Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A quick snap shot.

Sorry that I've not been posting everyday. Just things have been really crazy busy lately. Last weekend we went to Galveston. Monday was a lazy day. Tuesday we spent doing things to get ready for Mark and Jen's wedding. Today we are getting ready to go on another road trip. Not to mention the other things that we are going to be doing. State Fair, pumpkin patches, and other fall fun. Oh the Science Tech center is opening this weekend. I really thought that I would have more time staying home with the boys but we haven't really been staying home much.

Monday, September 27, 2010


Today the boys and I slept in. So Preston wasn't interested in his morning nap. He figured out how to get out of his crib. I heard a thud then crying. I ran into the room to see him get up and start running around. I guess we are going to be moving him into a big boy bed. If he is going to start climbing out I would rather it be from a bed that is only a few inches from the ground so he doesn't get hurt.
I put  the boys down for naps at the same time so I had 2 1/2 hours to myself this afternoon. Which was really needed because I was busy rushing around getting ready for the beach get away this weekend.

After nap time the boys were extremely excited because we were about to head out. Just Josh had a ton of stuff to get done at work and he didn't get to leave early. My parents were also swamped so they didn't get to leave as early as they wanted to. We eventually all meet up and got the van loaded and head down to the coast.

Friday, September 24, 2010

What is going on?

Lesson learned: Mommy needs that hour when the boys are both asleep. Even thought I'm busy trying to get as much house work that I can get done. It is nice to have the break from the boys.

Today in a nutshell was story time, failed attempt to see old coworkers, and ice skating.

There weren't a ton of people at story time this week again which was fine with me. Korri stayed with Ethan and played on the computer while Preston and I looked at books. I saw something about story time in a box so I asked the librarian about it. They have several themed boxes that include five books, a CD, a toy, and a hand puppet thing. So basically you can recreate story time in your home all week. I choose a theme that correlates with next weeks lessons. I'm pretty excited to see how this is going to work.

Then we headed out to Bedford. I guess I got there while everyone was at lunch so I ended up not seeing anyone. Oh well maybe next time.

Then when the boys got home Ethan was awake and didn't want to finish his nap. So I didn't have my downtime to get stuff done around the house and apparently that made me very cranky. Which seemed to make the boys cranky. Then again Ethan was tired so he was cranky too. Getting him ready for skating was not fun. He was being a little pain and when he first got to class he just sat on the ice and refused to do anything. Then I guess they are doing a mini session right now. So there were six more kids in his class. Once they all got on the ice he started participating. I was upset with him because he can skate on his own but since he was in such a mood they left him in the class with the kids that this was their first time on the ice. So he was back on the buckets. Then at one point in the class his teacher took his buckets and slid them across so that he had to actually skate on his own. I think the other parents were afraid that that she was going to do the same to their kids but she didn't. I do have to brag that this was the first class that he hadn't had an accident in. He actually told his teacher that he needed to go and held it till I was able to get him to the bathroom. Then we got home and he had an accident. *sigh* We normally put Preston to bed before we lay Ethan down. Since he had an accident  and didn't have his full nap we had Ethan go to bed first.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What day is it again?

It was a pretty boring day. I had some grand plans of going to the baby story time at the library but Preston seems to have a cold so I didn't want the other babies to catch it. Then I was going to visit Carter but by the time we got done with our daily lessons it was nap time. After nap time I headed to my parents home to get things from their storage unit. I didn't get all of the stuff that I wanted to but I did get my books. I didn't realize that was were my year books for school were.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tuesday swimming!

Lesson learned: I don't do well on not very much sleep.

 I was dragging this morning so I skipped circle time and just did the lessons. The way to get Ethan down for nap time that I thought I had figured out yesterday didn't work today. So I had to analyze what I did different. Yesterday I had let Ethan be in his room by himself for about 30 minutes while Preston and I picked up the play room. Then we went in and acted like we were all going to have nap time.

There was a new boy in Ethan's swim class today. So his class is now full. All the new parents in Preston's class last week were there again today. Josh went in the water with Preston this week. It was nice to actually get to watch the boys in their classes. Ethan did great they are working on rolling over and have them float on his back. Preston did well too. Preston is up to five seconds underwater.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Lesson learned: It doesn't matter if you have the best curriculum if you aren't actually using it.

Last week I slacked off on pushing the preschool stuff. So this week I'm going to have to double up the lessons to get caught back up. The kids seem pretty tried from the weekend. We did circle time then headed outside. I got the toys out of the shed and it looks like whatever was in there before is back. There are several holes in the floor now. I guess we are going to have to completely redo the floor in the shed. Preston was really cranky so I put him down thirty minutes for his morning nap. He was in a much better mood when he got up. I mention to Josh about how tired Preston was and he informed me that Preston actually woke up several times the night before.

