Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm starting to freak out!

Today was all about getting ready for Ethan's party. Normally when I get ready for an event at my home, I'll start in the kitchen and work towards the bedrooms. Normally, I never quite get the bedrooms cleaned. This time I figured I would start in the bedrooms and work my way to the kitchen. So far this week things have been going great. The kids have been keeping their rooms picked up. Today the boys, were driving me crazy. The faster I was cleaning the faster they were pulling toys out. UGH!!! Then at nap time once again the boys did not corporate.

Tonight is the last ball game for our season tickets. I asked Josh if he would take the boys to the ballgame. I even called my dad to see if he would want to go and have a boys night out. My dad wasn't able to go.

Josh took the boys by himself to the game. I stayed home trying to get the house back to the same condition it was before the boys tried to destroy it. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

I need some recovery!

Man this morning I woke up feeling like I just pulled a double shift waiting tables in heals. It has been a few years but while I was in college I waited tables. Man it has been a long time since I've been on my feet for the entire day. I'm on my feet a lot but yesterday I was on my feet from 10:00am till almost one o'clock this morning.

I thought my legs were going to fall of today. Thank goodness Korri came over to help. First we started off at the library. The boys picked up more Winnie-the-Pooh videos.

While the boys napped Korri and I put together the goodie bags.

The afternoon was all about watching the videos we got from the library.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Getting ready to party!

I'm so excited my sister is coming in town this morning. My mom doesn't feel comfortable driving to DFW airport. My mom came over at 8:00am so she could ride with me to pick up Tam. When we got to the airport Ethan went running up to Tam. Preston started to run also but he got distracted by the conveyor belt. On the way back to my home we stopped at McDonald's for a quick breakfast while we wait for the mall to open.

Once it opened, the kids lasted about thirty minutes before they were driving me crazy. Going Bonkers is right next to the mall, and we have a three month pass. The boys would have a lot more fun getting to run around then sitting in a stroller. For an hour, the boys had a great time but they were asking to go get Nana and Aunt Monkey. Then we hit a couple more stores and lunch.

We got the boys home and taking naps. I made a quick run to the store so that I could start working on the cakes for Ethan's party. Nope that wasn't a typo. I baked four sheet cakes and a 3D cake. Two of the sheet cakes got made into cake balls. Two more were made into a pirate boat. With the scrapes also made into cake balls. I forgot to tap the air bubbles out of the 3D cake so when I took it out the front fell off. I tried to save it when I frosted the cake but the more I tried to frost the worst the face fell apart. It got to the point of no return and I ended up having to toss the cake and start over. Since it was past midnight I figured the second cake could wait for another day.

I have to also give a huge thank you to Mark for helping Josh with the walk the plank board. While the boys were outside Jen, my mom, and sister for working on all of the cake balls.

I really have to say thank you to Jen because she had a broken toe. She was willing to help even though she was in a ton of pain.

Preston we need to go this way!

I think I can fix this

Look the entire cake isn't chocolate!

Cake Fail!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

What is going on?

As soon as I opened my eyes this morning I realized this was going to be a very strange day. My next thought was is it to early to get my kids in to therapy? Why are these my first thoughts before I even turn my head? Because the first thing I saw was a skeleton right where Josh sleeps. The kids were playing with bones on my bed. Yep, it is going to be a very strange day.
My oh my, Josh you have changed!
 The boys are just so fascinated by the skeletons and what bones are what. I figured that I would make that be mommy school today. After a quick Google search I was able to find a detailed description about bones. Then I found a website that has a bunch of free worksheets. The kids weren't interested int the coloring sheet I printed off for them. Instead the loved the "blue print", which was a skeleton that was labeled.

The boys figuring out the bones.

Trying to build their own skeleton.
 I'm glad they boys are so curious. The day wasn't so strange after all. Between the boys playing with bones that are for Ethan's pirate themed birthday party. Ethan did some computer games. Preston did some workbooks. I guess mommy school is in full swing.

School, what school???

Today was the first day of school for Frisco ISD. That means most preschools also started today. Not my kids because I suck as a parent and haven't found a school yet.

