Tuesday, July 31, 2012

What a crazy day.

This morning I decided to take the boys to the movies. Today's movie for the summer movie clubhouse was Winnie the Pooh. I wasn't sure if the boys would like it or not but they were excited about getting to go.

On the way to the theater I was stopped at a red light when the car behind me rolled into us. When the light changed, I pulled over as soon as I could and the jerk kept on going. Thanks a lot. When I looked there wasn't any damage so I guess no harm done.

The boys had a great time at the movie and were really well behaved. Then a quick trip to the library to renew a book and to turn in my reading log so I could be entered into the grand prize drawing. While I was there I found out the annual Frisco is a Treasure! Treasure Hunt just started. I picked up our maps and I guess I figured out what we are doing for the rest of the day.

Our second stop was at the Discovery Science Center since it was right next to the library, plus the kids were asking to go. When we got there they didn't know anything about the contest, but they were about to dissect a cow's eye. Well it is the last day of our membership so I might as well renew the our membership and let the boys run around for a little bit.

I decided that we should stop by the Frisco Convention & Visitors Bureau to see what was going on. I think the boys and I were the first people to stop by because they were very excited that we stopped. Then when I told them about the Discovery Science Center not knowing anything about it. People started appearing from no where and you would have thought the town was being invaded by zombies or something. People started coming out of offices and phone calls were started to be made. Okay I'm just going to back away slowly. Unforutanly before we can get out the door Ethan has made the door bell sensor go off at least twenty times. I figured they would have thrown us out if they weren't in crisis mode.

I figure it is time for lunch and naps. Once the boys woke up they just wanted to stay at home. I even offered to take them to the pool but they weren't interested.

This week we heard the marching band start practicing. Crap! School starts in two weeks and I haven't got Ethan enrolled anywhere. I guess I know what I'm going to be doing this week.

I think the treasure map says we need to go this way.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Man, I'm whinny.

I think I'm working on a sore throat, but I'm not willing to give into it just yet. This morning I was dragging it took me nearly three hours to fold the laundry that was in the drier. Then again there were a million interruptions. Ethan decided that he was still hungry after finishing his breakfast. He only wanted to eat candy. I was trying to convince him that wasn't going to happen. Then Preston wanted to an art project. Thank goodness it was just putting stickers on some paper. I still had to get the supplies out. The boys wanted to play play-doh. Then they wanted to kill each other. Next the phone started ringing. I about broke my neck on some toys that were on the floor. I finally got to the phone and it was some automatic dialer that wanted me to hold so someone could come to the phone. Are you kidding me?? Seriously could I just have five minutes to get the laundry done? Nope, Preston wanted to help which meant he was trying to put the dirty clothes in the dryer. I don't know if it was my splitting headache that was making me so cranky or my inability to actually get anything done this morning.

While I was trying to get the boys to take their nap, I ended up falling asleep in the hallway. When I woke up my throat felt like it was on fire. I decided that I wasn't up for yoga today. Once Josh got home I just laid down.
I really don't know why I had a headache today.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Going through withdraw!

This morning started off with us watching Olympic events that we recorded during the over night hours. When we were caught up, it was time to leave but this time women's team archery. We were quickly sucked in. We were late getting to my parent's house for Sunday lunch.

I have a new app on my phone called Twist. You tell it where you are going and who you are meeting and they will get text messages when you should arrive. Then another text when you are just about to your destination. The other day I had my mom install the app on her phone as well. I knew that my mom would want to know where we were at. I figured I could use twist and she would have to call. My mom called anyway because she didn't look at her phone call. Once I told her to look at her phone, she like that she could open the app and watch me move along the map. Josh said that I should just use Find My Friends. I don't want my mom to know where I'm at whenever. I like being able to just let her know when I'm going to actually meet her somewhere. (Sorry mom, I still love you!)