The afternoon was fairly calm. I was able to get Ethan down for his nap with minimal issues. Then Preston and I cleaned up the play room. Then it was time for Preston's nap time. I continued getting stuff done around the house while the boys were out. Then we finished their lessons up after nap time. Josh got home and we headed to the grocery store. We saved 33% of our bill So I was pretty excited. They changed how they list the digital coupons on the receipt so at first I thought they didn't use them but after closer inspection they discount them in line a list it as a manufacture coupon.

Then it was bed time for the boys. Preston slept for about an hour before we woke up. So we were starting think that he might be teething. So I gave him some medicine and gave him a drink. Then he went back out.  An hour and half later he was up again. This time he seemed to be having trouble breathing. That is when we realized that he was congested. We were finally able to get him to go to sleep and stay asleep about 2:00am.

Weekend Craziness!

Lesson Learned: One mile fun + carrying a three year old = shin splints.

So Saturday morning started off early!! We were out the door before 7:00am. We had to be at Oktoberfest in Addison before 8:00 when the fun run started. We have been taking Ethan on a path near our house to "train" for the run and we used a ball to keep him interested  in  running. I decided that there would be to many people around and they would be irritated with a kid kicking a ball during the run. So we left the ball at home and man was I wrong. It would have been fine and Ethan might would have at least walked the mile. Josh did the 5K and finished in 30 minutes. Any race that gives free pretzels and beer after the race can't be all that bad. It was a lot of fun. Korri went with us to watch Preston while we were all running.

Then we headed home for a much needed nap time. Then we headed to the Fieldhouse for a kids event but we left as soon as we got there because they had a band that was playing so loud that we all got head aches immediately. Then we waited for my parents to come over and then we headed out to the Plano Balloon Festival. It was so much fun. Ethan however freaked out about the crowd and would rather stay on the hill where there weren't as many people. I don't have a lot of pictures because my battery died.

Then on Sunday we went over to my parent's house.

I guess I should mention that on Friday night we went to a play ground and Ethan fell down some metal stairs that lead to the slide. Then on Sunday he was trying to get away from me when I was changing him out of his bathing suit and has a nasty scratch on this bum. Then my parents were playing with him and he was running and tripped over a chair leg and hit his head on the kitchen floor. So he is a little banged up in the pictures. He is okay just has a few scratches on his face and leg.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Octoberfest, Plano Balloon Festival it is going to be busy

Lesson learned: I love FREE bagel Fridays!!!

The morning started off us rushing out the door. Josh left his car at skating lessons last night. So we all loaded up in the van to drop him off at the car. However the boys were still hungry so Josh started giving him his breakfast. So I remembered that I had FREE bagel Friday coupons in my purse so we stopped and got some. I do want to pause a moment and explain that just a few years ago I thought bagels were the most disgusting thing on the planet. If there was a morning meeting at work and I was starving I would choke one down. Then I discovered the honey almond smear and my life was changed. However the only time I would have bagels was at work and there was some left over from a meeting. Today when we got our bagels it was the first time that I had a hot toasted one where the smear was melting on it. It was so divine. However Ethan didn't share my view of the nice hot bagel.

Once we got home I got Ethan all cleaned up. Then he wanted to Play-Doh time.

While Ethan was busy with making stuff Preston was busy destroying things. Okay Preston just destroyed one thing and that was the house that I built last night with the air-blox. So now they have a tent and a cube to play in. Then Preston was on to the Legos and Rescue Pack that Ethan got for his birthday. Then Preston wanted Ethan's guitar and that was a complete no. So I gave him his guitar. Then Ethan wanted to play with his guitar. So it was a VarBro concert. Jonas brothers beware there is a new boy band of brothers in the making. I tried to get video of the concert but it was short lived.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Story Time is BACK!!!

Lesson learned: When you are caring a child holding a blanket. Make sure that I'm holding high enough that when Preston drops it that it still won't drag.

I'm so excited story time is back at the library. It wasn't nearly as crazy as the first story time that I went to. I didn't feel like the boys and I were going to get trampled. The library has made two minor changes that I think are going to be great. They have someone handing out tickets before the library opens. They also moved the story time back 15 minutes. So now there isn't the mad dash to get the ticket then get into the story room to get a good seat. Then again there wasn't as many people there this time. There was defiantly more then the number of kids at the book store's story time. After story time Ethan and Korri were playing on the computer and one of the librarians thought Ethan was so adorable that they took his picture and had me sign a release to use his image. Preston just wanted to play with the board books and I meet another mom with a kid Preston's age. I do have to say that all of the moms that I have met around here have been really nice, I was worried about them being stuck up but they aren't or at least the ones I've spoken with.

