Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Year in Review.

I thought would be fun to look back at the bucket list I had for this year.

The highlights were did get annual passes to Legoland, Frisco Athletic Club, and Discovery Center. We did find a preschool that we thought would be great for Ethan but it turned out to be a fail. We did go camping sort of. The boys did attend soccer classes. Instead of gymnastics they are taking Cirque Fit classes.

Overall I think 2011 was much better than 2010. We did have our ups and downs but they really weren't that major. I'm excited to see what 2012 has to offer and how insane Josh and I really are.

Side note:
For Christmas the boys got several super hero costumes (Love half price sales the day after Halloween). What costume does Ethan put on? His Spiderman costume from Halloween. Preston loves the new Batman costume but it is several sizes to big so he decided to wear Wolverine.
Have a super year from the Varners of Frisco!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A rough night

I headed to bed thinking that I would have the greatest night sleep ever!! It had been a week since I slept in a bed instead of a love seat. Instead I ended up with another night of tossing and turning. At some point in the night Ethan decided to join Josh and me. Whenever Ethan is in bed with us I can't sleep. Ethan is the most active sleeper I've ever known. All night long I was getting kicked or pushed. One time I woke up I was being used as a foot rest. Unfortunately, I never woke up enough to have the thought process to actually move him back to his bed. Hopefully tonight I'll get some sleep.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Going home again!

We tried yesterday to head home but we just ended up with so much crap and so little time to get it organized that we decided to stay an extra day to get packed up. Well that was the "A" plan, if you have been following me at all you know 90% my "A" plan is a fail. Today was no different. Josh headed to work with our vehicle loaded up for his first trip of our crap.

While Josh was working, my mom still wanted to check out just one more Dillards to see if they had the tree she was looking for. This Dillards is at Northpark Mall in Dallas. Also in the mall is a train exhibit that is only opened during the Christmas holiday. I've never been but have only heard good things about it. With Preston's love for trains right now Josh and I really wanted to take the kids this year. However there just wasn't anytime on the weekends. The boys were excited when I told them they would get to see trains today.

Once we finally got to the mall we headed straight to the Christmas section at Dillards. They had several of the trees left that my mom wanted. She was able to get one that was still in the box. I found baking dishes and glasses that go with my new Christmas dishes. Then we headed to the trains. The boys were so excited and kept saying "Trains where are you?" I thought Preston's head was going to explode with excitement when we finally got to the trains. Ethan was excited too but he just wanted to push the different buttons. My dad had Preston, I had Ethan. Ethan walked around the the display about three times then he informed me that he was done and wanted to play his games. Preston wasn't ready to leave yet so my dad stuck around for a little longer with him.

The only thing that went faster than planned today was our trip to the mall. My sister and her husband were flying out today and figured there wouldn't be enough time to go back to my parent's home before heading to the airport. They had everything in the van before we went to the mall. With extra time on our hands we headed to Razzoos. Then it was time for the airport. Tam and Rich had been bugging Ethan that they were going to take him to Chicago with them. The first time they said that Ethan started crying and said that he didn't want to leave his toys. *sigh*. At the airport they were once again saying that they could take them with him and Preston would stay in Texas. Ethan grabbed Preston's hand and said the didn't want to leave his brother. That made my heart melt.

Once we got home my mom and I headed out to a couple of stores to get things like wrapping paper, lights, and ribbon at a great price. My mom and sister had checked out Target yesterday but I was busy with the kids and didn't get to go. They reported back that Target was really picked over and there wasn't anything there. However when I went tonight I checked out the kids clothing and found some great deals on pants and sweaters. Then I headed to the toys and found several toys on clearance for 30% off. Some of the toys I still felt were over priced but I did find a couple that I picked up. Then it was to the Christmas section. I stocked up.

Then it was off to Bed, Bath, and Beyond. The website show they carry my dishes but I failed to realized they don't carry them in the actual store. Oops. I was able to stock up on toys for birthday's and some Christmas gifts for next year. They had a telescope for $15. Then I had a five dollar of $15 so I was able to pick it up for ten dollars. So what if it isn't a great telescope, Ethan is only going to be five years old next Christmas, he doesn't need a great telescope at this point.

