crazy full of kids. There was a group of slightly older kids but they were actually being careful of the littler kids. There was one girl in the group that wouldn't get on the playground because she didn't want to hurt the kids. Ethan was wanting to go on the higher slides but he wanted help so I asked the girl if she would take Ethan in the playground. Her friends were really excited that she finally agreed to play with them. After awhile Ethan wanted to go back and watch the game. So we headed back to our seats. Then it was time for cotton candy. Preston had no interest in the cotton candy but Ethan loved it. Then Josh and Ethan headed back to the playground. While they were playing Ethan apparently fell about six feet onto the ground. There was another kid that broke his fall but it completely freaked Josh out. They came back and he watched the rest of the game. The Rough Riders won!! Then there was fireworks afterwords. The boys loved the whole evening.

First ice skating lesson!

Lesson learned: Strollers make things a whole lot easier.

So the curriculum that I've ordered (that I'm still waiting for) had a sample lesson on line. One of the ideas it had was to pile a bunch of pillows and reenact the poem Jack and Jill. The boys can't seem to get enough of Jack and Jill right now. So I'm very hopeful that the new lesson plans will be more interesting for the boys.

Korri came over today and we just played. It is really nice that I get to see her so frequently now.

After the boys woke up from their nap I had Ethan try on clothes for him to wear for his first skating lesson. There is nothing like trying to hunt down winter clothes when the temperatures are over 90 degrees outside. I found a pair of gloves that I believe that Ethan's great-grandmother gave him awhile ago.  So I had Ethan try them on to see if they fit. The gloves fit and Ethan couldn't be more excited! He was saying look mom I have mittens then he started saying that he had blankets on his hands.

We got to the lessons got Ethan changed in to some sweat bottoms and his gloves on. Then I got him signed in and got his skates. Ethan has never had any type of skates on his feet before. He was just besides himself with excitement about having skates on. Then he tried to stand up and go over to the video games.  I have a video of him going to the video games that I'll post in a little while.

At this point I'm watching the other kids and they are all walking and getting around like they are just in shoes. I was starting to feel like the worst parent in the world. Maybe Ethan just isn't ready to learn to skate yet. Then we went over to his class and it turns out he is the only one in the beginning class. So I didn't feel like the worst parent ever anymore since all the other kids has at least been in the classes for eight weeks if not longer. I was amazed how much he improved in just one class.

Josh mentioned that he told Mark about Ethan having his first class today and invited him and Jen to come watch. It turns out that Mark didn't mention it to Jen right away so by the time they got to the rink the class was over but we decided that we would have dinner together. Ethan was extremely hyper after his class so we hurried up and finished. We weren't able to visit very much during dinner so, Mark and Jen came over. Ethan showed off his baseball skills. Then a rabbit showed up in the yard so the boys played chase the rabbit. Then we all came inside and put the boys to bed. Ethan didn't want to sleep so he fussed for a while but he did finally go to sleep. Then Jen got to updated me about her wedding details. Josh and Mark were discussing the physics of a gecko. Then I'm not sure how it happened but we started playing crazy videos on youTube. We had a lot of fun hanging out with them.

Potty update: I don't know what happened today Ethan had five accidents today. The first one he told me that he need to go but I was in the middle of changing Preston. Ethan managed to stay dry until I got him in front of the toilet. Then the next one he was sitting on the floor looking at a book and I noticed he was sitting in a puddle. Then a little later he was sitting on a chair and I noticed a puddle under the chair. Then he was good for a little while. Then at the end of skating class he had another accident. The main reason everyone came inside from playing in the backyard was Ethan had another accident. He had been doing so well I really don't know why he had so many accidents today.

Lazy Wednesday!

Lesson Learned: I know that I've said before that Frisco cops don't mess around, but today they went to another level with me. I saw a school bus pulled over getting a ticket!! A SCHOOL BUS!! In a school zone! I couldn't believe my eyes.

This morning was really cloudy and drizzly and we were still pretty tired from all the running that we did yesterday. So we were just taking it slowly. Josh went to leave for work then came back in and reminded me that we left his car at swimming yesterday. So we all went rushing out the door, I was still in my pajamas and so were the boys. Then I needed to stop for gas so there I was pumping in my pjs. I don't think I've ever left the house not dressed before.

The afternoon was more of the same. Josh ended up working late then he made some stops on the way home. One of the stops included going by the ice skating ring at Stonebriar to sign Ethan up for lessons.

Potty training update: The day went pretty well till 7:00 at night. Then he had an accident right next to the restroom. Then Preston came running by and slipped and fell into the puddle. So I had to strip Preston down and take his favorite blanket to be washed. I place Preston in the playpen and he started crying. Ethan lost the TV because of his accident so he started crying too. Thank goodness Josh showed up about this time and got the boys to calm down.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Grocery store, treasure hunt, and swimming, Oh my!

Lesson learned: I can really do this!

This morning Josh helped me load up the boys in the van on his way to work. So after emailing back and forth with Margret (a friend from school) who is a stay at home super mom with four kids. She gave me a ton of advice some of it I was doing but the biggest thing she recommended was to take a bag of toys. She said to make sure they are large enough that if it drops you can easily see it. I also made sure their tummies were full and they were well rested before we went. They did really well for most of the time at the store. At one point they decided that they wanted to throw all of the toys out of the cart. I have a rule that if toy touches the ground three times the third time it is mine. Since so many toys were being tossed at the same time I just took all of them and put them away. Then the boys wanted to fight. The carts at the store has a car on the front that hold two kids and then the cart part can hold two as well. So the boys had both been in the car part so I move Preston to be close to me. So that meant that I had to hold all of my list and coupons so I gave up trying to play the grocery game and just got what I really needed. I figure baby steps. I was pretty excited that the trip went so great. For those who are curious about my budget this week I spent $48.77. I saved 17.19.