Ethan didn't feel like taking a nap today. So he didn't actually fall asleep till after Preston woke up. His was shorter than normal. So he was a bit crappy on the way to skating today. He did really great once we got there but apparently I made him walk around to much before class because towards the end of class he was just done and didn't want to skate anymore.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


The morning was pretty laid back. The boys took apart the fort that I put together yesterday. I figured when they were both down for a nap that I would make something else. Well Ethan went down for his nap with minimal fight. Then I went to but Preston down. Apparently Preston woke up Ethan but I figured they would both fall asleep in a few minutes. I was wrong. Ethan called me to his room because he needed help going poopie. So I rushed to him and got him on the toilet. Turns out he had already gone and when I was taking his underwear off he flicked his foot and flung the underwear across the bathroom. Not only did he hit the wall with the underwear but also managed to step in it when he flung it. It was one hot mess. I got him cleaned up and put him in the bathtub. Figured a good cleaning is always a good plan. Then while the water was filling up in the tub I got the rest of the bathroom cleaned up. Thank goodness Preston was in bed and not getting into the mess.

After he got out of the bath tub he asked if he could play with Play-Doh and it hit me that we didn't give him all of his presents for his birthday. We had forgotten to wrap three Play-Doh sets that we had gotten weeks ago. Josh and I had discussed just holding on to them till Christmas but my thought is if we could remember from a few weeks ago what would make us remember at Christmas? So I got out the new sets of dough for him to play with. Ethan played with the Play-Doh for almost three hours!

While Ethan was in Play-Doh land, Preston and I made a different fort and a boat with the air blox that my mom got Ethan. Then he decided that he wanted to try to be vampire baby so I went on a hunt for his pacifiers but it took me over 20 minutes to find one. Seriously where do these things run off to? For the most part Preston doesn't use one unless he is sleepy or in a biting mood.

We rushed through dinner then headed out because Saturday morning Ethan and I are doing one mile fun run and Josh is doing a 5k. Donations to Wipe Out Kids' Cancer, (WOKC), a non-profit organization founded in 1980 dedicated to funding pediatric cancer research and supporting pediatric cancer patients and their families, would be appreciated. Plan "A" is for me to take Preston in the stroller and chase Ethan during the run. I was starting to think this isn't such a good plan so I'm thinking of investing in one of the backpack leashes.

So we finally got everything together and headed out the door with only one stroller. Ethan wasn't going to leave without a ball which turned out to be a good idea but we would let him have it till we were on the trail. Ethan was going fairly fast kicking the ball and chasing after it. Then we ran into a mom that was on the trail kicking a soccer ball with her two boys. It turns out that her youngest is 3 and named Ethan. Apparently in the other Ethan's class there is two other boys named Ethan. *Sigh* we completely failed at trying two give Ethan a uncommon. Then we let him play in the park as a reward for doing so well in his "training". I think the training was more for me to see if I could go a mile with a stroller and Ethan. It turns out that Josh's race starts 30 minutes after mine. So I think we can finish the mile run in that amount of time because that is a really slow mile. Anyways back to the park there was two other moms. They seemed nice and live just around the corner from us. Maybe we will see them at the park again.

Swimming day

Lesson learned: Wipe Out on ABC is not a show that my boys need to watch.

During the day we did our lessons. During nap time I was able to put together one of the toys Ethan got. Then we went to swimming class. The class that Preston and I take had grown this week. Normally it is just two babies in the class today there was five. To add to the confusion our normal teacher was out this week. So Preston wasn't so sure about what was going on so he didn't really participate until the class was about half over. I did like the temp teacher a lot better then our normal lady but I didn't like the extra people. Ethan did great in his class.

There is a baby resale shop next to the swim school so I ran in to see if they had a double stroller and how their prices were. this store had some of the used items priced higher then what you can buy the stuff for new. Needless to say I didn't buy anything. The wind was starting to really kick up. It was raining when we got home. Thank goodness Josh cleaned the garage out the night before so there was room for the van. Josh was over the kids shows that are on in the evening and I wanted to be on a network channel in case the weather got worst. Josh picked out Wipeout. He figured it would be a safe show for the kids to see. Man were we wrong. After Ethan got down from eating he started running around the living room then jumping on and off the couch then declaring that he fell into the water and it looked like that one hurt. *sigh* So I put together an course using pillows.

Ethan has been difficult to but to bed lately but tonight he only fussed for a few minutes. Then we went to go to bed and found it occupied. But we were able to move him without much fuss.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Manic Monday

Lesson Learned: Kids are a mirror of what you are feeling.

The morning started off by having to take Josh to work. Then on to the doctor's for Ethan's three year old check up.
Height: 2ft 11inches (10%)
Weight: 29.2 lb (48%)
BP: 88/52
BMI: 16.75 (70%)
Vision: passed 20/30
Hearing: passed

I was upset before the doctor's appointment. So during the doctor's appointment the boys were really upset. Then after Ethan got his shots he was really upset. A little later Ethan told me that he got hurt at Dr.D's office and he didn't want to have to go back.

The boys were really tired from the day before and took long naps. Then after nap times we played outside till it was time to pick Josh up from work. There was chalk and bubbles all over the place but my batteries died so I wasn't able to take pictures today.

We were planning on taking Ethan on the path to teach him how to ride his bike but he doesn't like the helmet and wouldn't get on the bike with it on. So that pretty much killed that.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Time to Party Like a Three year old!!