Once we got to my parent's home I wasn't able to watch the Olympics. It was driving me nuts because swimming and woman's gymnastics were on today. I'm glad that we set our DVR to record today's events. I kept checking facebook to see if there were any updates, I'm starting to think that Josh and I are the only people that care about the Olympics. Then again yesterday some of the sponsors like Pantene congratulated a swimmer for a good job, just got criticized for spoiling what happens in the Olympics before NBC had a chance to air it.

To keep my mind off the lack of Olympic coverage. We took the boys swimming. We weren't out for very long when we started getting over ran by wasp. There was about six or so that kept flying by the pool area. We decided it was time go back inside. I was shocked to see that it was an hour later, it felt like we had only been in the pool for a few minutes.

Bring on the sun and fun!

That was just mean mom! We didn't get enough pool time.

Okay snuggle time is always good.

Dance time is always great!
When we got home, Josh and I got the boys in bed as fast as we could. I ended up reading to the boys longer than Josh did. Once I got into the living room Josh already had the Olympics on and was fast forwarding through things that we didn't really care about. I think that Josh is more into the Olympics than I am. Normally when we watch TV, I have the remote. Since the Olympics have been on I haven't been allowed near the remote.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time for some sports

This morning I was woken up by Ethan. He handed me the Kindle and wanted me to keep reading the story we started last night. I was super excited that Ethan wanted to be read to instead of playing. I hope that means he is going to be a reader later on in life.

I thanked Josh for letting me sleep in and he was confused because it wasn't 8:00am. I had to explain that he was letting me sleep in but Ethan had other plans. Josh already had the Olympics on and his computer on to NBC Olympic website. He had the first couple of hours all planned out. We have discussed what events we want to watch. Mainly, swimming, gymnastics, and beach volleyball. Josh wanted to also watch badminton and fencing. We figured the boys might like tennis and soccer because those are sports they are interested in.

Today we figured out that the coverage times are estimated and if there is another sport that is having an upset that the listed game might not be shown. The first time this happened was we switched to watch men's beach volleyball. We changed slightly early and we caught the tail end of team USA caused an upset and beat the South Korea team in archery. After the men's beach volleyball game the coverage returned to the archery competition. Josh and I were completely sucked in. I kept questioning why are we watching archery? Because it was freaking awesome. Team USA won its first medal of the games. They received the silver and it came down to the last shot. If Italy's last arrow would have been worth nine points then it would have gone into over time, but the arrow landed right on the line and was worth ten point. Italy won by one point. Archery is another sport that we are adding to our must watch list.

The boys were inspired by watching fencing. (like they need a reason to hit each other with swords)
 When Ethan woke up from his nap and came into the living room he asked if the Olympics are still on and did he miss anything. I swear he is a teenage boy trapped in a child's body. Then he grabbed the Kindle again and asked for me to read some more to him. I'm glad that he is loving SuperKid by Christina Barr. Every chapter seems to have some sort of life lesson like listen to your parents and don't start fights.

Then it was time to head to the RoughRiders baseball game. We were glad that the playground was open when we first arrived.  The boys were able to run around and burn off some energy. When brought the boys leap pads because the playground closes when the sun goes down and the game started at 7:00pm. Then about 9:00 Ethan started asking for his blanket and pillow. Then he wanted to go to the van. At 9:30 we decided that it was time to head home. I have no idea who won but it was a fun game.

Mom I'm over sports for the day!

It is hot! why are we out here?
 Just before we left Ethan took my phone and took some pictures for the blog.
Crazy boy!

Hey mom, if you would let me have a Facebook page this would be an awesome profile pic!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Let the games begin.

We were going to go swimming this morning but the weather said that it was going to rain so we changed out plans. Our play date ended up getting moved to the Sci-tech discovery center. The other mom hadn't been there before but liked that it was small enough that she could take her kids. Apparently her son (like Ethan) is really into science and just can get enough of it. Ethan and his friend kept running around wanting to see everything. Then the two boys would get separated and then they would run up to us and ask if we have seen their best friend.

We decided to have lunch at McDonald's so the kids could run around after they finished eating. The kids started playing hide and seek. The other mom was talking how her kids could play for hours. My boys are the same way. It was really nice they could play with each other and we got to sit and talk. It is nice our kids are about the same age. Ethan is a day older than her son and Preston is only a few months older than her daughter.

