Tuesday, September 27, 2011


We are still dying so I don't have much to blog about. However, I figured I would try my hand at writing a product review.

Josh found an amazing toy on Fab.com. called tegu blocks.

When Josh first showed me the blocks on the internet I didn't understand why Josh was so excited about them. I was like the boys have a ton of different types of blocks. They have foam, legos, mega, and regular building blocks just to name a few. Why in the world do they need more blocks. That is when Josh explained they have magnets in the blocks. I was still skeptical but Josh was in love with them.

Once the blocks arrived Josh was like a little kid and couldn't wait till Ethan's birthday before he tested them out. I still didn't get Josh's excitement. They are cool don't get me wrong just I'm not getting why Josh is so over the moon about these blocks.

I finally got the greatness about the blocks when Preston was playing with the magnet kit that we have. I realized the magnets are strong enough to actually be played with like they are just a magnet. Also because they are magnets you can build more complex and unusual structures.

The boys do spend hours playing with these blocks. Josh and I keep talking about making a magnetic chalkboard wall in the boys bedroom. I think that if that happens we are going to have a difficult time getting the boys out of their bedroom.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I feel redeemed.

 Over the weekend I was sick. At times Josh was getting frustrated because he was having a hard time dealing with the kids without my help. Josh started getting snippy with me. Today is a new day, I'm still having issues but I am feeling slightly better. Josh on the other hand woke up and now his stomach is starting to turn.

Josh spent the rest of the day either in bed or curled up in a ball next to the toilet. At one point when I checked on him he apologized for being a jerk over the weekend. He also wanted to know how I was able to actually function over the weekend. We had such a busy weekend that I didn't have time to just curl up in a ball.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

We went to the Dallas Private School preview today. We checked out several schools. There are a couple of schools that we love but are just to far away for us to drive in the morning. I'm just amazed by all the different types of schools. There is one that teaches completely in French. There are schools that specialize in learning disabilities. It is almost overwhelming. There is defiantly a school for everyone and every type of learning style. I'm not sure we found a school for Preston yet. I guess we start phase two and start going to "coffees" and campus tours. This is crazy for a preschool, granted the preschools lead to amazing private schools.

Then it was off to a birthday party for one of Ethan's friends from school. It was nice to be able to visit with the other parents from the school. When we first arrived I didn't see anyone that I recognized. Turns out there was only one other mom from the school that was there but I didn't know her because her husband took their daughter to Ethan's party. Shortly after we arrived the twins arrived too. Yea someone that I recognized. What I loved was that the boys actually played together even with Ethan's friends around.

Friday, September 23, 2011

I just want to crawl into a hole.

By 8:00am I was already over the day and just wanted to head back to bed and start over.

The boys woke up at 6:30am. Ethan came walking into our bedroom without any bottoms on. Turns out he had wet himself in the middle of the night and took them off then just rolled over and went back to sleep. *sigh* Preston was still sleepy and whinny this morning. Thank goodness Josh was willing to watch Preston while I took Ethan to school.

Once I got home Preston had calmed down but he wanted to be held an rocked the entire morning. He felt warm so I took his temperature and it was normal. I then took mine and realized  I'm the one with the elevated temp at 99.7. That could explain why I can't keep my eyes open and have a headache.

I was very thankful that Ethan was staying in the extended care program at school today. I don't think that I could have handled both the boys all day long today.

A little crazy!

Sorry that this post is published later than normal. Last night while I was working on my post one of my kids woke up and was having a protein spills (got sick) everywhere.  I  was up till 2:00 with him.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

I've got nothing.

I have started to write this blog entry about fifty times and it just isn't working.

Highlights of the day:
Thank you notes got delivered at school.
Had a meeting with ECI case manager.
My mom had her cast removed.
Found out that Josh's dad is having a lump in his breast removed on Friday.
Boys had swimming.
I signed the boys up for a modeling contest.

Yep apparently I'm going to be one of those moms. Josh and I have talked about trying to get Ethan into modeling because he loves the camera. I found a modeling for Dallas Child and the modeling agency that is Kim Dawson. Kim Dawson is the biggest modeling agency in the Dallas area. Who knows how the boys are going to do the day of. I guess we will find the day of the contest.

Here are some random pictures of the boys
I make my brother's shin guards look sexy!

I love you this much.

I love you this much!

I'm going to get you.

Kick, kick, kick

Big arms and kicks.

I've got a clown nose.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Private vs. public school.

This Sunday is Dallas Private School Preview. A couple of years ago Josh and I attended this preview when it was hosted at Greenhill. What is nice about the preview is that there are several schools in one location. I'm not going to be running all over town checking out places.

We love the preschool that Ethan is attending. It is perfect for him. However we don't think that it is going to be a good fit for Preston.  Preston doesn't like being the center of attention that Ethan does. I'm afraid that he wouldn't want to perform on stage and end up just crying on the side of the stage.

If we can find a school that teaches the Tools of the Mind curriculum we are sold. It is very similar to the Montessori schools but the main difference is learning through play. From all the research we have done we believe that would be a prefect fit for Preston. Now it just comes down to finding a preschool that teaches it. An added bonus would be if it would be close to where we live.