Lesson learned: Post the gifts that I have purchased to reduce the number of duplicate gifts.
Sorry about not posting on Saturday but all we did was clean and go shopping for the party. I couldn't figure out how to make that interesting.

Sunday morning we actually ended up sleeping in late. We don't have alarms set for the weekend and normally the kids wake us up before the alarms go off anyways. We went into super getting ready mode. I had a list and we just went down it. Ethan was super excited that we were having his party today so he was being a super excited three year old. My goal was to have the food ready and us all eating at 4:00 but apparently I missed judged some of the timing and we were able to eat by 4:30. Which turned out to be a good thing because we had someone get lost on their way and they arrived the same time the food was ready. Josh and I used to have parties or gathering at least once a month but that hasn't happened in a while so we were really out of practice. I guess we are going to have to do more entertaining again. I think I scared everyone one because I had some store bought hamburger patties and then I had some of my Stacey special recipe patties. I guess I didn't scare the guest to much because only one of the store bought ones were eaten and only one was left of mine. I guess I should take a moment to thank everyone who came with such short notice. My parents, my grandmother, Korri, Mark, Jen, Patti, Sam, Mike, and Josh's dad. I didn't have time to blow up the balloons and hang the decorations before people started arriving. So I asked the party guest if they would mind help with the balloons while I finished the food. It looked like they were having a great time using the helium tank and it kept them entertained while I was rushing around. After we ate it was present time. Ethan enjoyed all the gifts. There was only one duplicate gift but Ethan didn't care he wanted both of them opened. So we had to hide the second one. Then it was on to cake and ice cream. This is when I freaked Korri out because I made my own ice cream. Then again we met when there was eight of us in a four bedroom two and half bath apartment. So dishes left in the sink were always a point of contention in the apartment. I was the only one who had brought cups but I had put them in the cabinets for everyone to use. So when arguments about the dirty dishes in the sink would arise I would be blamed because they were my cups but I didn't dirty them. So for nine months I went out of my way to make sure that I didn't use any dishes in the kitchen.  So if it couldn't be made on a paper plate or in a paper towel, I didn't make it. I do want to thank Mark and Jen again for the amazing ice maker they got us. It makes the softest, creamiest ice cream ever. The time we ventured to double chocolate ice cream, man it is rich but oh so good.

Then we were all just sitting, talking, and playing with boys and the new toys. At one point the conversation turned to So a laptop got pulled out and the part went to a whole new direction. So to change the topic Josh wanted me to show Patti some videos that I had discovered this week by Anita Renfroe. Then we went to Autotune the news. I was laughing so hard I was crying . Before we knew it, it was after nine o'clock and several people had over an hour drive home.

Diego's rescue pack from Mark and Jen
Preston checking out Ethan's new toy.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Here comes the weekend..

So I woke up this morning not feeling the greatest but there isn't any calling in sick for me. I'm just glad that I'm feeling better now. I'm being a bad mom because I'm trying to get everything ready for the party on Sunday. So I'm letting the boys be couch potatoes this morning.

I was hoping to get a lot accomplished during the hour both kids are asleep. No such luck. Preston normally goes down without a problem. I can normally tell him it is nap time he will grab his blanket and head up the stairs. Then go straight to his bed. Today he started off like he normally does but then he got distracted by the tunnel in the playroom. Then he started cry and when we walked in to the boys bedroom his crying scared Ethan right out of bed. Yes Ethan fell out so then he started crying. So I got Preston in his bed and Ethan was over nap time.

So it was time to prepare dinner. First step in my process to start meal time is to put Preston in the play yard so that he won't harm himself or Ethan. When I picked him up his diaper was very ripe. So I was in the middle of changing him when Ethan announces that he needs to go. Ethan is wearing overalls that he can't get out of by himself. *sigh* Yes he was very wet and poopy by the time I got to the restroom but I noticed there wasn't the normal puddle to coincide with his wetness. I got him cleaned up and was headed to the trash when I found the puddle. Preston was headed towards it with the parachute. Luckily I was able to grab the parachute and lift it off the ground just before Preston ran threw it. So I guess dinner is going to be plan B. 

My parents came over to drop stuff off for the party on Sunday and to watch the boys so that we could do serious cleaning. The last of the border is off in the kitchen and all the blue tape from when we scraped the ceilings. 

I love learning toddler speak because it is unique to every child so there isn't just a parent to toddler translation you can fine. Today I learned that Toot! Toot! means I would love to watch the Wiggles please. I would love to hear others favorite toddler to adult translations in the comment section.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Post birtday glow..