It seems that we have been dealing with the same challenges. It was really nice to talk to someone who has been going through the exact same issues. From dealing with separation issues with our youngest kids to our older ones having to wait a year before they start school.

I don't have any pictures because they were all very blurry.

The evening was full of watching the Olympic opening ceremonies. We were explaining to the boys what the Olympics are. They decided that they want to be in the Olympics and were practicing their gymnastic skills. Well if they really want to do competitive gymnastics it is a good thing there is a gym near by that has already produced two Olympic gold medalist. I'm thinking that would be a good place to start their training.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

More shopping.

The boys and I were pretty wiped. We just had a lazy day around the house. I let Ethan have some computer time. Then he asked if I could download some mircobots on his Leapfrog Explorer. Then I bought a couple of games for their LeapPads. Ethan was glued to the LeapPad the rest of the day. Preston was happy to play with the Legos.

Tonight, we went shopping! First we stopped at Half Price Books (I had a 30% off coupon that expired today). I was impressed that we only walked out with two books. We probably would have gotten more but Ethan just couldn't make up his mind; He left without anything. I have eight books that I'm working through right now I didn't want to add to my pile. Not to mention all of the books that we have been loading on our Kindle and Nooks.

Then it was off to Dillard's. The sale that was just for card holders yesterday is for everyone today. I wanted Josh to try on some clothes. While he was in the dressing room I checked out the kids clothing.

It is a crying shame that we didn't find anything. When I was showing Ethan his new outfits he was completely in love with his new "handsome" clothes.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Updated again: Crysta heads home.

I guess I did it again. Today I was going to take Crysta to tour the American Airlines Center(AAC). I doubled checked all the information last night. When we got to AAC the parking lot was closed. I don't know if they didn't have a tour today or night. At the time I thought I had misread the calender, we headed back home. On the back to Frisco, my mom called in a panic. Dillard's was having a sale for card holders. I had to remind mom that I don't have a card but she still wanted us to check out the sale to see if the store had a decent bathing suit selection. Turns out the store had a huge selection. Then we continued on to my house.

Crysta spent the extra time getting packed for her trip home. I was checking the room that Crysta has been staying in, to make sure she didn't leave anything behind. I found a bag when I asked Crysta about it she didn't know what to do with it because it smelled. Crysta explained it was a bag of shells she picked up while she was at South Padre Island with my parents. Turns out that she forgot to let me know that the shells needed to be boiled. When she opened the bag I thought I was going to die from smell. Then we boiled the shells and my whole house smelled like bleach and beach. Nothing could make a dent in the odor.

Then it was time to take Crysta to the airport. She was so nervous because she hadn't flown before. Thank goodness when got her to security check point nobody was there. She was able to take her time. We stuck around till she made it past security just in case there were any problems.

On the way home from the airport, Josh dropped me off at the mall and I met up with my mom for some retail shopping therapy. I found a ton of shorts for Josh, so I guess tomorrow after work Josh and I are going shopping.

 Update: After the shells were boiled they stopped smelling. My house just smelled for hours.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Shopping and dropping!

This morning we were all a little draggy. The boys woke up an hour and half later than normal. Crysta slept in too. Once we finally got moving it was a whirl-wind trip of going in and out of stores. Before we knew it was time to get ready for our Cirque Fit classes. Crysta joined me in the aerial yoga class. I don't think it was what she expected but she LOVED it.

Aerial yoga like most yoga classes you stretch your muscles and it is relaxing. Kimberly, the instructor, is always offering variations to the exercises. Every week she tries to target a different muscle group. All I know is tomorrow, Crysta and I are going to be sore.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

A family Day

Today like we do on every Sunday we headed to my parent's home. This time my brother joined us of course my cousin and her dad, lets not forget my grandmother was there too.

