Friday, July 30, 2010

Another day

Lesson learned: Dieting and budgeting isn't rocket science, it just boils down to having enough self discipline to tell yourself no.

I had lunch with Kori, I can't believe that I've known her for eight years. It seems like it was yesterday we were in line together waiting for room assignments. Anyways it was great getting to hang out. It is going to be great that I'll be able to see her more and she will get to see the boys too.

I didn't get a whole lot accomplished except cleaning off counter space. I got a curriculum in Tools of the Mind. This one I searched out because I had read NurtureShock and this curriculum was mentioned so I figured I would check it out.

On the way home from daycare, I told Ethan that if he ate dinner without any fuss that we would just mommy and Ethan time. He kept his end of the bargain up. He loves riding in the stroller so we walked down to the park. He went down the slide then he had an accident in his pants so we had to go back home. Preston and Josh played in the spare bedroom the entire time we were gone. Ethan and I joined them after Ethan was cleaned up. The boys spend some time coloring. Then it was off to bath time. Preston was off to bed and we let Ethan watch TV for a little while. Then he was off to bed.

I stayed up reading Tools of the Mind. I'm super excited about what I've read so far. It is more then just learning colors, letters, and numbers. It is about teaching kids self control and giving them the mental tools to make good decisions on their own.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Wacky Wednesday

Lesson learned: Don't leave the front door open when you are bring the groceries in. 

The boys woke up feeling great. So I sent them to daycare so that I could get stuff done around the house. On the way home I stopped and got groceries. When I got home I propped the front door open to make it easier to carry the groceries in. I see a couple of small dogs running from house to house. I check the tags to see if they have an address. All they had was the dog's name and a phone number. So I stood up to come inside to grab my phone. The dogs noticed the door was opened and decided to run in. So now I'm chasing two dogs around the house trying to get them out. Man I though trying to corral two boys was hard at least the boys are easier to grab and hold onto. If you have tried to hold Preston you know that isn't an easy feat. I was able to get the dogs back out and call thier owners. Who were very happy to get thier dogs back. The whole time I was thinkin I'm so glad that the boys weren't here for a couple of reasons. I don't know how after I'm done grocery shopping to get the boys and the food inside. Second, could you imagine how much crazier it would have been if the boys would have been here while the dogs were running around.

I complete forgot about swimming lessons today. How is is Wednesday already??? I haven't gotten anything on my list accomplished yet.

Ethan didn't want to go to lessons then once we got there he didn't want to leave. Preston didn't want to share the colors and was making the other kids mad. We did get the boys signed up for the fall classes we are moving to the Frisco location and their classes are going to be at the same time. The classes are late enought that Josh will be able to help out after class is over.

There was other wackiness that I'm completely blanking on right now.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Day 2

Last night Ethan was waking up every 30 minutes or so crying because of the pain that he was in. I let him sleep in until noon today. Preston was pretty tired too. We didn't do much just the boys wanted to be held and kissed on. At one point they were both in my lap. Ethan's fever seems to have broke but I'm still going to keep him home again tomorrow. Preston never had fever and I think the reason he was so tired today was because Ethan kept waking him up last night. It was an easier day especially about 30 minutes before Josh got home everyone perked up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Staying home -- Day 1

Did I make a BIG mistake???

Lesson that I learned today the Master Plan needs to be extremely flexible. On Friday what I thought would happen today was completely different then reality.