Lesson learned: Mom, food taste better off the floor then the table. (Life according to Preston)

Okay I normally don't feed Ethan sugar before bed but it was his birthday and we had the mouth watering delicious cupcakes from Dimples. It is a shame that I'm not doing these cupcakes any justice about how sinfully wonderful they are. Ethan didn't actually fall asleep last night till about midnight, at least he left his brother alone. I suspect that he either woke up in the middle of the night or I just was so tried when I went to bed last night, but someone (I'm guessing Ethan) got into my lipsticks. There were little bits rubbed into the carpeting and lipstick tubes laying about this morning when I got up. I was pretty tried but I really think I would have at least kicked one of the lipsticks last night before bed. At this point it really doesn't matter if it was in the middle of the night or before he fell asleep. Just this morning he was really tired and cranky and I have a mess to clean up.

Korri came over about 10:00 today because I saw a local book store was having a story time at 11:00. She came over early so that I could take a much needed shower. Apparently Ethan let her know that he need to go potty while I was bathing. So Korri help Ethan on the toilet and things were looking good. He told her that he was done and jumped down. While she was assisting him with hand washing. Ethan used this opportunity to finish going potty. Korri had done a good job cleaning up before I got dressed and could assist. *sigh* This is when the meltdown started. Ethan didn't want to put on the clean clothes. He didn't want to put his toys up so that we could leave. He didn't want the TV to be turned off. Most defiantly didn't want to put his shoes on nor try going potty again. While I was looking for my keys and putting my shoes on he was letting me know how none of this was making him a happy boy. We were finally able to all get loaded up in the van and head to the book store.

We did get there a little late, but I figured it was at a store and their story times don't seem to attract as many people. Korri used to work at a book store told me one time the store she worked at organized a story time and the employees even provided the kids that were there. I was correct there was maybe ten kids that were there. They had cookies and a cow to color then assemble. Ethan loved using the safety scissors but Preston was over playing on the train table. So Ethan needed to be over there instead. When we first got to the table there was two other kids that were playing and there seemed to be enough train parts for all the kids. As more of the kids finished their projects they were coming over to play with the trains too. *WARNING* I'm about to rant *WARNING* Even as the kids were filtering over to the train table there were enough train parts for all the kids but there was one child that had two pieces and as he was pushing the two train pieces around the track the second one kept falling over. The child would start crying and the mom would rush over and put the two pieces back together. Since he had two pieces there was one child that didn't have any. Did the mom of the kid with the two pieces make her child share, nope. She just kept putting his two pieces back together. Making all the other kids fight over the left over pieces. One of the moms got so fed up with the situation she just bought her daughter her own train piece. Then the fighting stopped. I'm sorry it would have been a perfect teachable moment for the kid that was obviously an only child about sharing.  *rant over*

We stayed at the mall for lunch. Korri and I were discussing that when parents are in public how much it feels like we are being judged. Then it hit me because we are being judged. I just judged that mom at the book store and she was probably trying to prevent a complete meltdown. While we were eating I felt like I was being judged on how well my boys were or were not behaving. A lot of times is feels like there are all these perfect parents that handle taking their kids out in public without and stress or headaches. Here I am just trying to figure out how does this easy open stroller work again? Then again most stay at home moms start staying home from the beginning when their baby is first born. They adjust their system as the kids grows. Let me tell you when Ethan was a baby we took him everywhere. It was easy because he wouldn't fuss about being strapped in the car seat he was happy and snug and it wasn't like he was going to move anyways. Then once he started figuring out how to move that is when it wasn't as easy. So we started going out less and less. Now I have to figure out how to deal with both boys on my own in public kind of midstream. Once I get advice from other moms that seem to have it a lot more together then I do it is like, duh I knew that. I'm still very much in the frustrated how do I keep my kids from running off in two different directions when I'm in public stage. At one point Ethan did run off from the train table but Korri was able to watch Preston while I did the mile dash to get Ethan. I was freaked out for a second because I lost visual of Ethan for a moment but there was only one way the isle went and as soon as I turned the corner he was there. If I would of had to grab Preston then chase after Ethan he would have gotten farther away before I started my chase and he could have actually gotten away. Then again he wouldn't have been the first lost child in a store. Just that second really freaked me out.

Once we got back home the boys we straight to bed. Korri and I had a nice visit. Then she had to go and finish some homework before she went to work. After the boys woke up from their naps we did all of the lessons for the day. Then it was off to ice skating for Ethan. I don't know what happened but by the time we got there and got Ethan changed and his skates on the class had already started. He took the first fiftenn minutes of the thirty minute class getting used to the skates. The first half o the class he had to use the buckets and wouldn't hardly do anything. At the end of the class he was actually moving on the ice by himself. They sing some bubble gum song at the end of class and he was standing and doing most of the actions by himself for a little bit. Then once class was over he was walking around on the skates like there wasn't anything to it. He even started jumping in the skates. I guess I know that I need to be there and have his skates on for at least fifteen minutes before the class begins.

There was a book that I wanted at the book store that I didn't buy this morning.So we headed over and got a little side tracked on the way. We stopped at the Lego store and my sister told me to puck something up for Ethan while we were there. (She called to wish him a happy birthday while we were in the store) Then we headed over to the book store and they played with the trains again. Which just reinforced Josh's opinion that we need to get the boys a train table for Christmas. The we headed home. All in all it was a good day. I'm tired buy still have some major cleaning to do before the party on Sunday.

