Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Another day. busy and crazy!

 I don't know why Josh and I stayed up till 2:30am but I was starting to feel sore and just couldn't drag myself  to bed.
When I woke up this morning my muscles still weren't happy but it was time for soccer. There are two brothers in the class that were wrestling each other. Preston wanted to join in and the younger brother didn't want to have any part of wrestling with Preston. Then Preston kept trying to wrestle the other kids in the class. It got so bad that I put Preston into time out and he actually calmed down and was sitting and waiting his turn. The older brother came up and started to mess with Preston. Preston got riled up again. Ugh. The rest of the time I kept Preston away from the older child and the two brothers kept wrestling and Preston kept wanting to join in. I was so glad when Preston's soccer class was over so I could just sit. I had just gotten Preston comfortable in the stroller with his snacks, juice, and toys the coach informed the parents today is kids teach the parents day. *sigh* The coach said that I could sit out but Ethan just looked so sad that all the other parents were on the field and I wasn't. I moved Preston on the field. Preston was happy to just sit and play the games on my phone. Ethan loved that I was able to do the soccer class with him like I normally do with Preston. Towards the end of the class Preston started joining in. Man I'm worn out after running around playing soccer for two hours. The boys fell asleep very quickly for their naps.

For dinner, I phoned it in and we went to McDonalds. We let the boys run around till it was time for swimming. In Ethan's class there was a new trainee, there was one point that he was suppose to help Ethan roll onto his back. The trainee didn't do it correctly and Ethan ended up getting a mouth full of water. Ethan left the class about half way through the class to use the restroom and refused to return to the class. Preston tore his class up! He was having so much fun and just doing everything the teacher asked him to do.

Sorry there aren't more soccer pictures.

Mom I need my hair cut! Seriously you can put it in a ponytail!

Look I have eyes!

Wow mom I can see now that the hair isn't in my eyes.

I've got some serious kickers!

Just chillin'

At home with no car! I went a little nuts!

This morning the boys didn't want to get up but Preston had speech therapy this morning. I tried to get Ethan to change out of his pajamas and he informed me that he was wanting to sleep longer and needed to stay in his sleeping clothes.

When the speech therapist arrived Ethan wasn't liking that Preston was getting all of the attention. He started to act up, so I gave Ethan some Play-Doh to keep him distracted for a little while. Thank goodness that worked. Preston and the therapist were looking at some books when I came back over to see what they were doing. Then the opened a book that I had read to Preston just a few days ago. There was a dead gecko in the middle of it. I was mortified, I tired to keep my composure as I disposed of the body, I'm debating on tossing the book too.

After the therapist left the boys and I were playing then Ethan started asking for cupcake. I found a recipe for banana and peanut butter chip muffins. That would be perfect because I have a couple of bananas that were just about to turn. I didn't have the peanut butter chips so I just used chocolate chips. The boys were excited to be kitchen helpers. I gave the each a small bowl with marshmallows and chocolate chips to "stir". I know I'm awful to let them think they are helping but really are just filling up on junk.

After making the "cupcakes" I was trying to get pictures of the boys looking at them baking in the oven.  Preston saw my phone and just wanted to play the puzzle game on the phone. Then Ethan joined in wanting to play games on the cellphone. I set a timer and was making them alternate who had the phone. Ethan was so sweet when his time was up and when Preston got upset Ethan calmed him down. Ethan made my heart melt seeing what a great big brother he can be. As a reward I let Ethan play some big boy toys. Ethan asked for the marble races but I also brought down the kids electronics set. Ethan decided to play with the electronics set. One of the experiments was to make a helicopter. Ethan loved pressing the button and making the helicopter fly off. He also liked pushing the button to make the circuit sing. Man where were toys like this when I was a kid?

I know that I'm exposing the  boys to very complicated things at a very young age but at this point it is all about just introducing the boys to different things so when they are older it is just going to be second nature to them. Josh and I both want the boys to know that they can achieve anything they want to. We would love for the boys to be like the cartoon characters Phineas and Ferb from the Disney channel. If you are not familiar with the cartoon. Phineas and Ferb are two step brothers who just want to make each day of summer the best day ever for them and their friends. They end up making crazy contraptions and going on zany adventures because the sky is the limit (in one episode it was the universe) on what they are able to create and do. One of the books Josh and I have read is Outliners by Malcolm Gladwell. He discusses that 10,000 of an activity is the magic number to make someone great at that activity.

I guess I'm very tried and am just rambling. The afternoon I we tried to play in the water outside but it was just to hot!! I have no idea what the high was today but even being soaked it was still uncomfortably hot.
Please let us just sleep!!
I saw this on TV and wanted to try it!

look it is on my nose

I'm building circuits!

Mommy you are making me a NERD!!!

This is a lot of fun!

My swimsuit is trying to run away. Please help!!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

This morning we let the boys sleep in. At 9:30 I peeked my head in the boys rooms to make sure they were still out. Preston was snoring. Then I checked on Ethan, he was laying in bed with his eyes opened. When he saw me he didn't say good morning or can I get up. He said, "Momma, I just peed in my bed." Sigh, my only thoughts were this is going to be a fun day. I rushed him to the bathroom then we went back and changed his sheet.

Preston slept till I woke him up at 11:15. We just played around the house. I put the boys down for a nap later than normal just because they slept in so late this morning, but I didn't want to completely skip naps because I didn't want them to be cranky during circus class. When Ethan got into his bed he was upset that he didn't have his spider-man sheet but Toy story sheet. He was also upset that he didn't have his million blankets on the bed too. Eventually he fell asleep.

I let the boys sleep to the very last second before we needed to leave for Cirque class. Ethan once again had another accident in his bed. It is odd that he had one accident but I don't think he has ever had two accidents in one day in his bed that one wasn't on purpose. When Ethan woke up he said that he didn't want to go to cirque class. Anyone who has seen Ethan in the past month knows how much he loves cirque class because that is all he wants to talk about. I knew he was still tired. Once we go in the car he was excited to be going.

Aerial yoga kicked my butt today. I'm amazed how much better I feel  and how toned my body is getting after just four classes. I really think that I'm going to loose those last five pounds that have been hanging on. I kept sneaking peeks at the boys and they were just so adorable in their class.