In the master plan I was going to wake up in my own bed at 6:30. What really happened I woke up in Rockwall at my parents house at 7:00. I needed to leave by 7:30 because on Saturday when I left I accidentally took my husband's car keys. So he couldn't leave this morning till after I got home. I got my boys up Ethan wanted oatmeal this morning for breakfast. After it was fixed he decided that he didn't want it (I made it to soupy for him) So he ended up eating a breakfast bar and I took the oatmeal but Preston was kept trying to get out of his high chair. I went ahead and cleaned him up from his breakfast. I sat back down  then Ethan finished his food. So I went to get him cleaned up. Preston reached up and pulled the oatmeal on his head. I was able to catch the bowl but about half of it spilled out. I started cleaning it up then I noticed that Ethan disappeared. Turns out that he went and found my mother in the shower and told her what was going on in the kitchen. While I was tracking him down Preston decided that was the prefect time to make a load in his diaper and Ethan had the same thought for is too. So I changed Preston. Then it was Ethan's turn. While I was busy with Ethan, Preston decided that he needed to take the pictures down from my parent's walls. So after I washed my hands and chased Preston down he went into the play yard so that I finish cleaning the kitchen without anymore Preston disasters. Needless to say I didn't get out of my parent's house at 7:30. We got on the road a little after 8:00. While I was on the road I got Ethan a 11:20 doctor's appointment. It took about 45 minutes to get home. Pretty much decided that I wouldn't get anything down with both boys at home. Josh helped me get both boys in the van and I would take Preston to the daycare so I could try to get a couple of things marked off my list for the week. By the time I got Preston in his room and Ethan loaded back in the van there was about an hour before Ethan's appointment. So I decided that I would check out the back to school specials that Wal-Mart is running this week. They have some really great deals going on right now but let me just point out that the markers that are on sale for a dollar are NOT washable!!! Ethan and I finished up then headed to Target to kill a little more time. Then off to Dr. D's office. While Ethan was getting checked out the daycare called and sent Preston home.  Yaay. Dr.D said that Ethan has a viral infection that it is just that time of year and there isn't really anything they can do. *sigh* Just a quick up date about how Ethan is doing we still haven't broken his fever yet. It climbed up to 102.5 at one point today. It looks like Preston is getting it too.
Went and pick Preston up, drove back to Rockwall to celebrate my cousin's birthday. I took some of the new crayons and markers in to the restaurant so Ethan could color while we were waiting. At one point he was coloring with the markers and it got on my shirt and arm. Did I mention that they aren't washable markers? We got back to my parent's house and put a movie on for Ethan and put Preston down for a nap. After about 30 minutes Preston woke up screaming like Ethan did Saturday night. At least I've already been down that road and we got Tylenol into Preston right away but it did take sometime before it started working. By 5:00 everyone had left except for me and the boys. I brought out two foam swords that I found at Target for a dollar each. Ethan thinks they are bats so he was playing baseball with them. It was the funniest thing to see especially when he actually hit the ball. I was just sitting there going I can't believe that his fever is over 102 and he is acting like he isn't sick at all.

When I finally got home Josh was wonderful, he cooked dinner for everyone while I took a much needed shower.

You know even if I was still working today would have been the same because I would have had to call in today because of Ethan still running a fever and Preston still would have been sent home.

My grandmother and the birthday girl Lois
Yes my temp is over 102
Tomorrow both boys are going to have to stay home again because they both have fevers right now.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Weekend Fun??

Josh is working on his side project still and this is the last weekend. *hopefully* So that the boys and I wouldn't be a distraction, we went to my parent's house for the weekend. Saturday we stayed in the pool most of the day. Pictures will come later. In the evening Pattie, Sam, and Wendy stopped by. The boys loved playing with them. Actually I think we all had a great time.

Then at midnight Ethan woke up screaming. My parents and I tried to calm him down for thirty minutes but he continued to have a blood curtling scream the enitre time. He started shaking and vomiting. So my mom and I took him to the ER. When we first got there the nurse took his temp and it was over 100. The doctor didn't even touch him and decided that he just had some gas or a virus and there wasn't anything that she could really do. So they released us.

Sunday my dad had to go to a convention and work a booth. The rest of us just laid around and watched TV. We seemed both phyically and emotionally wiped. The lowest Ethan's temp ever seemed to get was 99.9. So I'm going to try to get him into his normal doctor first thing in the morning.

Friday, July 23, 2010

This was it!

Today was my last day at work. I shed a lot of tears because I'm really going to miss the people at Carter. The boys and I are going to visit two weeks. My best friend is graduating the Phelb training. So I'm going to take the boys to see the graduation. I left work before five o'clock today. Another really close friend's wedding dress came in for real this time. So I went to see her try it on. She looked amazing!!!! Mark is a lucky man. There was a little rain where I live, according the the thermostat on the van said it was 90 degrees. Which seems to be a huge cold front around here. So I took the boys to the playground in our subdivision. There was another mom with two boys ages 2 1/2 & 3 1/2. It turns out she is a stay at home mom too. I'm excited that there is at least someone else close by that is at home too. Josh called and had dinner waiting for us. Thank you Little Casers $5.00 pizzas. It was weird being done with dinner at 6:30. We all went outside and played in the yard for about an hour. Someone at work told me to help make sure whatever was in the shed not to come back to open the shed up. Josh did that while we were out there. When he opened the door nothing was in there so we've left the doors opened. My to do list for next week keeps growing. To Do: Oil change on vehicles clean the shed with bleach water & vinger put bug killer on the grass put fertilizer down orgainze the guest room unpack the office unpack/organize our bedroom finish the pantry unpack the boxes in the garage get a cirriculum plan activities for a week clean out flower beds get bills orginized / budget

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tomorrow is it..