I had asked my mom on Sunday to help me finish the treasure hunt that we had started on Saturday. I do have to say that I love that Frisco did this because it really is helping me figure out where things are and what activities there are for us to do. My mom came over a little after Preston fell asleep. Ethan wanted to show his baseball skills. So we let Ethan show off so that Preston could get a little bit of a nap. The it was time to head out. Our first stop was at the central fire station. Then we walked over to the Frisco Fire Safety Town for another stamp. The receptionist was kind enough to have a fire fighter show us around. Words can not describe how awesome the safety town is. They have several class rooms dedicated to teach different aspects of fire safety. The first room we saw looked like a traditional class room. The second room was a living room that had been on fire. The firefighter explained about when a fire is behind a wall how they test areas of the wall to make sure the fire is out. What caused the different damage in the room. Then we moved to the clown firefighters house. They use the kitchen area is used to teach about weather safety. Then we moved on to the clowns bedroom and they use this room to teach kids how to escape from a fire. They have the room fill with smoke and the bedroom door actually gets warm to the touch so the kids know that it isn't save to use the door but to escape from the window. There was another room where Ethan learned to dial 911 when he needs a police officer or the fire department. Then we went outside and saw where they teach kids about road, bike, and street crossing safety. All of the crosswalk lights work and talk to the kids. There is even a mini Wal-Mart. Then we went to the main room where they have all of the equipment that is on a fire truck displayed and they have a kids sized fire truck that has everything including flashing lights. So the boys took turns "driving" the fire truck. Then it was time to move on to the next stop. We decided to go to Municipal Center next. Ethan was excited when we pulled up because the building also has the library in it. So we had to explain to him that we weren't going to the library today because it is still closed. I can't wait till the library reopens on Friday. We are still several weeks away from story time starting again. Sorry I just got really distracted about the library. Apparently City hall is on the fifth floor of the building. I wasn't aware that the building was that tall. We got our stamp then decided it was lunch time. After lunch we headed down to Dr. Pepper Arena/ ballpark there are five stamps to collect there. I found the visitor bureau without a problem. I found the arena but I wasn't sure where I need to go for the three stamps that were there. So I ended up by the ballpark. Can I take a second to mention how beautiful it is. I've only seen it from the Ikea side actually I've used the ballpark parking lot so I could shop at Ikea before. I just haven't been on the side where I could see the grand stands before. There is a play ground for the kids. So I found the administrative offices and had to parallel park, that was entertainment, just to find out that I was at the wrong place. So I found where I needed to go and discovered that this is there is only a week of games left. I'm hoping that we are going to be able to go this week. Then it was back to finding the final three stamps. I stopped at the Stars gift shop and the directed me to the actual ice rink. So I was about to walk off and the lady asked if I wanted my free stuff. You don't have to ask me twice if I want something FREE!! The first thing she handed me was a coupon for a free ice skating. Then she handed me a Dallas Stars Ticket Voucher!!! Two free tickets to the Dallas Stars!! I'm so excited because I've never been to a hockey game. I had enough stamps to turn in my sheet so I gave up trying to find the other two places at the area, but I did pick up a open skate schedule and the skating lessons flier they had out.

The boys fell asleep while I was in the arena. My mom and I had discussed going to Stonebriar Mall since we were right next to it but decided to head home instead. Preston go transferred from the van to his bed without a problem. Ethan was a completely different story, once he realized that my mom was taking him to his bed, Ethan woke himself up. Then he was being so loud that he woke Preston up. So much for nap time. I let the boys watch TV and have a snack while I was getting the swim bag together. I was a little nervous because today we were starting at the Frisco location of Emler. I have passed it a million times but really wasn't sure where it was. Turns out it was a whole lot closer then what I thought it was. So we got there really early but at least now I know. Ethan seemed to really be testing his new teacher. His old one didn't put up with any messing around so he had to see how nice his new teacher is. Preston wasn't happy with his class. He was doing fine until I realized that he had Ethan's goggles. Once he let go of the goggles the melt down started and lasted until he got them back while the boys were getting changed out of their swim suits.

After dinner we let the boys run around outside while I was working on one of the flower beds. Then we but the boys to bed. Shockingly they didn't put up much of a fight. It was like they were completely worn out. I can't understand why? It isn't like we did anything today.

Monday, August 23, 2010

This weeks theme Grandparent's day and Family

I'm aware that Grandparent's day isn't till September 12th. Originally I was going to do this theme next week so that the art projects could be mailed and received before the 12th. Last week when we were at Nash farm, I found out the farm is having a bee day on September 4th so next week we are going learn about bees. Josh and I are still discussing going out to LA to see his mom. I don't know if we are going to get to go back to Nash farm for the buzz on bee they are going to have. I'm just making a plan "A" and plan "B" until we actually have tickets. I'm not 100% in love with the curriculum that I'm using. It is okay but it has five centers that you are suppose to use all week. Then three activities a day and that includes circle time. One problem that I have is the library has been closed so I can't get the books that I need for the week. So that is leaving only two activities and the boys could care less about doing the same centers every day.

