Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Another day of big plans that fell flat!

Last night Josh put together a bunch of toy storage. I had big dreams of getting the house cleaned. Getting the toys organized and the bins labeled. However this morning I woke up sore from head to toes. Josh was laughing at me about being an old lady. Ethan just wanted to do his computer games and Preston wanted his puzzles. At one point I did get them to play other educational games. I started with Preston. We have several different type of cards. I pulled out the color and shape cards and laid them out and would call out different items and Preston would bring the card to me. Ethan wanted to get in on the fun. I pulled out number cards that go up to one hundred. Then I pulled out the word cards. After the first couple of cards Ethan realized the picture was on the back of the cards. He started just flipping the cards over instead of reading the card.

After watching him struggle with the words I decided today would be all about reading skills. Ethan kept asking for his number games but I would explain that he knows his number he needs to work on his letters now. He wasn't happy but he went along with the plan.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Mommy school and a rant!

During mommy school, I pulled out some Kindergarten software. Ethan was excited that he got to use the computer. I was amazed how well Ethan did using the computer. After a couple of minutes I left to his own devices. He just killed the math section of the software until he hit the time and money section, I haven't covered those topics yet. After a while he asked to play some different games. I pulled up some games on www.nickjr.com. Ethan started scaring me how great he has gotten about being able to navigate around on the website.
Hightech mommy school

I'm just like daddy!

Maybe I'll down load another game

Preston just wanted to work puzzles and watch leapfrog videos.
I want to play on the computer

Okay puzzles rock

This one was to easy

Just because it has more pieces doesn't mean it harder!

Preston this is for big boys..

Ethan please let me play

Then it was time for Cirque Fit classes. I don't know what my deal was tonight but my muscles were really fatigued. I couldn't hardly hold any of the poses.

When we came home Josh had put together Preston's new bed. Preston was so excited. Ethan was funny because he was didn't understand why Preston's bed doesn't have stairs like his does. Josh didn't have time to put up the book shelves that we had gotten or the toy storage bins. We still have some work to do before the boys rooms are set up but at least we are going in the right direction.

I've got a real bed!

Look I don't sleep on the floor anymore!

I'm ready for bedtime!!

Random rant

I was trying to clean some stuff our DVR while the boys were napping. I watched Extreme Couponing Black Friday addition. All I can say is that I was disappointed in the people they found for the show. They were complete Black Friday amateurs!!! One person was just getting to their second store at 5:30am because she stopped and took a nap in her car. Seriously???!! We were on our sixth or seventh store at that point!! The percentages were less than 50%. of overall savings. LAME!!!! Maybe I should try to be on the show. I cheat when it comes to saving at the grocery store by just using a website that matches the ads and coupons for me. When it comes to clothing and other stuff couponing that is when I really score!

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad's birthday was actually a couple of days ago, but today we partied! I baked his cake yesterday but I still needed to frost it. Which took longer than what I thought it was going to take. I wasn't completely happy with how the cake turned out but I didn't have enough time to fix the mistakes. We ended up running late. I guess that is the story of my life right now.

My mom had made a delicious meal. Then afterwords Josh and Dad left to buy bookshelves. Which turned out to be a fail. The rest of the afternoon was just us visiting. My parents let Josh and I have a date night. We went and saw One for the Money.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

I really thought last night when Josh and I had discussed our plans for today that it would be a relaxing day. The only relaxing part was that we wore the boys out last night and they actually slept till 8:00am. Two hours later than they normally sleep on Saturday mornings.
The plan Josh and I came up with was to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. Then go to Ikea and pick up a few things so we can actually make Preston's room a real bedroom. That was it. The rest of day just messing around at home.

Disney Movie Rewards was giving free tickets to Beauty and the Beast if you submit codes for four different movies to check out the details here. We had two of the movies so we had $24 worth of free tickets. Since we went to the matinee our tickets were $21 which means we got to see the movie for FREE!!  I also signed up for the movie theater's weekly email and go a coupon for a free small popcorn with the purchase of any size drink. I was doing a happy coupon dance on the way to the theater.