I can't believe it is here already. Tomorrow morning is going to be the last day I'm going to earn a paycheck. I have a feeling that I'm going to shed some tears. I realized that July 21 was my first day of work six years ago. This is the longest that I've worked some where. I feel like I've really grown over the past six years. I was fresh out of college and still waiting tables at Steak and Ale in Mesquite, TX. I was still seasonal help at Walt Disney World. Driving Big blue that would start sometimes. There was a small stent into a racing career that the best I did in a season was finishing 5 in the Winter Season. Now I'm married with two kids. This evening we didn't really do anything we just had dinner and the kids destroyed the living room.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting Closer..

I do have to say the closer that it is getting to leaving work the more excited I'm getting about staying at home. I only have two days of work left and the boys have seven days of daycare.
Today is swimming..
 I love and hate swimming nights I'm hoping that once I'm off work the hate part will go away. Right now the boys are taking classes at the Emler Swim school in Plano. What I hate about swimming right now is that I have to rush to the daycare from work. We rush to get Ethan changed. Preston gets about 15 minutes to run around while Josh or I change into our swim suits. Then we change Preston into his. Now it is time to see the last few minutes of Ethan's swim class. Ethan goes down the slides when Preston class starts. Get Ethan changed into dry clothes get his hand stamped and a cookie. Get to breath for a second. Preston's class ends. Preston and whatever parent did the class gets changed. Get everyone loaded up. Now it is about 7:15 and we still have at least 15 minutes before we get home. Generally we will hit some fast food place on the way home. The boys are starving but the time we get to eat. Honestly I'm pretty hungry myself at this point and cranky. As soon as the boys finish it is time for bed.

Preston in the Pool

Ethan watching TV instead of putting his shirt on.

Today when we were at the school they let us know that the fall class schedule is posted and what classes the boys are going to be in. Ethan is getting moved up to advance aqua tots. Preston has to stay in water babies till he is two. Now we get to decide if we are going to move to the Frisco swim school or stay at the Plano one. Am I going to try to have  the boys take the classes at the same time? Or at different times? Do we still do it when Josh can come? If I'm doing it by myself then I think the same time is going to be a must. I can get all of us dressed at home It is just going to suck at the end of class getting all of us changed. I think I can handle it.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The count down continues...
I have three more days of work and the boys have eight days left in daycare.

We have a unwelcome friend.
So I told Ethan when we were leaving daycare that we would go home and play in the water. Josh picked up some hamburger patties on his way home. He got home before the boys and I did so he started grilling. It was nice when I pulled up he came out and said that the patties are done. We had dinner then the boys changed into swimsuits. I went to the shed to pull out the baby pool and the other water toys. I noticed there were holes all in the blow up swimming pool and the ends of the sprinkler were all off. That is when I noticed the holes had teeth marks. I am so grossed out right now. I still set up the sprinkler for the boys to run through and got Josh outside. The previous owner was kind enough to leave a punch of cardboard pieces in the shed and we haven't schedule a cardboard pickup because we are only allowed one from the city. So I after we had used the water toys last time I just left them on top of the cardboard.

Monday, July 19, 2010

There is hope..

One reason that we had the boys so close together is because we wanted the boys to hopefully be good friends. Today Ethan was saying he loved different members of his family like his dad and mom. He didn't say anything about Preston. So I asked him if he love Preston and he said the that baby Preston was his best friend.

Changed the playroom
I have say thank you to Melody for the train. The boys absolutely love it.

The Count Down is on....
I can't believe that this is my last week working. For more days left till I'm no longer employed and nine days till the kids are out of daycare.