The boys are still tired from yesterday. After Josh left we ran around outside for 30 minutes. Then we came in and did our circle time. Preston went down for his nap. First Ethan wanted to color then wanted to do something else. So I figured that we could do some science experiments. I put some water in the kitchen sink and we figured out what floated and what sinks. Ethan was having so much fun picking out different things to put in the sink. Then he wanted TV. So I put on Lilo and Stitch since the story is about family and it sort of goes with the theme. Ethan then wanted to carry around the items that we tested in the sink and to do it again.

Preston only slept for about 30 minutes during the afternoon nap so I wasn't able to get my cleaning done. Since I've been home he has gotten a lot more affectionate. He loves getting and giving hugs and kisses. It felt like for an hour he was having me blow raspberries on his neck. At three we woke Ethan up. Preston wanted to play in the water but Ethan wasn't interested in it. Then Preston soon was over it. We came in and worked on some of the Grandparent Day gifts. While I was cooking dinner the boys were busy playing in one of the cabinets that is still empty. It started off really cute until it turned in to just slamming the cabinet doors. After dinner Josh told me to take a break and have a hot bath. So I feel so refreshed right now. While I was in the bath Josh and Ethan picked up everything and did the dishes for me.

Potty training update: No accidents today! That includes nap time. Then again he did go to bed in a pull-up because I didn't have any underwear at my parents house last night. Right now when Ethan lets us know that he needs to go is he says, "I'm dry". At least we know that really means rush me to the restroom NOW!


Lesson learned: Sundays wear me out.

We started off having a pretty lazy day but that quickly changed. We got the house picked up before we left for the day at my parents home. So on Monday I wouldn't have to catch up from the weekend. We made it to Rockwall for lunch. After lunch we tried to get Ethan to take a nap and he wasn't any of it. Ethan did snuggle on the couch with my dad and they watched TV. Preston ran around till his nap time. While the boys were preoccupied I looked over the weekly ads. There were some really great deals going on so Josh and I headed out. So we were planning to only spend about 2.00 at Target and we went way over that because we saw they had the summer stuff marked down 30%. So we ended up spending over $50 on chemicals. Then we moved on to OfficeMax. We got 12 spiral notebook, 3 packs of paper, and a ruler for .65. I was really excited about how much we got for less then a dollar.

After we got back from shopping the boys were up an running around. We had dinner then headed out to the pool. The boys were having so much fun. Ethan loves jumping in and swimming to people. At one point we formed a circle and the boys were swimming from person to person. They were so warn out when we finally came in. They weren't about to stop moving. I had to print off my weekly grocery lists from e-mealz and the grocery game. Plus make print outs for the lesson plans this week.

The boys didn't even make it out of my parents subdivision before they were asleep. They had a busy day and it was past their bed time. After we got home the front sprinklers were running which was a good thing because we have a leak in that zone and it helped us find where it is actually coming from. We unloaded everything that we bought and had taken over to my parents house. Then Josh worked on his side project and I started cutting and preparing lesson plans for the week.

Potty training update: I haven't been putting updates because Ethan has been doing really well. Today he had one accident and that was right before we left my parents house. He felt really bad about the accident and went around apologizing to everyone.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Treasure Hunt - Day 1

lesson learned: How precious family is.

Last night after we got back from the walk I plugged my phone it to upload pictures and the screen just went white. I couldn't get it to do anything.

This morning Josh let me sleep in a little bit. Then it was breakfast time. We then all went outside and played for a while. Came in and did today's day of the week, shape, and color just so that Josh could see what we do in the morning. Then we headed to Willow Bend Mall to the Apple store to get my phone fixed. They couldn't help me until after 6:00pm. So I asked where any other Apple stores in the Dallas area are and they said there is one in Frisco and they could get me in right away. I made my appointment for later in the day because we were on the way to meet Josh's dad at his school. Then we headed to lunch. He informed us that he is going to have to go under a medical procedure but doctors are giving a really great outlook. With what just happened with Susan it just me take as second to realize how important family is. After lunch Josh ran into Costco while I stayed in the van with the sleeping boys. Plan "A" was for us to lay the boys down and let them sleep for a little longer. When we got out of the van the boys woke up and there was no going back to sleep. So we let the run around for about an hour and half. Then we headed out for the treasure hunt that the city of Frisco is doing. Basically it is for people to discover different parts of Frisco more information can be found at We started off at the Frisco Athletic center, then headed to FieldhouseUSA, and then we found the Frisco Heritage Museum. There are a total of twelve places that you can get "X" for but while we are driving around we are finding many other little gems. For example, on the way to the Frisco Heritage Museum we found a snow cone place that was completely packed. We thought about stopping and checking it out but the line was just two long so we decided to check out Dimples is a  cupcake place that I saw on the way to the library. We got the banana pudding, half and half, chocolate mousse, red velvet, and cookies and cream. There cupcakes are amazing. After cupcakes then it was off to Stonebriar Mall get my phone fixed. I'm so excited that my phone is working. While we were in the store Josh and Ethan got antsy so they went down to Indoor Safari Park it is a toy store that has a train that Ethan could ride. Calling Indoor Safari Park a toy store under represents the store. They have toys and books that I haven't seen anywhere else. It is where I found the electronics kit for ages 3+. Then we checked out the play center. Preston and Ethan had an amazing time running around. I guess I found were we are going to start going during the day so the kids can run around while the weather is still so hot. Then we headed home.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Farm animals are over!!

