Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mr. Mom

Today Stacey isn't feeling well so I took over mom duties. Which includes writing the blog.

And so, Stacey had been planning to take the boys to the Frisco Discovery Center since they hadn't been out of the house in a couple of days. The boys enjoyed the sports exhibit with sanctioned throwing and tennis ball cannon. We actually got to play the virtual reality game, it's usually too busy.

After nap time we ventured to the local playground. It's funny that this is the first February with "normal" Texas weather. Ethan's been out in the snow around this time the last two years.

Look ma, I'm throwing and not getting in trouble.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Reality Show??

Last night after I finished blogging, I watched one of my reality TV shows. You know those shows that you never admit to really watching. Then all the sudden there were people I recognized!! A couple of girls from Cirque Fit classes!

Tonight night before class started, I had to ask just to make sure it I wasn't just imagining things. It turns out my eyes didn't deceive me. I was right two members of the Dallas Cirque Troupe preformed during the combine sweet 16 party on Big Rich Texas.

I'm such a junkie for Dallas based reality TV. I'm so excited that Dylan and Kimberly are doing such an amazing job. I can't believe that it was almost two years ago that I meet them while I was rushing in the daycare to pick up Ethan and Preston. I instantly fell in love with the idea of having Ethan learning how to juggle and spin plates. Then almost a year ago Ethan remembered how much he loved Circus class from daycare. Just to see how much success they have had in the past year. I really hope their classes and their cirque troupe continues to grow. Then again I really hope that in September Ethan will get asked to join the kids troupe.

In class today the boys were working on hula hoops and plate spinning. When we came home I harassed Josh that by the end of summer the boys are going to be better at hula hooping then he is. Actually I think Ethna might be better than Josh already. I have never meet someone who couldn't get the hoop around at least a couple of times. I really just need to get video of Josh's inability to hula hoop.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Just another Sunday

This morning started off really rough. I just couldn't wake up. However, I have the best husband in the world and he let me sleep in. Then again he did keep coming in to "check on me" which involved waking me up.

After a strong cup of coffee, I was feeling much better. When I finally started moving it was to late to attend church.

Then we just loaded up and headed to my parent's home. Ethan spent most the time playing his leapfrog Explorer. Preston had a  backpack full of bouncing light up balls.

My mom had prepared a roast. That was wonderful. Then it was time for naps. Preston cried a little but wento  to sleep. Then it was time for Ethan to take his nap and he wasn't having any part of it. Ethan woke up Preston thinking that would make nap time over for him. Preston was cranky for the next couple of hours but wouldn't fall back asleep. Ethan kept messing around so he wouldn't fall asleep either. I gave up trying to force them to sleep. The afternoon all they wanted to was run around, they wouldn't fall asleep.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

I guess my summer is full

Last year Josh and I checked out a summer camp fair. It was very overwhelming and I don't think I ever did really process any of the information I picked up that day. Ethan ended up not attending any of the camps that we looked at. This is a new year and a new fair.

There were more camps at the fair this year, but it didn't seem so massive. Josh swears that there were more camps represented. We even had the kids with us this year. I was really worried about the kids getting bored. Turns out that they were really excited about the idea of going to camp this summer. The boys let us know what they were interested in. It was funny there were a few booths they dragged us to and we would have to point out the next booth we wanted to check out. Then we would be dragged off again. Once the boys saw the bounce houses it was over. The boys didn't care about camps anymore. Josh took the boys to the bounce house and I was able to talk to the different camps without interruption. What has me really excited is that there are several camps that Ethan and Preston can attend and don't have to be in the same class.

Now I'm trying to figure out what I could do with my day while I have three hours to myself. Then again most of the camps are an hour away. I guess that will only leave me an hour of alone time. I guess driving four hours for one hour of alone time is a little excessive. Then again I have to actually figure out what camp is when and what other activities we already have planned. Seriously?? It is only February and I'm about to have my summer completely planned. I was thinking about having Preston only have one camp and Ethan do one a month. After seeing all the great camps I might have to rethink my master plan for the summer. Then again I haven't really thought about who, where, when and there is traffic. Plus the whole when I actually get around to registering for the camp if it is still available or not. I guess we will see what actually happens.

