Friday, June 29, 2012

Taking the crazy on the road!

My posting might be a little spotty for the next week or so. We are headed to a family reunion that is on the Fourth of July. I've been trapped (riding in the car with my wonderful family and parents) in the car for several hours (three hours last night and ten hours today). I love my family but seriously thirteen hours in a small confined space might start to fall into the area of cruel and unusual punishment. Better yet is our journey isn't over yet.

Things that I have learned are my mom isn't going to be tutoring my kids on geography, or map reading, or navigation, or geocaching. When my dad says that we need to get moving at 7:00am that doesn't mean getting out of bed at 7:00 he wanted to be on the road at seven. Oops. I guess that was just wishful thinking on my part. My boys can not share a bed. I can not share a bed with Preston. Preston wakes up at 2:00am and wants to play. Josh gets cranky if he is trying to nap and keeps getting bothered.

Ethan (trying to) pulling the cart down the hall.
Honestly the trip is going well so far. The kids are traveling extremely well. Thank goodness for electronics. We had picked up a Tom and Jerry movie and didn't let them see it till we were on the road. The boys just want repeating the movie, while they do other activities like color, look at books, and eat. I swear Ethan has already gained ten pounds and grown three inches since we left yesterday evening.

For some reason my dad hasn't let me drive yet. At this point I'm not up for driving again till the trip home.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Another boring day.

The kids don't believe that we are ever going to leave on our vacation. This morning we meet up with the moms group. Today's adventure was going to a new to us splash park and playground.

The afternoon was filled with couponing and packing for our trip.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nothing to exciting.

We are about to head out on vacation. Today was spent planning and getting things together. Today Ethan asked if we were ever going to really on vacation or not.

I'm trying not to be completely absorbed with getting ready for the trip. Today we headed to the movie theater to join the mom's group to see Kung Fu Panda 2. We arrived super early which turned out to be good. I was able to save enough seats for everyone. I felt kind of like a jerk because people would come up to the seats and realize they were being saved. I was so thankful once everyone arrived.

I was going to take the boys to the Discovery Sci-tech center after naps. After naps they just wanted to stay at home and play with blocks.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Another crazy day

Today the boys and I checked out the Monday show the library has. Today the Slick Juggler preformed. The boys sat still and was really watching when the performer was juggling. During the other parts of the show the boys were wiggly and I didn't think they were really paying attention. Tonight during baths Ethan told Josh every detail of the show. Wow he really was watching.

After how crazy the mall was during their free performance on Thursday, I figured it was going to be a mad house. Not nearly as crazy as the mall because there were going to be five shows today.  I asked Korri if she wanted to join us. Korri was up for a free show. Turns out I was right about the crazy. The show started at 10:30 tickets started getting handed out at 10:00. I got there just a few minutes before 10:00 and I wasn't sure we were going to get to see the first show. Thank goodness several people in front of us wanted tickets for later in the day.

I left for cirque fit classes a couple of minutes early. The extra time that I had was quickly lost by the accident that happened several miles in front of me. I was stuck in traffic for almost an hour for a distance that normally takes about 15 minutes. When I finally arrived to class there was only fifteen minutes left. At one point I was thinking about just heading back home but the traffic in the other direction was just as bad.

Even though the class was short it was well worth it.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday Funday!

This morning we woke up and hit the ground running. Rushing to get ready for church. It has been a couple of months since we have attended. The church has a homey fell to it but there is something that we just not perfect for us. Neither one of us can put our finger on what it is that we don't like but there is just something. I think it like when you are looking at houses. You really like the first one that you walk into but you are afraid to comment to it until you have check out other houses and realize that it is the perfect home after all.

Then it was off to my parent's home. The boys were showing grandma all of the love. Preston sat in her lap for the longest period of time since he was just a few months old. Ethan had her sit with him and show her things on Josh's kindle fire. Normally when grandma leaves it is like pulling teeth to get the boys to tell her by. Today it was a different story, they came to the door and gave her nice hugs and kisses. It just melted my heart to see how loving they were being to her.

My mom and I ran to the mall to check out a couple of semi-annual sales. While we were shopping my mom had me call to tell my dad. (I don't know why she didn't just call) To inform him there was a mystery container in the freezer. She thinks it is a lasagna but wasn't sure. But that was going to be our dinner tonight. She had forgotten about the mystery container until it fell out on her earlier in the week and thought it would be perfect for tonight. *sigh* I'm so looking forward to dinner tonight!