Today I did a little mommy school. Ethan was tearing up the software. I tried to work with Preston but Ethan would jump in and answer the question. Ethan needs to be in preschool so that I can work with Preston. It is really annoying when I talk to the preschool people and they are like, Oh your child will learn their letters sounds, be able to count to 10, blah, blah, blah. My child already knows all of that. Even the preschool on the top of our list I think he will be bored in just a few weeks. I'm not saying that Ethan is a genius. We were preparing him to be in a private kindergarten this year. The only school that we found that I think would challenge him is more expensive and is a full five day program. I think we are going to have to expand our search radius. Then again Mother Goose Time has added extended math and reading. That would defeat the social aspect that I'm wanting Ethan to have.

I'm thinking about getting the Mother Goose Preschool curriculum for Preston anyways.

Because I'm not stressing myself out enough. Tonight is the last night of mini-cirque fit classes. I had the boys make cards for the coaches. Starting in a couple of weeks Ethan is moving up to kid Cirque fit class. Preston isn't going to be able to attend class for at least a year maybe two years.
The boys working hard.

Ethan's card
No matter what I think I need to work on Ethan's penmanship a lot more. If you need translation, it says, "Thank you for being a great teacher. Love Ethan V." Without lines on the paper he had a hard time trying to keep that letters in a straight line.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Less stressed, but still making mistakes.

Yesterday I failed to mention that we went to sign Ethan up for preschool and found the class was canceled because they didn't have enough sign ups. Well crap on a stick. School starts tomorrow and Ethan isn't enrolled anywhere. We have a plan "B" but it just doesn't feel right. I don't really know what we are going to do.

Another shocker, I suck and calendar. Actually I had the date correct just the wrong time. A couple of weeks go during tennis camp a couple of moms decided to get together today so our kids could practice. We arrived an hour early. At least we were early and not late for a change. Once the other kids showed up, tennis practice lasted for 20 - 30 minutes. Then all the kids wanted to play in the playground.

Checking out the playground equipment.

Still making sure the equipment is save.

I'm a ninja.

Showing off my mad balancing skills.

Preston teaching Josh how to play tennis

Many that was a great work out.

How does this thing work?

One of the kids let us know they were tired by laying down in the sand. Once we looked at the clock I realized that we had been there for almost three hour. After a quick lunch the boys went down for naps. Okay Preston took a nap and Ethan messed around in his bed. Josh and I kicked it into high gear and started our to do list. We were only two hours behind schedule.

Thank goodness my parents come over to help out right after the kids woke up. They were able to watch the kids while Josh and I were taking care of things around the house. Then we headed to dinner. They were super excited to check out the Tex-Mex restaurant that I swear is like the one we used to love.  When we pulled up the parking lot was empty. We realized that it is closed on Sundays. Josh suggested we try another Tex-Mex place that just opened up. I don't even know the name of the restaurant. I tried their chimichanga and it was good but it just wasn't the one that I really wanted.

On the way back home, mom om was asked what the plan was when they got back to our house. That is when I announce the clean bedroom contest. Team Nana and Ethan vs. Team Papa and Preston.

Ethan and Nana spent most the time arguing. Ethan didn't like where Nana was putting his toys. Nana didn't like that Ethan kept pulling everything back out. Gee I have not idea what Ethan's room always looks like a tornado just hit it. After Preston and Papa got their room cleaned up first, Ethan was finally willing to work with Nana.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Our schedule has been crazy busy lately. Our small family birthday for Ethan has grown to about 30 people. I have less than two weeks to get the whole thing together. Other than shopping the other day with my mom I haven't really had a chance to do anything for the party. Okay I've been on Pinterest to get some ideas.

This morning, we have plans to meet some friends to go swimming and working out. This evening we are going to The French Room. The weather had us change our swimming plans. I used our extra time to freak out about everything that has to be done before the party. After the freak out, it was time to start hunting dust bunnies.While the kids napped, Josh headed to the hardware store to pick up a few items for the party.

Once he got home it was time to start getting ready for dinner. We went to the French Room last year during restaurant week. Josh also took me to the French Room for Valentines Day this year. When we got there we could tell all of the first timers because they were taking pictures of everything. I decided that we wouldn't take pictures of the food. I started off with the Jumbo Crab cake. Every bite just melted in my mouth. Because I was savoring every bite I took the longest to finish the first course. The next course Jen had ordered the Beef Tenderloin. After she took her first bite, she informed Mark that she was getting a divorce and marrying the meat. I was enjoying my chicken. It was the best chicken that I've had this Restaurant Week. This time Jen was the one savoring every bite. The desserts were all amazing. I can't say enough good things about dinner tonight.