Lesson learned: My boys are really well behaved when there are a million people around.

This morning Josh left for work and we just ran for about thirty minutes. Then it was circle time. I'm glad that I'm not going to have to get he boys to make animal noises at me anymore. Then I let the boys run around some more. After Preston went down for his morning nap I introduced Ethan to H.R. Pufinstuf. Once Preston woke up it was adventure time. There is a McDonald that is opening up and they are having several days of activities. Today they had a petting zoo and pony rides. I again recruited Korri to help me with the boys. Walking in it looked like it was complete chaos. Once we were inside it was very organized chaos. There were employees help you find tables and high chairs if needed. There were some that were help carrying food. They were able to keep the lines moving at an incredible pace. We order our food and they found a booth for us but asked if we would be willing to share if need be. We didn't have a problem sharing the booth because it was huge. The boys sat and ate no whining or fussing. When we were about finished we were asked to share with four girls and their nanny. Two of the girls were freaking out like several of the kids that were there. Ethan and Preston just looked at the girls like they had two heads for being upset. Then of course we had to check out the playground. The play area looked really neat but it was kind of hard to tell because of how many people were in there. After awhile we headed out to check out the animals. The petting zoo part was really lame. The pony ride had Ethan all smiles. I told the boys that if they behaved they could get cookies after wards. So I made good on my promise when we got home. Preston's face was completely covered in chocolate.
I put Ethan down for a nap which he wasn't happy about be was so tired that he didn't put up that much of a fight. Then it was Preston's turn to nap. Korri and I visited until it was time for the boys to woke up. After nap time the boys make cow puppets. Preston was more interested in eating the crayons. At one point Ethan started talking about the talking flute and wanted to see Punfinstuf. I was more than happy to play it for him.

I read the city's newspaper today they featured a trail that runs near our home so after dinner we checked it out. It is a really nice trail that led to a park. We let the boys run around for a little bit. Then headed back home. Ethan didn't want to get back in the stroller but wanted to run back kicking his ball. We made him get back in the stroller when we crossed any roads. Ethan walked/ run probably 3/4 of a mile. Then once we got closer to home we let Preston out to run around a little bit too. So once we got home the boys went out pretty quick. Ethan did freak out a little bit about being scared. I realized that he as been freaking out because his monster scaring flash light has been missing. Actually Josh and I used the flashlight the night that we jumped the car and left it in the garage. So I gave him the flashlight back and he was very thankful. He told me thank you and I'm not scared anymore. I really hope that our night time freak outs and needing every light in the house on is over and that I can get my bedside reading lamp back.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

It is library day!! Oh wait it is closed today.

Lesson learned: Tractors are the best things in the world.

So this morning our 6:00 Preston alarm started going off. I've been trying to find the snooze button, but after fifteen months of looking for it I've pretty much given up finding it. Josh left for work and we went out to play. We played with bubbles for about thirty minutes. Then we came in for circle time. I'm getting a lot more comfortable doing the songs and the lessons. So the boys are responding a lot better. Then I remember that this week the library is closed. *sigh* In the paper this week under the things to do section there was a farm having a afternoon at the farm from noon to 2:00. The best part it was FREE! It also worked with our learning theme this week. Korri was up for it so we headed out. On the way we stopped for some lunch.

Money saving tip: A lot of fast food places have $1.00 chicken sandwiches. So I order the chicken sandwich plan instead of a kids meal and just tear it in pieces like I do with the nuggets anyways.

After about a hundred U-turns we finally found the place and a parking spot. We had a ton of fun even though it was incredible hot. The first thing we did was a tractor ride. Poor Preston was so scared. He was shaking like a leaf before we got on. He was fine once we go on and were going. The driver stopped about half way through the ride to tell us about the different things planted in the garden and some other upcoming events. It was Ethan turn to freak out a little bit and wanted off but once it started moving again, he was fine. Once the ride was over Ethan couldn't get enough of the tracker that were at the farm. We were able to get him to check out the chickens and the lamb. When he was in with the chickens he was making clucking noises at them. It was really adorable. Then he checked out the lamb. He wasn't that interested in the lamb but wanted to go back to the tractors. Preston on the other hand loved the lamb and just riding around in the stroller. It is experiences like today that I know it was the best decision for me to stay home. I can't thank Korri enough for going with me and the boys today.

I really thought that the boys would fall asleep on the way home. I was wrong, they were just to hyper. Once we got home they were just all over the place.  The time from 3:00 to 5:30 just seemed to drag on. They just kept trying to injure themselves. First, I was with Ethan in the restroom but I could still see Preston. Preston tripped and fell hitting his check on the hard part of the ottoman. While I was taking care of Preston, Ethan climbed up on the rocking chair and about feel off injuring his thumb. While I was trying to take care of Ethan, Preston fell over again. They were just running around everywhere and trying to get into everything. I guess they were afraid to stop moving because they would just fall asleep.

The last couple of nights Ethan has really been freaking out about the dark. He is wanting every light in the house on before he will go to bed. Once he sees the are on then he will lay down but I don't know where this is coming from. He has always not liked the dark but now it is at another level. Ever since the neighbor let us know about the car being in the middle of the road. So I don't know if the pounding on the door freaked him out and that is why or if there is something more to it.