When we got home we found out the mystery container was lasagna (my favorite, NOT!!). After dinner we headed to out to the pool. I could tell when it was past 8:00 because the boys started to get ornery.

Hey papa, I've got more noodles than you!!
Great the boys were up late tonight so tomorrow should be interesting. I see cranky boys in my future.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Gee, why am I tired?

Saturday we started off by going to see Brave. I think it is the first Disney/Pixar princess movie and they nailed it. I can't wait till it comes out on DVD.

We messed around at the mall for a little bit than headed home for food and naps. While the boys were napping I headed to the library. I returned six books then wandered the library. It was like a mini vacation. I got to sit on the forth floor over looking Frisco Square with a book. There were no interruptions and it was so quite. I think I could stay up there for hours. Then I realized that I had a million things that I needed to do at home and had to move on.

I went to check out and my account was locked because it said that I had an over due book out. What to the wha?? Doubled checked everything when I left the house and counted the books as I put it in the book return slot. I spoke to what it felt like a million people (or three) to finally get them to over ride the system so that I could check out my current books. When I got to my car I saw the missing book sticking out from under the front seat. *sigh* I headed back inside and apologized but was very grateful the book was found.

When the boys woke up it was time to head back out. This time we took the boys to my parent's home so they could have some fun in the sun with my parents while Josh and I headed to a going away party. One of Josh's close friend from high school is moving to South Dakota.

When we got back to my parent's home, Ethan had kept asking where grandma was. I asked if he missed her and he said yes. We told him that we would see her tomorrow. He said okay but you could tell he was a little disappointed.

The boys loved being spoiled by my parents. My parents loved spoiling the boys.

Friday, June 22, 2012

I think the DRAMA is OVER!

Okay, I hope the drama is over. Our air conditioner is working better than ever!

Today the boys and I spent a lot of time outside. After the AC repair man left we headed to a splash park. I let the boys take their water guns. After naps, the boys wanted to go outside and play with their water guns some more. I also took out the bowl and the sponges. The boys were entertained for hours. Who knew a bowl of water could be so much fun? I was having issues with the water hose. I also couldn't find the air pump. The boys didn't seem to care they were having a blast with the sponges and water guns.

After dinner the boys wanted to go outside again. More water guns and sponges.
Ethan using the sign as target practice.

Look mom I'm watering the weeds!

Who knew you could get so wet from a bowl of water?

Hello? Can you hear me now?

Mom, could you find a smaller pool???

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now what??

The gate is finished. I'm no longer part zombie.

I actually ventured out of the house today. Today we headed to the movie theater to see Rio. We own the movie and the kids watch it fairly regularly but I have not ever really watched it. I can't believe how much my boys LOVE going to the movie theater.

The fun continues around our house. Now we are having air conditioning problems. Yay! Hopefully it will be fixed tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

For crying out loud it is just a fence!!

Years ago, I had just finished my freshman year of college and had moved back in with my parents for the summer. My parents had just gotten new neighbors and the neighbors hired me for a summer job at a photography studio. I was so thankful not to have to flip burgers for the summer I jumped at the opportunity. Things were great! Then the adults decided that the fence they shared needed to be replaced. And so the nightmare began. It felt like it took the entire summer for that fence to be completed. I would go to work and have to hear about it. Then I would get home and hear even more. The city got dragged in to the fight and had to measure the fence several times a day. Then there were arguments that the spot used to measure was a kicked up pile of dirt or a little valley. Needless to say my parents and the neighbors didn't speak much after the fence was built.

Fast forward to today, in our yard we have two shared fences. We replaced one side earlier this year with a neighbor we hardly speak to. He did the work and only wanted to be compensated for half of the materials. He did it in two days and it looks wonderful. Now we are doing the fence on the side of the neighbors we really like. We like so much that we are having a gate installed so we can just go back and forth between the yards.

Since, I've been on my death bed for the last couple of days I haven't really paid any attention to the fence that was going up. The boys have been playing spies and been watching the fence being built. It is so cute they have been running around with their binoculars watching. Today they were working on the front gate so I opened another window for them to watch from. The boys kept running back and forth between the windows trying to figure out where the best view of the action was.

During nap time, I was cleaning up the playroom a little and I noticed my front section and I wasn't happy. I went out and talked to the contractor to see if he could fix it. He basically told me no. I told him that I'm not happy with how it looks and would rather have my contractor come out and finish it. I didn't have a chance to talk to my neighbor but the contractor did.