Random thoughts: I know a double stroller would really make my life a million times easier when I do try to venture out on my own. Just they are so big and harder to maneuver then a regular stroller. I really don't want to spend the money on another stroller. I really need to check out some resale/ consignment shops for one. I guess we are just going to have four strollers in the back of the van. Right now we always have two. One is a big travel system stroller and one is an umbrella stroller. The boys fight to be in the big stroller because it is more comfortable. We do have a second big stroller but it is still in storage and once we make a storage run it is going to live in the van too. There have been times that I do put both boys into the big stroller if it is just me. For the most part they do well but if it is going to be longer then just a few minutes that is when fighting starts. If I had a double stroller then I could go shopping and other events without relying on another adult to be there. Then the question becomes would I really adventure out on my own if I did have a double stroller? Maybe. I am doing better about being prepared with snacks and toys, but I haven't figured out where my wall is or the boys wall. You know that point where you are just done that is the wall that I'm referring to. I guess that is what I really need to figure out before I plan some grand adventure with the boys by myself. I also need to get the boys on the same nap schedule. That really cuts into a big hunk of the day. I shouldn't try to plan anything from 10:00am to 3:00. That gives me two hours in the morning which is pretty much spend on breakfast and getting everyone ready for the day. Then I have two and half hours in the afternoon. Yes there is a brief moment in the middle but that is normally taken up with lunch time. We are at some point move the boys into their own rooms so that will help on putting them down at the same time. Right now if we try to put them to sleep at the same time forget about. They keep each other awake by playing. Another random thought is I really believed that I would have more time to do thing around the house then when I was working. When I would stay home with a sick kid of course the child would want to sleep or just lay around and I was able to get things done. Generally I would only have one child because they hardly got sick at the same time it was normally on a 48 hour delay. Have to take off work for a day or two get back to work just about get caught back up then the other one would get sick so then I would have to take off again. With the boys nap schedule I get about an hour in the morning that I can get some light things done unless Ethan's head is about to explode because I'm not doing play-doh with him or I have a lesson that I can't modify for Preston. There are the rare opportunities that he just isn't interested in anything but watching TV. I am an imperfect parent that sometimes will allow him to watch Dora or Diego so that I can get some housework done. Then  I have an hour in the afternoon when both boys are asleep then I can get the floors cleaned and that sort of stuff done, sometimes I will work on my posting during that time.

Dove hunter update: I guess they went back to work or are hunting another area of town because I don't feel like I'm in a war zone today.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Ethan!

Lesson learned: Ethan is the king of guitars. (life according to Ethan) 

We were woken up at 6:00am to find Ethan in the crib with Preston. The boys were both really cranky this morning, I think Ethan kept them up most of the night playing. We had left Josh's car at swimming so I had to drop him off this morning. Preston was asleep before we got to the swimming school. He seems to be in a  better mood since the nap in the car this morning.

This is the second time that a hurricane has forced us to have Ethan's birthday inside. The first hurricane was on this first birthday. Josh's mom was in from out of  town and we packed bags because we weren't sure if we would be able to drive home from my parents house. My parents even bought a generator just in case the power went out. Several people didn't show up to the party because of it. At least this time the hurricane hit early and we aren't going to have to change plans the day of the party. It just is sad that he loves playing baseball and he isn't going to get to play on his actual birthday or for his party. I think he love hitting the ball and people cheer and where as when he normally hits things he gets in trouble. I do have to say that because it has been raining so much that the hunters haven't been out. I do have to take a moment to clarify, I don't have a problem with the hunters I have an issue with it sounding like I live in a war zone. Actually I feel safer with people running around with guns that have licenses and are using them properly near by. What did Robert A. Heinlein say, "An armed society is a polite society." It is also cutting down on the amount of droppings I have to clean off my vehicle. :-) 

Another question that I have been getting lately is am I planning to home school. The answer is no. The reason that I am doing a preschool curriculum for two reasons. The first reason is having planned activities during the day helps keep the kids from being couch potatoes and from getting bored. So it keeps me less stressed because the kids aren't constantly asking what is next, or getting into things that they shouldn't be. The second reason is because the daycare that the boys had been in started a preschool curriculum at two. So Ethan had already had a year of instruction and I don't want that to go to waste. We still haven't decided if we are going to do public or private school yet but in either case I think the boys will be more challenged then what I could do. I feel confident that I could teach most subject without issue. The subject of English makes me cringe. I'm sure many of you reading this blog constantly wonder about my creative use of the English language. 