Note about yesterday's blog. The bug guy has been release from the hospital. The doctor's were able to tell him a lot of what wasn't wrong but couldn't say what is causing the pain.

Friday, February 24, 2012

I'm bad luck!

This morning the bug guy was suppose to come by. While I was waiting Korri wanted to know if she could stop by. It was getting to be about 10:30 and I hadn't heard from the bug guy. When Korri showed up she was all upset because someone had just side swiped her. While she was telling me what happened, the phone rang. The bug guy was calling to inform me that he was on his way but decide that he needed to go to the ER instead. Turns out he was having a sharp pain in his side that started to radiate down his side.

I'm glad that nobody else is planning on coming over today. I was actually afraid to go anywhere. Oh when my parents left last night they took our vehicle so a real mechanic could check it out and make sure the tire place actually fixed the steering column. When my mom wanted to us meet her to exchange cars I thought that was a wonderful idea.

Because of today's events I've started to write a short story about it in my head. I think maybe at some point I'll actually write it down. Right now, the story is very flat and has a lot of grammar errors.

Did you miss me??

Okay I didn't blog yesterday, which was a total shame because I had a lot to blog about. Part of me was to upset, part of me was excited, and another part of me was just to tired. The tired part of me won out. I'm sorry.

Recap: Preston almost made me have a panic attack. I went to check on him before I went to bed and he wasn't anywhere to be found. Tuns out that he had fallen asleep under a chair in his room. Silly me for not looking there first.
The van was still broken and the shop couldn't get the part in till today. Another day stuck at the house, I thought I was about to climb the walls but my friend Jen saved me and took me shopping. Our first stop was at Dillard's where I picked up over $600 worth of clothing for $128. While I was shopping I was trying to carry so much clothing that I kept dropping things. Finally a sales associate came over and took my pile off my hands so I could keep on shopping.
Such a shame that I couldn't find anything during a the sale. Dillards had an additional 40% off any permanently reduced clearance items for cardholders. Some of the clearance items were already marked down 65%. My mom also had a 10% off coupon that was only valid with her card. Thank goodness my mom let me use her card because she also wanted me to pick up a couple of things for her but couldn't get to the store.

After I got home and went to check on the boys this time I almost stepped in Preston because he was laying between the door and the foot of his bed. *sigh* I don't know why the last few days he was been sleeping in weird places again.

Today I was stuck at home again today. Which was very inconvenient because I had a million things I could have been doing for the Wine tasting and silent auction that Josh was hosting tonight. I was at the point where I was going to load up the kids with sugar and walk them over to the shop the car is in. Then let the boys have free range in the lobby. Before I unleashed the terrible tornadoes, I called to see how much longer it was before the vehicle was going to be done. Good thing I called because they were almost done so there wasn't any need to unleash the boys on the shop.

The afternoon was all about getting ready for the auction and wine tasting. My parents were late coming over to watch the kids. Josh was late from picking up the food. I was running late because my printer started messing up. I had all the action sheets done, but I couldn't get the credit card information pages to print. We decided to just take a computer and let people who only had credit cards fill out the form online and not have us actually mess with their credit card information.

The guy that runs the wine tasting was a ton of fun. He had us all cracking up. Jen told me she was afraid that it was going to be a stuffy affair but was glad that the whole wine tasting was so laid back. It had been bugging me that I had heard about this winery before and couldn't remember why then it hit me that it was the winery two of the people from the show Most Eligible Dallas had a date at after winning the date at a charity event.  I'm such a reality TV junkie especially for shows that are around Dallas. Anyways back to the fundraiser Josh raised over $500. He is still a little short of his total fundraising goal you can always check out his fundraising page.