The boys are at it again
So we got home and I put some frozen pizzas in the oven. The Ethan just wanted to watch his Leap Frog videos and the Word World videos. Preston had other ideas. He kept trying to take the DVD's out of the player. So I took him to the play room and he decided to start wearing the basket ball hoop. He saw his brother do it why not him. Ethan wasn't happy that Preston had his "astronaut" outfit on so he took it back. Preston the decided that he wanted to terrorize the kitchen. After the pizzas finished in the oven I put them on a cookie sheet and set them on stove. Ethan took a chair and decided that he needed to help with dinner. The other day I had bought a kids pizza set made by Curious Chef. I have to say when I was in the store I thought it looked cute and that Ethan would like to pretend to cook with the items. When I got it home and was looking at it, I realized that they weren't pretend cooking utensils but real ones that kids can't hurt themselves with. The cutlery is made of plastic and aren't sharp but really do work. So Ethan got to cut the pizza last night and he was in heaven about it. Dinner time has been a fight with him lately but last night he was actually the last one at the table and Josh kept telling him that he could get up but Ethan wasn't done eating what he made.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

How did I forget??

Apparently today is the day of plans that I completely forgot about. It isn't just me. Josh forgot that he signed up to run a 5k this morning at White Rock Lake. He remembered about 11:00 last night which was the same time my friend reminded that we are going to see Micheal Buble tonight and the AAC. Oops.

This morning started off rough. We set the alarm for 4:45 this morning because Josh wanted to leave for the race at 6:00 because he needed to register and figured that traffic would be terrible. Some how when the alarm went off Josh turned it off instead of hitting snooze. I woke up at 6:15, so we decided that there wasn't enough time for all of us to get ready and head down at the same time. So Josh got up and ran out the door. I got the boys up and we got out the door about 7:15. I arrived about 8:00 so the race had already started and I couldn't find a place to park. I parked twice the first time I decided I was too close to an intersection and it would be to hard to get the boys out. Then I found a spot near Mockingbird I got the kids out and in the stroller I started  head towards the race but decided that I parked to far away. So I turned back around and the boys were not happy about getting out of the stroller. The boys go crazy to be in the stroller. So I went on the hunt for a closer spot. While I was driving the boys and I saw the main pack go by. I finally found the perfect spot. Got the boys back in the stroller and headed to see the race but the time I got to mile marker 2 all we got to see were the walkers. The boys were great in the stroller just as long as were weren't heading back to the van. Afterwords, the boys and I meet up with Josh and two of his friends at Panera Bread. The boys were so hyper. Preston never stopped moving. Ethan did better he actually ate but he was pretty squirmy too. The boys weren't loud the were just were full of wiggle worms. Towards the end of the meal Josh and I switched boys and they magically settled down and were fine. Preston was starting to get cranky then I realized it was 10:00 and his nap time. Now I need to run to the store because my parents are coming over for lunch because there is some drama going on at their home. Part of their ceiling fell yesterday because the air conditioner started leaking. There are fans everywhere and they didn't think it would be easy to keep the boys away from them.

When my parents came over the boys were napping. So my mom and I went shopping. I found a really neat electronics set. Instead of having wires and resister it had snap together pieces so it is rated for ages 3+. I'm super excited about what Ethan and I can build together. For those of you who don't know I minored in Physics when I was in college with my discipline being electronics. I am going to have to be careful about not taking over the experiments that Ethan and I are working on.

I started dinner for everyone, while they were eating, I got ready for the concert. The boys got fish nuggets and rice. The adults ate left over London broil. I'm a big believer about not fixing special plates for the boys, but I had told Ethan that if he ate lunch that I would let him have fish sticks for dinner. So it was more of the adults didn't want to eat what the kids were having.

I'm trying to keep the focus of this blog about the kids but OH MY I have to share my feeling about the Micheal Buble concert. It was the best concert I've ever been to in my life!! I like Micheal but I don't actually own any of his music. A lot of artist if you don't have their CD's when you see them in concert you can get bored because you just don't know the music. There was only one maybe two songs that I didn't know but he was so entertaining that I didn't even care. Oh and the opening act was amazing too. I haven't even heard of Naturally7 before and when Sheri and I first sat down we weren't sure about them but when they left the stage we were sad because they were so indescribably good. I was so sucked into both performances. I do want to say it did make me feel a little old because I think this was the first concert that I've gone to that the chairs on the floor were still perfect aligned after the concert. There was some craziness when Micheal went out into the crowed for a couple of songs but he was still able to sing on the way back to the main stage. *sigh* I am thirty something now. I don't like this growing up thing.

The next concert that I have tickets to.. THE WIGGLES. *sobbing* I'm old. Actually I think the boys will have a great time. Ethan knows all their songs and that is all we listen to in the van. Preston will start dancing when the TV show.

