Sunday, July 31, 2011

Jock or Nerds?

This morning we rushed out the door to get Preston to his soccer class. We returned home for lunch then going back to Frisco Indoor Sports for Ethan's soccer class. Both the boys rocked their classes. When I returned home the boys napped and Josh informed me that Party City is having a clearance sale party supplies for .50 and costumes for $5.00!! Once the boys woke up we headed out.

The selection of costumes were pretty slim. There was only one infant costume and in the toddler sizes there were three. While we were there we scoped out themes for Ethan's birthday party to see if what he was interested in was on sale.

After dinner we decided to go to the library to turn in everyone's summer reading log. Turns out that Josh and I suck at looking at schedules. We arrived over an hour after the library closed. Oops. The boys were so upset. We decided to head to the mall. On the way Josh commented that I haven't gone on any cupcake runs in a while. I had to remind him that my favorite place is gone like the wind. When we walked into the mall there was a sign saying a new cupcake place opened. Ethan and I were ecstatic!! We stopped in a couple of stores then headed to the cupcake place to find that it had just closed for the night. *sigh* We are just batting a thousand tonight. Josh took Preston to the play area. Ethan and I quested for something sweet. We ended up getting some drinks and shakes. Preston had been pushing kids so Josh had removed him from the play area. We still let Ethan run around for a little bit. Ethan came out of the play area and asked to go to the book store. Really? You would rather go to the bookstore than play?  Okay off to the bookstore. The boys didn't want to leave but it was late.

I'm two and I don't waaant to take off my pjs.

Warming up

Getting to practice on the new field


Sweet costume for $5.00!

I'm a scarecrow! For $5.00

If I only had a brain

If I only had a heart!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

This morning I felt like I was hit by a Mack truck. My stomach was doing flips. I had plans this morning but I was afraid to be to far from a restroom. The boys were about to climb the walls from being stuck inside all week. I took the boys into the backyard so they could run around in circles. That is when I heard the band practicing. Wow really? I can't believe that summer is almost over. I checked the calender and realized that Ethan starts school in three weeks. It made me a little sad. :-( Yes I just made a sad face on my blog! There are so many things that I still want to do with the boys this summer and Ethan is going to be at summer camp next week.

So tomorrow is National Dance Day and the boys are trying to learn the easy dance

Hula Island Shaved Ice! I loved this place. It has over a hundred flavors then they have some named treats. I got the root beer float. Josh got the dirt pile. In the past Josh has gotten cookie monster. Mine had gummy root beers in it. (Ethan stole them and put them in his cup).

I have cookies crumbs from daddy's drink.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today was an extremely low key day. I was told a few weeks ago that there are people out there that think Preston is a lot like Stewie from Family Guy. After today I think Ethan is more Stewie then Preston!

I kill you

I'm too cute for you to be mad at me

I'll still kill you

remember I'm cute

I'm having a terrible two moment

Life isn't fair momma

What tantrum? I'm just chillin

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

ECI and swimming

The boys are officially back to 100% normal. Okay, normal for my family. I'm only running about 70%, my energy level just hasn't come back yet. This morning started off with Preston's speech therapy. He was more chatty than the last time. However Ethan kept trying to get the attention on him.

We were suppose to meet up with a friend at Ikea today, but I didn't see her post when she was going to be there till 45 minutes after she was there. I tried to rush the boys out the door but it just didn't work. Then again we are feeling better but I would die if some how we gave another family the nasty, nasty virus we just had to deal with. The worst part was seeing and knowing how much pain the boys were in.

We ended up just hanging out around the house. Ethan didn't actually fall asleep at nap time during dinner he got extremely cranky and wanted to go to bed. He was asleep in just a mater of minutes and missed swimming tonight. Preston was excited to go to swimming and went and found goggles and put them on when he saw Josh and I getting the swimming bag ready. 

I'll fix dad's chair right up.

Ty Pennington eat your hear out

A boy and his tools

and his bracelets

I make this look cool

Okay they are really rubber bands

Rocking the goggles at swimming

(Josh took the swimming pictures)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

And now there is food!!

I didn't weigh myself today but I did yesterday. I had already lost the five pounds that I had picked up on vacation. That was easier to lose then I expected, but then again I didn't really expect a stomach bug to kick my butt for a couple of days. The boys were able to become human before Josh and I. Today Josh and I started eating again! Watch out world here we come at a relatively slow pace but we are picking up steam!!

Ethan spent the morning doing art projects while Preston terrorized everything else. I was a zombie till about noon. Just in time for the boys to take their naps. Thank goodness Josh was less zombie and able to keep the kids from hurting each other or themselves.

Look what I did!
I look so innocent

Monday, July 25, 2011

The good times keep on going!

I stayed at my parent's home because Josh and I were both dying and figured my parents could help with the boys. Ethan started running a fever today. Thankfully Preston is completely over whatever is kicking our butts. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A sick day!