As we walked into the house, Josh and I heard Ethan ask if they were in trouble. Um, it is an hour and half past their bedtime. Someone is in trouble! Okay this might actually be my fault. I did pay tonight's babysitters with pizza. It was expensive pizza! Of course the kids were asking when the babysitters would get to watch them again. I guess we will see them again tomorrow, when we have dinner with Nana and Papa. I guess that it one disadvantage about the grandparents watching the kids they can break the rules.

Friday, August 24, 2012

I think Ethan and Preston have taken cranky pills.

I'm surprised I have any hair left. I'm about ready to pull it all out. Any thing and everything has been a fight today. I'm trying to do laundry and Preston wants to be held. Then starts screaming and crying because I tell him no. I tell Ethan to put on his shoes so we can return a book to the library and check out some new ones. He screams no and starts throwing a fit.

Thank goodness Korri was here so she could help carry the little monsters. I tried bribing the kids with a trip to the park if would listen. On the way home Ethan asked if we were going?

Me: No. you guys didn't listen

Ethan: I want a nice mommy!

Me: I want kids who listen!

Ethan: I don't want to listen.

Me: That is why you have a mean mommy. If you would listen you would have a nice mommy.

Then nap time came. I heard a ton of racket from the boys rooms. I was expecting to see Ethan messing around. Instead, Preston had crawled under his bed and refused to come out.
How did you fit under there?
 Thank goodness after naps they weren't nearly as crabby. Ethan was picking on Preston. Once I told Ethan that if he wanted to play his computer games he needed to start talking nicer to everyone. Ethan seemed to really start trying to be nice to Preston.

Tonight was another Restaurant Week dinner. I know I've been talking about Restaurant Week for like a month already. Tonight's dinner was at another local place that none of us had been to before. The reviews on were mixed. Going into tonight I was having fears of reliving our experience of our first dinner for Restaurant Week. My parents arrived first. Then Josh and I came waltzing in. Mark and Jen arrived on time. Bread was brought out before we even ordered and we know that this was going to be better than the other steak place we tried. It is sad that our new standard is, "Oh this is so much better than restaurant 1". We had coupons for the Central Market fourth course. This is the first time my parents had the fourth course. I wasn't thinking and didn't take a picture of the appetizer. It was Crab & Artichoke Fritters. Josh hates is revolted by crab meat, but he even liked the fritters. Next up was the salad course. I thought I would branch out and try Beef Carpaccio. Basically it was a meat salad with some lettuce on top. I thought it was very yummy.

I was half way through the salad when I realized I needed to take a picture.

I had herb crusted chicken and green beans. It was okay.
Everyone one but me had beef tenderloin for their main entree.  Everyone was very happy with their food.
My dad had their strawberry dessert.
Everyone else ordered the chocolate cake. I was a little disappointed but it was still good.
Overall, everyone agreed we would go back to Bailey's Prime Plus. It wasn't the French room or 560 but it was a nice steak house.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Shocking I messed up again!

I don't know how I manage to keep messing things up. We were invited to a going back to school party. It was at a park that the mom's group goes to fairly often. I forgot there is also a splash pad at the park. I didn't bring bathing suits. By the time I was able to get the boys out of playing in the sand there wasn't enough time to get the bathing suits and come back. I'm embarrassed to admit this but I let the kids take of their shirts and play in the water with their shorts on. Yep, I felt high class.

When we got home the boys crawled onto the couch and told me they didn't need to take a nap today.
Really? Ethan was to tired to walk to his bed. Once I got him into bed he informed me that he didn't need to rest. The little toot wouldn't stop moving so he would stay awake. I made him lay down in my room, then he had the nerve to complain that my working (putting laundry away) was keeping him awake. Fine I laid down with him. Ethan when right to sleep. Just as I was getting up to finish putting the laundry way. Preston woke up. Gee I wonder why I don't ever get more done. Seriously I had a whole five minutes to myself.

Don't worry mom. Spider man Preston is here to help.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A little Ethan time.

I bribed Ethan with some alone time if he behaved during cirque class on Monday. I also wanted to have some one on one time before Ethan starts "school". I figure that Preston and I are going to plenty of alone time once school starts.

What just happened?

Oh my goodness this morning started off like a bad joke. Seriously, the kids were fighting, doorbell ringing, house phone ringing, and cellphone ringing. The only thing I didn't have going was a dog barking only because we don't have one!