After a wonderful lunch that my mom prepared, Josh, Crysta, and I headed to Half Price Books. I think this is the first time that Josh and I haven't walked out with a million books. Crysta had a couple of bags full.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening we spent out by the pool. Then we looked at photographs and told Crysta family stories that she never heard before. Apparently her grandfather doesn't talk about our side of the family much.

I am my mother's daughter!

I think I have worn my cousin out as much as my mom did. Then again she was already wiped from being with my mom.

Than again it isn't just me but my boys too.

Today we headed to the Nasher Sculpture Museum and the Dallas Museum of Art.

This was my first trip to the Nasher, I didn't have a clue on what to expect. I also wasn't sure how the boys would act at the museums. The boys amazed me! They were so interested in what they were seeing. Ethan wanted to know the name of every sculpture. I loved the fact they were so interested and having fun looking at the exhibits. Their favorite one was created by Ernesto Neto entitled Cuddle on the Tightrope. I think they liked they were able touch it and walk through it.

I don't think my cousin is having any fun!

I don't think the boys smiles could get any bigger.

Then it was time to move on to the Dallas Museum of Art. Josh dad and Bobby had to leave. I had forgotten that I had been to the museum several years ago. I believe that I was pregnant with Preston and they had a special Egyptian exhibit. That exhibit was all we saw so I don't feel like I really had seen the museum. This time we headed straight to the kids area. I figured if the boys were going to be difficult that we would stay in the kids area and let Christa check out the rest of the museum without the distractions.

I was shocked at how much they had for the kids. They had several art projects for the kids do. Preston wasn't really interested in making anything so I found another kid section. It was perfect for Preston. There were Legos, magnets, a felt board, and several other activities. Once Ethan was over his art project he decided to check out what Preston was up to. Then I wander around and found another room for the kids to play in. While we were in the the last play area, I found a book that had several photos of the art in the adult section of the museum. The book detailed how to talk to small kids about the pieces, by pointing out shapes, color, and what is going on in the paintings. I was like oh, that make perfect sense. The kids got really excited about looking at the different pieces. Once again Ethan wanted to know the name of everything, and what every sign said. Preston liked making up stories about what he was seeing. Then the boys hit a wall and they were just done. Preston fell asleep in the stroller. Ethan pulled out his games and just chilled in the stroller the rest of the time.

Aren't we a little young for homework? I thought this place was suppose to be fun!

Crysta's art creation 

This place is AWESOME. I found a wall that I can write on and not get in trouble!

Preston: "You say this is a mask? I haven't seen any super heroes wear this one."

I think we lost one.

When we leaving Josh decided to check out if we become members today if we could apply the admission fees to the membership dues. Turns out that we could, Josh was sold. I really don't know if I will take the kids to the museum by myself but they do have camps and other activities the kids will love. I guess this is a good thing

Dinner turned out to include us, Crysta, my parents, my brother, Crysta's dad, and my grandmother. If you lost count that was ten people. We wanted to take Crysta some where that she would experience outside of Texas. We thought the Magic Time Machine was the best place to go. Everyone had a great time. I'm so glad that we went.

Captain America, We love you man!

I have not idea what is going on with Preston's eyes as he photo bombed this picture.
 Once we got home everyone was exhausted. Crysta ended up going to bed about an hour after the boys did. At least tomorrow should be relaxing, right??

Friday, July 20, 2012

More painting.

The boys were super excited that my cousin was here they woke up. However, my mom had completely worn her for five days in South Padre. Cyrsta (my cousin) needed to sleep in. My boys did all they could to wake Cyrsta up without actually going into her room, but she was sleeping like the dead.

When she finally woke, we headed out to the Frisco Heritage Museum. Then thirty minutes later we headed to the Sci-Tech discovery center.

 After dinner Crysta and I headed to Painting with a Twist. I think every employee asked if I was there yesterday. Um no it was on Tuesday!

I think my owl is going to share the wall space with the wine glasses, I painted earlier this week, in my closet.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I've turned into a Monster!!