Since today is Sunday we are over at my parent's home. Josh stayed home to work. Turns out the rest of caught whatever Ethan had. Ethan however is doing much better. He was running around and acting like a three year old. Then just before dinner both boys started getting fussy Ethan just wanted ice chips and Preston wouldn't eat anything. My stomach started to grumble. Then Josh called to check and see how we were doing becuase he was stuck on the toilet. Apparently that is just what we needed to hear for the floodgates to open. Preston stared having protien spills and I can't stay off the toilet. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day!

P.S. My family are the only ones who are sick. I contend that it a bee parasites that caused us to be sick. Click here for the bee story!

Happy Anniversary to me!

I just realized that today is my one year anniversary that I left my career to start a new one as a stay at home mom. How does one celebrate a year of not working? I stayed up most the night with my oldest son spewing from both ends. Doing laundry in the middle of the night so the whole house wouldn't smell. Finally about 8:00 am Ethan stopped so he could get some rest. Of course that is when Preston woke up. *sigh* Thank goodness for my wonderful husband! He watched Preston so I could get some rest too. We just all laid around today.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The drive home!

Are family vacation is over the car is loaded and we hit the road. Nothing exciting happened. There was a small finder bender. I've seen worst in parking lots. There was a space ship building that was saw and some dome playhouses. We picked up Thai food for dinner. Let the boys watch a little TV then off to bed.

I was just about to blog about how nice it was to have an uneventful day. Then I heard Ethan crying. *sigh* I went running up to his room and went to check on him and felt something warm and runny on his pillow. I freaked out and thought it was blood until Josh flipped the light to expose what I really stuck my hand in. Ethan had tossed his cookies or as a previous employer would have me call it, a protein spill. Before we could react he started again. I though I was going to reenact the famous pie scene in Stand By Me. I can handled pee and poop but I don't handle protein spills at all. It isn't that I freak out, just I will get sick as well then I have a bigger mess to clean up. Which will cause me to get sick again. Josh took all the dirty sheets and put them into the washer while I calmed Ethan down and got him cleaned up and into clean pjs. I guess I won't be doing the 8:00 work out with Josh after all. Darn. Because I love morning, especially when they happen about noon and I've have had several cups of very strong coffee!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Schlitterbahn the full story!!

The morning once again started of rocky. We got lost on the way to Schlitterbahn! We finally got to the park then there was an issue with some of the tickets. The boys were so hyper and just wanted to get into the water I thought I was going to pull my hair out before we got everyone ready to play. Eventually we were able to get all ten of us situated and ready to play. The rest of the gay was great. I was a little bummed that I didn't get to do more but the boys had a blast and that is all that really matters. Right? Josh did offer to watch the boys so that I could go on some of the adult rides. I didn't want to rain on his parade.

At one point all ten of us attempted to go down the lazy river together. The entrance we first found was connected to a shallow pool. We figured it would be great to be able for all of us to get into our inter tubes in the pool the just float into the river. The life guard for the pool didn't see things our way and wouldn't let us have the inter tubes in the pool area. We got the boys into tubes with bottoms and Josh was holding on to them so they wouldn't float away. Then we got my mom into a raft and she started floating away so Josh let go of Ethan for a second to grab my mom and the next thing we knew, Ethan was floating away. Josh freaked out and went after Ethan which meant he let go of my mom and Preston. I grabbed them and tried to catch up with Josh and Ethan. When I went to hook up with Ethan's tube, my mom floated away. Josh freaked out and went after my mom. Ethan was just over this whole river thing and wanted out of his tube. Preston wanted to be in the tube with me and was trying to climb out. I had no idea where my cousins or my dad was. When we came up to a kids section that had an opening Josh, the boys, and I ditched the river. Who knew the river was so stressful? Oh wait we were with my family I should have known. It seems we can make any ordinary activity an event like drinking tea from a straw. Yesterday I complained about the bees. Today they were still around but not nearly as think or annoying. But the bees today were much more determined! I didn't notice when we were leaving the park that there was a bee in my drink!! I didn't notice the bee until it was in my mouth from the straw! Butt first in my mouth!! Some how I managed to spit it back into the straw and the rest of the drink all over the dashboard of the car. The bee was still alive and stuck in the straw. Thank goodness Josh was driving because I complete freaked out!  He calmly told me to roll down my window and release the bee. The calmer he was the more FREAKED OUT I became. I followed his directions and the stupid bee didn't get out of the straw. So I so carefully flicked the straw and he got loose. I have no idea if the bug that is smeared down the side of the vehicle was my friendly bee or not. I thought I was going to be sick! Thank goodness my cousin who is on the trip with us is a nurse. So I told her if I die especially if it is from some funky disease it is the bees fault! Maybe I should google diseases from bees. Ooh I just found article in Wikipedia so you know it is true! Great now I'm freaking out that I could have some bee mite. Apparently, there is a thread about how to eat a live wasp.