Potty training: At some points today he did really well, at other times well lets just say I had several puddles to clean today.

Mom what are you about to have me do? I'm no so sure about this!

Round a round the couch we go till pop goes the Preston.

Preston's nickname is destruct-O-baby. Ethan went through this phase too. So at this point I don't know if it is just an every kid thing, a boy thing, or just a my kid thing. Anyways it seems like at this age they have super human strength and can destroy anything in just a matter of seconds. Today to keep Preston from killing himself I put him in the play yard for a few minutes. Apparently he took his frustration out on this poor defenseless ball.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Last swim lesson of the session

Lesson learned: I miss driving Josh to work.

So last night about 10:30 we finally go the car that Josh uses to get back and forth to work jumped. So I drove it around for about thirty minutes. I came home to ask Josh a question but was planing on driving a little longer just to make sure the battery was charged. Josh said that he thought the battery was good enough and that I should go ahead and come in. Then at some point Preston work up and it took me a while to figure out that he was just thirsty. I eventually go him a drink and he went down. Right when I was just about to drift off someone started knocking on the door. I believe the time was one something at this point. So I woke Josh up and made him go down and answer it because whoever was knocking wasn't giving up. Turns out I forgot to set the parking brake and our drive way is on a little hill and the car is a standard. So it was sitting in the middle of the street. Luckily the neighbor let us know before some one hit it.

This morning I was a little tired. One of the activities that we do in the morning circle is Today's weather. So I noticed it looked cloudy, so I open the back door just to make sure that is what the weather really was. Both boys ran out. They were only in their underwear but having a great time so I just rolled with it. It was cloudy and comfortable out. They ran around for about an hour. Ethan just wanted to watch TV as a reward for doing so well on the potty this morning. Didn't care about doing the morning circle. So I let it go today. Preston went down for his normal nap. Yaay they are back on their scheduled nap times. Ethan and I picked up the living room. Then played with play-doh after about 30 minutes he was over the play-doh! I was shocked. He wanted to play Elefun. It is a game his Aunt Monkey got him addicted to. It is an elephant the blows butterflies that you catch in nets. Ethan was so  excited when Preston woke up because he wanted Preston to play too. Nothing to exciting happened before we left for swimming. The boys just had a HUGE snack time before swimming.

It was really hard saying bye to the other moms since some of us have been meeting up once a week for a year now. The two other families are going to continue taking classes together and we are moving on.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I'll give it a try.

Lesson learned: When Ethan starts babbling about being okay or having a complete meltdown over nothing that means it is time to rush to the restroom. 

So I was suppose to go the grocery store yesterday but the time I got organized to go it was already 11:00pm. I decided that I would go in the morning. So after I dropped Josh off, the boys and I headed to the store. I won't say that it was an epic failure but it wasn't good. First I left one of my list at home. Then Ethan needed to go potty. I did get him to the restroom and his pants off before he started. Preston kept trying to get in to the puddle or in my purse. I gave up on shopping after all of that. So I got all of the fruit and vegetables that we needed that was it. So I'm going to have to go back .

Once we got home I was still stressed but I was trying to have circle time. Eventually I gave up and let them go play in the play room. After about 30 minutes I tried again and this time it was a lot better. Then we all sat and colored. Okay Preston kept trying to eat the crayons but he did make a few marks on his paper.

Then it was nap time for Preston and Ethan's play-doh time. Preston work up after 45 minutes. Then we all come back down and since Ethan had been doing so well with the potty training he was allowed to watch TV. However, in the first ten minutes of the show Ethan had an accident. So the TV was off again.

Lunch time, I swear my kids don't have normal taste buds because they love salads. Since I didn't have a chance to get lunch stuff this morning I made them a salad and they were just in heaven.

Ethan's nap time and Preston wanted to take a nap too. So I was more then happy to let him lay down. The boys wanted to make this play time so I let it go on for about 30 minutes then I made them separate. Ethan had a complete meltdown. When I checked on him he had another accident. *sigh* In total it took them an hour to actually fall asleep. Ethan had another accident while he was sleeping.

After the we picked up Josh then it was round two at the grocery store. The plan "A" was that Josh was going to take one boy and I was going to take the other. Once we got there the boys wanted to stay together. So Josh took the boys and apparently they were rough housing the entire time. Over all we got $127.40 worth of groceries for $81.79 thanks to the Grocery Game and E-mealz. I'm hoping that after I actually have my stock pile that the food bill will dramatically drop.

Week 3 - Farm Animals

So Josh's side project is due today, so he was letting everyone sleep in this morning. I didn't wake up till my mom called to chat at 8:30!! Yikes! So this morning was like what a normal morning was while I was working full time. Just everyone running around like chickens with our heads cut off.

Once the boys and I got home I started in with circle time. There were some elements that were great like what day of the week it is today, and the boys picking out the shape of the day, and the color of the day. I was able to go over the different animals that I had and their sounds. Ethan wasn't interested in the games and songs that I was trying to do. Then we had a farm animal hunt that lasted about three seconds. Ethan just wanted to get his reward for going to the potty which is watching TV. Normally he gets his TV time in the morning but that didn't happen today because we were running so late.

I was thinking that I wanted to finish the week off by going to a farm. While I was clipping coupons I found a petting zoo that is free!
Nap time was a joke. Preston was asleep for about an hour and I don't think that Ethan ever slept. I tried for over an hour and half to get them to sleep but they just weren't having any of it. I really need to get the boys back on their schedules. I don't think they have had their proper naps since last Wednesday.