 Then we got to my parent's home, Josh had already loaded the van up and there wasn't any room for the stuff I just bought. Oops. Actually everything that I had gotten from Christmas didn't get packed not to mention several of the boys' toys. Good thing we are headed over this weekend to help them take Christmas down. I really hope that we don't have more than one trip of stuff left.

The boys were really upset about leaving Nana and Papa's home tonight. They have been having such a great time and getting over spoiled that they didn't want to leave.

I'm just excited that I'm not going to be sleeping on a couch tonight! I can't wait to crawl into my comfy bed.

We want food!

Trains, where are you??

I found the trains.

I found a button!

I hear the train but I just don't see it mom.

Monday, December 26, 2011

A day at Dillards!

This morning started off with us running off to Dillards at Collin Creek Mall in Plano. We were in the store for 2 1/2 hours. At one point Josh and I were guarding the pile and another guy came up to Josh and asked if he was going to have to take out a loan for this stuff. Thank goodness only a 1/3 of the pile was ours. Okay our portion of the pile might have been more than that because we started buying Christmas dishes, because we might have to start hosting Christmas sooner than later. I was annoyed because I could only find five place sittings and three napkins. There were a few other items that we picked up to, but I was wanting to have at least eight place sittings. It was amusing because every few minutes a sales associate would come by and ask if we were ready to check out with them. One said to make sure to check out with her because she could get a flat bed dolly and someone to help us to our car. Another would say they could do something else to help us out. One cashier actually helped us with price checks and getting us more boxes to use, when it was time to check out we headed to her.

After spending an hour with the kindest cashier in the world she got us TWO flat bed dollies and had someone take it to the dock area so we could load up my parent's van. I can't believe in the total retail cost was about $3000 granted we paid much less than that. It was a ton of stuff. When we tried to pile back into the van I was afraid someone was going to have to be left behind. Yes it would be the same van that we used on Black Friday.

Doesn't look like that much from this angle.

That is more like it.
Because Josh and I didn't find all of the plates and napkin my mom decided that we should stop at the Dillards at Firewheel in Garland. After all it is on the why back to her house. All we found there was two napkins. *sigh* and some Christmas platters that don't match our stuff but looks pretty and coordinates well. We returned to my parent's home to unload and get a quick bite. Then it was off to the Dillards at Town East Mall in Mesquite. I was able to pick up the rest of the place sittings and one more napkin and realized that I could use the baking dishes from another set with mine that looks very similar. Still upset over the lack of napkins we headed to the Galleria in Dallas. When we stuck in the traffic at the Galleria I remembered that the Galleria doesn't have a Dillards. Then it was off to Willow Bend Mall in Plano. We found the remaining napkins!! There is a tree that my mom is still looking for so tomorrow she wants to check out another Dillards store. Talk about being in the car all day and not getting anywhere!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

I want to wish everyone a happy and safe Merry Christmas!

Josh, Stacey, Ethan, and Preston

Friday, December 23, 2011

A crazy day at my parents.

Today’s task was to get to Wal-Mart to buy stocking stuffers and finish wrapping presents. Sounds simple enough and we should have time to other things. Nope! It took all day for those two tasks to be accomplished and actually the finish wrapping presents didn’t get complete.

The morning started off with the sound of tearing wrapping paper. Josh and I both shot up to find Preston sitting in the middle of the floor starting to open a gift. We yelled at him to stop and sent him back to bed. Instead the little toot ran to nana and papa’s room crying. The scooped him up and was trying to calm him down. They realized that we were a wake and decided to find out what happened. The rest of the day Preston sat in front of the tree pouting and saying presents please.

When my sister, mom, and I we really seem to bring out each other’s ADD issues. Most people hear us talk and it just gives them a headache trying to follow the story. Anyways that translates getting distracted while we are trying to dressed and headed out the door to get to Wally World. We finally were able to get loaded in to my parent’s van and headed out about 10:15 in the morning. First we had a couple of “quick” stops along the way. Just before we stopped at the second place my mom’s phone rang and it was one of her good friends wanting to stop by and visit while we had lunch. My mom then had us go back to the first stop and need to grab bread for lunches. Then back home it was.