A few people that I know that don't have kids either said that I don't know how you manage the boys or that being around my kids are the best birth control ever. I don't know if they are just being nice and really are saying that my kids are brats or they are just the boys are very active and the  see how much work it is to have kids, or maybe a little of both?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Weekend time

Can I mention what a wonderful husband I have? He got up at 7:00 this morning with the kids to let me sleep in. Even  though he was the one up late working on a project.
Today I feel like I drove all around the world. I had to be in Denton at 10:00, Josh is working on a side project and couldn't watch both boys so I drug Preston along. The reason that I went to Denton was because my friend was suppose to try on her wedding dress for the first time. It turns out the dress shop was sent the wrong dress. Preston was so well behaved at the dress shop. He loved seeing the women in trying on the wedding dresses. Someone would come out and he would just stand their looking at them.
   So after the dress drama the bride to be decided that she needed a drink. So I went back to Frisco to pick up Josh and Ethan and we meet everyone down in Richardson. The boys were okay at lunch, neither boys were interested in eating  except some rice. I let Ethan play with my phone so Preston had to play with Josh's.
Then we were off to the Galleria to pick up a package for my mom. The boys all stayed in the van while I ran in. Josh dropped me off at a door but he couldn't get back to the door he dropped me off at so it was interesting trying to find him again. The boys fell asleep in the van. Once we got home Preston said asleep but Ethan woke up. We made him lay down till 3:30 when it was time to get ready to go to my in-laws going away party in Fort Worth, they are moving to Arizona on Monday. Did I mention that Josh is working on a side project? So he wasn't able to go. It was the first dinner out with the boys not knowing if anyone would help me or not. The boys did really well. Ethan finally fell asleep on the way to dinner. So when we first got there Ethan was a little cranky but once he got settled in he was fine. There was one melt down by both the boys and Cherie come over to help. I had let Preston have my cell phone and Ethan decided that he needed. So the cell phone had to go away. During dinner the boys were fine. Then after dinner the boys wanted to run around and Cherie and Isaac were to the rescue.

Friday, July 16, 2010

On the way to the weekend

I really am extremely excited and nervous about staying home. Then I'll had a drop off morning like I did today. First Preston about tears  my arm off trying to hang on as he screams and shakes his head no. The teacher from the adjoining classroom hands off another kid to Preston's teacher so that she can have Preston in her class. Preston did a little better with her at least I still have my arm attached. Then I take Ethan to his room. It was a melt down for the record books. When I set him down he lunged into my lap about knocking me over. Then I was finally able to get up. He runs in front of the door blocking me from leaving. His teacher comes over and picks him up and takes him to the window to wave bye. His face was so red and tears were just rolling down. I went to the front and watched them a few minutes on the monitors but I just couldn't handle watching both my boys so upset.
I figured that when I picked them up they both would have great days but when I got there. Preston was crying just as hard maybe even harder. Three seconds after I picked him up he started laughing and was his happy self again. Ethan was and seems to be another story. He was busy playing with his letters so he didn't want to leave. Then he wanted me to read a book to him. It was sad several of the pages were missing from the book. When we first started at that school the books that the kids played with in this class always looked new. There was a matching set of ABC books each letter had its own book and they were all there. Over the past year that group of books are all gone now torn up till the last page was gone that there a random group of books that don't match up. It is sad how much the little details that once were there are now gone.

The Curriculum Search Continues.
So I still haven't picked a curriculum yet. I've decided against the curriculum in a box love the concept just when I was really trying to pin down which one to order it seemed like they were all about crafts and light on lessons. Numbers went to ten some of them went to 25 but that was about it. They didn't go past just learning letters, colors, and shapes. I'm not that Ethan is gifted just he loves learning and when we introduced shapes he would sit there for hours with his shape puzzle until he knew all of the basic shapes. We were at lunch one day with my sister and brother-in-law. She is a speech pathologist so she always wants to hear the boys talk. We were showing off how well he knew his shapes and Josh wanted to throw Ethan off and drew a trapezoid. Ethan knew what it was. That was a long story to get to my point that I think that Ethan would be bored with the out of a box curriculum. So I'm thinking that I might look at some kindergarten curriculum but then I was reading about other parents experiences where their child were over prepared for kindergarten and they had a miserable time that year. I'm really even more confused about what I should do. I think that going to the book store and reading threw some of the curricula that will help me out a lot. 

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Another trial run..

Here are some pictures of the boys play room with Preston running around.