It was after ten o'clock before I could even start trying to have breakfast. Basically I got a muffin out and every time I ran past it I pulled a bite or two off. Then at 10:30 everything finally settled down and I was able to caught my breath. I realized that things were too quite. Preston was playing with his train set. Ethan?? Where was Ethan?? Last time he was this quite he was busy smearing poo all over the bathroom walls. Needless to say I went into panic mode. Turns out the reason he was being so quite was he had taken several Legos out of the living room into his room. After breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. I told him to carry on. He wanted me to stay and play but I explained I'm a hungry girl and asked if he wanted a snack.

It was a brief snack time then the boys returned to fighting and screaming. Why are the boys so loud today?? Just because Josh came and left three times before actually leaving for work, and the guy who sprays the weeds was here, and the air conditioning repair guy. The phone kept ringing. Now I'm getting calls for some pizza place that isn't paying its bills. At least their collectors haven't started yelling at me and telling me that I really do know the deadbeat that gave out my number. Trust me if I knew who Latasha Rivers was and how to get a hold of her, I would gladly give out her information to anyone who wanted it and then some. I think I would take out a billboard at this point with her telephone number on it and I still don't think she would have all the harassing calls that I've received because of her. Wow I'm apparently a little bitter that she KEEPS giving out my home number to anyone she owes money to. Now I have a pizza place doing the same thing. I do think my favorite call is from the water company in Pennsylvania trying to collect from someone. I'm in Texas I don't think I've been using your water.

Ethan's birthday had turned from just us to, the usual birthday group, then I've invited a couple of his close friends. Now I think there are about thirty confirmed and I've done zero planning because this all happened since Friday. Ethan won't make up his mind about what kind of party he wants. I told him this morning he had to pick one thing and only one thing. Finally he decided he wanted a pirate themed party. O-kay? I don't know where the pirate party is coming from but it is what he wants. When my mom called to say she was on the way over to help shop for his party, I panicked and turned to for ideas. If you follow me on pinterest and wondered why I pinned a bunch of pirate party ideas in less than an hour the world just got a little clearer for you.

Once my mom arrived we headed straight for food! I had a couple of free four piece chicken nuggets coupons from Chick-fil-a that are about to expire. I can't let free food go to waste! Especially since it is a reward for their reading logs. They have been bugging me to go. I swear the place was full of kids that had the same volume problem my kids had today. I don't know if something is just in the air or what is going on. After we were done eating the boys tried to play in the play ground. That lasted for about five minutes. Ethan started crying because it was so loud. Some kid wanted to use Preston as a punching bag. We were out of there.

Next up was Garden Ridge. Which is basically the Wal-Mart of home decor. I figured was a great place to find cheap decorations for party. We found some chest that I think will make perfect treasure chest. After circling the store twice and not finding much more for the party we were about to leave when I saw a inflatable pirate ship with skeleton pirates on it. It was in the Halloween section which we hadn't really looked at. Turns out the inflatable was way more than what I wanted to spend, but I found a lot of skeletons. Man why didn't I think of that the first couple of times around the store? I was actually worried they might be to scary for the boys. I was wrong! The boys thought the skeletons and bones were the coolest thing ever! (Note to self: Increase the monthly saving account for future therapy).

My mom and I wanted to scope out Toy R Us to see what things Ethan would be interested in getting. If Ethan had his way; he would take the entire store home with him. Then we got to the bikes, Ethan was testing out the different bikes and he found one the LOVED. He was getting around so well on the bike that I could hardly keep up with him. Yes Ethan did get a bike a couple of years ago, but it is time for him to get a bigger bike. My car was already full of decorations so I didn't have room for the bike. Also we didn't want to buy his presents while he was with us. Once we left the store I realized that it was almost time for Josh to come. Prefect he could watch the boys and we could go back to Toys R us and get the bike.

After we dropped the kids off we headed to a Toys R Us that was a lot closer. Their bikes were really picked over because they are on sale this week. We had to return to the Toys R Us that we were at earlier. *sigh* I feel like I spent the entire day in Toy R Us!! Thankfully the first store still had the bike when we returned.

Wow this the coolest thing ever!

Look mom I can make him talk.

Hey Ethan, my bag of bones are cooler!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Happy Dance Time!

Last week, I was told the kids Cirque Fit classes wouldn't continue after this month. On Saturday, I got a message that things changed. Turns out that the five and up class will continue! I'm so excited that at least Ethan is going to get to continue with his cirque classes.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I LOVE food and so does my family.