Pictures of the boys causing a ruckus!

The only time the exercise bike get used.

When the boys decide it is a rocket.
Today the weather was beautiful outside. I let the boys run around. Ethan started screaming and I told him to use his inside voice but that was an epic fail. His response was but I'm not inside so I CAN use my outside voice. *sigh* Um can't really argue with that one.

Mommy's happy juice!
The winery guy was totally amused that we took a picture of the label but I didn't want to forget what wine I wanted to buy while we were there. However this was the only wine we didn't buy. See the above picture.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Carless :-(

My car is in the shop. Turns out something on the wheel was loose and it has leaking shocks. Josh took it to a tire place and they didn't let us know till almost 5:00 so we couldn't take it to a real mechanic today. Josh was on his way to it up and he got a call saying the shop broke the shifter. The lever is just hanging on the steering column. They called the dealer to get a new part but it had already closed. I guess we will get it back tomorrow.

The boys and I had a quite day at home. The boys spent a lot of the day playing with cars and their leap pads.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Love random federal holidays!

Why do I love random federal holidays because it is a great reason for stores to have sales. Today I headed to Kohl's I bought five items that cost $22.68 and saved  $109.05. I want to kick myself because I was a bad couponer and left my coupon at home otherwise I could have saved anther four dollars. *sigh*
Then it was off to Dillard's and I wasn't really that impressed with their sale. We overheard an unconfirmed rumor that Wednesday is going to be a much better sale.

Then it was off to Carters and OshKosh B'gosh. Carter's had buy one get one free sale and I had a coupon for 20% off your total purchase of $40 or more. I thought I was going to really clean up. Then came the exclusions. The clearance items were excluded from the coupon and the sale. *sigh* but I still picked up four tops and spent $23.77.

At OshKosh B'gosh, they had a good sale too. What caught my eye was there clearance had an extra 20% off. I picked up a pair of overalls, a shirt, and a hat all for $10.47
The boys were great during the shopping trip. They had their leapfrog toys and just chilled.
Then I was taking my mom to her car and hear a popping noise and the car started driving rough. I have no idea what is going on. Josh was going to take it to the shop tonight but it was closed by the time he got home. First thing in the morning Josh is going to drop it off.

I didn't feel comfortable driving to Cirque Fit classes tonight. The boys were sad they didn't get to go but my luck a wheel would have fallen off in the middle of rush hour.
I love my new hat mom!!

My GQ pose

mom try my hat on

I'm off to travel the world!

I've fallen and can't get up!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Church and cookies

This morning I woke up because Preston was climbing in bed with me. I thought that Josh was laying next to me so I put Preston between us and rolled back over and started to go back to sleep. Preston however realized that Ethan was the one really laying next to me, and decided it was time for Ethan to wake up. It took me a second to remember that Josh really left to meet up with his running group. Well crap on a stick. Thank goodness he told me that he was going to run a short route and would be back in time for us to go to church. When I called Josh to figure out how much longer he was going to be, I was informed that he was actually running ten miles. Which meant that I was on my own with the kids this morning.

I managed to get us all ready and to church only a couple of minutes late. If I wasn't as mature and in a rush I might have stopped to do an I did it dance. Okay, it was more of rushing to get to the sanctuary than being mature.

There was a moment this morning that I really thought about not going to church but the boys love going so much that I just didn't think it would be right.

We had some time between church and heading to my parent's home. Ethan decided that was the perfect time to start beating up Preston.
Momma, Ethan hurt me.
 Okay the picture looks a million times worst than what the injury actually is. I just didn't have any small band-aids. Ethan scratched Preston with a toy next to his nose. At first it looked like Preston's nose was bleeding and I couldn't tell where the blood was coming from. Once the injury got cleaned up the spot that was bleeding is the size of a pin head.

Mrs. Pattie trying to tell the boys bye while they were watching a movie.