It was really nice to visit with Cindy. She is always quite entertaining. After she left it was now time for the boys to take their naps. Thank goodness my dad was around and would watch the sleeping boys while we went to Wal-Mart. We finally left the house about 1:30 and spent two hours in the store. My mom ran into some people while we were there. Then we headed to the check out every line was enormous. Somehow I managed to find a line with three people in it. But by the time we finally got to the check out the line was just as long as the rest of them.

We got home just at Preston woke up. My mom started working on making lasagna and my sister and I started wrapping. The boys wanted to help but quickly decided that wrapping wasn’t that fun. They did like carrying presents and putting them under the tree. Once they saw it was mostly clothes they didn’t ask to open anymore presents.

Two hours later my mom finished assembling the fattest lasagna she ever made. My dad went and picked up my grandmother so she could visit with my sister and have dinner with us. It was really nice getting to spend more time with my grandmother.

The boys went to bed and we continued on with wrapping. We had gotten everything wrapped and was about to head to bed when my mom asked if Tam had brought her presents to be wrapped. Well crap on a stick no she didn’t. At least there isn’t that much left but it is just annoying because we thought we were done. My sister and Rich and gone out after dinner to spend time with friends and she didn’t leave us the gifts for her that she had bought*. I had just crawled into bed when I heard Tamara wrestling with the keys at the front door. I yelled at her for not putting the gifts out and that I was done wrapping so she wasn’t going to get open anything on Christmas. Okay I’m not that mean I was just tired and cranky.

*My family does gift giving a little different. We are given spending amounts and we go shopping for ourselves then we get paid back. It is really nice when it comes to clothes because we try everything on and love it. The nice part is we try to make sure we don’t have to wrap our own presents. Which means there aren’t any surprises but hey not all surprises are good right?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My sister is in town!!

This morning was an early morning but at least it wasn't a butt crack of dawn early. My sister and her husband arrived at the airport at 8:45 am. Because Dallas traffic can be tricky and there is construction at the north entrance of the airport I left the house thirty minutes earlier than if the flight hadn't been just after the morning rush hour. Turns out I didn't really need that much extra time but it gave me an opportunity to warn inform our former coworkers that we were going to visit after Tamara arrived. My sister and I had worked together at a community blood bank before she moved to Chicago and it was my last job before I decided to stay home with the kids.

Today we made the blood bank slightly less productive. Oops but it was great getting to see everyone. It is amazing how much things have changed but how much they have stayed the same. I was so distracted about seeing everyone I only took one picture.
Mrs. Dorthy taking to Preston!

A quick stop for lunch then off for some shopping!!

Preston and Aunt Monkey practicing dancing for tonight

Preston just chilling with Uncle Richie

Ethan: I want a picture too!!!
For dinner we headed to Southern Junction in Rockwall!!! I need to pause a second and say how much I love that 190 opened today all the way to I-30 in Garland. It makes getting from the Frisco area to east of Dallas SOOOOO much faster.  Now back to Southern Junction.. Wednesday night is buy one steak get one free. I just take Josh to all the fancy places around town. Yes I took my boys to a honky tonk and it isn't their first time. I'm a high class momma right here. Actually, before 8:00 there are a ton of families especially on Wednesday nights. I've never been anywhere else like it. It is in the middle of nowhere. You order and get your salad then when you are ready you go and pick out the cut of meat you ordered. Go over and add the seasoning you want, then grill your own steak! or you can pay $2 more and have the cooks cook it for you. I was pulling my steak and toast of the grill when this woman came over and crowded me on the grill then asked if she could use my butter. If I hadn't been done then I might had gotten annoyed. Then Josh started talking to her like he knew her. I was like what the crap, then I realized it was my sister. Oops. I guess it was a good thing that I didn't tell her off. We actually arrived an hour late so I didn't realize that my sister who road with my parents had waited for us to arrive before she ate. Then I realized she really waited for Rich (her husband who was with us) to grill her steak for her.

Papa and Preston on the dance floor

Just chilling  by the stage

Ethan showing off his moves
The boys getting their drink on!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A family Christmas!