Yesterday I mentioned that some of the ladies at the book club showed me different features for my Kindle (Okay Josh your Kindle!)  They also told me about two websites that will inform you when books temporarily go free. I love me some free whatever.

Pixel of Ink - This website tells you on average twice a day about free books and once a day about a reduced book.

Young version of Pixel of Ink - This is part of the above website but it is just dedicated to children books and they divide them by age.

Free Booksy - This doesn't list as many books but they are also free.

Last night I was up till 2:00 am downloading free books on the Kindle. This morning, Josh informed me that he was taking the Kindle with him to work. He was kind enough to leave the Nook and he made sure I knew where it was.

Apparently, I wasn't the only one from book club that was loading up their Kindle with free books from these sites. There was a facebook post about how productive they were being at work today. Then someone else asked if there was sites that listed free Nook books. Of course I had to Google and find out for myself (since that is all I'm getting to use now). My search led me to Barnes and Noble's website. Then I started downloading books on the Nook. A couple of hours later I got a text from Josh asking if I was having fun downloading free books? Turns out he was getting emails for every book that I downloaded. I think he was getting annoyed by the amount of emails. Oops.

Preston had actually helped me pick out some of the books this afternoon. Needless to say that most of the new books were for the kids. One of the books that I was thinking about deleting the boys actually asked me to read again. Great. I can only imagine if they start telling their friends about the burping monster and the mean mayor. If you are interested it is called Garbage! Monster! Burp! by Tom Watson.

I don't think I'm going to get to go out anymore.

I still have the boys on lock down because I don't want to give he world the plague that is in our home right now. Okay it isn't that bad. Honestly if I was working, Preston would be going to daycare, but I stay at home moms tend to be cranky about sick kids at the playground.

Then again contributing to the family income vs. play time. Even if it wasn't for the other moms a the playground, Preston would be on lock down anyways. This morning he just looked miserable and wanted to lay around. This afternoon, Preston was a lot more perky and then Ethan just wanted to lay around. *sigh*. We are about to have family in town this weekend so the kids need to be well.

Tonight, I attended my first book club. What I found to be amusing was that no one actually had books. Everyone (including myself) had some sort of e-reader or tablet they read the book on.
I think that Josh might just loose his Father's Day present. The women at the book club were showing me all the different features on the Kindle Fire. When we bought our Fire we got a free month of Amazon Prime. With Prime you can check out one book a month for free. That is how I read this book.

The book we read was Already Gone by John Rector. I'm not the fastest reader on the planet. I started reading the book while we were on vacation because I figured it would take me a while to get through the book. I was shocked two days later I was done. Once the book got going I had to know what was going to happen next. I think I will get more books by John Rector.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sometimes I suprise myself.

Last night I was up with Preston. His nose was runny and he just couldn't get comfortable. I think it is a common cold. I don't want to pass this on to any other kids so we are on lock down for a couple of days.

Thank goodness, there was a mom's night out tonight. We went to Painting with a Twist. I've never heard about this place before. I figured I would give it a try. When I got there I realized that I have never painted on canvas before. I started to get really nervous. Thank goodness one of other moms bought wine.

I don't think I'll win any art awards but it wasn't a complete fail.

I think this is going to look wonderful displayed in my closet behind my shoes!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Another Monday

Yesterday, we just did chores around the house. I was snoozing trying to come up with something clever to say. I opted not to blog.

Today, the boys just wanted to stay home but we had plans to see a puppet show at the library. Ethan had a complete melt down about leaving the house. I finally got him to calm down so we could leave. Of course we were running late because of the drama. When arrived at the library the had just ran out of tickets for the performance. Well isn't that just grand? The person handing out tickets tried to convince me to go to a later show. Lets see 12:30, um the middle of lunch, 2:00 the middle of nap time, or 4:00 when we have to leave for Cirque Fit classes. We didn't see the puppet show today. While we were at the library the boys wanted to pick up more books. Since we have some time to kill sure why not.

When we were leaving the library, Ethan asked to go to the Discovery Sci-Tech center. Seriously, kid you just had a melt down about leaving now you don't want to go home.