Mommy we aren't tired!!!
Ethan is wanting to start playing soccer again.
 My Girl Scout cookies arrived today!!! This year I actually didn't buy as many as I normally do, which gave us the opportunity to donate more to the troops.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I probably shouldn't be blogging.

This morning Josh left like normal to meet up with his running group and the boys invaded my bed. Sometimes the boys will fall back to sleep but not this morning. The boys just wanted to watch Saturday morning cartoons. As soon as we got to the living room and got the boys settled, Josh came home. I was shocked that Josh was home so early. Turns out the trainers were afraid that a bad storm was on its way. Josh wanted to head to Target and I wanted to head to Toys R Us.

Target had storage bins and movies on sale. Toys R Us had nerf, board games, color wonder, and Leap Frog on sale. I had coupons for Nerf guns, board games, and Crayola's color wonder. For President day's if you spend thirty dollars on Crayola then you got an additional ten dollars off. If we hadn't of bought the Leap Frog items we would have killed it at Toys R Us.

I didn't have time to relish in the savings. I had to start getting ready for game night that Josh and I were hosting tonight. We had decided to order food for tonight. I had cleaned earlier this week. Josh and I did some touch up cleaning.

We played several games but the funniest was Pictionary Man.

This is going to be bad, very very bad.

What are were you thinking.

Josh seriously you can't tell what this is??

Josh you  need to learn how to draw man.

Can you tell what this is? A tramp stamp aka tattoo.
Jessica Rabbit

Friday, February 17, 2012

A boring Friday

This morning I was dragging again, and just feeling off. It didn't hit me till after I feel asleep while the boys were napping that I hadn't taken an iron pill in a few days. Once the the iron got into my system I perked right up.

The rest of the afternoon we spent running around and playing different toys. At one point the boys were happy to entertain themselves.

This evening we had a movie night and watched Lady and the Tramp. I realized that I have never actually seen the movie before.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Legoland can kiss off!!

I am so mad! In case you don't know we have annual pass for Legoland in Grapevine, Texas. We have been there several times. I figured this morning should be a slow day for them. Other than the elementary school that was there it was empty. I think there were maybe ten other kids in the entire place. They had the school broken into three different groups and they were cycling through the different attractions. Today the boys decided that they wanted to actually ride one of the rides, it was our first time to actually ride it. The boys had a good time but didn't want to do it again. Then we wandered to the other parts. At the time the school was in Ethan favorite part so I kept them busy in other areas. Finally the school had cycled out of the play structured. Ethan and Preston took off their shoes and headed in. However the person working the gate wouldn't let them in. She informed me that they changed the rules two days ago and they were to little to go in. According to her the bigger kids were hurting the little ones. I have see the play structure packed and I could see that happen. However there was only one child in the entire play structure and she was only 42'' tall. She walked in right before the boys tried to enter and was still standing at the gate because she didn't understand why her brother couldn't join her. The new height requirement is 40'' and Ethan measured in just below the line. The mom of the little girl was shocked that Ethan wasn't going to be allowed in. So I spoke to a manager and he informed me the state of Texas changed the laws and that is why the boys couldn't go in. I've searched federal, State, and city laws and ordinances and I couldn't find any changes to playgrounds laws in the past two days.

The manager was trying to convince me that there are plenty of other things to do. Really, we have already done everything else including using the restrooms. My boys only care about playing in the play structure. I guess this is our last time to Legoland. We were back in the car after only 45 minutes. The boys were so upset. I tried to explain to them that they didn't do anything wrong. But we were leaving to find another play area. I ended up taking them to Mc Donald's. They were happy they finally were able to climb.

I tried to have an exciting day

The Frisco library will hold books for five days. I got a call on Saturday saying that one of the books I requested was on hold. I had to get to the library today to pick up my book.