So the afternoon they just wanted to play in their room. They decided that 5:15 they wanted to come down stairs and watch the Wiggles. I was trying to finish my coupon clipping and prepare for my trip to the grocery store. Josh was nice enough to go last week but this week the list is a lot more complicated. I'm not sure I'll properly maximize the savings.

After we got home the boys ran around some more then off to bed time.

Ethan only had one accident and that was during his "nap time"

Circle time area

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday is fun day!

Lesson learned: I'm excited to be teaching the boys.

Today was a lazy day. I guess everyone is just tired from all the running we did yesterday. So in the morning the boys just played in the playroom and then we headed over to my parents to go swimming.

We got there and Ms. Pattie was there. Ethan was so excited! We were playing catch and keep away. Lots of smiles and giggles from the boys. I was going through the ads and coupons that my grandmother brought me and saw that Staples had spiral note books for a PENNY!!! (limit six) and they had reams of paper for a PENNY (limit two with rebate).  While we were gone my dad started playing kid videos off of youTube. Then we ended up playing all the Wiggle songs that were preformed at the concert. Both boys were dancing around like they did at the concert. My mom started to get the pool ready for us to go out but Preston fell asleep and Ethan just wanted to watch the Wiggles videos.

After dinner, I worked on the lesson plans for the week. It looks like we are going to be learning about farm animals this week.

Potty training update: Ethan had two accidents today. He is letting us know when he needs to go and still needs help but we are defiantly moving in the right direction. He is staying dry during the night.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shop till they drop!!

Lesson learned: That kids can embarrass me more then my parents ever thought about doing. Come on mom and dad there were times you did stuff on purpose to make my head explode.

This morning we actually got to sleep in till almost 7:00 today. Unfortunately there was a sale that started at seven this morning that we wanted to be there when they opened . It is okay we were there by nine and we went shoe shopping! Josh got two pairs, I got a pair of running shoes, and Ethan got some that blink when he walks. So he loves stomping around! Then we went to the book store. I didn't find a curriculum there but Ethan found a really cool leap frog toy. Then we found Kirlands and they didn't have what I was looking for. I apparently got an early edition of the paper that had a bag for Office Max that anything you were able to put in it they would take 20%. So we decided to do some shopping there, did I mention that we got an early edition? So the we can't use it till tomorrow at least the store is holding the bag for us.
 We came home for lunch and the boys could take a nap. Preston woke up early and so I took him with me to a teachers store. I thought their curriculum was way over priced, every subject you had to buy individual. They have some really neat education toys that I haven't seen anywhere else not to mention they also offer Kindermusik there. Right next to the teacher's store there is an kids art studio so I picked up their fall schedule. Then we headed to Mardel they actually have a huge selection of teaching stuff. So I found a monthly curriculum and a yearly one that I picked up. They also had science stuff for preschoolers that I have not seen anywhere. While I was shopping Preston tried to take everything off the shelves. Then would scream when I told him no. There are no words to describe how embarrassed I was. I didn't want to just leave because I was almost done, but I did cut the shopping trip short. After the cashier told me the total it was a good thing that I didn't get to finish. Then we came back home because it was time for Ethan to wake up.

The boys had a snack and ran around for a little bit then my mom came over. We continued on our shopping adventure. We went to Hobby Lobby they didn't have anything that we needed. We loaded up in the van and were trying to figure out where to go next, Ethan informs me that he has to go potty!! Yikes. So I ran him back into the store and there was a potty success. Turns out that he didn't really need to go potty but on of the rewards he get to do is play games on my phone. He saw the phone because I was looking up directions for different stores. At least he let me know that he need to go and he actually went so I'll mark that as a success. Once Ethan and I got loaded back into the van, I decided that it was time to eat. So we got a quick bite and kept on trucking. I need to find a fake tree and a decorative table so that some part of my house will be decorated and not with kid stuff even if it is just the landing area upstairs. Then we headed to Michael's, success I have a tree!! It was only 17.99!! I was totally expecting to have to spend so much more than that. Right when we got in line to check out Ethan said something about poopies. I didn't quite understand what he said so I asked if he had some or need to make some. He told no he didn't need to go to the bathroom. So I just let it go because it was my turn to check out. Then we had an accident. My mom took him to the restroom while I finished up. Then we headed to the car to change clothes and unload the tree. On to World Market. They had several tables but Preston started freaking out so we decided to leave. Then I realized it was almost Preston's bedtime. He was out before we got home. My mom left and Ethan played with Play-Doh till his bedtime.
Did I mention that I hurt my ankle yesterday? I can't imagine why it is bothering me right now? I think tomorrow I might take it a little easier.

Josh's mom called and Susan is no longer with us. She was an amazing person and I better off for have known her. She was always so joyful and full of life. She will be greatly missed in this family. Susan Garret August 11, 1961 - August 14, 2010.

Friday the 13th

Lesson learned: Momma's need a break too!!

The boys just wanted to stay inside this morning. Which was fine with me because there were ants coming in from underneath the window sill this morning. So I did a massive amount of bug spraying. I think I found where they were coming in from and where there they were living. Josh laughed at me while I was spraying outside because a family of geckos came out and it made me jump. I also figured out that the reason the initial spraying didn't work was because there was a bunch of plastic bags underneath the bushes in the back yard. So I pull I think all of the bags out and sprayed again.