When it was time to go to Cirque Fit classes, Ethan once again tired to have a melt down. I don't know what is going on. Then again Ethan was having fun playing in his room. I think that was the underlying reason he didn't really want to go.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

What happened today???

This morning Josh let me sleep in. Basically, chaos was ensuing and I was just laying in bed not wanting to deal with it. Then Josh came in and asked if I could help. Apparently, he had been trying to make biscuits and gravy for over two hours and only had the meat browned at this point. The biscuits were mixed but were just sitting in the bowl. *sigh* I guess it is time to get up.

I do have to say Josh was determined to finish his breakfast. An hour and a half after I had gotten up he finally was able to have his biscuits and gravy. I think it would have been a lot more productive if he would have just gone to Whataburger and bought some.

Once Josh finally ate we headed out to the movies. I had to keep looking up movie times for Ice Age. We ended up having to go to a different movie theater than normal because we missed the first showing at the ones near us.

Ice Age was a cute kids movie. The kids loved it. Ethan's favorite part was the pirates. Preston's favorite part was he got to stand up and dance during the credits.

Once we got home the kids laid down for naps. Okay Preston was the only one who slept, but Ethan was in his bed being quite so we could get some chores done around the house. Josh build an Ikea dresser. I worked on laundry. Once the boys woke up, I worked with them to get their rooms picked up. Preston was so easy to work with. After he was done, he helped in Ethan's room a little than wanted to help Josh with the dresser. Ethan didn't want to pick up his room. He has several bins to store toys in. We were able to get the empty bins put in their correct places. His blankets, and pillows in his bed. All of his plush toys and books were put away. Then Ethan was done and didn't want to put any of his "building" supplies away. Really the Mr. Potato head glasses can't be put in the butt of Mr. Potato? Because it was part of a project he is working on. What it was under his lion that is on the other side of the room. Needless to say there was some fighting. Oh his teenage years are going to be fun.

 Ethan and I were able to make some progress, just didn't get completely done before we had to head out to see my parents because he had some of their beach stuff. That got left at my house from our trip to the Little Elm beach. My parents are about to head to the beach and needed it back. While we were dropping the stuff off, I was trying to convince my parents to take Ethan with them. No dice. Then again I don't know how well I would handle Ethan not being around. For a couple of hours while he is in school or at a camp isn't a big deal but over night for a couple of days is a different story. I don't think that I'm ready for my baby to be gone that long. Than again he would have been with my parents so I think that would be a million times easier than if he was with anyone else.

I guess I need to back up for a moment. Yesterday I had a crazy idea about having a game night tonight. People had other plans and it really was short notice. Just before the kids woke up from their naps we got a call that game night was on. Okay. Um. I didn't spend the day getting ready because I thought it was off. So we had an hour and half after we saw my parents to get everything pulled together. Needless to say things weren't nearly as cleaned and prepared as I like them to be when we have guest but what can you do. Josh and I were in high gear till people showed up. What was done was done and what wasn't, wasn't. I'm just glad it was Mark, Jen, Bob, and Kathy, because they didn't care.

What had me excited was Jen has discovered Pinterest and LOVES it as much as I do. I think we annoyed the boys talking about our latest pins. Then I started showing Jen different things around the house that I've done or I had Josh do because of the website. 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Round and around we go!

Call it the curse of Friday the 13th or just call me a little crazy. I guess the later statement is probably the most accurate. At any rate, I spent a lot of time just going in circles.

This morning, I had a play date at Going Bonkers. Just before I left I couldn't find the second game card that we have. I made a quick call to Josh and realized he had it in his wallet. Doh, no wonder I couldn't find it anywhere.

I told Josh that I would be there in a few minutes to pick up the card. I don't know if I was just busy talking to Korri or just had a brain fart. At any rate I had completely forgotten about picking up the card. I remembered when I was a couple of miles away from going Bonkers. I had already turned around when Josh called to see if I was on my way. After stopping for gas we finally got to Going Bonkers almost an hour after we had left for it.