So we were waiting for Josh to come home from work watching a kid movie. Then all the sudden it started raining and the tornado sirens started going off. I freaked because Josh had already left work and was going by Dimples cupcakes to pick up some cupcakes for Ethan's birthday today. I flipped the TV to a local news station and they are talking about tornadoes touching down in Dallas. So at this point I'm really freaked. I get the kids into the half bath under the stairs. So we are chilling. The boys are being boys and I'm trying to strain my ears to hear the TV to see if they are saying thing about Frisco. Then the sirens turned off. So I figured all clear. Still couldn't get a hold of Josh. Nothing seemed to get connecting with my cellphone. So I grabbed the land line to see if my parents had heard anything but they had been watching a movie so they weren't much help. So I went to to try to pull up a map to see what is going on. The sirens start going off again. I rounded the boys back up and headed back to the bathroom. This happen another time. Finally I got a hold of Josh and he said that where he was at was all sunny. Our plans were to go to Gatti-town tonight for dinner but we weren't sure if we should go out or not. We finally said heck with it and headed out. Ethan couldn't wait to get to the games and rides.

Ethan didn't want to leave but we didn't have any diapers in the diaper bag. Oops, I guess I had forgotten to check it before we left. Preston had already used the last pull-up we had so he was wearing one of the plastic training pants. Josh said that it looked like he had on clown pants and that if he did anything it was going to leak everywhere. Not to mention that we still had presents and cupcakes at home waiting! Aunt Cherie called while we were at the Gatti-town. So we called her back on the way home. While Ethan was on the phone with her Papa Will called so Ethan was talking to both of them at the same time. Then he started playing games on the phone instead of talking. Once we got home we gave him his presents. A helmet, drum sticks, and roller skates. We got him the drum sticks because Preston had chewed the tips off the sticks that came with the drum set Ethan got for Christmas. It took Ethan less then five seconds to break the drum heads with his new sticks. *sigh* I think the helmet and skates are self explanatory.  The skate we got are really cool. They start off where the back wheels like regular skates then there is one wheel in the front. Then you can adjust the wheels to be inline skates once the Ethan gets more stable. I don't think it is going to take him that long because he was starting to get around on his own already. 

Waiting for the sirens to stop!!
Nothing says Happy Birthday like hanging out in the bathroom!
Yummy Yummy
This is much better then the bathroom!
This is Ethan on the ship ride. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy but it is actually the best one I got. I didn't realize how bad it was until now.

Oooh so yummy!! Josh and I split the bottom one and didn't eat half of it!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain, rain go away!

Today was a very rainy day and the boys were bouncing off the walls.

I used today to play catch up on some of the lessons that we didn't get to last week. Plus I'm getting the finishing touches on the grandparents day gift. I didn't realize how time consuming this project was going to be. Granted if it was just one or two of the gifts it wouldn't have been a big deal but I had the bright idea of doing it for the great grandparents. So we are doing SEVEN of the gifts.

Josh took his first swimming class today. Apparently it was harder then he thought it was going to be. I know that he will be swimming circles around me in no time.

The boys didn't want to wake up from their afternoon naps. I tried twice to wake them up. On a normal day I would have tried harder but since we have swimming tonight I'm not that worried about them not being tired tonight.

Okay when I found out about the tornado warning for Collin County I decided that even if the boys weren't going to wake up they would at least be in the same room as me.

Apparently I'm not the only who has issues with the dove hunting, Josh assures me that the hunters are using pellets. So even if something did travel into our yard that it wouldn't be any worst then if Ethan threw a bunch of pebbles. So once the rain stops and the ground drys out a little then I'll let the boys out to play...

Labor Day!!

Lesson learned: Labor day sales aren't that great this year.

Yesterday we went over to my parents home. Patti and Sam came over and played with the boys. After Patti, Sam, and my grandmother left, we left Ethan with my dad and went shopping for Ethan's birthday. We are having a party next weekend. We went to a sport store looking for a bike and roller blades for Ethan but they didn't have anything small enough. Then we headed off to Toys R Us and we had a lot of success. They had a bike, roller blades, and lots of other things that Ethan really doesn't need. :-)

Today we are still at my parents house. I'm finally getting to use the ice cream maker that Mark and Jen got us for our wedding. I made chocolate ice cream, it was so creamy and yummy. Patti made the best banana pudding and my grandmother made brownies. I think I gained 20 pounds today. 

After we ate we played bean bag toss. Then we were all hot so it was time to go swimming. Man the s water cooled us off fast. It was twenty degrees cooler then it was the last time we went swimming. Nobody turned purple but we all were shivering. So we made Ethan go inside and he was not a happy camper. It is sad to think that it was probably the last time we were going to be in my parents pool this summer. Then again isn't Labor Day the official end of summer? *sigh*

It was great just having a relaxing day without a lot of stress. That reminds me I did finally come up with a decision about Ethan's birthday, it is going to be on Sunday at 3:30. I guess that is going to mean I cleaning my house all week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Where did the week go?

So sorry that I haven't been posting daily. Things have been CRAZY!! Josh is doing the bug fixes on his side project so hopefully that will be wrapped up soon and I'll have more computer time.