Josh and I are returning to cooking low fat, low sodium food for my parents on Sunday. This morning we went to Central Market to pick up what we needed for dinner. Our list was carrots, cauliflower, asparagus, and chicken.  We ended up picking up a lot more items than what was on our list. My favorite thing about the store is the kids table where you can get fresh fruit for the kids for .25 cents. Ethan picked an apple and Preston wanted raisins.

We got to my parent's home later than what we wanted. They had already had sandwiches by the time we got there. Since the boys snacked at the store they didn't want to eat lunch at first but once they started I didn't think they would stop. At least Ethan was pigging out on fresh fruit. 

When we were at the store, I told Ethan that he was going to have to share the fruit with Papa. When I started to bring the fruit to the table, Ethan went and got Papa and told him that he needed to come to the table. Once Papa was in the kitchen Ethan told my dad that he was sharing the fruit with him.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A day off

Today I'm kind of taking a day off from my life. After a morning work out it was time for me to get ready and heady out. I was one of the hostess for a friend's baby shower. The shower was beautiful. The mom to be was just glowing.

After the shower and cleaning up it was time to head home.

When I got home nobody was home. I tried to call Josh and the phone rang in the same room I was standing. Seriously??? Talk about phone fail.

I took the time to freshen up and start doing some cleaning up. Then the boys returned. Turns out they left to pick up dinner. Our dinner reservations weren't till 9:30 so Josh and I ate a slice of pizza to tied us over till our real dinner. We also had heard the severing sizes were tiny and people left hungry last year.

I didn't realize that I was actually nervous about our second restaurant week dinner especially after what happened at our first one, apparently so was Jen. Tonight's dinner was at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant five sixty. At the top of Reunion tower in downtown Dallas. I think I was in elementary school the last time I was up in Reunion tower. For us suburbanites it is the ball in the sky.
Via the City of Dallas website.
I figured that even if the dinner was a flop the views would be amazing. I had forgotten that the floor rotates. It was a very strange feeling to be moving but yet still.
Don't we look like a happy couple??

It is hard to take a picture of the view but this is over looking the new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge.

Once we received our appetizers we let out a collective sigh of relief. We ordered a fourth course and side items because my parents went last year and said the portion sizes were small.  

Stir-Fried Shanghai Noodles, Gulf Prawn, Scallion Spicy Black Bean Glaze

“Hong Kong Style” Alaskan King Salmon, Bok Choy, Shiitake, Jasmine Rice
We were pleased with the portion sizes. I actually had a hard time finishing my plate but thank goodness Josh was up for the task. Every course that came out was better than the one before it. I  can not say enough good things about five sixty! It was an amazing food, amazing service, amazing views, and amazing friends.

When we got home it was after midnight. The babysitter that we were trying out for the first time did an amazing job. Then again Preston was already tucked into bed, but she did read Ethan his bedtime story and put him in bed. What amazed us was she picked up all of the kids toys in the family room.

After she left I think the world exploded. Preston came out of his room saying that he needed to go potty. When I picked him up he was already wet. Ugh. I quickly changed out of my dress into pajamas. While I was getting the sheets changed on Preston's bed. Ethan came walking in.

Me: What are you doing awake?

Ethan: I just came to check on you.

Me. I'm fine.


Me: Get back to bed.

Ethan ran off. Preston kept falling asleep on the floor while I was finishing up. Once I got him in bed he told me that he needed more stuff in his bed. Once he finally had all of his blankets and toys in their proper place on his bed he feel back asleep.

After verifying that Ethan did return to be and went back to sleep. I gathered the dirty laundry. When I walked past Josh he asked what just happened. I explained that there was a zombie apocalypse. Ethan, Preston, and I were able to defeat the zombies with tactical strategies that would have made the Navy Seals jealous. Or that is what I would have explained if it wasn't the middle of the night and I was dog tired. I think in reality I grunted something about headed to bed and hating Josh for his ability to use the restroom without any interruptions.

Friday, August 17, 2012

I don't think I could have packed anymore into the day!

Today is the last day of tennis camp. Actually of all camps. I have ONE week to find Ethan a preschool. The place that I was absolutely in love with didn't have any kids enrolled. Um, the reason Ethan is doing preschool is for the social aspect and why hasn't any one enrolled yet??? I guess that school just dropped down the list. My other favorite school is a full time program and is more than our house payment. We could tighten our belts for nine months but is it really worth it?