I figured the boys would be excited to get out of the house but they were dragging their feet and didn't really want to go anywhere. I even tried to bribe them with going to the Discovery Center, but no dice. After lunch I loaded the boys up and headed to the library. It was so nice to have my book ready to be picked up. I tried to find a couple of other books. The boys were being as quite as a four and a two year old can be while we were on the "grown up" floor. I couldn't believe how many people were on the fourth floor. I've never taken the boys up to that area of the library and they were curious. I didn't really get to look for the other books that I was interested in. From now on I am going to reserve the books that I'm interested in and then just take the boys to the kids area. I might even reserve some kids books too. I'm super excited that I'm going to be able to checkout books when I take the kids to the library.

Then it was time to head home so the boys could nap and I could get ready for dinner. I don't know why but I was actually getting nervous. When I was done I checked on the boys. Preston was sitting  on his bed in a daze. Ethan was starting to wake up too. I brought the kids to the living room.

Maybe the boys weren't really ready to get out of bed yet. This lasted for about five minutes then they were up and destroying the world again.

Once my parents arrived the boys kicked up to hyper spastic mode. I felt bad that I was leaving my parents with them so hyper but then again I was glad that I wasn't having to keep them from being destructo boys.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Well, aren't I the romantic one?

Yesterday I blogged about all the things I wanted to with the boys today. I had completely forgotten that Valentines day was today. In my defense, Josh and I are actually going to celebrate tomorrow because that was the only day that Josh could get reservations for The French Room.

My parents are going to babysit the boys while we are at dinner. I figured that we could do a quick clean up of the toys then head out and have some fun. That is when I realized that I haven't been feeling well for a couple of weeks and haven't really noticed the couple of hurricanes named Ethan and Preston have hit.
The living room

play room
Just before lunch. I think a little progress was made.
Ethan has started this thing where he will wake up then fall asleep somewhere other than his bed.

The room looking clean during nap time

Yep I'm mother of the year. Teaching the kids early how to hustle at pool.

Actually I can't take credit because Nana bought the table.
Just before Josh got home.
Then Josh came home long enough to change clothes then to meet up with his running group. I'm glad that my lack of romance was matched by Josh. Yep folks that was my super hot V-day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Hopefully the last boring day!

I know that I haven't really been doing a lot over the past few weeks,  I hope today is the last day of the nothingness.

Then again we did go to Cirque class. I told the boys that if they did well that we would go to Legoland tomorrow. However they didn't get all of their stamps so I guess we won't go to Legoland but we are at going to go to the library to pick up some books that I have on hold. If the boys are on their best behavior we will go to the Discovery Center.

In other news, I finished my second scarf. well almost finished I have to cast off then weave the ends in. The actual knitting part is done. I'll share pictures once it is 100% complete. Oh the first scarf I'm going to add flowers to. The scarf is still an ugly color but I think the flowers make it not look as horrible.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Today we started off going back to the same church we visited last week. We figured that we would see what a normal Sunday morning was like. The kids love the children church. There was something familiar about the service.The entire time during the service I was trying to figure out what the "thing" was that felt so normal. Towards the end of the service it hit me. The pastor reminded me of some of the pastors from church camp. Or a youth pastor who just never grew up. This week was the first sermon of a five week series. Josh and I are definatly going to go to the next four weeks. Next week the church is starting a new session of Financial Peace University. I've been wanting to go to the financial classes for a few years now. I guess for the next few weeks we have found a church home. We are still a long way from actually declaring that we have found a church home but at least this one hasn't turned us off after the first visit.

Then it was off to my parent's home. The boys both fell asleep in the car, and they normally wake up if we try to take them inside and won't go back to sleep. So we had some time before my parents would come home so we just waited till they woke up on their own.

Prince Ethan

Ethan and Papa having a serious conversation

Prince Preston

Crown malfunction
A very resourceful prince

Ready for the movie

Dance party
 On the way back home we ran into snow!!! What?? yep snow! At least we are suppose to stay over the freezing mark.
Another Texas blizzard!!