Quick highlights of the week
Tuesday: My mom came over and we went shopping, anyone who knows my mom is completely shocked, my mom is the queen of the shop-a-lics. Actually the shocking part was we went shopping for office supplies. Staples had a really great sale and I had coupons too. They had 200 count construction paper for TWO DOLLARS and no limit! So I stocked up! Tuesdays are our new swimming day. Josh got out of work late so I took Preston in the water. Preston did amazing, he was a happy boy and was doing everything the teacher wanted him to do. I couldn't keep an eye on Ethan but Josh told me that he did well too. We told Ethan that if he could go 24 hours without an accident that we would take him to Chuck E. Cheese. He had three accidents right before bed.

Wednesday: The boys have given up on sleeping! Dove hunting season began. Until this day I had no idea about dove hunting but apparently it is very popular in Frisco so now it sounds like I live in the middle of a war zone. Call me paranoid but with all the gun fire going off around me, I'm concerned about stray bullets so that means no outside time for the boys.  According to city ordinances you are allowed to hunt 600 feet away from residential dwellings. A bullet can travel how far?????!!!! I've just never lived anywhere before that I had to deal with gunfire before. So I'm a little freaked out by the whole thing. We also started the new curriculum. I'm really impressed so far but I'm not willing to buy a whole year's worth yet. I did realize I'm short two days of lesson plans for the number of weekdays this month. Then it hit me we have a holiday next Monday and there should be a field trip day. I can see why some of the reviews of the curriculum online said that you can make it through the lesson plan in about 30 minutes with one child. The discussions don't last as long when there is only one child. As long as there is an actual transition between the lessons and you don't just run through them it can fill up the entire day. I also go a community calendar in the mail today and it says the library is having story time this week! Potty training update: Ethan didn't have any accidents. At one point he jumped up and said that he wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheese then ran to the restroom and did his business.

Thursday: Kori didn't come over today. She had a friend come home for Australia yesterday so she wanted to see her other friend. I completely understand. I was like can I go and hear about what she did in Australia? When I was there I only was in the state of Victoria and mainly in the city of Melbourne. Man I really want to go to Sydney. Anyways back to my life.. Ice skating. Nana and Papa came and watched Ethan's lesson. Words can not describe how much better Ethan did this week. He left last weeks lesson not letting go of the buckets and he started off holding his teacher's hands. I'm amazed at the amount of progress he made during the lesson too. He still isn't very stable on his own yet but he is at least marching and moving if someone is just holding his hand. Ethan also went over 24 hours without an accident so Nana, Papa, Josh, Preston and I took Ethan to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. A great time was had by all. Once we got home Ethan was so pumped up we couldn't get him to fall asleep till after eleven. Then Preston woke up at 3:00. Then Ethan woke up. Then Josh's phone alarm went off at 5:30 and the phone was locked up and we couldn't get the alarm turned off. Did I mention the boys have decided not to sleep anymore? Dove hunting update: I could tell when the rain would stop and start because that was when the popping noises would start and stop. Seriously I think there are three guys just hanging out in their trucks so the second the rain let up they would start shooting again.

 We actually didn't get up till 8:00 this morning. Josh went running out the door. Then it hit me that Kori was going to becoming over today and if we were going to make it for story time we needed to leave by 9:15. Okay we can leave later but I do like being the first in line so I don't have to stress if we are going to get a ticket or not for story time. So I started running around like a crazy person trying to get the boys ready to go. I couldn't actually get a hold of Kori so I tried again she finally answered. Sorry about waking her up. We agreed to meet up later. We didn't actually make it on the road till it was time for story time to start. Oops. I just had a feeling that the literature from the library was going to be a little more accurate then the calendar that I received. There are some recommended books that correlate with this months theme so I was going to check them out anyways. I was putting Preston in the stroller when Ethan started saying that he need to go to the potty!!  Yikes!  I had no clue where the nearest restroom was. So I rushed us in found a restroom and got Ethan on the toilet without incident. Then we went to the kids section and anytime Ethan gets in a room full of books his little head explodes with excitement. So he was running around and not listening. Then finally I was able to get him to sit down with a book and I read one page before he was up again. So I put him in the stroller with Preston and was just going to get the books off my list. Where is my list??? It got left in the van during the great bathroom rush. So I told Ethan that he had to start listening or we were going to leave once we got to the van. Well we ended up coming back home. Amazingly we were gone for an hour. I don't know where the hour went because it felt like we were there for only a minute. Preston went down for his nap and Ethan chilled for a little bit. Once Preston woke up we started circle time.

Potty training update: Ethan did have one accident today not because he didn't tell me that he needed to go but he refused to pull down his pants. Why in the world did I think that this would have only taken a week? I guess I didn't realize how stubborn/ lazy Ethan really is. Preston is wanting to use the potty now. So hopefully the second time around is going to be a lot smoother.

Dove hunting update: The hunters have moved a little farther from the house but not by much. So the popping noise doesn't sound like it is right outside our front door.