Josh is going to take the boys tomorrow to another school's open house. It is killing me that I'm not going to be able to see the school too, but I'm going to be helping out at a baby shower.

Where did the summer go??? 

 Then again our dog days of summer have been packed full with activities. Just look at today. We had tennis class, we were going to go swimming but the boys were not listening so I nixed that idea. Then we meet up with a mom from the mom's group a yogurt place. Afterwords she came over with her son and hung out till Josh came home. Josh changed clothes and we were out the door again. This time to Frisco Fire Safety Town for Family Night.

 I really do fail at the stay at home part of being a stay at home mom.

Look mom I can pay attention.

Learning how to escape from a burning building.

I have a need for speed. (or just learning about bike safety)

Mom this boot is to big.

This was the only Friday night that we could go the family night. They had a ton of activities. Not only do they go over bike safety. They also teach kids about calling 9-1-1, what to if there is a tornado, and in a fire. Next year the boys will be a better age to really appreciate the lessons that were being taught. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

I'm glad the day is over.

I started my day off by moving very slowly. I think if I was in a race with a sloth, and a turtle, I would have been in last place. I just wasn't feeling all that great this morning. The boys were really excited because today was the bike ride at the Frisco Fire Safety Town. A least I had a little foresight and asked Korri if she would join us. When she arrived I just couldn't get my act together. We also were planning to meet up the mom's group at the splash park afterwords. The weather looked like the skies were about to open up. Korri said that it sprinkled on her on her way over to my house. *sigh* I looked at and it was showing that we were about to get some rainfall. The rain never came. That isn't true about five hours later it sprinkled for about five minutes.

Good think I checked the calender after the kids got up from their naps because we have tickets to a baseball game. The boys were super excited about going. We had dinner at the ballpark, then the boys played in the playground. We returned to our seats watched a couple of innings. Then headed home. The boys kept saying they were tired. Josh and I didn't see any reason to force the kids to stay up late, especially when they have to be up early tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Well that was disappointing.

This week kicked off restaurant preview week. I guess I should start by explaining what is restaurant week. It started off by several local restaurants coming together to help raise money for the local food banks.

What it means to me, being able to get three course meals at places that I can't normally afford to eat at. This year Josh and I really wanted to support a local restaurant. I was really hoping to find a nice special occasion place that was close to home.

Our waiter seemed a little overwhelmed when we first arrived. Okay that happens sometimes. I waited tables for over six years at three different places. Generally, I'm fairly laid back about slow service especially when the restaurant is busier than normal. When we asked questions about the menu the server didn't answer our questions unless we really pushed. When the appetizer came out Jen's horseradish sauce didn't come out with the meal. Even after she reminded the server when he checked on us it wasn't till just before our salads came out that she received the sauce. When it did come out it was almost all horseradish and very little sour cream. When I worked at a steak place we would use a three parts sour cream to one part horseradish ratio. I think they used a one to one ratio which caused the horseradish sauce to overpowered her appetizer.

The soup and salad course was okay. Jen order a blue cheese wedge and it was drowned in a gallon of blue cheese. Mark ordered the turtle soup. None of us have had turtle soup before so we didn't really have anything to compare it to. Josh and I had house salads they were fine. Then again can you really screw up a handful of iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, croutons, and dressing.

Next up was the main course. I was the only one who didn't order 12 ounce Rib-eye Steak cooked medium. I thought the Chicken Piccata with a Lemon, Cream Sauce served with Angel Hair Pasta sounded really good. My dish tasted like really bad Chinese take out, okay that isn't fair. It was worst than bad Chinese take out. The steaks were over cooked and dry. Mark didn't finish his steak because his jaw was getting sore from chewing. The worst part was we all had empty drinks so nobody could wash down the tough chewy food.

While we were waiting for dessert, the owner walked over and asked how things were going. We said a half hearted okay but he could tell we weren't happy. We finally told him that we were not happy and why in the nicest way we could. He apologized and comped our food and our drinks finally got refilled.

Finally dessert came out I ordered the chocolate mouse and was very happy. Josh had Creme Brule and loved it. Jen ordered Bread Pudding and it was okay. Mark ordered New Your Cheesecake.The strawberries on top looked like they were frozen, microwaved , and then stored in the fridge. The cheesecake was falling apart. Then we tasted it, I think Josh summed it up the best by saying,"I don't understand that flavor". The cake was very tart and wasn't the normal cheesecake consistency. It had a very strong lemon taste.