I asked Josh to stop at the store on the way home to pick up some cake or something. I would have made cupcakes but I didn't want them to catch the plague that I currently have. When Josh got to the store he called to find out what exactly he was suppose to pick up.

Josh: I don't see any cakes that say I'm sorry that I ticked off your contractor. What is the protocol for something like this?

Me: I haven't seen Miss Manners ever tackle a situation like this. I guess there isn't a protocol. Just pick out something you would like.

Josh: Ohh, there is a lemon pie.

Me: (I involuntarily puckered) Do you think they like lemons?

Josh: How about a large swiss roll looking thing.

Me: Perfect!

As soon as Josh got home I pulled him outside to look at the gate to get his opinion. He didn't like it either. Actually it looks better now because they took down some of the boards that stair stepped. I'm still not loving it.

We were just about to head over when our door bell rang. Yup it was the neighbors. Thank goodness they are so relaxed. They just didn't want us upset. Man, I have the greatest neighbors ever!!

As a side note we took the boys to a park. Ethan and Preston have been cooped up for the last few days. They haven't been able to play outside because the fence has been down. I haven't been able to take them anywhere.

I love the fact there is all this playground equipment and the boys are just digging in the dirt.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A little less Zombie..

I'm feeling a little more human like today. I figured today was a huge success because I was able to sit up most of the day instead of laying down. I was even able to get the boys dressed today. Which was good because tonight was a fundraiser for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Thank goodness the boys were on their best behavior and actually ate dinner. While I was there I realized how lucky I am. Yes, I've been sick but this will pass in just a few days and I have 100% chance of recovery. There are so many people who are battling for their life. Just because they go into remission doesn't mean they are out of the woods.

Still working on the fence.

Best show ever! I guess watching the fence is better then watching TV

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Zombie has returned!!

All the really awesome drugs the ER had me on has worn off. At least I'm not living in the restroom anymore. The boys were really sweet this morning. They were really calm and cooperative. It also helps that the neighbor is replacing the fence so they sat and watched the action for most of the day.

During nap time I think I'm the only one that slept. At least the boys stayed in their room and were quite so I could sleep.
Mom can I just live on this chair?

Who knew watching a fence could be so entertaining?

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day

This year I thought it would be fun the theme father's day for Josh. This year's theme is Super Dad! He got a super hero card and some super dad cake ball that were inspired by Bakerella.
Via Bakerell

My blue balls didn't come out as nice as her did but I was impressed for my first attempt.

Super Dad making chocolate Super Dad emblems.

Nailed IT!!

Nothing says Happy Father's day like a bunch of blue balls.
 Josh also got a Kindle Fire. I was going to wrap it in Spider man wrapping paper but since I either at Care Now or the ER for most the day his present didn't get wrapped.

Apparently, I caught a really nasty stomach virus. The drugs they gave me at the hospital were awesome and I didn't feel like a complete zombie when I got home.

My parents and brother picked me up from the hospital. When we got home Preston was napping and Ethan was hyper because if he stopped moving he would have fallen asleep. Everyone dug into the cake balls. Ethan didn't really eat his until my mom started calling them energy balls, then Ethan couldn't get enough of them.

My dad, brother, and Josh all went to the movies. Leaving me and my mom with the boys. I was so thankful my mom stayed behind because I don't think I could have taken care of Ethan and Preston in my current semi zombie state. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Another playdate!

This morning, I meet up with the moms group at Chuck E. Cheese. The boys have been there several times but I've never EVER dared to take them on my own. I wasn't sure how it was going to work especially when they went in two directions as soon as we walked into the door. Thank goodness when we first arrived there were only two other moms in the entire building. So it was easy to keep an eye on them. I quickly learned just give them one token at a time. At first I was having a hard time getting Preston to take his tickets after he was done with a game. Then he learned how to work the ticket counter machine and that solved that problem.

After four hours of the kids running around, I decided it was time to go. I think they would have kept going but I thought they needed naps.

Aunt Monkey I'm getting prepared to kick your butt when I see you!

Getting ready for my road trip.

I think the car is going to be faster than this horse.
 After dinner, Josh set up the bounce house and we were all having a great time. The boys decided they needed water. Josh and I were lounging in the bounce house when I realized there was another child in our yard. Oh that is right I had invited the neighbors over. I guess we should get out of the bounce house and let the kids play in it.

Mom I got your phone and figured out how to take pictures!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why do I do this to myself???

I don't know that I was thinking when I planned today. Seriously? Story time, Science demonstrations, and a baseball game.