At least on the way home there wasn't any detours.

After Josh got home we were going to go listen to Jazz at Frisco Square. Then we decided to go to Chick-fil-a and let the boys get their free chicken nuggets for turning in their reading logs. When we got there the place was PACKED! It was absolutely crazy.Why because if you dressed like a cow you got free chicken. I don't know how I missed the memo about free food at Chick-fil-a!! At any rate we decided that we needed to go somewhere else for dinner. We have been talking about making time to go to Ikea this weekend and now seemed like a good time.

First we headed to the restaurant to have a quick bite to eat. Then we headed to the kids play area to check Ethan in. Turns out the play land closed early tonight. Josh had taken the boys down stairs while I finished up dinner. We managed to miss each other going up/down then down/up. Then we managed to just circle each other for a few minutes.

Josh watched the boys play in the kids section of Ikea while I got the locations of the pieces of furniture that we wanted to buy. Then I found something I wanted to get Josh's opinion about. It was walking back in circles around the store. *sigh*

All of the circling and getting nowhere I think has me a little dizzy.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I love my library!!

I was suppose to go to story time but Preston has a virus and the fever didn't break till yesterday afternoon. I wasn't planning on going anywhere today. Then that phone rang. Why do my plans always change because of a stinking phone call??

Anyways, the phone call I got was from an automated phone dialer thing from the library. Saying that a book that I have on hold is ready for pick up and I have five days to get it. So I log in and realized that I have a book over do and by the end of the day today I was going to have twenty more books over do. Well Crap on a stick I guess we are going to the library after all. While I was making sure I had all twenty one books I was making sure what was read was on the boys summer reading logs. It turned out that they had finished their logs. I guess we need to turn those in too.

When I told the boys that we were going to the library. Ethan didn't want to go. Once I informed him that his reading log was full and that we needed to turn it in to get a prize. Than Ethan's tune changed. He wanted to see his log and started running through the house doing a happy dance. He couldn't wait to get to go to the library. He even wanted to call my mom to let her know his log was finished.

I'm super excited that the boys get so excited about reading. I'm also excited that I'm going to be turning in my own summer reading log soon. I've read enough books that I could turn it in now but if I finish the three books that I'm in middle of than I will have two entries for the grand prize drawing.

Ethan checking out his swag.

Boys showing off their certificates.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Back to the grind.

Today I tried to make sure the boys are back on schedule.  For me that means meeting up with the mom's group. Today's adventure was going to Indoor Safari Park. The only reason we went was because I had gotten a groupon for $5 each. For five dollars and a dollar for me. That seems a decent price versus the $15. When we run out of the groupons I think we are going to pass on this activity.

Before the boys and I left. I sat the boys down and told them no climbing up the slides, throwing balls, or taking balls out of the ball pit. They agreed and loaded up. Since the boys were so easy to get in the car and ready to go we arrived early.

When I first got there, there was another mom group. Their kids were brats. They were loud and throwing the balls at the moms. The moms just laughed and tossed the balls back. Of course my boys sees all of this ball throwing and tries to join in. I've noticed if some tells their kid to knock it off then the other parents will also tell the kids to stop but not this group. Then a daycare shows up. Really?? I was just about to leave when the mom I recognized started showing up.

I'm so glad that I found this mom group. The mothers are all so friendly and it isn't the fake friendly that you find but true friendly people.

Of course I was a dope and forgot to bring my camera so I don't have any pictures today.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation Wrap up!

Friday we headed to another relative's home. We were there till about midnight. Thank goodness we had gotten our bags ready before we headed out. The next morning we were leaving to come back home bright and early.

My dad had said that he wanted to be loaded in the van at 7:00 in the morning on Saturday. We had everything at the front door and the kids ready at 7:00 but my parents were no where in sight. About 7:30 I called to see how much longer. Finally about 8:00 we were loading up. Then we realized that we had left one of the boys blankets. My dad was trying to say that it could be mailed to us. Uh I don't think so. Have you ever tried to put a child to bed with out their blankie??? Thank goodness we weren't very far and we could turn around.