After Preston woke up from this morning nap we picked Josh up from work for lunch. Mark was kind enough to join our insanity for lunch. We ate at an amazing Greek restaurant. I can't remember the name right now but I think I've found a new favorite place to eat.

When we got home it was 1:30 an hour past Ethan's nap time and 30 minutes till Preston's nap. So I decided to put them down at the same time to get some stuff done around the house. Unfortunate it back fired and they kept each other a wake till 3:00. Then I was able to get some things around the house done. I let them sleep till about 5:00. The boys and I were picking up their room for a few minutes before it was time to leave. My ankle has been bugging me a little bit but when I was walking the boys down stairs to pick up Josh I heard a pop in my ankle and it is hurting now.
I ended up not picking Josh up till 6:00 and we just ate leftovers for dinner. I left to get my bridesmaid dress for Mark and Jen's wedding (Yes the same Mark that we had lunch with). I'm supper excited because the dress I order is a size 6 and it was a little loose on me. If I keep dropping the weight like I am then I might actually get back to my Disney size. Which just a month ago I didn't even think was even possible! I can say that staying at home I'm defiantly getting my exercise. I was wanting to go to a few other stores last night since Josh had the kids but two of the stores had closed, one was in the mall and I circled the parking lot for 45 minutes and couldn't find a parking spot!!! So I gave up on that store. Then the fourth place I couldn't even find. *sigh*

When I got home Josh and Ethan were watching Finding Nemo. So Ethan ended up not going to bed till about 9:00 last night.

Potty training update: Ethan is doing great.  The only accident we had was he told me that he needed to go, he got to the bathroom but before he could get his pants down he started going.

We did hear from Josh's mom about Susan. They cut off all of her medications except her pain stuff. So now it seems to be just a matter of time.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

 Lesson learned: Life is precious!!

Sorry that I didn't post yesterday. At about 3:00 pm yesterday we got an upsetting phone call. A close family friend has been given 6 to 12 hours by the doctors. As of last night she was stable but not improving. We haven't heard anything today.  We are trying to figure out when we should go to LA.

Update: She has a fungal infection in her blood which has put her in refractive septic shock. Because of her low white blood cell count, she has having extreme difficulty in fighting this infection and the outcome of her current status is doubtful at best. She is conscious but has difficulty talking due to dehydration.

Yesterday was pretty much like the two days before except we had swimming last night. We gave the girl whose birthday we missed on Saturday her birthday gift. We also gave a mom whose son is going to start at the daycare we just left so I gave her all of our uniforms and a bunch of diapers. She was super excited because that just saved her a ton of money and I was super excited because I got rid of a bunch of stuff that was just taking up space.

This morning Korri came over and helped me take the boys to story time at the library. We were about 15 minutes later then I was last week but there was still plenty of parking. We got to the door and there wasn't anyone there yet. Then I noticed a note on the door saying that there is no story time this week and there isn't going to be story time till September 14th. What??!! A month with no story time and they are going to be closed for a week starting on Tuesday. Sigh. Apparently, I wasn't the only mom that didn't get the memo. While we were waiting a couple other families came. Ethan can be the sweetest and most polite child when he wants to be. When the next mom came up Ethan was just saying please and thank you and being very helpful. I was starting to wonder if his body had been snatched or something. Then the library opened and he returned to his normal self.  At least Korri came was with me. So when the boys decided to run off in different directions there was someone to follow each of them. I do have to say the library has an amazing kids section. I did manage to get a library card today. Words can not describe how very grateful I am for Korri's help today. I think I would have pulled my hair out if she wasn't there.
Came home for lunch. Then the boys went down for naps at the same time. I'm still very torn about changing Preston's nap time to coincide with Ethan's. Right now it gives me a little alone time with each boy, but if they had the same nap time then we could go an do more during the day. I would also have more time to get things done around the house. Right now, we really need to be home from 10:00 till 3:30 for all the different naps. Right now just once a week for the boys to have the same nap time I think will be okay.
After the boys got up my parents came over for a little bit till it was time for me to pick up Josh. I have to say I love my oven! I can get food ready stick it in and tell the oven when to turn on, what temperature to cook at, and how long to cook. When it is done cooking the oven turns off. So that seems to really help with having dinner done at a decent time.
Ethan was all about daddy time, but for some reason Ethan forgot how to use the potty during that time and had three accidents!! He had been doing so great the last two days. The last time he went in the ball pit so Josh cleaned all the balls with bleach and water solution. So I was back to Ethan duty and he did fine again. So I don't know if he was just testing Josh to see if he would have the same consequences with Josh or if he was seeing if Josh would put him in Pull-ups again. Ethan still lost his TV time and play time on my phone and he didn't get pull-ups either.

A note on my two previous entries, basically all I was saying is this week it is really setting in that I'm a stay at home mom. That I really need to get on the ball and figure out a weekly schedule before the week starts and stick to it. I'm not talking about scheduling every minute of the day because I believe that unstructured play time is just as important as structured learning time. Right now the only time I feel comfortable with the boys being outside is before 10:00 if they are playing the water and 9:00 if they are just running around. We have had over 13 days of over 100 degrees. So in the next few weeks the highs should be lower and we can have outside time in the afternoon. Then we can spend the mornings doing lessons. Then again I still need to get them scheduled in different activities and yes I'll probably over schedule the boys. Then again both my boys have a ton of energy that they need to burn off.