We arrived at the library with time to turn in our books then go upstairs and get inline for story time. Or so I thought. The library ran out of tickets two people in front of me. Ugh. If I hadn't of returned my books first we would have been able to actually go to story time. One of the moms in the mom group that I'm apart of reminded me that there was a meet up today at a near by park and she was going to check it out after story time. I loaded the boys back up and headed to the park. Since I was planning on being inside I wasn't dressed for the heat. When I first pulled into the parking lot I counted at least four different day cares that buses at the park. Thank goodness they were in the splash park or eating and not in the actual playground. The boys were having a great time till another kid threw sand in Preston's eyes. Thank goodness I was able to wash his face in the near by water fountain. He seems fine now.

A quick bite to eat t hen we headed to Willow Bend Mall. Every Thursday the mall is having a some sort of performance. The only reason that I knew about it was a couple of weeks ago when I used the mall's stroller they gave me a brochure about it. I figured there wouldn't be that many people there. I was so wrong!!
I think next week we will arrive a little earlier than right when the program starts. Maybe an hour to two early to get a seat. When the boys were really getting into the science demo, Preston needed to go potty. When he was done the show was over. *sigh* I guess I'm just a dollar short and a day late today.

After naps it was time to head to the baseball game. During the last game Josh promised to get the boys another glove. I had forgotten this promise till the boys reminded me on the way to pick Josh up. Well crap on a stick we are once again running late and now I have to stop at the store. I did a quick run into Target and found the cheapest and smallest glove they had. Then rushed over to pick up Josh. When we were pulling into the parking lot I was starting to question if there was even a game tonight. Then we realized the game didn't actually start for another hour. Oops. At least we weren't late for the game.
Why can't we go in yet?? We are early to something? Huh, I didn't think that was possible.

Cotton Candy RULES!!

Seriously mom I'm a teenager, I just look like a four year old.

Go Rough Riders!!

I'm trapped please save me!

What are you doing mom?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I really need to start checking out the weather.

One of the moms in the group was talking about a beach in Little Elm on Lake Louisville. I told my mom about it and we decided to check it out today. My mom spent last getting all of their beach gear together. This morning we woke up to rain. The rain had stopped but showed another line of showers headed our way.

We figured that we would go ahead and check out the beach to see if it would be worth going back another day.
Looks like beach weather to me.
It was almost lunch when started headed to the beach. We stopped and picked up food and had a picnic at the park.

Then it was time to check out the beach. Shocking when we arrived it we were the only people there. The sun came out and we had a great time. The beach itself is kind of small. We were able to set up right next to the beach on some grass. It was nice our towels and blanket weren't completely full of sand. Thank goodness the sun came out. We had a great time. About four o'clock the clouds started looking angry. By the time we got everything loaded up it started sprinkling on us. We were able to get home before any weather came. When I checked the weather the storm was just south of us and in my mom's way to get home. She decided to stay for dinner and let the bad weather past. Turns out the storm was very nasty and dropped a ton of hail the size of tennis balls.
It is so crowded I don't know if we will find a spot to set up.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Another busy day.

Ugh! This morning I was running late and of course the boys weren't listening. Really?? Kids I'm trying to get us out the door so that you can have some fun! Stop playing and get your shoes on. Wait, I think I might be missing the point. At any rate the boys got their shoes on and we finally got out the door and loaded up. Today's adventure was going to the Summer Movie Club and seeing Happy Feet 2. Walking into the movie theater the boys saw the Madagascar 3 posters and wanted to see that movie again. You just saw the movie on Saturday. Man, the kids have been seeing a lot of movies lately.

This evening we meet up with Josh's dad to celebrate his birthday and mine. I wanted something different and kid friendly. How about Magic Time Machine? Josh loved the idea. I texted Josh's dad my idea and it was the fastest response ever! I didn't even have a chance to set the phone done after sending the message, before a yes showed up on my phone.

When we arrived I thought my boys heads were going to explode. Normally when we go to restaurants they get their leapfrog Explores out and just play games till the food arrives. I tried to get the games out while we were waiting but the boys wouldn't have any part of it. They just wanted to see everything and all of the different characters. Then they saw Superman and Captain America!  I think next time we go we are going to have the boys dress up.
Superman. "Boys this table seems to be in good hands."

And this was the quite part of dinner.

Look mom I have a balloon.

I've got to check out more of this restaurant.

 I forgot to post pictures of the awesome necklace that Josh got me for my birthday.