Monday, September 19, 2011

I have lost my mind

This morning Josh asked me to pick up a couple of personal hygiene items for the family. I figured out who had the diapers the cheapest. Clipped my coupons. Got Preston ready to head out. Grabbed my purse and couldn't find my keys. An hour and a half later I finally found them underneath some of the capes that were left over from Ethan's party. How in the world did the keys get there?

Because I spent so much time looking for my keys, I didn't have time to prepare for the play date at the park right after picking up Ethan from school. When I got to Ethan's school, Ethan was sitting off by himself. I couldn't tell if he was just needing to take a moment or if he had been put into time out. Turns out he just needed a moment because he was upset that he didn't get to stay at the school for lunch. I'm sorry to me it isn't worth an extra $140 a month for Ethan to have lunch and take a nap at school. It is okay every once in a while if I have something else planned that and it might be easier if Ethan isn't there. For example, when my grandmother had her eye surgery or when Preston had speech therapy in the afternoon. I tried to explain to Ethan that we had a play date for lunch but Ethan didn't care. I told him if he would act like a big boy I might let him stay on Wednesday. He didn't want to do lunch bunch on Wednesday he wanted to stay today. *sigh*

I finally got him into the car, hit a drive thru, then meet up with the play date at a local park. I failed at using the camera and didn't get any pictures today. It was nice getting to hang out with a couple of other moms from Ethan's school. Hopefully we can make this a weekly activity for our kids.

After naps, it was time to head out to Cirque Fit classes. Today Josh joined us. I managed to get on the wrong highway so we ended up going to class a completely different way than I had ever gone. Turns out it was a much faster way then how I had been going. I figured on the way home I would go the new way. Some how I manged to get lost. Josh was feeling nauseous after class and need me to pull the car over. What normally takes between 30 to 45 minutes took over a hour and half. Good thing where I pulled over had a Schlotzsky's and the kids and I were able to eat.

During the class, Josh was shocked to see how much I've improved since the last time he was in class. I have noticed that my body is starting to look more like it did pre-babies. I'm even starting to be able to put on my pre-pregnancy clothes, however they are still snug. I think if I start taking another fitness class that in another month or so I could actually fit into all of my old clothes.

Pictures of Ethan's party.

Just hanging around.

You want me to do what?

This is how it is going to work.

Not fair. it was my turn. Why is there a grown up doing this?

Nice buns.

Ta-da. For my next trick...

This looks like a great place to just stand around at.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm the meaniest mom EVER!!

Josh and I decided not have Ethan open his presents at the party. We have been to some parties that the kids did open the presents and the other kids were bored or tried to open the presents too. It just caused too much drama. We have been at parties where they didn't open the presents and it didn't seem like any one cared.

Ethan ever asked to open the presents during the party. I don't think he even saw them.

Our vehicles don't have a lot of storage. My parents agreed to haul some of the stuff back to their house and we would pick it up the next day. We just packed the cars based on size and not what it was. Once we go home and unloaded, I realized that my parents took Ethan's presents. He had to wait till today to open the presents.

It is such a shame I didn't get any gifts for my birthday.

I love that he actually stopped and looked at the books he got.

Preston: Nana will you open the play-doh on your carpet?

Dad you better not steal this magnetic blocks!

Awesome Bat cave!

This looks a lot better than the cake yesterday.

Ethan: Preston pay attention this is how you build.

Nana I don't want to try the coat on.

Wait there is someone with a camera?


Daddy please open.

This is a cool bat cave.

Daddy don't juggle my new toys.

Ethan won't notice if I try on one of his cool toys.
Iron man Rocks!!

Thank goodness the party is over.

I surprised myself on how calm I was this morning leading up to the party.

All was running smoothly, until...
Ethan had some motion sickness on the way to soccer.
And Josh went to pick up the cake that was suppose to be ready by 10:30 didn't get finished till. 11:40.

I ended up getting to Cirque Duo Studios fifteen minutes before the party was suppose to start. Mark and Jen were already there ready to help get everything set up for the party. My parents were running late and had most of the decorations in their vehicle. Once we got my car unloaded, my parents arrived. So I didn't have a chance to freak out about them running late. Right when everything was unloaded kids started arriving for the party. Well crap on a stick.

We ran around like crazy people getting everything setup. Josh and the boys went to pick up one of Ethan's friends. Ethan was able to arrive fashionably late to his own party. A couple of the parents asked where Ethan was. Nothing like being late to your own party.

Once the party actually started. The kids started the Mini Cirque Fit Class with their super hero capes. The parents were able to sit and mingle. I was able to finish getting everything set up and mingled myself.

The kids loved getting to flip upside down, spin, and fly. The parents loved that the kids were getting so into it. The pizza arrived prior to the kids finishing the class so the parents got to eat before the kids. Which I think, worked out well. It was nice to actually get to sit and eat with out "mommy, I want..."

The worst part of the party was we forgot to bring a lighter for the candles. Oops. Fortunately we were able to find some matches. However we couldn't get them to light. We just sang to Ethan. Then cut the cake.