Ethan actually slept last night so I was planning to go to work today. Got everyone dressed and had breakfast. While I was getting my stuff together for work and today is water park day at the daycare so I was getting Ethan's swim bag ready. Ethan just laid on the couch and asked for his medicine. He just looked so miserable.I gave him some Tylenol. After the Tylenol kicked in he ran around for about an hour now he is back on the couch just laying there hardly moving. The only thing he asked for more juice and for Blue's Clue. I can't believe he has drank a gallon of cranberry juice . It is the 100% juice with no sugar added stuff. Take about tart but he is just sucking the stuff down like it is going out of style. I was watering it down but I'm not doing that anymore and he is still just inhaling the stuff. We should find out today the results of his test and then the doctor will give him a prescription.
The schedule that I posted yesterday doesn't seem to be working today. Then again I wasn't really planning on being home so I don't have anything planned for the boys. Ethan just wasn't up for going on a walk this morning. They played in the play room for a little bit then Ethan wanted to play in their room.

I heard from the doctor's office, the don't have the official test results in but they do have the preliminary results that do show there is bacteria in the urine. So they are going to put him on a antibiotic but they don't know what bacteria is in the urine until they get the official results. I'll try to keep everyone posted as soon as I know anything.

Wow. The day is over. Today was tough. The part that really gets me is the repetitive of picking up the same thing 100 times a day. For example, in the family room there are two book cases and Preston loves to see how many books he can pull of at a time. Then all of kid movies are there too so when I'm putting the books back up he is over pulling the DVD's down. Don't even get me started on the letters in the floor in the play room.
Ethan had a special guest today. Ms. Najmeh came over. She was one of his daycare teachers. Ethan just adores her. Ms. Najmeh is awesome for wanting to keep in touch with Ethan.

I'm starting to think that I'm going to enlist my mom to help me the first week that I'm home. She was an amazing stay at home mom. The house was always spotless and I think she did a great job with us. I'm still struggling with the schedule. I'm also really debating on if we should loose the second play area and give the boys their own rooms. I just don't know where we will put all of the toys if the boys get split up. I think the main play room is already full. but I'm sure we will get it figured out over time. I do have to say that it has been nice to have time to get things done around the house and to keep up with everything.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trial Run

Yesterday I got a call from the daycare saying that my youngest, Preston, is having diarrhea and to come pick him up. Preston seems fine, however Ethan is sick. He seems to be a urinary track infection. Last night he started running a fever. So I'm at home with both kids today.

I was thinking that today would be relatively easy because Ethan would just want to lay around and sleep. Boy was I wrong. When Josh left for work I took the boys for a walk before it got to warm outside. So I put both boys in the stroller and headed out. There is a park at the end of our street.When the boys saw the park they both tried jumping out of the stroller. The boys played for about half and hour. Then we came back and had snack time. Then Ethan went and played outside with his numbers putting them in order. Then we had story time. Preston went down for a nap at 10:00 and should be waking up soon. Then we are going to have lunch. Ethan and I read a story and did some workbooks. So I've been letting him watching Leap Frog video as a reward for doing so well in the workbooks.

I can't wait till I get a curriculum so that I have more of a plan of what to do with the kids. So far I have found a couple of out of the box curricula that every month they send you the supplies you need for the art projects and activities for the month. I guess I need to figure out which one I want to try and get it ordered. I only have 13 business days till I'm doing this full time.

I'm also using today to test out a schedule that I've been trying to work out in my head. So far it seems to be working. I'm using the schedule each boy has now as a base and tweaking it to fit our at home needs.
6:30 Wake up (Includes showering and dressing)
7:15 Wake boys (Includes bath time, potty, and dressing)
7:45 Breakfast
8:15 Morning walk (plaryground time)
9:00 Snack time
9:30 Something educational
10:00 Preston's nap time/ Ethan's daily lessons
11:30 Lunch
12:00 Free play
12:30 Ethan's nap time/ Preston's daily lessons
1:30 Preston's 2nd nap time/ Time for me to blog and clean
3:00 all naps over
3:15 play time
4:15 snack time/ start dinner
5:15-5:45 Josh returns from work
There are some of the times that still seem off to me. It is a starting point so we will see what happens when I'm doing this everyday. Once we get the boys enrolled into classes I'm sure it is going to change. Not to mention I'm starting to contact different mother groups so we will see if there is any group that I feel like the boys and I fit with. Plus the reading times at the library. Not to mention time to run around with my mom.
I did hear from his circus teacher and they are opening a facility in September where Ethan can take classes at. Until then we can do private lessons at 75 a class or we can find three other kids in the same age group and start our own weekly classes. Not to mention that I'm going to sign Ethan up for soccer and gymnastics. For gymnastics I'm really thinking about WOGO. They are cheaper then what we are paying through the daycare and they have produced a couple of Olympians. I would guess they have a decent program. ;-)

Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm really doing it..