Before the boys and I woke Josh ran to the store to get milk for Preston, apparently we ran out at dinner last night and I didn't know.  Josh tired to wake me to find out if there was anything else that we needed. I didn't wake up but I do talk in my sleep and this has gotten me in trouble in the past because any filter that I have is completely turned off when this happens. I informed Josh that he failed at buying creamer the other day because he picked up some fat free, sugar free stuff that doesn't sit well with me. Apparently I didn't say it in the most polite way because while we was at the store he felt guilty about the creamer and found my favorite cookie in the WORLD!! Tim Tams!!! Or that was my Christmas present from him. I can never tell with him. I think one day I'll have to blog about my love of Tim Tams and about when I first fell in love.

Josh WINS!!!
This morning was the only morning we were going to have to just do a small family Christmas celebration. The boys are going to receive so many presents this year we figured that if they were staggered a little they would actually know what they got. Josh and I pulled out a couple of gifts for each of the boys and a couple of joint gifts. Actually I screwed up and only pulled one gift out for Ethan but we were able to cover so he didn't notice. Ethan opened Cars 2 the movie. Preston opened some Webbles. Then they both opened Hungry Hungry Hippos. I had gotten the boys My Own Story Time Pad by Leapfrog. I figured this would be the big hit of the day, boy was I wrong. Ethan opened it and  said,"What the (pause) heck is this?" Josh died laughing.
The boys were excited to see presents under the tree.

Yea a movie!

Ethan, "What the heck is this?"
 As soon as the boys were done opening presents, Ethan asked where are the wall tracks?? Seriously kid? I told him that it wasn't really Christmas yet and he was going to be getting more presents later. He seemed good with that. Or so I thought till he asked again about an hour later. I told him that he had asked Santa for it so he is going to have to wait till Christmas. *sigh* I have a feeling we are going to have to work on being grateful.

 The big winner of the day was Hungry Hungry Hippos. I figured the boys would enjoy it but Preston hardly stopped playing.

 Ethan decided that he wanted to make a present for me and Josh.

Preston taking a break from the hippos.

Ethan showing Preston how to make the present.

 Apparently Ethan has decided that a sleeping Josh is where he needs to be.

The best chair EVER.

The boys practicing their human climbing and balancing. Yes, Ethan is standing on Josh's shoulder.

Dad you make the best trampoline EVER!!!

Monday, December 19, 2011

More wrapping!

The other day I helped my mom wrap the presents that are at her home. Basically it was the gifts from Black Friday and a couple of other shopping trips we have gone on. However all year I've been picking up toys all year when I've seen them on sale. My closet has been getting so crowded I've been having a hard time getting to my clothes. Tonight is really the only night that Josh and I have to wrap the presents at our house.

Josh feel asleep after dinner and Ethan thought he made a great table for his toys.

Time to start wrapping

Josh being a wrapping fool.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Updated: I survived another cookie weekend!!!

Cookie weekend around my parent's home is an event. This year we actually have a smaller list than in the past. We had taken off three different cookies and somehow the pralines made it back on.

Our "short" list of cookies to make
On Friday night we got there a whole lot later than we had hoped. All of us decided that we were to tried to try to start so we headed to bed and got an early start on Saturday.

We actually got most of the cookies made on Saturday except the fudge, divinity, cookie press cookies, caramel chew squares, and egg nog fudge. At lunch we were down to just the fudge, divinity, and the cookie press cookies. When my grandmother left at 4:30 we only had the cookie press cookies left to do. I don't know what happened next but it was 8:00 and we still weren't done with the cookie press cookies. When we finally got done with the cookies, had all of the plates made that we are giving away, and my parent's home put back together it was after midnight!

Working hard

Having a picnic on the floor because there isn't any room on the table..

Picnics are fun!

Checking on the cookies

Don't mess with Grandma's fudge!!

My dad hard at work!

Josh doing an action shot!

Dad about to jump into the cookie action

Stirring the divinity!

All hands on deck to dip the divinity out!

While we were cleaning up, my mom and I decided to weigh the bag of flour and our bag of sugar. In case you have forgotten about the bag of flour you can see it here. The 50lbs bag of flour is now down to 23lbs. and this weekend we opened the 25lbs bag of sugar and we are down to 17.3lbs. I can't believe we are slightly over half way done with the bag of flour!