I'm not going to name the restaurant because the owner was very nice and took care of us.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Discovery Sci-Tech

I was so glad that we didn't have to rush anywhere this morning. The kids were happy that we could take our time getting ready. Ethan wanted to do an art project. He even got his art smock and put it on. He didn't want to do a "normal" art project in the kitchen but one in his bedroom. Ethan was asking for paint, glue, and tape. I figured that Ethan wouldn't cause to much trouble with a little tape. I have him a roll that was almost empty. Once he ran out out I gave him some post-it notes.

We didn't have to be at the Discovery Sci-tech center till 10:30 today. It was actually the largest mom group gathering in a while. Then again most the moms had free kid passes from our kids summer reading logs. It was funny once Ethan found out his friend Blake was going to be there, Ethan couldn't get there fast enough. As soon as we got in the door Ethan was off looking for his friend. Apparently, Blake's mom was getting  questions like what color shirt does Ethan have on? So Blake would be able to recognize Ethan. A quarter till noon Blake and Ethan kept running between Blake's mom and me to let us know they were hungry and wanted to go eat at McDonald's. Okay boys we can go. I thought their collective heads were going to explode from excitement.

While the boys were napping I got on Pintrest and found some work sheets to help get Ethan ready to go back to school. He just rocked through them and had a blast. He is getting so excited about going back to school. I guess I really need to get on the ball and get him enrolled somewhere.
Ethan working on his "art" project

Future Amusement park ride engineer!

Balloons are AWESOME!

Preston working on being a structural engineer.

Monday, August 13, 2012

The Good vs. The Bad

Last week Preston did as well as an three year old could do during tennis class especially since he wasn't really into it. I think the only reason that Preston wanted to take the lessons was because Ethan was so excited about tennis. This week I only signed up Ethan for class and had Preston go the the fun club.

 Ethan did as well as any four year old does in an hour long class, but at least he was actually trying when it was his turn. After class I took Ethan to the fun club so I could work out again. I did much better today than on Saturday but still only was able to use the bike for about thirty minutes. Progress is progress.

When we got home the boys ate for two hours. I was starting to think they would never stop eating. Oh man, when they are teenagers our grocery bills are seriously going to suck.

Ethan is still trying to prove that he is a big boy and doesn't need naps anymore. I made him still have quite time. Where he could sit and look at books as long as he was being quite and still. He would just about fall asleep then he would start shaking his leg or something to wake himself back up.

I was worried about how he would behave in Cirque Fit classes. I figured I would try to do my yoga class. I only lasted about thirty minutes before my back just not happy. I could have kept going but I was afraid that I would do some serious damage if I continued.

I watched the last of the boys class and they were more interested in messing around than listening. On the way home Ethan fell asleep. I don't think Ethan is completely over taking naps just yet.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

A day of rest.

It was nice getting to just relax and eat bon bons today. Oh wait that was the dream I had before I was jumped onto by two boys. *sigh*. I tried to just cover my head with the blanket but just resulted in the boys thinking I was playing hide and seek, so the ripped the blanket off of me. Josh came into the room to try to get the boys to leave me alone and for them to go eat breakfast. Nope the boys wanted mommy. Ugh. Fine I'm up. Josh just looked at me and said, "Honey, I'll get the coffee on". I grunted out a thank you.

Once I made my way into the kitchen, Josh handed me my coffee and a warm croissant. I was actually able to verbalize a real thank you this time. I think I could actually feel the caffeine working its way through my body. Recently our go to baby TV crack no longer worked; Courious George, Wow Wow Wubbyz, Toy Story 1,2, and 3.  Last night I found new baby TV crack! Winnie the Pooh! For the longest time we couldn't get the boys to watch five minutes of the movie and now that is all they want. Okay. This morning I was needing calm. It was really nice Josh and I were able to sit and have breakfast together without kids interrupting every five seconds. It was nice to have a kid free conversation. We had gotten up early enough to attend church but Josh and I were both moving in slow motion. Church didn't happen.

On the way over to my parent's home, the boys were sleepy. If the kids slept in the van they wouldn't get their full nap time and would be cranky later. Not to mention my mom and I needed to sneak out to do a little shopping while the kids were napping. I was doing everything I could to keep the boys awake. Fortunately, I was successful and the kids were hyper once we arrived at my parent's home.

