The fireworks are OVER!!

The calm before the storm.

Still recovering or AKA this week is going to suck but be awesome too.

Making the most of my day.

Wait!!! I have one more day, right???

Summer camp time!!

Happy Birthday, Anniversary, and Father's Day!!

I'm back!!-ish


Everyone is cranky!

Frisco Easter hunt

I just want to curlup in a hole.

What was I thinking?

Something is in the air.

Spring Break Day 2

Spring Break!!

Darn you time change!!

Ready for the time change.

A Relatively Quite Day

A lovely day.

Slowing things down.

It's official!!

Who am I???

We are lame

The boys are going to sleep good tonight.

An Oldie but Goody.

I suck at calendar

A new a adventure.

A starry night.

Game Night!

Been running to hard.

The never ending playdate.

Preston's evaluation

Doubled booked.

Our Date NIGHT!!

I'm tired.

Can Summer please wait till after Easter???

A lot of change is coming.

Another relaxing day.

Nothing really.

Another jammed packed Saturday.

Who has time for school?

Tears were shead today.

Why do I do this??

A rest day!

Race wrap up.

We have lost our minds.

Sick day.

A crazy few days.

Things that mess with my head.

It started off better.

Why am I doing this?

A little mom time. A little less stress??

Well crap!

Getting things to work out!

Weekend Wrap up

Time to FREAK OUT!

A nice day.

It has been a week.

Things are progressing... just slowly

Sticking with it.

Clean eating day 2

Clean eating day 1

I think Josh is going to take over grocery shopping.

I think I'm excited!

Back to school.

Doing a little better.

Now we are dying.

Wow we live exciting lives.

Oh what to do??