Finally around 10:00pm we decided to stop for the night. We pretty much collapsed once we were in the room.

On Sunday, we woke up and got ready to find out that my parents were still in bed. At least today we were only in the car for four hours. Once we got home the boys just wanted to go outside and be as loud as they possible could be. We decided the boys needed to be able to run around. We headed to Going Bonkers.

We let the boys run around till they were completely warn out.

This morning the boys slept in. I was suppose to take the boys to the library, but the boys and I weren't up for it. The boys pretty much just laid around this morning and were excited for naps. I actually had to wake Ethan up. I decided that we would miss Cirque Fit classes tonight.

I'm glad to be home and to get the boys back into our regular routine.

Happy Fourth of July!

Today is my family reunion at the Lake County fairgrounds in Crown Point, Indiana. One of my relatives set up a picnic. After lunch we headed to the parade. This parade isn't like any other Fourth of July parade that I've ever been to. The parade started off with several Dj's along the parade route entertaining those who came to set up early. Then there was a fly over once the parade started. The next thirty minutes was every police car, fire truck, and any other emergency vehicle that had siren on it in the entire county and a couple surrounding counties. Thank goodness we had ear plugs for Josh and the kids. Then the parade really started! Okay that is when the candy started getting  thrown. After an hour and half the kids were over picking up candy. They just wanted shaded! Preston climbed into my lap and fell asleep for the rest of the parade. I think the parade lasted three hours. The rest of the afternoon we tried to keep the kids entertained.

We stayed at the fairgrounds till it was time for the fireworks. Josh and I were going to surprise everyone with elephant ears but while we were waiting the fireworks started.

Side note: Elephant Ears are a fair food that we only have seen up north. Basically they are a thin flat disk of dough (looks like an elephant ear) that is fried then covered with cinnamon and sugar.

It was awesome getting to spend time with my aunts and their families. Especially my cousin and her son. It was the first time they have ever came to the family reunion.

Mom it is HOT!!

Cover your ears here comes the sirens.

Thanks Aunt Monkey.

Seriously what parade has a fly over? Oh this one.

Why is it so loud???

Time to get candy!

Time for fun and games with the cousins.

The boys exploring the fair grounds

Rich working hard.

Ready for the fireworks. and we don't mean family drama.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Fish Fry!

I don't know why this has become a family tradition. I think it is because my mom loves fish but doesn't like cooking it in her own home. My family that we are staying with are all avid fishers.

We cooked over two hundred filets of fish. We polished off every piece of fish that was cooked. It was nice to have just a hang out day around my uncle's house.

My mom, cousin, and her two daughters all have red curly hair. My mom has been straightening her hair for years. Apparently last week, one of Brittany's friend tried to straighten her hair and it just turned into a frizz ball. We decided to try my mom's straightening iron on the girls' hair.

My mom asking her brother, "What do I do in this room?" Ronnie, "You dope, it is the kitchen. You cook in here."

Josh helping with the fish.

The whole family getting in the act.

Brittany's hair before.
Allison's hair after. (sorry we didn't think about getting a before picture first)


Awe sisterly love

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Indiana Beach

We headed to Monticello, IN to go to Indiana Beach. Apparently, last year Indiana Beach got bought out and the locals are not happy with the new owners. Indiana Beach started off as a boardwalk and has expanded to be a resort area and a small water park. The place was pretty empty. I was shocked there weren't lines for anything. Since we had the kids we spent most of our time in the kiddie area. The boys loved all of the rides. Then we meet up with everyone and there were "big kid" rides that Ethan could ride.
Josh and Preston riding the Skyride.

Hey isn't this suppose to go up and down?

 There was a total of twelve of us. We like to gang up on one person on the bumper cars especially if we all get to drive at the same time.

Even Ethan joined in on the cars.
I'm glad that I warned my cousin the night before that my parents have a tendency to stay at amusement parks till they close. Indiana Beach isn't that big of a place but still stayed till closing time.