After lunch Preston took his nap like a champ. Ethan is really trying to convince us that he is a big boy and doesn't need a nap anymore. I'm not sure if Ethan is completely ready to give up on naps but I'm willing to let him try for a few days. He was actually behaving very well and the men felt like they could handle him while we shopped.

After dinner we headed out to the pool. At least here weren't as many wasp this time but here was still a few. That isn't what chased us inside this time. The clouds were getting dark and rain was on its way.

Then again it was time for us to head home anyways because tomorrow is going to be another early morning. Ethan fell asleep before we left my parent's neighborhood. I guess that is one added bonus about no naps, easier bedtime.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Our relaxing Saturday at home???

Yesterday I realized that I didn't have anything planned for today. In case this needs to be pointed out, I don't do staying at home very well. I called the Frisco Athletic Center (FAC) to see if we could get an appointment for the kids fun club. The only time they had available was at 8:00am. If you are new to this blog I also don't do mornings. Actually, if it happens before 10:00am I'm not going to be fully awake without the help of a LOT of caffeine. Yesterday I also contacted Josh's running partner to see if her family wanted to have a play date. Turns out they could meet up. I figured the day was set.

A little work out and a play date. That isn't over doing anything, right?

After we dropped the kids off it took us fifteen minutes to get to the work out area. Man, my body was like what are you doing???? It has been about a year since you have gotten up early and headed to a work out. After fifteen minutes I was done. Wow, I'm out of shape no wonder when we go out to eat and I order a soda lately the waiter has brought me diet. YUK!!! I don't know why but I can't stand the taste. I guess it is time to start dieting and seriously start working out.

Once we got back home, I was clearing off a stack of junk mail. Preston wanted to be a helper, I was handing the mail to him to take to the trash. This system was working great until, I asked him to throw a flyer about an open house for a new daycare. Preston was so excited and wanted to check out the new school. *sigh* It turns out the open house was going on right then. We loaded back up and headed out. The school looked amazing but it seems like everything is extra. When you add it all up it is the same price as Primrose. I think personally I would rather go with a tried and true program than something new.

After a little down time (like thirty minutes) then we headed out for our play date at Going Bonkers. It was really great seeing Josh's former running partner and her family. She has a son a two years older than Ethan and one almost a year younger. All four boys seemed to get along especially when they realized that a candy came was broken and would let the kids play for free. For some reason our kids were the only ones in the entire place that realized this. Really??? After we realized where the candy was coming from we told our kids to go play or we were going to leave. That threat lasted for a couple of hours. Then the candy started showing up again, it was time to leave.

The rest of the day just dragged on, or it could have just been I was dragging. Josh was awesome and took care of the evening routine with the boys by himself. Apparently, I had fallen asleep. I think he let me sleep because it game him a chance to read a couple of hours without any interruptions.

Friday, August 10, 2012


I'm so glad this week is over, don't get me wrong I had a ton of fun with the kids this week, I'm just worn out.

Apparently we are getting used to having to be somewhere at 9:00, I just hope that once Ethan starts school that we can keep it up. This morning Preston kept saying that he didn't want go to tennis camp today. Great, that mean during class he is going to be a handful. Once we got there he messed around while everyone was warming up. I told him that he could just stay with me on the bleachers. Once it was time to grab the rackets, Preston was ready to be apart of the class. Ethan did great the entire class. He also had a grin from ear to ear the entire time. There is another week of tennis camp that the boys can do. I think that I'm going to sign Ethan back up and let Preston go to the fun club.

At the end of class the boys got a container of tennis balls. You would have thought Ethan had gotten a Olympic gold medal. Now he wants to take his balls everywhere. Yep he had been talking about his balls and Preston's balls all day.

On the way home Ethan says, "Mom, Preston dropped his balls".
Me: um what do you want me to do.
Ethan: Could you pick his balls up and give them back?
Me: Not while I'm driving hunny.
Ethan: But mooom he neeeeds them.

I'm so glad the boys could see my face because I was trying not to crack up.

When we got home, Preston wanted to drive his motorcycle. I pulled out their bikes and motorized vehicles. The boys were having a blast. I realized that we haven't really spent a lot of time in the back yard this summer.

Ethan showing the class his forward swing.

Preston's turn at the net.

Preston protecting his balls.

Ethan releasing his balls.

Safety first, Preston found a helmet.

Ethan showing off his mad cycling skills.

Awe brotherly love.