Today is the day! I'm turning my two week notice to my boss. I'm so incredibly nervous. I really hope that I don't cry. I love the work that I do and my coworkers. Just I don't feel like I'm doing anything well. I'm not being a good mom, wife, or employee. I just feel like I'm being pulled in too many directions right now.

I can't believe I ran late this morning. Okay I can because of the crazy weekend that we had but still. I feel like I'm going to cry and I really don't know why. Nervous I guess.

It is done. I have to thank my wonderful husband for finding a sample letter for me to turn in. My boss took it extremely well. Then he informed me that this week is going to be crazy because the other programmers are all out this week. One is in training and the other two are on vacation. Yikes!!

I've started letting coworkers know what is going on. Everyone is very excited for me. This is so different then leaving because you are going to another job because sometimes people take that personally. I'm leaving because it is what is best for my family. I'm planning to try to keep in touch with everyone but I really suck at that so hopefully this blog will help.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Am I really ready for this?

The three day week was really nice. Saturday my parents and my brother and sister-in-law came over and we had our first cook out. After we ate the in-laws left and my parents stuck around to see fireworks. It started to rain so we were stuck inside but the boys didn’t seem to care. They were having fun pulling their books off the shelves. The rain let up so we headed to the fireworks in Frisco Square. I think we could see Addison’s fireworks before Frisco’s started. So once the Frisco show started my oldest wanted to sit in the van because he was afraid the fireworks would keep getting closer. So after I explained to him that they wouldn’t get any closer he was okay and got out of the van and watched the rest of the show. Then Sunday we went over to my parent’s house, had lunch, then we went shopping. We were excited about the Sears ad but when we got to the store we weren’t that impressed with the sale. We headed back to my parent's ate and swam. Patty and Sam came over and we headed out to see more fireworks. The boys did great during the show. The only time Ethan got scared was when some idiot near by kept setting off black caps and was throwing them at the cars were driving by.

Monday, we headed to the zoo. The boys loved it. It was their first trip. Ethan couldn’t get enough of the monkeys.

So yesterday the daycare called and had me pick up my youngest one for being sick. He did have diarrhea twice and he was tired. *sigh* I guess it is good that they are over protective over all the kids but it was a little over kill. By the time I got to the daycare Ethan was already down for his nap. I decided to leave him and pick him up after he woke up. After I got both boys home it was around 4:30. I went through my normal after picking up the boy’s routine so at 7:00 I was out of ideas on how to keep them occupied. *sigh* At least I know when I’m home that I’m going to have to have a scheduled and the day planned out before it starts. When I run out of ideas they seem to start getting cranky.

Right now Ethan knows that his is going to stop going to school soon but he doesn’t seem to understand why he is still going. So I’ve come up with an idea about making a count down calendar that he can tear one day off at a time so hopefully that will help cut down on the fits in the morning.

Tonight is swimming so that means rush to the daycare the rush over to swim school get Ethan changed and in his class. Then Josh has fifteen minutes to go to the restroom and get changed. Preston gets changed into his swimsuit. We get called in to see Ethan’s last swimming pass and ride on Mr. Duck. Preston and Josh go to their swimming class. Get Ethan changed into dry clothes. Breathe then wait for Josh and Preston to finish. Josh hands Preston off to me. Josh will run off to change and I’ll get Preston changed. Rush home feed everyone. Rush the boys off to bed. Then clean up from dinner. Swept the floors and either try peeling off wall paper or unpack some boxes.

I guess I better figure out if I'm ready or not because I'm turning my notice in five days.

On the Road to be a stay at home mom

I'm ready for my close up. -Preston

Fine I'll smile.
Yesterday we sent an email letting the daycare that this is the last month that the boys are going to be there. I guess we have gone to the point of no return.
I'm really nervous about the three day weekend. Normally by Tuesday I'm ready for the boys to be back at daycare. I love my boys but they can be a handful sometimes.