Another lesson learned yesterday: When playing with play-doh if you roll the dough into a ball it is much easier to get out the next time you use that color. I was just have Ethan smash it into the container when he was done and I was having a hard time getting it back out.

Wednesday Pictures

After Swimming

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wash, rinse, repeat

Lesson learned: Frisco PD does not mess around!! I was driving home from dropping Josh off and was behind a cop when all the sudden his lights come on and he drives over the median and pulls someone over that was going the other direction. The part that killed me was their was a left turn lane coming up and I've never seen an officer drive over vegetation to pull someone over.

Today is apparently me feeling like I'm stuck in a couple of bad 80 movies. I started off feeling like I'm in Ground Hogs day. The boys and I did basically the same thing as we did yesterday.

Ethan had four accidents today. The first two were while he was playing outside. Another one was during nap time. Then the last one was my fault. When I left to pick Josh up I thought it was just going to be a quick 15 minute trip. I let the boys take their sippy cups with them. Once I got on the road I saw that I had a voice mail from the daycare they used to attend. The pictures I ordered were in. A long story short the 15 trip took over an hour. Ethan did use the restroom at the daycare when we got the pictures. He just couldn't hold it for me getting everyone drinks for dinner. I didn't take him to the restroom as soon as we came in the door.

I've read several things about potty training. One thing that I've seen several times that has bugged me each time is that the reason kids aren't potty trained as soon as they used to be is because the parents were the ones really trained. I'm not saying that isn't true but it is just a lot more convenient to use pull-ups then the cloth diapers of  yesterday. I think my mom was just more motivated to get us potty trained then I've been with Ethan. Ethan doesn't like his pants to be wet. So when I would let him have the accidents in his pants was when he started to use the toilet better. When he was at daycare I would work with him on the weekend but on Monday they would put him back in a pull up. So by Friday I was starting all over with him. Another thing about just having him in normal underwear it is making me pay more attention to his non-verbal cues.

This week it seems to finally be hitting me that I'm a stay at home mom. The first week that I was home I just felt like I was off work because the kids were still in daycare all day. Then last week I still felt like I was on vacation and the kids were just with me. This week my entire being is starting to realize that this is my life now. The other 80's movie reference is I feel like Mr. Mom when he first started staying home with the kids. I know that I will eventually get more comfortable taking the kids out and doing things on my own but I'm still very uncomfortable doing it. Another thing that I realized today, this is the longest that I've ever been with both of my kids. When I was on maternity leave I would spend a ton of time with my mom who has always been a ton of help. When I had Preston, Ethan still went to daycare everyday. I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be running all over town without a second thought about doing on my own.

On a lighter note, I saw an add for  soccer classes today. According to the add they start kids at 18 months just check the website for more details. I haven't checked the website yet but I'm excited. I also need to get the boys signed up for gymnastics and Ethan in the circus class. With swimming and story time it looks like we are going to have pretty full schedules this fall.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Week 2

Lesson learned: There is no singing during play-doh time!!

Hopefully this will be the last week that Josh is going to have to work on his side project. That means that I will have more computer time and will be able to edit my post before I post them.

We still haven't gotten the second car working yet. So I'm still having to drive him to and from work. After the boys and I got back from dropping Josh off, we played outside. Then we came in and picked up the books the boys pulled down while we were waiting for Josh to get ready. Preston had his nap and  I told Ethan that he could play with play-doh in the spare bedroom while Preston was down for a nap. Then I couldn't find the play-doh. At least there were boxes that were full of toys that kept him occupied till I remember where the play-doh was.

I let the boys sleep a little long for their afternoon naps. So after they woke up we played in the spare bedroom till it was time to pick Josh up. Ethan wanted Preston to take another nap so that he could play with the play-doh some more. After Josh got home, he and the boys put together the second alphabet floor that we got for the main play room. Josh didn't sleep last night so he was pretty wiped. So he put Preston done and he went to bed too. It was nice to have a quite evening.

Ethan only had two accidents today. He isn't fighting us anymore about using the potty. He loves to point out that he is a big boy. I just can't wait till he is doing it completely on his own.

Over the weekend, I came to the realization that I'm now a minivan driving housewife. *sigh* At least I'm not desperate, yet. What is up with the mom groups here? Really how hard is it to return a call? May be once I get the boys involved in classes I'll meet more moms. I need to do more to get a key for the community pool. I still need to find a curriculum. I figured just a couple of weeks off isn't going to hurt the boys. Preston's vocabulary has really blossomed in the bast couple of weeks. That is really exciting for me. Ethan was actually using the letters from the floor to build words. I just feel like I need to get more structure to our days. I did manage to keep the TV off all day. However, I only got two boxes unpacked. The hour and half  the boys are a sleep at the same time just isn't long enough to get everything done. There was a mountain of clothes and dishes from over the weekend. I've gotten caught up on those so maybe I'll get more unpacking done tomorrow.

Can I just take a second to mention how frustrating it is that Ethan's birthday is in September? I found a soccer league that actually does three-year-old, however they have to be three by September 1st. Then only thing that doesn't have my head completely exploding is that Ethan is so little that he would defiantly be the smallest guy on the team. So waiting a year won't be so terrible for him. Just anything for kids under three are mommy and me classes which a lot of them don't let you do two kids at the same time. Another thing is that Ethan has been taking classes for a year without me. I'm sure if I keep looking I'll find something.