Ethan was so cute when we were leaving the theater and asked if we could come back some time. I'm excited that Ethan really enjoys going to the movies. After a quick lunch it was time for naps. Once everyone woke up it was 5:00pm. I wanted to go out to eat but the restaurant that we wanted to eat at had over an hour wait. We decided to just eat at Ikea. Before we had left the house I signed up for Ikea's family plan. Which gives you discounts on certain items. I also got 30 extra minutes in the kids play area for Ethan (Preston is still to small). Normally we spend about an hour at Ikea. However tonight we spend over 2 1/2 hours. We have more storage for the kids toys and Preston has a big boy bed (again).

I guess I haven't kept everyone updated with Preston's sleeping arrangement. When we first took Preston out of the crib, he was suppose to sleep on the bottom bunk. That was an epic fail because every time one of the kids moved the other child would wake up then would make sure the other child was awake. Then they would wake Josh and I up. Since nobody was getting any sleep we decided to move Preston into another room. Preston wouldn't stay on his mattress till we found a box that was bigger than his bed. Which lasted till he destroyed the box, I believe was only a few weeks. At this point he was happy sleeping in his own room. When the room is put together I'll be glad to post pictures.

I swear we are awake


Why do we only see this toy every couple of months?

We are going to see a movie!

I'm going to rock!

How do we play this game?

This is more our style! Eat my dust!

More marbles!! Serious mom please have this out more often.

Ikea and food!

My first knitting project that I'm proud of!!
I actually finished my first scarf. However I think this scarf is going to have to be a kid's scarf because it is pretty short.

Friday, January 27, 2012

A boring day that I hope I never forget..

This morning after Josh left I was in the kitchen doing some chores when I noticed the boys got quite. This generally only mean two things they are asleep or something bad is about to happen. I grabbed the phone just in case I needed to call 911. However Preston was sitting in Ethan's lap and they were watching TV.
My heart just melted. All morning Ethan was being so sweet to Preston. Ethan was also very helpful around the house. I was worried that he wasn't feeling well so I took his temperature but it was normal.

A little later Preston tried to sit on Ethan's lap again and Ethan pushed him off. I told Ethan Preston just wanted to sit on your lap. Ethan told Preston that he was sorry and let him sit down.
Just before lunch we went outside for a little while. Preston would bring Ethan different balls to play with. Once Ethan was a little mean to Preston. Which made me realize these are really my kids and I don't need to look for a pod. (I had a brief flash of Invasion of the Body Snatchers)

 After lunch and naps I attempted to take the boys back outside but they were being such buggers that I told them we weren't going. Believe it or not they both had a meltdown. Once they calmed down and started acting like humans again we were able to go back outside and play. 

 It was time to venture back inside to start getting ready for the sci-tech exhibit preview of Team Up! and Amusement Park Science. The boys were so excited to go to the museum. I has been closed all month because of the changing over to the new exhibits. From what I could tell the new exhibits are a big hit with my  boys. Preston spent most of the time playing with the permanent exhibit. Ethan was much more adventurous and wanted to check out all the new stuff.

I know how this works!

So glad to see another favorite

Yummy cake balls!!

How does this one work?

Whee!!! a round and a round I go

It is really hard to walk a balance beam after being spun and you are going to make it thinner on me? this is just cruel.
Overall the boys were really good today so we took them for ice cream after the museum. Well sort of. Preston just wanted the cone and no ice cream.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm freaking out again.

I know that every few months that I will read or see something that will freak me out about what it takes to get accepted into college. One saving grace about Texas is that the top 10% of a graduating class automatically gets accepted into any state college. Which  translates to if you are not in the top ten percent then you can pretty much kiss Texas A&M or University of Texas good bye. Today in the Dallas Morning News there was an article about a girl who is graduating a year early and still didn't into her first choice college.

Okay I think I'm over freaking out for a moment...

Today Korri came over and hung out. Other that we didn't really do anything today.
Preston showing Korri the greatness of Wall Tracks

Ethan showing off his dominoes
Korri showing off her dominoes skills