We opted not to have Ethan open the presents at the party. We did set up the heroes headquarters, bowling, the bean bag toss, and a spider-man punching bag. We failed in getting the bean bags out so shocking that didn't get played with. The headquarters was a big hit.

When it was time to leave parents started to take the capes off the kids. Once I told them they got to keep the capes the parents and kids were excited. I'm so glad the capes were a hit. I was starting to worry because Ethan and Preston didn't really pay any attention to them while I was making them.

The craft project that turned out the best was Josh's letters. Josh has become an expert at decoupage.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm super excited about tomorrow.

The capes are done!  I think they look awesome.

Josh did an awesome job on the name. I almost want to wake Ethan up and show him.

I don't know how super mom's do it. My house is a complete mess. Everything had been put on hold this week because of the party.

I'm really nervous because it is the first party of the year. All but one family is new to the school this year, so it is the first time the parents are going to get to socialize. I know that the other parents are going to pick up ideas or not do something because of what happens or doesn't happen at Ethan's party.

None of that really matters, this party is uniquely Ethan and he is going to have an amazing time. I hope that his friends from school will have a great time as well.

I might have gone a little overboard. I know it is shocking but I could have freaked out and made more capes than what we are going to need and made a few extra goody bags. If I end up having extra, I have a feeling that there might be a contest coming up.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Headed back to square one!

Last night Josh and I realized that most of the capes we had were white. Josh came up with the great idea of dying them different colors. This morning I headed out to get the dye.

I was going to be super mom while the boys napped today but the boys didn't cooperate. As soon as I could I started dying the capes. The Velcro came off. The hem came undone a couple of the capes.

I spent the rest of the night repairing the capes.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Preston had a visit from his nutritionist. Great news Preston is has grown taller and put on weight in the past month. I'm so excited that he is moving in the right direction. The most exciting news is that Preston's height is almost on the growth chart.

While the boys were napping I was working on the capes. They are actually looking pretty good. I'm also starting to find my rhythm.

Tonight was swimming. Both boys did well during class. I'm glad the boys love the water.

After we got home the boys were willing to try out the capes.

I had to make a quick run to Hobby lobby for more supplies for the cape project and for another project that Josh was going to start on tonight after the boys go to sleep.

Preston wanted to join me on my trip and he had to wear his cape to the store. Finally. The boys are showing interest in these capes. I was starting to worry that they were going to be a failure.

I make this look sexy!

I'm a rocker super hero!

This is going to be the table decoration for Ethan's party. Yep we are missing an "A" because the store was sold out and they don't get a shipment till Friday!! I guess I'll be spending part of my day tomorrow hunting for the "A".

What the crap was I smoking?

I'm not a crafty person. I would love to be and I try. Oh how I try, but it always falls flat. I don't know what in the world possessed me to think that I could make super hero capes for the goody bags to give out at Ethan's birthday. I did find a blog that made it look extremely easy called The Southern Institute. How cute are the ones on the blog?

I've been cutting t-shirts for days. Tonight Josh jumped in and helped me finish cutting. I figured since I'm giving these capes out, and I can't cut a straight line to save my life, I would put a hem on them. I have a sewing machine that I got for Christmas over four years ago that I haven't actually used. Yes I did sign up for sewing classes because I haven't sewn since high school. No we won't talk about when that was.

I bought something called steam-a-seam. Basically all I have to do is iron the seam and it sticks for ever. It is like super glue for clothing. My first attempt was an epic failure. Okay maybe not epic but I'm putting Preston's name on this cape because it is just that awesome.

Okay it is horrible. I'm really impressed how much better the second side turned out.                    

One down and 99 more to do, there is only 24 more to do. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ethan's Doctor's appointment

I sent Ethan to school today. He was fine yesterday about an hour after I sent an email to the school's director telling her Ethan was going to be out for the day.

While he was getting educated, Preston and I ran around town getting things done for Ethan's party this weekend.

FYI: The dollar section at the front of the Target I shop at is having a 50% off the brown dot sale. I got some awesome things for the goody bags for .50 cents each. I totally lucked out that there were a million Spider-man coloring books and dry erase boards.

Preston fell asleep before I finished going everywhere I wanted to hit today. I just let him sleep. I  had scheduled Ethan's well visit a million years ago (okay it was like four months ago) 3:00 sounded like a great time. Today that time didn't sound so great because it was in the middle of the boy's normal nap time.

At the appointment Preston was screaming and crying pretty much the entire time.

Ethan had a great appointment.

Height: 38 in. (10%)
Weight: 33 lb (25%)
BP: 88/58
BMI: 16 (65%)
Vision: passed
Hearing: passed

The doctor commented everything looks great, just don't expect him to be a NBA player.

What is up with Ethan?

I really don't understand what is going on with Ethan. He will get sick once, lay around for a little bit, then will be running around like nothing is wrong. We are going to the doctor for his well visit. So I'm going to ask the doctor about this too.

Random pictures from last week.

Ethan: This is the proper way to clean your gun

Preston: locked and loaded. Now we are ready to take over the universe!

The cow is still around.

Mommy life isn't fair. I can't take over the universe without my gun.